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Corporate matching automation

How does the BoostMySchool corporate matching automation work?

One of BoostMySchool’s top goals is to open up more opportunities for fundraising dollars for our customers, which is why we’re excited to offer the corporate matching automation add-on.

When you activate the corporate matching automation for a Campaign page:

  1. Your donors will see a checkbox notifying them they can increase their impact of their gift through a corporate match
  2. Your donors can search to see if their company offers a matching gift benefit. BoostMySchool partners with HEPdata to provide this information to your donors
  3. When your donor finishes the transaction, they will be emailed information on how to fulfill their corporate matching pledge, in addition to the automated tax-receipt email for the original transaction
  4. The corporate matching pledge will be entered into the BoostMySchool system alongside their original payment

The corporate matching automation is an add-on we recommend to all of our customers as many donors are not aware that their employers offer a matching gift benefit. It’s an easy way for your donors to increase their support of your school!

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