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NEW! Donor-advised fund integration

Holman Gao | 2 min read

At Boost, we are always looking for ways to be your advancement team’s most complete payment solution. To that end, we are very excited to announce donor-advised fund gifts (DAF) as our latest payment method offered on Boost pages.

Image: VIDEO: 3-minute overview on the Boost DAF integrationVIDEO: 3-minute overview on the Boost DAF integration

Why donor-advised funds (DAF)?

DAFs accounted for $45 billion in donations in 2022 and are the fastest-growing* giving vehicle. According to the National Philanthropic Trust there is an estimated $234.06 billion sitting in DAF charitable assets—make sure you aren’t leaving money on the table!

Initiating a DAF payment in the past involved extra steps that needed to be taken by your donor. By offering this option on your school’s Boost page, your donor can make this tax-smart gift in real time with less hassle, while still participating in challenges and leaderboards.

How does this work?

What is the cost and payout schedule?

How do I turn this on for my school?

If you have any questions or would like to more, contact your Success Manager or schedule a demo today.

*According to the 2022 Report

Want to learn more about the Boost platform?

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Written By

Holman Gao

Holman is the founder and CEO of Boost My School. He actively helps his former high school with their fundraising and alumni outreach, which is how the idea for Boost My School came about. He is a strong believer in the power of education to change the world and volunteers with programs that support underrepresented students in math and science.