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Plans Designed to Support Advancement Teams of All Sizes

Get onboarded within a day

No hidden fees


Platform for the power school

Fiscal Year Allotment
Included Add-Ons
  • Everything in Essentials
  • Advanced peer-to-peer
  • Conditional custom fields
  • Customized data exports


Enhanced support and branding

Fiscal Year Allotment
Included Add-Ons
  • Everything in Essentials


Boost engagement year-round

Fiscal Year Allotment
  • Standard support level
  • Allow donors to cover processing fees for you, which they do 87% of the time!
  • Accept donations
  • Accept event registrations
  • Accept commerce payments
  • Your school’s branding
  • Modern payment (e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo)
  • Pledges
  • Leaderboards, Challenges
  • Basic peer-to-peer
  • Standard data exports
  • Custom fields on giving form

BoostMySchool Enterprise Plan

Need extensive customization, dedicated support, and complex administrative capabilities? Reach out to our Sales Team to learn more about the Enterprise Plan.

Additional Terms for all BoostMySchool Plans

Customize your Plan with Add-Ons

Need more to enhance your fundraising? Add what you need to any BoostMySchool Plan.

Add a Campaign Page

Add an additional Campaign Page to your BoostMySchool Plan

Add Online Payments Without 2% Fee

If you know you’ll exceed the online payment allotment in your Plan, you can prepay the fees at a discount

Custom Design

Work with your Success Manager to customize the design & copy of your Campaign Page

Plus Add-On

Custom Domain

Host your Campaign Page on a personalized domain – e.g.

Standard Add-On

Custom Font

Use your school’s font on your Campaign Page

Standard Add-On

Social Media Feed

Automatically pull in content from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Standard Add-On

Text-to-Give Add-On

Use text messages to share your Campaign Page with your community

Standard Add-On

ThankView Integration

Link your BoostMySchool campaign pages with your ThankView projects

Read more

Standard Add-On

Week of Priority Support

Add additional weeks of Priority Support to your BoostMySchool Plan

Standard Add-On

Campaign Consultant

Work with your Success Manager to set your Campaign branding and communication strategy

Corporate Matching Automation

See if your donor’s employer can match their donation on BoostMySchool. Powered by HEPData

Standard Add-On

Reach out to our Sales Team for details on purchasing add-ons with your BoostMySchool Plan.

About processing fees on BoostMySchool

As with every payments platform, payments processed on BoostMySchool incur processing fees. Based on industry-standards and what our payment processor charges us, we’ve done our best to create a pricing fee structure that is fair to our customers and allows us to lower the upfront costs.

  • Online payments incur a BoostMySchool processing fee and any applicable third-party fees.
  • The Major Gift Fee Cap caps the BoostMySchool processing fee on payments over $1,000.
  • We’re committed to being transparent with fees so you’ll always know the breakdown of where fees are coming from.
  • Checks mailed to you and offline payments do not incur processing fees.

More information can be found in the sections below.

Need payment flexibility?

We understand that there are times when you’re hands are tied by your budget, which is why we have created two payment options for you:

  1. Sign up for the Trial Plan.

    When you’re on the Trial Plan, you’ll go through the full BoostMySchool customer experience, without needing to make any commitments!
  2. Sign up for a Prorated Plan.

    If you’re going to start working with BoostMySchool in the middle of your fiscal year, you have the option of signing up for a prorated version of any BoostMySchool Plan. This prorated option allows you to start your BoostMySchool Plan while only needing to make a prorated payment for the remainder of the fiscal year.

    Prorated Plans require you to commit for the next fiscal year. Contact our Sales Team for more information.

Want to see a demo of the BoostMySchool platform before signing up?

No problem! Schedule a demo with our Sales Team and we will show you how other schools enhance their fundraising with our platform.

Further questions

For further questions about our platform, services, and pricing structure, visit our Support Center for answers to common questions or email our Sales Team for customized answers to your needs!