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Loyal Lancers Week of Giving

Show your unconditional loyalty and support the young men who are learning what it means to be a Lancer. Men for Tomorrow, Brothers for Life. La Salle needs your support today. ** Help us hit our 500 participant goal by Friday, April 12th at midnight.

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Mike Wiesman, Director of Advancement

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A. Grim
AJ Nieman
In honor of Beth Vissing Nieman
LRD, keep up the great work
Adam Lohbeck
Adam Miller
Aidan Burdick
Alex Hemsath
Alex Thiery
In honor of MT
Alex Welter
Allen Zernich
Amanda Watkins Dunn Memorial Fund
Keep paying it forward!
Amy Fox
Amy Roettele
Andrew Collins
Andrew Knizner
Thanks LaSalle teachers, administration, and staff!!! Go Pride of LaSalle!!
Andrew Michel
Andrew Nuckols
Go Lancers!
Andrew Scherpenberg
Andrew Schmidt
Andrew Wiesman
In honor of The Wiesman Family, Tom, Chris, Andy, Mike, Nathan and Jake
Andrew Worrall
Andy Albrinck
Andy Farfsing
Andy Harrigan
Anthony Feldkamp
Lancer for life!
Anthony Kummer
Anthony Schoenling
Austin Kaiser
Barbara Wenning
In honor of Dave Wenning
Ben Albrinck
Ben Bernecker
Make Lasalle Great Again!!!
Ben Merk
Benjamin DeVoe
Bill Breetz
Bill Hummel
Bill Rocklin
Brothers for Life!
Bill Schoenfeld
In honor of Ralph Striet, Class of 72
Billy Enderle
Blake Niemeyer
To give back to the place that has given me so much.
Bob Buchman
Bob Ruffing
Bob Schwaeble
Bradley Maisch
Bradly Haarmeyer
Brandon Blessing
Brandon Sontag
Brent Kroger
Bret Schnieber
In honor of 91er De La Salle center
Brett Campbell
In memory of Jordan Claytor
Brett Gutman
Brian Eichhold
Brian Grote
Brian Heidorn
In honor of Coach Tom Doerger
Because of the La Salle past and present faculty, staff, moderators and coaches (like Tom Doerger), three generations of Heidorn's have had the opportunity to become better Lasallians. Go Lancers!
Brian Heinz
Brian Lillis
Brian Lonneman
Brian Nieman
Brian Powers
Bryan & Grant Jostworth
Brothers For Life!
Bryan Deters
Bryan Roemer
Butch Elfers
Cameron Jones
Carter Carrick
In honor of Mr Midkiffe
Casey Reichle
Chad Specht
Charles Habedank
Charles Speicher
In honor of Mr. Bob Freemal
Great coach and role model
Charlie Schlimm
Chris & Tom Wenning
In memory of our brother David Wenning 1978
Chris Castleman
Chris Englert
Chris Fisbeck
Chris Harmon
Chris Junker
Chris Memory
Chris Osterday
Chris Wiesman
Chris Winiarski
Live, Jesus, in our hearts...Forever!
Chris Wood
Christina Weidner
Christopher Albrinck
Christopher Henschen
Christopher Sullivan
Dan Feldman
Dan Lee
Dan Sucietto
Daniel Danzinger
Daniel Findley
Daniel Middendorf
Daniel Schmidt
Daniel Young
I'm thankful for LaSalle preparing me for my future. The values and lessons I learned has served me well.
Dave Cannon
In honor of Michael Young Class of 88
Dave Ginn
Dave Gruber
Dave Haig
Dave Mathews
Dave Scholten
David Baumer
David Heidorn
Brian Heidorn is a slappo!
David Hoesl
Let's go class of '81!
David Kissell
"Live Jesus in our hearts...Forever!" Thank you for forming young men to know, love, and serve Christ in their lives.
David Koch
David Scholten
David Sillies
David Worrall
David and Nicole Roby
Deacon Mark Madden
In memory of my parents Frank and Mary Madden.
Derek Eddings
Brothers Forever!
