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Aaron Dougherty
Abbie Greer
In honor of Mary Kate Blaine
Abby Kelly
Abby O’Malley
In honor of Edgar and Lillian Farrington
Trinity Hall as exceeded our highest expectations of what an excellent Catholic girls’ school should be!
Abby Stevens
Abigail Swanton
Addie Nash
Alexa Sadowski
Alexandra Popham
Alexandra Talamayan
Alexandra Talamayan
Alicia Zink
Allie Witek
Allison Beisel
Allison Urbanski
Ally Lupu
Alyse Borras
Amanda Donnelly
Amanda Philipson
Amel Morales
Amy Gonzalez
Ana Centro
Ana Gorman
Anastasia Konczyk
Andrea and Chris Piazza
Andrew Bogdan
Anna Clark
Anna Clements
Anna Ferrigine
Anna Hughes
Anna Schivell
Annabelle Long
Annaliese Heidelberger
Anne Becker
Anne Clough
Anne Kenney
Anne Langan
Anne and John Brunetti
Anne-Sophie Lehman
AnneMarie Brunetti
Anthony & Diane Miele
Anthony and Andrea Anzevino
Ashley Flores-Meza
Ashley Hall
Athena Emnace
Aubrey Scoble
Ava DPiero
Ava Guindi
Ayla O'Conner
Bernice and Matthew Nestor
Beth Camillone
Beth and Joseph Koerwer
Blaire Sheftel
Brenda Krampert
"She believed she could, so she did"
Brian & Melanie Jaenicke
Brianna Constantinou
Bridget Incantalupo
Bridget Johnston
Bridget Kennedy
Bridie Fitzgerald
For the class of 2025.
Brien and Meghan DuBois
Brienne O'Rourke
Here's to strong women - May we know them, May we raise them, May we be them
Brooke Rodricks
Brynn Howard
C.C. Webber
Cadence Zink
Caitie Szyszko
Caitlin Bermingham
Caitlin DuBois
Caitlin Morrison
Caitlin Post
Caitlin Ramos
I miss Trinity Hall
Caitlin Shallcross
Caitlin Williams
Caitlyn Warmkessel
Cameryn Keane
Camila MOnzon
Cara Grabowski
Caroline Cashman
Caroline Duffy
Caroline Gmelich
Go Monarchs!
Caroline Gulka
Caroline Jacobi
Caroline Miele
Carolyn McGuire
Carolyn Mulholland
Trinity Hall is one of the best decisions our family has ever made.
Carolyn and James Raymond
Carrie Balesterri
In honor of Mildred Melone
Cassidy Salway
Catherine Bonan
Catherine Closkey
Catherine Little
Catherine Paesano
Catherine Richmond Smith
Catherine and Guy Farrington
Cecilia Sperber
Charlotte Healy
Chelsea Bollerman
Cheryl and Patrick O'Kelly
Chloe Toole
Chris & Anne Montagnino
In honor of the Class of 2022. Thank you!
Chris Iannuzzi
Christina Donnelly
Christina and David Bergamo
Christine & Shawn Reynolds
Christine Cofone
Proud to be a part of and support this amazing, empowered community!
Christine Hanlon
Christine and Frank Grabowski
Christopher Maher
So proud to support such an incredible group of young women - the leaders of the future!
Christy Ramos
Ciara Clifford
Claire Leibee
Claire Mikulski
Claire Nolan
Claire and Michael Chrysanthopoulos
Clare Horowitz
Clarissa Pane
Cliff Stieglitz
Colin & Tara Nash
Colleen Pascucci
Colleen Yurcisin
Colleen and Bob Egan
Colm Dolan
Cory Thackeray
Cynthia Rodricks
Daniella Arbeeny
Danielle Heidelberger
Danna Alpizar
Darren and Katie McClave
Dave Clements
Dawn Guindi
In memory of Gary Linke
Dayra Mejia-Reyes
Deborah Kogan
Deborah and Jon Eckert
Delia Massell
Diana Deems
Diane Mastroly
Dianne and Robert Butters
Doug Basile
In honor of The Basile Family
Very Proud!
Eileen Bergin
Eileen Johnston
Eleanor O'Connor
Elizabeth Farrington
Elizabeth Gavin
Go Monarchs!!
Elizabeth Langella
Elizabeth McCarthy
Elizabeth Witek
Elizabeth maher
Elke and Bill Spoor
Ella Billow
Ella Dougherty
Ella Gorman
Ellery Benedict
Ellie Johnson
Ellie Thompson
Emily Child
Emily Knepple
Let's go Class of 2018!
Emily McClave
Emily Minkler
Emily Rae Johns
Emma Bradley
Emma Devine
Emma Freeman
Emma Grace Pedone
Emma Leibee
Emma Lonardo
Emma Rokoszak
Thank you for all this school does for me!
Emma Ward
Erin Davidson
Erin ODonnell
Eve Balesterri
Evelyn Jones
Faith Montagnino
Fiona Corrigan
Fiona O'Brien
Frances Burns Cohen
Gabriella Gomez
Gabriella Green
Gail Pellicone
Gia Gennaro
Giada Incognito
Gianna Cofone
Gianna Di Lascia
Gillian Thorp
Gina Ern
Trinity Hall is amazing!
