Saint Paul’s Choir School

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Day of Giving - June 5, 2020

On this Day of Giving, join us in celebrating the rich tradition of the Choir School and the boys whose graduation would have taken place today. We ask for the support of all who treasure the transformational impact on the boys of Saint Paul's Choir School, the beautiful liturgies and the elevation of our faith. We hope that you will be moved to support this event and share broadly with your friends and family through social media and personal outreach to make the event an extraordinary success.

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Dianne Flaherty

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Alan O'Driscoll
To the staff and community at St Paul's Choir School. We have watched our two sons thrive in your wonderful loving and caring environment. Thank you for giving so much of yourselves to this school.
Albertina Hajjar
Alexander Moran - I love my school!
Alexander Pattavina
Alice Stanley
We just donated. It is a honor and previlege to help such a fine school.
Alice Stanley
Will continue to support this school.
Alice Stanley
Our pleasure to donate.
Allen Pierce
Alyssa Cunha
Analise Brower
In honor of Patrick Moran’s tireless work to support the St. Paul’s community
Andrea Nasseh Ehlers
Andree McManus-Jaehnig
In memory of Thomas L. McManus
Andrew Mak
In honor of Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Kerry
Aneta & Jakub Wronski
Angela Jones
In memory of Jacqueline Schofield
Ann-Marie Lawlor
Anna Marie McMahon
With gratitude to St. Paul's Choir School, and to Fr. Kelly for his leadership.
Annamarie Why
We are so proud to be Alumni Parents of two St. Paul's Choir School graduates!
Arthur Cody
The choir's beauty and inspiration were even more appreciated during its absence in the past months. Its return will be a true blessing.
Barb Boedges
In honor of In memory of Mr. Paul J. Hotin, and in appreciation for the superb work of Mr. John Robinson.
Barbara Why
Ben Lawlor
Bill Murphy
In honor of Sharon Gallagher
Sing on, boys!
Bishop Peter Uglietto
Brendan Flaherty
Carolyn O'Hara
Carrie Bradley
Carrie Coughlin
In honor of Dianne Flaherty
Cathy and Fred Grein
Cecilia Secaira
Changgang Lou
Charlene Folan
In honor of James Keough
Good luck James K!!
Charles Donahue Jr.
Charles Johnson
Chris Connelly
Chris and Laura Cassani
Christian Landry
Christine Sousa
Claude Barilleaux
In honor of Catherine and Gerard Barilleaux
Colin Lapus
In honor of John Robinson
Craig 3841
Wishing the St Paul's Choir School the very best!
Dan and Maureen Lapus
In memory of Judith Fisher
Daniel Alvarez
In honor of all of the faculty and staff at St. Paul's.
Daniel Ficarri
In honor of Alexander Pattavina
Daniela Thekaekara
Danielle Bernier
Dean Duffy
Deborah & David DeAngelis
In honor of Arthur Cody
Dianne Flaherty
Dinah McDonald
Don & Judy Sundue
Doug Zack
In honor of The SPCS Class of 2020
Dustin and Laura Rabideau
Eddy Breslin
Hi everyone in the SPCS community, Eddy Breslin hoping you're safe and well. Wishing you great success with your fundraising efforts.
Edmund Whalen
The St. Paul's Choir School is a beacon of light in an otherwise dark world. You bring us the beauty of prayer and music - thank you and God's blessings on you.
Eileen and Paul Shakespear
In honor of Sharon Gallagher and John Dunn
Elaine Lewis
In memory of Maryellen Taggart
Elizabeth Chladil
I'm so proud to be part of such an amazing community of incredible students, families, and alumni!
Elizabeth McCarthy
In honor of Sharon Gallagher.
Emily Shoemaker
Eric Maurer
In Honor of Prof. Cheryl L. Walker who modeled so well for me the cheerful rigor and generosity of a true teacher. I am so fortunate to work with such enthusiastic boys and with such supportive parents. To all that support our school, thank you!
Erin and Paul Riley Jr.
Evan & Allison Patton
Fe Lapus
In memory of Dominador Lapus
Federica Wade
Love SPCS!
Felicia Moran
Thank you Saint Paul's for all of the beautiful music!
Finbarr & Patricia O'Donovan
Fino Celano
Fr. Bryan Parrish
Fr. Jim Steffes
Fr. Patrick Fiorillo
Miss everyone's voices in church! Hope to have you back singing soon!
Frank Doherty
Best of luck! So many great memories at St. Paul's.
Fred & Sally Nelligan
Fátima Langa
Gabriela Nunes
In honor of Lucas Carvalho (Class 2021)
Garry Tsang
Thank you all for all the hard work you have already done and continue to do! This is such a strange and difficult time and you have all worked so hard and managed everything with such grace.