Dillon Hudepohl
Don Harmeyer
Don Nagel
Donna Ries
Doug Bockenstette
Doug Corson
Doug Donoghue
Doug Michel
Doug Sabers
Drew Greiner
Drew Harmon
Drew Kummer
Dylan Eddings
Dylan Kaiser
Dylan Ruhe
Dylan Sontag
Edward Foegle
Elaine Kroger
In memory of Anna Kroger
Proud daughter of LaSalle and POLS flautist 2014-2016
Elaine Kroger
In honor of Principal Lou Eichhold
Eric Bachus
Eric Bosch
Eric Spieser
Eric Stapleton
Go Lancers! Hope to visit this year.
Eric Swails
Eric Vehr
Erik Tensing
Erin Hampel
Ethan Eisele
Ethan Finamore
Frank Trotta
Fred Kessler
Gary Bourgraf
Geoff Foote
Gerald Luke Elfers
Greg Bobowski
Greg Clingerman
Greg Duncan
Greg Hardig
Greg Kathman
Greg Kathman
Greg Lynch
Greg Martin
Greg Meehan
Greg Seyferth
Greg Steinmetz
Greg Visconti
In memory of Bob Schwartz, ‘72
Gregory Winter
Heather Smith
In honor of Cameron Kerkhoff
My sons attended the school and would like to see it thrive
Hole-In-One Challenge Match
Jack Stark
Jackson Eichhold
Jacob Kaiser
Jacob Wiesman
Jake Meyer
In memory of Brett Wiebell '11
Jake Pucci
In honor of Tom Doerger
This has been my home for 16 years and the people here, like Tom Doerger, have had a profound impact on my life.
Jake Rack
James Brenner
James Brothers
James Kaiser
James Kemen
James McManus
Thank you brother☝️
James Osterday
In memory of Ralph and Lucille Osterday
Live Jesus in our hearts ... forever!
James Redmond
WE ARE Called to Serve
Jan Buller
In honor of Ben Kelhoffer
Jane Root
Jared Back
Jared Bresnen
Jared Knab
Jason DeLaet
Jason Heidorn
Jason Hugentobler
For the class of ‘02
Jason and Diana Bley
Jay Feist
Jay Hummel
Jayson Bresnen
Love LaSalle. My lifelong friends are Lancers.
Jeff Bresnen
Jeff Hartmann
Jeff Hummel
Jeff Neltner
For the free yearbooks last year. Thanks.
Jeff Riesenbeck
Jeff Ritter
Jeff Sabers
Jeff Weierman
In honor of All current and former Lasallian Educators.
Jeff and Patti Wuennemann
Jeffrey Bogenschutz
Jeffrey Sunberg
Jenifer Kerkhoff
In honor of Cameron Kerkhoff
Jenny Webber
Jerry Knab
Jerry Lucas
LRD - brotherhood
Jesse Edwards
In memory of Jason Wingert '95
Jim Comarata
Jim Goldschmidt
Jim Hoelker
Jim Schlachter
Jim Schuler
In memory of Tom Schuerman
Jim Sunderhaus
Great memories teachers, classmates, & activities!
Jim Tebbe
In honor of Big Jim and Wild Bill
Jim Walsh
Jimmy Thinnes
Joe Crowly
Joe Erdman
Joe Hartmann
Joe Kennedy
Joe Knab
Joe Kummer
Joe Marshall
Joe Weddendorf
Joe Yeazell
Thankful for the education and memories! Keep up the great work!!
Joe Zirkelbach
25 years, class of 98
Joel Bella
Joey Wenning
John Arand
John Carson
Continue the tradition of a catholic education
John Collins
John DiTullio
John Herbert
In memory of all my LaSalle class of 1980 brothers who have passed away.
John Krummen
John Teufel
In memory of John & Gert Teufel
Class of 1969 was the “Best”!
John Willenborg
Jon Feuchter
Jonathan Kissell
In memory of Kenneth Carrier
Jordan Rullman
LaSalle has provided a great education which has set me up for success in the future.
Joseph Hautman
In memory of Stephen R Hautman
Josh Sillies
Julie Peddenpohl
Justin De Noma
In memory of John Bosse
Justin Leon
In honor of Mike Wiesman
Kaleb Dove
I am proud to be a student and athlete at LaSalle and to support my school!! #LRD
Kathleen Knizner
Keith Phelps
Kelly Greene
Ken Grebe
In honor of Coach Jim Louder
Ken Saunders
In honor of Randy Gatchalian
Kenneth Reupert
Go LaSalle !
