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New customer onboarding

What type of support do we receive when we first sign up for BoostMySchool?

We know that you - like many advancement teams - are generally swamped and don’t always have time to learn the ins and outs of a new software platform. Even though one of the strengths of the BoostMySchool software is that it’s simple and easy to use, we’ve created an onboarding package to help new customers get up to speed and make sure they get the most out of partnering with BoostMySchool.

All new customers receive the following onboarding package:

  • Priority Support for the duration of your onboarding
  • 60-minute onboarding video call and screenshare with your Success Manager to walk you through the BoostMySchool platform
  • Consultations calls, as needed, to share how other schools use the BoostMySchool platform

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