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Alice Pollvogt
Allison Viger
Amber Gallant
Andrea Mateo
Andree McManus Jaehnig
In memory of Thomas L. McManus
Andrew Mitchell
Angie Moorman
Ann Rosenfield
I love Catholic education!
Anne Ollmann
Its community of friendship and learning is very special. Its where I met my husband and where we married (Xavier Hall).
Anne Wood
I believe in the St. Joseph's College mission and cannot resist Sister Mary George's endorsement.
Annette Roy
Anthony & Katherine Jimenez
April Ondis
Ashlee Maloney
Ashley Bigda
Ashley O'Brion
Ashley Shamos
In honor of the class of 2006 and all of the wonderful opportunities SJC has given me as a student, alumni and now a faculty member.
Barbara Berninghausen
Barbara Brann-Weir
Barbara Halle
To keep the connection with St. Joseph's
Barbara Paxson
Barbara Sieminski
Becky & Bill Thompson
Bernadette Metzler
Bernice Bradin
Bernice Martin
God bless Sister Mary George!
Bob Chaddock
Bob Zilg
Brenda & Geoffrey Beard
Brenda Downey
Brett OKelly
Brian J. Mahoney
This is a great opportunity to support both St. Joseph's & the people of Ukraine in their time of tremendous need. Thanks St. Joseph's!
CJ Bourn
Carol Lachance, RSM
I have such great memories of my time on campus where I Made lifelong friends. I believe in the values and mission of this wonderful college.
Carol Strobeck
Carol Trebilcock
Carole Luce
Catherine King Francoeur
Charlene Gerrish
Charles Marquardt
In honor of Men's Basketball
Charles Vadakin
Charlotte Regan
In honor of Dr. Karen Lemke
Cheryl & Eric Greenleaf
Thank you 'SJC' for a caring community.
Christina Joyce
In memory of Connie Porciello Young
Can't wait for the next Class of 1968 reunion
Christina Watson
Christine Bartlett
In memory of Elizabeth Snow Thompson '60
Christine Rohr
Christopher Fuller
Because I believe in its Catholic Mercy mission.
Claire Auger
Love St Joseph’s!! Made a big difference in my life!
Claire Kubasik
Colleen Shea Hallee
Constance '68 & Michael Whitney
Constance Venskus
Constance Venskus
My alma mater to which I owe my education in so much more than just the things of this world is very dear to my heart. Several of my ‘71 classmates and I return there very often and are always made to feel welcome and treasured!
Cortland Stiles
Nice work, SJC!!!
Craig & Angela '93 Becker
Cynthia and Severn Beliveau
In honor of We dedicate our contribution to the Sisters of Mercy and all the faculty and staff who support students.
Dale Brooker
Grateful to work and collaborate with dedicated faculty and staff who are committed to the success and well-being of our currents students, our former students and those who have yet to find themselves part of our #community !
Dan McEachin
David & Theresa Herbein
David '80 & Pamela McCarthy
David Briggs
In honor of Sister Betty Kilbride
David Keenan
David Lischer
In memory of Sister Betty Kilbride
David Roussel
DeAnn Daigle
Deanna St Germain
Debbie Owen
We support SJC so our daughters experience may continue to be a good one in a tough economy and for the Mercy work that you do to help those in need!
Deborah Breton
Delores Baird
Diane Atwood
Because without them/my degree, I wouldn't have had such a successful string of careers.
Diane Shaw
SJC is a great college!!!
Donato Tramuto H'19, Honorary Scholar-in-Residence
Donna Crowley
Donna Daley
Donna McCarthy
Donna Wilson
Dorothy McNaught
Dorothy Regan
In memory of David Driscoll
Dr Colonel Solis
Edna Flaherty
Eileen Ginnetty
Elisabete Dos Santos
Elizabeth Schran
In honor of The Sisters of Mercy and fabulous faculty and staff and students at SJC
I thank God for my 33 years of work with these great people!
Elizabeth Winship
In honor of Sister Mary George
Sister Mary George has continued to be part of my life since I have Graduated in 1970
Ellen Turner, rsm
I support St. Joseph’s College because I believe in the work and the Mission of the College and the wonderful dedication of the faculty and staff. As a member of the founding Community I know the love , the sacrifice and the contribution the Sisters of Mercy have made over the years to help ensure St. Joseph’s offers the best education possible to the students.