George Bard
George Salzmann
Music, education, praise of God, cheering of the congregation, students motivated to aim higher: Superb!
Gerard & Catherine Barilleaux
Gregory Barton
Hannah Olivet
Thank you St. Paul's Choir School!
Helaine Allan
Keep up the good work!
Higor Fontoura
I’m tuning in!
Howard and Sarah Ying
In honor of To the teachers who have dedicated their hearts and souls to guiding and inspiring our boys.
with heartfelt hanks to the teachers who have dedicated their lives to educating and elevating our emerging young men
James Boffetti
James Burke
In honor of Paul Sullivan '75
Support your local Pastor!!
James Keough
Thank You and keep up the good work.
James O'Donovan
James, Emily, & Noah Kennerley
We are delighted to support the transformative education that the choir school offers. This gift is dedicated to all students, past, present, and future!
Janet Heitmiller
Janice and Joe Celano
In honor of With gratitude to the administration and faculty of St. Paul's Choir School. We thank you for your mission and for providing such an exceptional educational and spiritual foundation for our grandson!
Jeffrey von Arx, S.J.
Jennifer Yudichak
Jerome Haferd
Jim Coccia
Joe & Nancy Chladil
John Hickey
Good luck!
John and Karen Moran
Joseph Golden
In memory of Alice Golden
Joseph Siegel
In honor of Francis and Marie Siegel
João Garcia
Judy Beatrice
Kai Tan
I appreciate your expertise, your kindness, and your patience. Your flexibility, creativity, and effort are helping the students get through this very difficult and unprecedented period. You are doing a great job and keep up the good work!
Kara and Richard Clark
In memory of Addie Lawyer
We are thankful for the phenomenal musical, academic, and faith formation our son is receiving at St. Paul’s.
Karen & Joe Mullin
Karen Caragliano
In honor of Marylou Thurston
Karen Celano
We love SPCS!
Karen Donnellan
St. Paul’s allowed Thomas to be who he wanted to be. So happy to have been a part of this community and still remain so after 4 years. Thank you Fr. Kelly and the amazing faculty at St. Paul’s. One of a kind.
Karl Schmid
Kelly Yudichak
Kelly and Michael Chladil
So you may always have quality music educators, like Ms. Chladil, and staff who give their students the best education possible. We wish you the best with this campaign
Laura Fox
Laura Montgomery
From Ohio *love that choir school* Keep recording !
Laura Pakaluk
Laurie & Bruce Heskett
Leslie and Brendan McCarthy
Lisa Wood
Lucy Casiano
Lydie Kaze
Saint Paul's Choir School is an excellent school. I love it.
Lynne & Steve Andaloro
MJ and Dominic Vachon
We attended to concerts during 2019. The performances were outstanding! And incredibly unique way for a young boy to get an education!
Maciej Kotecki
In honor of All St. Paul's faculty
Mak Family
Margaret MacNeil
The school is such a blessing! I am very appreciative of St. Paul Choir School. Thank you to the dedicated and hard working staff. With much love and gratitude
Maria Fitzpatrick
In memory of Mark J Fitzpatrick, Grandfather.
Marialyce Haferd
In honor of Franklin Haferd
Love hearing the boys sing!
Marie MacNeil
Mark & Barbara Poliks
Martha Fojtik
Marthavan McKeon
Martin Etcheverry
Mary Catherine Crowley
Mary Ellen and Jim Marino
In honor of the outstanding and dedicated faculty, staff, clergy, and families of St. Paul's School, Harvard Square's true gem
Keep educating and elevating young boys!
Mary Kate Marino
MaryLou McKay
Mathias Why
Congratulations to the SPCS graduates of 2020-Michael, Mateo & Jasiu!
Matthew Flaherty
Matthias Ehrhardt
It's such a blessing to have our boys at this outstandig school! Thanks for all you are doing for us!!
Maureen MacNeil
In honor of Proud aunt of a class of 2019 graduate. With gratitude for this wonderful school and amazing staff, especially Ms. Flaherty, Mr. Moran, and Ms. Thurston.
Proud aunt of a class of 2019 graduate. With gratitude for this wonderful school and amazing staff, especially Ms. Flaherty, Mr. Moran, and Ms. Thurston.
Maureen and Bill Yamartino
McGill Family
Michael Moran
In honor of Gilbert and Loraine Moran
Michael Thekaekara
In honor of Jeremy Bruns and Maks Adach. Both have been phenomenal organ teachers. Mr. Bruns is one of the reasons I took up the organ.
Michelle Murphy
In honor of Eugene W. Murphy, Jr.
Monica Pacheco-Tougas
Unforgettable years for students and parents!
Montse Alvarado
In honor of Fed! What a beautiful choir!!
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Lipari, Jr.
Happy to support the school and we wish you continued success.
Msgr. Albert Kenney
