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Pricing Designed to Support All Education Institutions

Don’t worry about surprises: use our Budget Calculator to estimate your pricing based on how much you will raise.


Advanced platform for the power school

Starting at

$10,495/ year

+ 2%
of online payments after $150,000
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Enhance your fundraising year-round

Starting at

$4,395/ year

+ 2%
of online payments after $60,000
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One-Time Plan

Elevate an upcoming fundraiser or event

Starting at


+ 2%
of online payments after $10,000
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Enterprise Plan

For education institutions that require specialized customization

  • Everything in Plus, and:
  • Dedicated servers and staff for services
  • On-site training and support as necessary
  • Round-the-clock support and guaranteed response SLAs
  • Pricing depending on your customizations and Add-Ons

Additional Add-Ons

For schools and institutions that want to customize the features included a Plan, Add-Ons can be added on to any BoostMySchool Plan for an additional cost.

Reach out to our Partnerships Team for more information on the Additional Add-Ons and their pricing.

Additional Terms for All BoostMySchool Plans

  • For Annual Plans, there is a $500 one-time setup fee
  • Discount available for multi-year agreements
  • Third-party processing fees are passed onto the school
  • Donors can cover processing fees for you, which they do 85% of the time!

1.1% effective processing fee on BoostMySchool

Historically on our platform, 85% of donors have chosen to cover the processing fee on behalf of the school.

Because of this, the effective processing fee on BoostMySchool is 1.1%. This means that on average, schools pay only $1.10 in fees for every $100 raised on BoostMySchool!

About the BoostMySchool processing fee

We charge a small percentage on payments processed on BoostMySchool so that our business goals are aligned with the fundraising goals of our schools. In addition, the BoostMySchool processing fee ends up being less than 2% of the amount raised, for the following reasons:

  • Our 2% processing fee is capped at $20 per payment.
  • No fee charged on payments made outside of BoostMySchool (e.g. by check, in person).

About third-party processing fees

BoostMySchool has no control over third-party processing fees and as such, we pass those fees on to our schools. The third-party processing fees depend on how the payment was transacted on BoostMySchool.

For schools that connect to BoostMySchool through our payment processor, Stripe:

  • 2.2% + $0.30 for Visa and MasterCard payments.
  • 3.5% for American Express payments.
  • 0.8% for ACH transfers, capped at $5.

For schools who receive payouts via check or are paid via PayPal:

  • 2.9% + $0.30 for all card payments.
  • 0.8% for ACH transfers, capped at $5.

Stripe also charges an additional 1% fee for international card transactions and a 0.25% mangagement fee for schools that don’t have their own Stripe account.

BMS Campaign Pages

For each Campaign Page included in your BoostMySchool Plan, you can create a mobile-friendly, branded webpage that can accept online payments. We have three types of Campaign Pages:

  • Giving Page - e.g. for annual fund, giving day
  • Registration Page - e.g. for reunions, socials
  • Commerce Page - e.g. for t-shirts, raffles

For each Campaign Page, there is no limit and no minimum on the amount or number of payments you collect. You are in full control of how much you want to use your Campaign Page!

Priority Support Week

We know how critical timing can be on certain days like a Giving Day, especially when you’re working with a vendor and things are out of your control. This is why we created our Priority Support Week.

For each Priority Support Week included in your BoostMySchool Plan, you receive 5 consecutive business days of priority support, including a 24-hour period of dedicated support from 7:00am to 11:59pm in your timezone.

  • During priority support: your Success Manager will be available by cell phone and respond within half a day.
  • During dedicated support: your Success Manager will respond within 30 minutes. In addition, we will have a member of our Engineering Team available on call if needed.

During your Priority Support Week, you are our top priority and we will do our best to ensure that all of your hard work and preparation leads to fundraising success.

External Data Imports

We are fully aware of how much of a struggle it can be to transfer data from one place to another. That is why that for each External Data Import included in your BoostMySchool Plan, you can upload a CSV of the data that you want imported into BoostMySchool. Your Success Manager will work with you to ensure that your data is correctly imported and that no data is lost.

We want any data transition into our system to be as simple as possible for you. Partnering with BoostMySchool should reduce your stress, not add to it!

Want to see a demo of the BoostMySchool platform before signing up?

No problem! Schedule a demo with our Partnerships Team and we will show you how other schools enhance their fundraising with our platform.

Further questions

For further questions about our platform, services, and pricing structure, visit our Support Center for answers to common questions or email our Partnerships Team for customized answers to your needs!