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What is included in the BoostMySchool text-to-give add-on?

The BoostMySchool text-to-give add-on comes with two methods for you to share your Campaign Page with your community through SMS mesesages.

Both of the text-to-give methods will include a link to your BoostMySchool campaign page, which is mobile-optimized so that your donor can complete the transaction easily and through mobile payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo.

In order to ensure that your text is sent within 1 SMS message, the customizable part of your message is limited to 120 characters.

1. Outbound text-to-give

To use outbound text-to-give, you will need to upload a spreadsheet of donor data that includes their name, affiliation, and phone number.

Once you have imported the donors you’d like to text, you’re able to schedule a message to be texted to all of these phone numbers. The message will automatically include a tracked link to your BoostMySchool campaign page, so that you can see if a donor opens the link through the text message.

2. Inbound text-to-give

When you activate inbound text-to-give, you’re able to choose a unique code (e.g. GIVEHOGWARTS) that your donors can text to the toll-free BoostMySchool text-to-give number.

When your donor texts your unique code, they will receive a SMS message back to them that includes a link to your BoostMySchool campaign page.

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