Why BoostMySchool
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About BoostMySchool

We are a dedicated team of educators, technologists, and fundraisers united by our passion for improving education.

Our Shared Values


Work and celebrate wins together. Always look out for one another.


Listen and seek to understand before reaching conclusions.


Take pride in who you are and your impact on the world.


Be ambitious. Hold yourself accountable to high standards.


Do the right thing, even if you need to go out of your way to do it.

Our Mission

To get every school the funding they need to provide a quality education.

Our Leadership Team

Holman Gao


Holman’s background is in math and science and previously was a senior engineer at venture-backed startups, one of which was acquired by Google. He developed the first version of BoostMySchool to help out his former high school raise money when they lost funds.

Connor Forde

Director of Partnerships

Connor’s passion for entrepreneurship has found him leading sales and growth efforts at two different startups. A natural extrovert, he is constantly building relationships in the industry and looking to make life easier for development teams.