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What types of leaderboards are supported on BoostMySchool and how do they update?

One of the most used features on BoostMySchool is our leaderboards. Leaderboards automatically update to the public so that your constituents can follow the progress of their affiliation group in real-time!

The following types of leaderboards are supported on BoostMySchool:

  • Alumni, by class year
  • Alumni participation, by class year
  • Alumni, by decade
  • Students, by class year
  • Current parents, by class year
  • Current parent participation, by class year
  • All supporters, by class year
  • All supporters, by team

Common questions regarding our leaderboards:

Where does BoostMySchool get the information for the leaderboard?

Supporters enter their affiliation when they complete their payment or registration on BoostMySchool. Once a new payment or registration is made, our platform aggregates all of the data automatically so you don’t have to!

In addition, any offline payments added through your account will also automatically be tracked on the leaderboards!

Why are some class years being grouped together on the leaderboard?

Our leaderboards display affiliation groups with a single supporter in the same row. This is to prevent someone from figuring out the amount that the single supporter gave.

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