Emily Lesher
Supporting the incredible work and efforts of my students.
Emma Auclair
Emma Sinford
Great job everybody! #givingday
Eric Thompson
Francis Morin
Fred Yochum
Gail Parker
Gregg & Teresa Skinner
In honor of Father Gabriel
St Joseph pray for us.
Gregory Teegarden
Our wonderful students
In honor of Mr.& Mrs. Hoa H. Nguyen, my deceased parents.
In memory of Mr.& Mrs. Hoa H. Nguyen my deceased parents.
Keep up the good work! St. Joseph College BSPA 1994 to Doctor of Medical Science University of Lynchburg 2019.
Hall Implement Co.
Saint Joseph's College is a major asset to a lot of people. Good Luck and Thank You !
Ham Family
Heather Marty Mullen
Heather Rumery
Heidi Jacques
Helen Clauson
Holly Sanborn
Howe Family
Ingrid VanOver Smith
Irene Zurey Preuss '67 & Richard Preuss
James Wellehan
Jameson Collins
I'm a proud SJC Staff Member & alumnus! Go Monks!
Jane Greer
Janice Whittingham Taylor
Janie Joyce
Jay Pingree
Jeff Yaeger
Jenelle Harris
Jenna Chase
Strong mind, strong body, strong Monks!
Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Jennifer Hyndman
Jessica Noonan
In honor of Don Tanguay & Ryan Rogers
Remembering Din Tanguay and Ryan Rogers
Jessica Rioux
Jessica and Christopher Dionne
Jill Targett
Jimmy & Rachel Riley
In honor of The Counseling Center Crew
JoAnn Mower
Joan Munroe
Joan Simms
Joanne Bean
In honor of My very talented staff who constantly strives for excellence in everything they do to support SJC. I am so proud of their hard work and team effort !
Jocelyne Giangregorio
Jodi Breen-Waddington
Joe Gallagher
Joel Berenson
Johan Erikson
John Brennan
John Kenneally
Our Mercy tradition lives on...
John Zerillo
Judith Blackmore
Judith Crager
Received a great education at St. Joe’s. Miss my time there.
Judith Davis
In memory of Everett Davis
Thank you for the opportunity to help SJC and the Ukrain chaso
Judith Shields
Good cause and I want to support St. Joseph's.
Karen Croteau
Thank you for thinking of the Ukranian people in their time of need.
Karen Jarvis
Katelyn McCarthy
Katelyn Piche
Kathleen Clements
Kathleen Halliday
Kathleen Lucas
Kathleen Thompson
Kathryn Cody
Kathryn Miles
Kelly Webster
Kevin Fitzgerald
Kevin Fitzgerald
Kevin Howley
Kevin Sullivan
In honor of Ryan Sullivan, class of 2019
Khanh Vo (‘89) and Nhu Vo (‘17)
In honor of Ukraine 🇺🇦
Both my dad and I deeply cherish the time we spent at SJC. It has shaped us so much. We have countless great memories of SJC. Thank you so much, SJC, for your support of Ukraine! #proudmonks
Kimberly & Albert Osmanski
Kimberly Post
In memory of My father Doug and my first-born Kachina
Kristen Crawford
Kristin Carlson
My son is a freshman and loves St. Joes.
Kristine Avery
May God’s love and His light shine brightly through the hearts of Mercy at St Joe’s of those supporting this day of giving! Go Monks and God bless Ukraine!
Kristine Avery
Giving back to SJC is a blessing!
Land Design Solutions
Laura Shea
SJCME is such a special place💚 Always happy to support!!
Laura Sullivan
In honor of The Students of SJC!
Lauren Malloy
Lauren Masse
Lauren Tigerman
Laurie Nagi
Leanne Burnham
Lillian Donnelly
In honor of My husband Bill Donnelly
I am proud to be an alumni.My husband supported me through my BSN and MSN
Linda Barker
SJC provides our youth with the education and values needed to succeed! Go Monks!