Nan Hoffman
Nancy Manning
Owen Stearns
In honor of Alex Moran
Patricia Campos
Patrick Moran
In honor of Sr. Alice Moran
Love this school and its mission! Worth the support!
Paul Cravedi
Paul Kelly
Paul and Jacqueline Haley
So glad to support this unique and wonderful school.
Pearl Mak
In honor of Eric Maurer
This is honor of Eric Maurer and his teaching award! An excellent teacher that is shaping the youth of tomorrow in a Christ centered manner! Thank you Eric for all your hard work!
Rafay and Heather Mehdi
Robert Gleason
A shout out to Sebastian Haferd!
Robert Haferd
Robert McCarthy
Best Wishes to Saint Paul's Choir School!
Robert Smith
In honor of Fr. Bob Beloin
Robert Turner
In honor of Eric Maurer was my teacher in 8th grade, and it’s a great joy to see him recognized by the diocese for his “Excellence in Education.” It’s something I’ve been aware of for many years! I am happy to support any school that Mr. Maurer speaks as highly about as he does St. Paul’s.
Eric Maurer was my teacher at one point, and his recent award for Excellence in Teaching is no surprise at all. I am glad to support any organization he is a part of and about which he speaks so highly!
Roberta Aranha
Thank you to all that makes Saint Paul’s such a special and unique school. Our family is very grateful for all you do!
Robin Maurer
Rodrigo Villaronga
Rose-Laure Moussignac
In honor of Sebastian's grandmother, Roseleine Moussignac
I've loved watching my nephew, Sebastian, sing so beautifully and grow and mature over the years - thank you SPCS
Rosmary Scully
Ryan & Marilyn Barilleaux
Samuel DeMerit
Samuel ONeill
Go, Saint Paul's, Go!!
Sarah Haferd
Love the beautiful music Sebi!
Sarah bellott
Scot Landry
Scott Petrucci
Go School!!
Shawn Allan
Shuh Jing Ying
with gratitude to Fr. Kelly, Dr. Haferd, teachers, staff, and students who made Saint Paul's into a wonderful and transformative place
Skylar G Guerrier
In honor of my cousin, Sebi, that I love very much.
Stephanie Whelan
Stephen Kelly
Steven Hardy
Susan Carr
In honor of John Dunn and the BACS Class of 2000
Suzanne Minutoli
In honor of The Celano Family
Sylvia Fernandez
In honor of Dianne Flaherty, our rock
We love Saint Paul's Choir School
TIm Moran & Jen Kordell
The Arens Family
In memory of Frederick and Mary Arens
The Chamian Family
The Delaney family
The Garriss Family
In honor of Sebastian Haferd
May God bless you all and continue to guide your paths!
The O'Boyle Family
Theo Why
With gratitude to all the teachers and classmates who made St. Paul's a wonderful place.
Theresa Maurer
In honor of Eric Maurer's recent outstanding teacher award.
I am very pleased to support St.Paul's Choir School and all who make it such a credit to all that is good, true and beautiful! I honor my son Eric especially this year for being recognized as an outstanding teacher in the Archdiocese of Boston...Eric truly has found great joy in teaching here!
Thomas & Mary Beth Pattavina
Thomas Haferd
Please join me in giving to SPCS!
Tim Flaherty
Timothy Santo
Todd Lajiness
May God bless you abundantly!!
Tom & Mary Welch
Tom & Rose Haferd
Congratulations Michael, Mateo and Jasiu, Class of 2020
Trevor Marrero
Vincent and Patricia Andaloro
Weronika Balewski
William & Margaret Kelly
William Bijesse
In honor of Father George: a wonderful priest, man, and friend. The Bijesse family
William Bolt
In memory of Ted Marier, who started it all for all of us!
William Endicott
In honor of John Dunn & Jennifer Lester - my thanks and admiration
William Haferd
Good luck this year Sebe
William Kelly
In honor of With gratitude to all who are part of the St. Paul's Choir School. In memory of Theodore and Alice Marier, and Mrs. Rita Waldron
What a blessing for me to serve at my alma mater as pastor! Thank God for Theodore Marier's faith, vision, and love of music. God bless.
Winnie Ip
Zyan Mehdi
Joseph keough
Nancy nicolaou
SHOUT OUT to the St. Paul's Choir School family!
In memory of Richard and Alicia Woodhams
God bless!
In honor of Maks Adach and all that he contributes to the St. Paul's community
Continue to fill the hearts of the faithful with songs of praise to our Lord Jesus Christ!
Every thing in God time

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Good luck!
Eileen and Paul ShakespearParent ’04
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In honor of Sharon Gallagher and John Dunn
Elizabeth McCarthy
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In honor of Sharon Gallagher.
Leslie and Brendan McCarthy
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