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Post-transaction notifications

What happens after a supporter donates on BoostMySchool?

After a supporter transacts on BoostMySchool, they will receive an automated email confirming the details of their donation, registration, or purchase. For transactions involving donations, this email can function as a tax receipt since it includes a tax message with your institution’s EIN.

To add a personal touch, you’re able to customize the thank you note included in the email. In addition, some institutions choose to send another personalized thank you note after the campaign is over. You can never thank your supporters too much!

Last but not least, our confirmation email includes instructions on how the supporter can share the campaign over email or social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Your team is also notified whenever a supporter transacts on BoostMySchool. In your account, you’re able to specify who on your team should receive this automated notification.

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