Fundraising Resources for Schools

Fundraising tips and ideas from the BoostMySchool team

Easy Way to Raise More: Allow Your Donors To Cover Fees

By Holman Gao | 4 min read

Processing fees are inherent with all digital transactions today. Unfortunately, online donations are not exempt, but an easy way to save on this cost is to offer your donors the ability to cover the fees on your behalf.

Why Online Fundraising Matters To Your School

By Julie Chomiak | 6 min read

Online fundraising has quickly become a necessary component of schools’ fundraising strategies - and for good reason! Online giving has steadily increased year over year, growing 7.9% from 2015 to 2016 and 12.1% from 2016 to 2017.

4 Fundraising Ideas to Hit Your School’s Annual Goals

By Julie Chomiak | 6 min read

Each year, development teams are tasked with raising more money from their constituents and to do so effectively, they need to utilize new fundraising ideas. We’ve rounded up four fundraising ideas that will help you hit your school’s annual goals.

Bring on the School Spirit: 4 Alumni Reunion Fundraising Tips

By Julie Chomiak | 4 min read

Alumni reunions have become a major piece of the fundraising puzzle for many schools. While the goal of alumni reunions is not strictly to raise money, reunions present a unique opportunity for schools to create reunion fundraising and participation goals from the entire class.

Using Fundraising Thermometers for Your School’s Development Campaigns

By Julie Chomiak | 5 min read

When you’re responsible for a fundraising campaign, from the annual fund to a major capital endeavor, designing new ways to excite your constituents and stimulate gift giving can be challenging. One of the best tactics for tracking gifts, showing donor appreciation, and getting those spur-of-the-moment gifts is to use a fundraising thermometer.

How to Leverage Your Alumni Network to Meet Fundraising Goals

By Julie Chomiak | 5 min read

Your school’s alumni network is likely an untapped - or underutilized - By leveraging alumni specific experiences, associations, and memories about their time in school, you can vastly increase their engagement in your community as well as increase your annual fund and other fundraising contributions.

2018 Tax Bill Implications on Schools’ Charitable Giving

By Julie Chomiak | 4 min read

The recent Republican tax bill is on everyone’s mind. What does it mean for individuals, their taxes, and their future? While much of this information is hazy, it’s been made clear that fewer people will be able to itemize their charitable deductions, meaning fewer charitable gifts are expected.

4 Ways to Improve Your Annual Day of Giving

By Julie Chomiak | 5 min read

An annual day of giving is a fantastic way to drive donations and encourage participation from all of your constituents. Many schools have already adopted this practice and have realized good results from their day of giving.

Donation Deluge: 3 Tips for Amazing Year End Giving Results

By Julie Chomiak | 5 min read

Year end giving is a great way to add a deadline for charitable gifts. While the fiscal year runs through June, it’s encouraging to have at least half of your fundraising goal met by the start of the new year.

Make your school’s #GivingTuesday appeal stand out from the rest

By Holman Gao | 4 min read

Want ideas on how to attract your school’s donors on #GivingTuesday? We found a few techniques used by schools to create successful #GivingTuesday appeals.

How to Set Up Your Crowdfunding Campaign for Success

By Holman Gao | 2 min read

Before your crowdfunding campaign goes live, ensure the campaign goes well with these three tactics that U.S. public and private schools have successfully used on BoostMySchool.

3 Tips for Increasing Alumni Giving

By Holman Gao | 3 min read

Increase first-time alumni donors and alumni participation rates with these three tips from advancement directors at U.S. public and private high schools.