Saint Paul’s Choir School

Cambridge, MA

Day of Giving - June 5, 2020

On this Day of Giving, join us in celebrating the rich tradition of the Choir School and the boys whose graduation would have taken place today. We ask for the support of all who treasure the transformational impact on the boys of Saint Paul's Choir School, the beautiful liturgies and the elevation of our faith. We hope that you will be moved to support this event and share broadly with your friends and family through social media and personal outreach to make the event an extraordinary success.

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Dianne Flaherty

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Robin Maurer
Supported 7 hours ago
Eric MaurerFaculty/Staff
Supported 17 hours ago
In Honor of Prof. Cheryl L. Walker who modeled so well for me the cheerful rigor and generosity of a true teacher. I am so fortunate to work with such enthusiastic boys and with such supportive parents. To all that support our school, thank you!
Arthur Cody
Supported 17 hours ago
The choir's beauty and inspiration were even more appreciated during its absence in the past months. Its return will be a true blessing.
The Garriss Family
Supported 18 hours ago
In honor of Sebastian Haferd
May God bless you all and continue to guide your paths!
Jim Coccia
Supported 20 hours ago
Vincent and Patricia AndaloroGrandparent ’14, ’18
Supported 2 days ago
Skylar G Guerrier
Supported 3 days ago
In honor of my cousin, Sebi, that I love very much.
Judy Beatrice
Supported 3 days ago
Joe & Nancy Chladil
Supported 3 days ago
Supported 4 days ago

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