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Purchase Options

How do I set up Purchase Options on Commerce Pages?

The Purchase Option form on the Commerce Page gives you the ability and flexibility to create a custom sales experience for your community. For each form you are able to add a variety of products; as well as provide options around event registration and donations.

To utilize this feature:

  1. On the Commerce Experience Page - Select Edit at the top of the menu on the left of the screen.
  2. Under Edit Form - Select Purchase Options
  3. At the top of screen you will see Add Options and Change Order of Options
  4. Select Add Options
  5. Under New Options add information about the item

For Type of Option there are three types:

  • Purchase Option - Utilize for the sale of items. This can be any type of item that your students, athletic teams, parent organization etc. may want to sell. T-Shirts, sweaters, water bottles - there is no limit! Connect with your Success Manager to add Custom Fields to the form like sizing for clothing or item color selection.

  • Registration Option - Can be utilized if there is a paid or unpaid event that is happening in conjunction with item sales. For each registration, the form will request the name and information for each registrant. In example, Family Field Day t-shirts could be sold in conjunction with registration for the day. Please note that running large scale events through Commerce Experience Pages is not recommended. Reporting functions on this page are set-up for sales. To set-up event registrations utilize Event Experience Pages.

  • Giving Option - Gives visitors the option to make a gift to a fund(s) in one transaction. Examples for how to use this would be; Class T-Shirt with a Class Gifts, Athletic team item with gift to the team, Alumni Association item with gift to Annual Fund etc.

Once you select Purchase Option, the following fields will be required:

  • Name: What is the item
  • Amount: Price
  • Description: Additional information about the item for sale. Examples would be; Cotton T-Shirt, Spiral-Lined Notebook, Tote-bag with school logo, etc.
  • Category (optional): When you add a Category, it becomes a sub-heading on the public form and all items with the same Category will be grouped together. This field does not need to be filled in.

Sample Public Form Below

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