Lisa Nollette
Lita Semrau
Liz Wiesen
Liza White
Lorraine McSweeney
Lynelle LeClair
Lynne Irvin
M.V. McCann
In honor of Matt Kelly
Good Luck W- LAX
Margaret Cosentino
Go Monks.
Margaret Detling
Mariann Gilbride
Proud Alum!
Mark Green
Mark Hibben
In honor of Dr Craig Hibben & Mary Jo Adams
Martha Patterson
In honor of Mary Ayoob
Thank you for my superior education which provided me with a career of 50 years of serving others as a supervisor of Chemistry in as Medical Technologist at Maine General Medical Center.
Martin White
Martina garifine
Mary '81 & Michael Bonneau
Mary Anne Wallace
Mary Duffy
To support Catholic education
Mary Ellen Sansoni
Mary Fasner
In honor of Thomas Lotz
To support the St. Joseph's College community and the people of Ukraine.
Mary Rowland
MaryAnn Dynesko
MaryClaire Attisano
Matt Cotreau
Matt Hanson
I had 4 amazing years at SJC and want to keep it up. 4 of the best years of my life. It's a great day to be a monk!
Matthew Gawel
Go monks!
Matthew Morse
Maureen Niles Cyr
In honor of Sister Stephanie
In memory of Sister Stephanie
I am proud of having been part of the early growth of SJC and continue to be amazed at how SJC has had the courage and wisdom to adapt through the years while adhering to the initial values of personal integrity and pursuit of intellectual challenge.
Maureen O'Rourke
Maureen Reis
Maureen Wallace RSM
In honor of Abby Wallace Cook, a graduate of SJC, who had wonderful teachers and loved her four years.
Being a Sister of Mercy and an alum, I know the history of how it began as Our Lady of Mercy College in Portland and the leap of faith it was to move to Standish as St. Joseph’s College. I can see how the campus has grown since the 60’s when I was there. We still need to keep that leap of faith going. Praying to St. Joseph!🙏
Megan Dunlap
Melissa & Jim Dlugos
In honor of the collective spirit and generosity of the Saint Joseph's College community! Thank you!
Michael Harrington
Michael Hay
In memory of John Waldron
John and I played baseball together at SJC in the 70's, and when I can I make a contribution in his memory.
Michael Theriault
Everybody has been super welcoming my first year!
Michele Moscone
Michelle Wingate
Mike & Cynthia Mulhare
Mike & Margaret McDevitt
Nancy Pagurko
Ned & Mary McDonald
Neil Pigeon
Catholic value’s.
New England Communications
Nga Goodahl
Ngoc Diep Nguyen
Olive MacGregor
Oliver Griswold
In memory of all of the innocent Ukrainians los or displaced in the past three weeks.
Pam Aliberti
In memory of Connie Aliberti
Good luck in reaching our goal!
Pamela Kosinski
Pat Gould
In honor of Class of 1963 Scholarship
With deep gratitude for the education and the friendships of my 4 years at St. Joseph's. I love keeping informed about the college and fervently hope the college continues to thrive.
Patricia Boston
To promote their nursing education programs
Patricia Reynolds Regan
Patricia Stack
Patriot Mechanical
Patti Lacombe
In honor of my friend coworker Natalia who went to Ukraine
Paul Bean
Go Monks!
Paul Douphinett
In honor of Ben Demers
Peter Geiger
Petroleum Maintenance Systems, Inc.
Phyllis Anderson
Prime Time Sports, Inc.
Prisco and Phyllis DiPrizio
Regina Pilatti
Renée LeBrun
In memory of My friend, Sr. Betty Kilbride.
Wonderful you are supporting Ukrainian efforts.
Richard & Dorothea '61 Michaels
Richard & Pamela Roberts
Richard & Rosemary '68 Conway
Richard Vigeant
In honor of Sr. Mary Cook
Richard Whitmore
Rick McAtee
In honor of Sr. Joyce
Rob Couture
Rob Fuller
Rob Poissant
In honor of Ed and Cathy Dyson
Robert & Mary Sanborn
Roland Tufts
Ronald Woodard
Rosalind Messineo
Rosanne Botto
In honor of Joseph & Germaine Botto
I have 2 degrees from St.Joes and believe they give an excellent education
Rose Neal
Russell Podgorski
Ryan Dorland
In honor of STEM Education and Mrs. Judy Young
Ryan Watson
Sandra Carder
For the people of Ukraine
Sandy Bowen
Sarah McEachin
This is a community of people that show they care about each other through a smiling face or a helping hand.
