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Kate Vengrove

Director of the Trinity-Pawling Fund

Trinity-Pawling School

BoostMySchool allows us to customize pages to suit our campaign while providing access to real-time data and stats. They are flexible, efficient, and a pleasure to work with!

Used BoostMySchool for

Go For The Gold Challenge

$293,998.48 raised

1,091 supporters

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Nicole Cosand

Director of Annual Giving and Alumnae Relations

Mayfield Senior School

BoostMySchool has changed my life! What I love about it is that it not only adds donor names to the website and they can comment, you can sort it by year, and by how much a class has donated. It’s absolutely huge for us to be able to do that.

Used BoostMySchool for

ANNUAL GIVING - Mayfield Family of Funds

$380,689.49 raised

272 supporters

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Giving Days/Weeks

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Trinity-Pawling School

Pawling, NY

Go For The Gold
of 1000 supporter goal
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