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Custom domains

Can I host a BoostMySchool page on my school's domain?

Yes! We offer this functionality through our Premium Feature, the Custom Domain. For each Custom Domain included in your BoostMySchool plan, you’re able to use it either for:

  • Single Campaign Page - e.g. givingday.hogwarts.edu
  • Suite of Campaign Pages - e.g. give.hogwarts.edu/giving-day

See below for more details on each option.

Custom Domain for Single Campaign Page

When using a Custom Domain for a single campaign page, your campaign page’s URL becomes the root page of your specified domain - e.g. givingday.hogwarts.edu.

All other subpages under your campaign page will also use this domain. For example, the giving form URL will become givingday.hogwarts.edu/give.

Custom Domain for Suite of Campaign Pages

When using a Custom Domain for a suite of campaign pages, all of your campaign pages will be nested under your specified domain.

For example, you may be running Annual Fund and a Giving Day with BoostMySchool. Then your campaign page URLs could become: give.hogwarts.edu/annual-fund and give.hogwarts.edu/giving-day.

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