Sarah Quinn
Sarah Rogers Faatz
Sevee & Maher Engineers
Shanna Webster
I'm proud to be a member of this community.
Sheri Piers
Once a monk, always a monk!!!!!
Sheryl Lee
Sierra Robles
Sister Margaret A. Coyne
In honor of the Sisters of Mercy who built SJC from ground up to the great college it is today. Also in memory of my colleague and friend Dr. Karen Lemke.
Sister Mary Fasulo, RSM
In honor of Molly Mack, RN
I am a Sister of Mercy and we value a good Catholic Higher Education. My grandniece, Molly Mack, loved St. Joe’s and her education has prepared her for acceptance at Fairfield University as a student to receive her degree to become an Anesthesiologist .
Skip Williamson
Spencer Nagi
Sr Janet Campbell
Sr. Carol LeTourneau, RSM
Sr. Dale Jarvis
In honor of Sisters of Mercy who taught at SJC
Sr. Edward Mary Kelleher
Sr. Ellen Turner, RSM
Sr. Mary George O'Toole
Sr. Mary Jude, RSM
Sr. Mary Miller
Sr. Mary Quinn
Stan Gilbert
Steve Jury
Steve Putnam
Give my best to Sister George
Steven Pinto
Susan McAuliffe
A wonderful college…I enjoyed 38 yrs of working at SJC - retired now.
Susan McKee
In honor of Urkaine
Mercy Hospital Alumni
Susan Santos
Susan Sedam
Suzanne Hartford
Keep giving back to the community.
Suzanne LaCroix
I appreciate the college inviting outside community members. In particular offering silver sneaker exercise classes and water aerobics. Thank you for welcoming the senior Community.
Tammy Scarponi
I believe in the incredible programs offered at SJC! I am so grateful for my education which gave me the foundation and building blocks that has led to a successful career.
Tayla Travers
Terese Myatt
Terry Byrd
SJC enabled me to complete my dream of a Bachelor's Degree.
The Beacon Charitable Corporation
The Clace Family
The Eagleston Family
Theresa Moody
Proud to support Community Rising and a fantastic values based college.
Thomas & Diane McDermott
In honor of Janet & John R. McDermott
Very happy to have spoken with Sister Joyce yesterday. Sister Joyce continues to be a very important presence at St. Joseph's College!
Thomas Hall
Timothy & Julie Bailey
Tonya Carlton
Thankful for the education I received at SJC for my BA and am now receiving for my MHA.
Tyler Nadeau
Victoria Robbins
I am proud to work at such a wonderful institution with an unmatched community. Go Monks!
Vincent Palange II
Thankful for my education and lessons learned at SJC
Virginia Buckley-Kessler
In honor of 2 Great Ladies, Sisters Mary George & Joyce
Virginia Gengler
Wendy Galgan
Will Rothermel
In memory of Dan & Jean Rothermel
Angela becker
In honor of Holly Gimpel
So happy to support St. Joes and Ukraine.
Cheryl michael
Ellen long
I counting to support St Josephs College because it made a difference in my life and career. Ellen C Long RN Class of 1985
Liz lawson-gill
In honor of Class of 1980
Reunited and it feels so good
Mary mulrow
Michael buxbaum
St Joe's made our daughter a great nurse!
Randy freer
St. Joseph's "community" goals meet those of the individual and our society.
In honor of John Pratt
In honor of The Motherhouse Sisters and Residents past & present
In honor of Sr. Mary George - Thank You!
Keep up the good work!
In honor of Russ Mayer
With gratitude for the sharing of your talents and vision. You've been a real blessing to this community.
In honor of and support of Ukraine
We believe in St. Joseph's College and support it's Catholic education.
Saint joes has been amazing for our freshman son!!
In honor of Sr. Mary Cook

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