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Day of Giving - June 5, 2020

On this Day of Giving, join us in celebrating the rich tradition of the Choir School and the boys whose graduation would have taken place today. We ask for the support of all who treasure the transformational impact on the boys of Saint Paul's Choir School, the beautiful liturgies and the elevation of our faith. We hope that you will be moved to support this event and share broadly with your friends and family through social media and personal outreach to make the event an extraordinary success.

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Dianne Flaherty

The benefits to our son’s continued learning and connection to his teachers far outweigh this inconvenience. Ms. Cunha has been making video lessons for the boys for ELA and Religion, which are so well done and engaging. Mr. Maurer has been meeting with the…math class regularly via Google and providing super interesting science assignments. Our son has LOVED Mr. Moran’s social studies assignments – it’s clear to all of us that he has gone out of his way to find interesting avenues for teaching the materials to keep the boys engaged. Ms. Chladil has been able to help our son with music theory. I happen to overhear Paul Rose work with the boys in the school via Zoom – his effectiveness was beyond impressive (and at times, very funny). We are also so grateful for Mr. Bruns efforts to make virtual piano practice work and Mr. Kennerly and Mr. Adach’s work to keep the boys progressing musically. The entire faculty is clearly devoting substantial time to finding creative ways to keep learning going and connections strong, despite the physical distance.

Bridget Maricich, Parent

Dear Amazing Teachers,

I just want to send you a quick thank-you note and let you know how much we appreciate all the wonderful work you have been doing since the the school closure due to Covid-19, and I guess more importantly the great work you did prior to that which taught the boys how to manage their time and tasks and to work hard regardless of the circumstances.

Your work on remote learning not only allows [our son] to advance his learning unlike many other kids but also gives [my wife] and I time and space to actually work from home!

Changgang Lou, Parent

With twenty years in education, including web-based learning, I have been impressed by how quickly Saint Paul’s Choir School put together a remote learning program. My sons are now using a suite of state-of-the-art online technologies to keep up with their work and to meet virtually with their teachers. They are answering challenging questions and growing in their independence while they work from home.

Prof. Matthias Ehrhardt, Parent & Founder, Autoris LLC

Just a THANK YOU to the entire faculty. In short, I’m grateful to all for the quick and comprehensive instruction in this unprecedented time. There’s no blue-print for this. Teaching in this manner is MUCH HARDER and FAR LESS REWARDING. I feel for all of you.

James [Kennerley, Music Director] mentioned going from singing three hours a day to zero. Let that sink in. We’re all feeling a great sense of loss and grief—especially at Holy Week. As such, I’m grateful for James’ and Maks’ proactive and comprehensive approach to keep musical development going as best as possible. Remote learning is least conducive to such refined choral singing that requires up-close interaction and listening.

Richard Clark, Parent & Organist/Director of Music, Cathedral of the Holy Cross Boston MA

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Robin Maurer
Supported 7 hours ago
Eric MaurerFaculty/Staff
Supported 17 hours ago
In Honor of Prof. Cheryl L. Walker who modeled so well for me the cheerful rigor and generosity of a true teacher. I am so fortunate to work with such enthusiastic boys and with such supportive parents. To all that support our school, thank you!
Arthur Cody
Supported 18 hours ago
The choir's beauty and inspiration were even more appreciated during its absence in the past months. Its return will be a true blessing.
The Garriss Family
Supported 18 hours ago
In honor of Sebastian Haferd
May God bless you all and continue to guide your paths!
Jim Coccia
Supported 20 hours ago
Vincent and Patricia AndaloroGrandparent ’14, ’18
Supported 2 days ago
Skylar G Guerrier
Supported 3 days ago
In honor of my cousin, Sebi, that I love very much.
Judy Beatrice
Supported 3 days ago
Joe & Nancy Chladil
Supported 3 days ago
Supported 4 days ago

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