Kenneth Uhrig
In honor of Victor Uhrig
Go LaSalle
Kenny Jacobs
Kenny Zang
Kevin & Terri Carrick
Kevin Gold
Kevin Hart
Kevin Kueffner
Kevin Reardon
In memory of Coach Jim Louder ‘91s RD
Kevin Wert
Kirk Lambert
Kisha Dosa
In honor of my son a Class of 2023 graduate and my incoming son who will be in the Class of 2028! #LRD
Kolbinsjy Family
Kolbinsky Family
Kristofer Fulmer
Kristopher Koetters
Kristy Bradford
Kurt Doyle
Kurt Sunderhaus
Kurt Wiebell
In honor of Brett Wiebell '11
Kyle Flynn
Kyle Kluener
Kyle Lohbeck
Layne McLaughlin
TD and CK
Lea Simonton
Logan Sillies
Lori Henson
Lou Eichhold
Louis Eichhold
Louis Freese
Luke Dashley
Luke Doerger
In honor of Thomas Doerger
Luke Winiarski
Mark Pflum
Mark Rotert
Mark Zeiser
Martin Eisele
Martin Pfiester
In honor of John Pfiester
Marty Strohofer
Matt Dierkers
Keep up the great work
Matt Habedank
Matt Lasita
Matthew Birck
Matthew Gagnon
Matthew Michel
Matthew Rechtin
Matthew Woeste
Mel Volle
Mia Kalkhoff
Michael Chia
Keep your heads high fellas!
Michael Deyhle
Michael Essen
Michael Ginn
Michael Houser
Michael Lewis
For the Great staff and faculty at LaSalle Highschool! Keep up the amazing work!! Thank you!
Michael Lustenberger
Michael Metz
Michael Meyer
In memory of Classmates Steve Hautman & Greg Bollin
Michael Overbey
Brothers for Life!
Michael Overbey
Michael Owens
In honor of Kevin Owens
La Salle has been my home away from home. I taught at La Salle for 30 years, taught 2 of my brothers, 2 of my sons, my son-in-law. My grandson graduated in 2022. It's part of my heart.
Michael Schlachter
In memory of two Lancers gone too soon, Tom Schlachter and Brett Wiebell.
Michael Sundrup
Michael Wergers
Michael Whalen
Michael Wiesman
Michael Wilder
Mick Owens
In honor of Kevin Owens '74
I began teaching at La Salle in 1976. Over 30 years, I taught 2 of my brothers, 2 of my sons, and my son-in-law. My grandson graduated in 2022. Needless to say, La Salle has been an important part of my life, my heart.
Mike Burlage
Mike Carr
Mike Flynn
Mike Honcho
Mike Hornback
My Grandson Dylan Poynter struggled through grade school in Harrison graduated with honors from LaSalle and is now on scholarship at Columbus College of Art and Design
Mike Kalkhoff
Mike Koenig
Mike Markus
Mike Martini
In honor of Bob Sauerbrey
Mike Ostendorf
Mike Schibi
Mike Schottelkotte
Mike Volski
Mike and Chris Eisenacher
Mitchell Heusmann
Morganroth Family
Nate Birck
Nate Sparks
Nathan Wiesman
Neil Houser
Nicholas Michel
Nicholas Sunderhaus
Nicholas Tengler
Nicholas Umberg
Nick Becker
Nick Demeropolis
Nick Heffron
Nick Ritter
Nick Schmidt
In honor of Steve Balboni
Noah Heidorn
In honor of Tom Doerger
Noah Seng
#LRD #2023
Nolan Kroger
Norb Kinross
Norbert Mette
Owen Leahy
Pat O'Connor
Pat Timon
Patrick Heidorn
Patrick Tiettmeyer
Patty Thelen
Paul Demmy
In honor of Mr. Sauerbrey
In memory of Mr. Sauerbrey
Paul Donisi
In honor of Coach Louder
Paul Schneider
Paul Thaler
Pete Mathews
Phil Hock
Quintin Herbert
Ralph Gartner
Raymond Doth
Raymond Doth
Rex Kern
Richard Merkel
Keep up the good work.
