La Salle High School

Cincinnati, OH

Loyal Lancers Week of Giving

Show your unconditional loyalty and support the young men who are learning what it means to be a Lancer. Men for Tomorrow, Brothers for Life. La Salle needs your support today. ** Help us hit our 500 participant goal by Friday, April 12th at midnight.

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Mike Wiesman, Director of Advancement

100% x 5 Challenge

$10,000 unlocked when 5 gifts are made from EACH graduating class. Last year we had 37 class reach 5 or more gifts, 13 classes had 4 gifts and 10 classes had 3 or less. We know we can count on you to help us reach our goal and unlock $10,000!

275 alumni gifts
25 to go

Hole in One

Every supporter will win Unlocks $5,000

Completed Challenges

500 Supporter Challenge

$10,000 unlocked when 500 Loyal Lancers Support. Thank you to our generous alums from the class of ‘64 and ‘65 who have supported La Salle for many years and continue to challenge all to give back to La Salle.

500 supporter gifts
$10,000 unlocked!

Recurring Donor Challenge

$5,000 unlocked when 25 supporters sign up to support La Salle every year. Make your gift today a recurring gift and one generous donor will unlock his gift of $5,000.

25 supporter gifts
$5,000 unlocked!

New Donor Challenge

$1,500 unlocked when 100 New Donors support Loyal Lancers Week of Giving. Thank you to the La Salle Board of Limited Jurisdiction for their challenge gift.

100 supporter gifts
$1,000 unlocked!

Young Alumni Challenge

$1,000 unlocked when 100 Young Alumni supporters make a gift to support the Loyal Lancers Week of Giving. Thank you to the generous support from the class of 2008.

100 alumni gifts
$1,000 unlocked!

Giving options


Make a gift in celebration of La Salle’s founding year of 1960 to show your loyalty and commitment to our rich legacy and its mission.

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La Salle High School
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