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Boost Platform Support Center

What can we help you with?

Purchase Options

How do I set up Purchase Options on Commerce Pages?

Corporate matching automation

How does the BoostMySchool corporate matching automation work?


What is included in the BoostMySchool text-to-give add-on?

Raiser's Edge & Raiser's Edge NXT

How BoostMySchool integrate with Raiser's Edge or Raiser's Edge NXT?

Custom domains

Can I host a BoostMySchool page on my school's domain?

ThankView integration

How does ThankView integrate with BoostMySchool?

Offline payments

Can supporters who pay outside of BoostMySchool be counted on a campaign page?

Online payments without BoostMySchool fee

How are the "online payments without BoostMySchool processing fee" handled?

Social media feeds

How do I display my social media posts on my campaign page?

New customer onboarding

What type of support do we receive when we first sign up for BoostMySchool?

Week of priority support

What type of support do we receive during a Giving Day?

Donations after a campaign ends

Can supporters donate to a campaign after it ends?

Post-transaction notifications

What happens after a supporter donates on BoostMySchool?


What types of leaderboards are supported on BoostMySchool and how do they update?

Accounting when donors cover fees

How should donor-covered fees be reported by our business office?

Campaign pages

What is a BoostMySchool campaign page and what are typical ways schools raise money through the platform?

Supported payment methods

What are the ways that donors can make payments on BoostMySchool?

Campaign page setup time

How long does it take to get a campaign page up and running on BoostMySchool?

PCI Compliance

Is fundraising on BoostMySchool PCI compliant?

Payout methods and frequency

When and how do we get paid out for payments made on BoostMySchool?