Richard Schneider
Rick Krummen
Rob Braun
Rob Brooks
Go Lancers!
Rob Hekler
Rob Lohbeck
Rob Schneider
Robert Abrams
Robert Ambach
Robert Dietrich
Robert Overbey
To the coaches who made us men! Louder, Doerger, Flaherty, Rodenberg, Russo, Hautman, Barlag, and Bosse! More important, my mom and dad who sacrificed so much for my success!
Robert Roetting
Robert Scherpenberg
Roberta Overbey
Proud to support LaSalle!
Rodney & Cynthia Porter
LaSalle is a special place where our son grew in mind, body, and spirit!
Rom Riedy
Ron Godfrey
In memory of Michael Schlueter class of 1966
Ron Prybal
"Always Be--Brothers for Life"
Ron Schwaeble
Ryan Braun
Ryan Flynn
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Nerswick
Ryan Schmutte
Class of 1995. Loved every moment I was there and want it to continue. For all young Catholic men.
Sabrina Trimble
Sam Behrle
Sam Hardig
Sam McDaniel
Sam Ross
Lancers Roll Deep
Samuel Hoesl
Samuel Wanstrath
Sarah Goldschmidt
Scott Dashley
Scott Fritz
Scott Riehle
Scott Troehler
Go Lancers!!!
Scott Von Deylen
Scott Wanstrath
Sean Hennessy
Seth Ranz
Shane Dashley
Shane Eberl
Shannon Memory
Simon Nicholas
Spencer Hollenkamp
Stephen Broering
Stephen Knizner Jr
Stephen Schmidt
Steve Goldschmidt
We Hail Thee Alma Mater…proudly!
Steve Jung
Steve Ludwig
Steve Morganroth
Let's get together brothers and donate.
Steve Neiheisel
Steve Rueve
In honor of Bob Koch who is fighting cancer
Steve Ruhe
Steve Schaffer
Proud to be a Lancer for life!! Class of 1993, let's represent! LRD
Steve Schulten
Steve Wurzelbacher
Steven Ranz
In Memory of Bradley Ranz
Steven Schmutte
Steven Selm
Steven Stacey
In honor of BOB WILLKE '66
Tanya Kist
Ted Redmond
Theresa Strotman
Thomas Collins
Thomas Dietrich
Thomas Johns
Glad to give back to a school that made such an impact in my life.
Thomas Ramstetter
Thomas Scheid
Thomas Schoenfeld
In honor of Robert Schoenfeld
Thomas Verhoff
Tim Daly
Tim Mink
Tim Schraffenberger
Lancers Roll Deep!
Timothy Gall
Timothy Smith
In honor of Mike Smith
Todd Gagnon
Tom Burger
In memory of Father Chuck Menstrup
Tom Effler
Tom Johnston
Tom Ramsey
Tom Wenning
In honor of Dave Wenning ‘78
Tom Wiesman
I support everything that LaSalle stands for!
Tom Wiesman
Tommy Dodd
In honor of Pat O’connor
Tony Campbell
Tony Keller
Tony Ross
Proud 1991 Alum. In memory of Will Ramsey. GO Lancers!
Trey Prybal
Trey Rischmann
Trey and Erin Aultman
Tyler Cox
Tyler Flannery
Tyler Haubner
Lancers roll deep
Tyler Papania
Tyler Weber
Tyler Worrall
Walt Rischmann
Weston Rullman
LaSalle has set me up for success in college.
Will Cole
William Baumgartner
In honor of Robert Baumgartner
William Bomkamp
In memory of Tim Plummer '77
William Hartmann
William Howard
William Klumb
William Kolb
William Ritter
Zach Arnold
Zach Cook
Zach Kummer
Zach Long
Zach Theilman
Zachary Brunsman
Daniel murphy
Max beck
In honor of Doug Frigge '18, John Frigge '24, Angie Frigge current faculty
Go Lancers!
In memory of Marge Schwaeble
In honor of Bill Blazer math and physics teacher in 1982
I met lifelong great friends, got a great education, and started my spiritual journey way back in 1982. Keep the good work going

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