Gina Rienzo
Gioia Pisano and Pat Larson
Glen Szenzenstein
Gliknis Ortiz and Alvin Middleton
Grace Child
Grace Chiszar
Grace Hubler
Grace Kenney
Thank you Trinity Hall !
Grace Lamb
Grace Merkler
Grace Merkler
LETS GO 2024!!!!!
Grace Molloy
Grace O'Rourke
Grace Sullivan
Gray Webber
Greg and Marjorie Kane
Gregory Greene
Thanks for everything - TH is the best
Greta Senft
Haley Karinja
Haley Nelson
Haley Zupko
Hannah Bates
Hannah Reynolds
Haven Dora
Hayden Rummler
Helena Pecci
Hilary DiPiero
Holly Hanlon
Holly McManus
Holly and Stanley Lu
Isabel Armstrong
Isabel Darman
Isabel Martens
Isabel Medolla
Isabella Anzevino
Isabella Incognito
Isabella Scanapicco
Isabella Thackeray
Isabelle Pabon
Jacki Van Wagner
Jackie Fletcher
Jacqueline Pena Gomez
James Farrow
Excellent Catholic education for young women is priceless!
Jamie Smith
Jane Farrow
Janet Drudy
Jason Minkler
Jean Coomber
Jeanine Okonek-Conrad and Gerard Conrad
Jenine and Stephen Dora
Jennifer Clough
Jennifer Cocco
Jennifer Davidson
In Memory of Erins Grandmother, who supported Erin every step of the way! & believed that Trinity Hall is a blessing.
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Norton
Jennifer Sullivan
Jennifer and Brian Walsh
Jillian Basile
Jillian DeSio
Jim Kumpf
Joan Fitzgerald
Joan Vanucci
Joan Vanucci
In honor of Joan A Daugherty
Joey Ern
John Child
John Colangelo
John Polivka
John and Danielle Meany
Jordan Codispoti
Jordy and Samuel DiFeo
Jordyn Talucci
Jorie and Daniel Johnson
Joseph Huber
Josephine DiFeo
Judith Rokoszak and Maryann Vecchione
Julia DiFeo
Julia Knox
Julia Viola
Julia Weihs
I am totally impressed by Trinity Hall's approach to education and empowering young women. I am happy to lend some support.
Juliana Lucas
Juliana Pia
Juliana Scheick
Julianna Walsh
Julie Thompson-Barrier
Juliette Vanucci
Justin Macko
Kailin BurnsCohen
Kaitlin Hanlon
Kali Magnusson
Go Monarchs!
Kara Wood
Kara and Michael Fitzgerald
Karen and Jim Kennedy
Karen and Larry Centro
Karey Griffin
Karin Ostrom
Kasey Wilkens
Kate & Mike Radocchio
Kate Bilow
Class of 2022
Kate Cusick
Kate Deane
Kate Hegel
Katherine Calamusa
Kathleen Devine
Kathleen Grace Crowe
Kathryn Evans
Kathryn Gioia
Katie Cashman
Katie De Paolis
Katie Ostrom
Katie Pascucci
Katie Reynolds
Kaylin McCarthy
Kelley McCarthy Kane
Kelly Kostulias
Kelly Reynolds
Kelly and John Ward
Kelsey White
Kendall-Marie Fitzgerald
Keri Talucci
Kerri Feiler
Kerri and James Kostulias
Kiernan DiFeo
Kimberly Stirling Lamb
We support your mission!!
Kira Newbert
Kiya Martin
Kris and Rob Carroll
Krista & David Long
Kristen DaCosta
Kristen Gioia
Kristin and Brian Meulener
Kylie Stamberger
Kyra Smith
Laura Hegel
Laura Stamberger
Lauren Gill-Hayser
Lauren Joyce
Lauren Kane
Laurie Ann Nestler-Willians and Richard Williams
Leah Canterino
Leah Krampert
Leah Marchetti
Leighton Van Wagner
So more girls can experience a great 4 years!
Lessa Gomez
Lila Greene
Lilly Riggi
Lilly Russoniello
Lily Froehlich
Lily Marzullo
Lily Meulener
Lily Whiteman
Lily Wood
Lindsay Horowitz
Lindsey Zupko
Lindsey and Jim Curley
Linhsey Covert
Lisa Calandrino
Lisa Ranucci
Lisa and Edward Duffy
Liszeth Rodriguez
Liz Page
Day off!!!
Lizeth Castro
Logan Connor
Lori Fazzolari
Lorri Mellish
Luciana D'Andrea
Lucy DiFeo
Lucy Goddard
Lucy Kennedy
Lucy Retterer
Lydia Lu
Lynn Retterer
MK Allingham
Macy Swanton
Madeline Barber
Madeline Walker
Madison Burke
Madison Kelly
Mae Balesterri
Maebh McCarthy
Maggie and Edward DePaolis
Maidson Macko
Mairead & Sean Clifford
We LOVE Trinity Hall!!
Mairead Kane
Mairead Merkler
Malia Wolf
Margot & Joe O'Connor
Maria Hubler
In memory of Dawn Garavente
Maria Katsoulis-Emnace and Emilio Emnace
Marie Wall
Mary Beth Crowe
In memory of Vincent Daniels
Mary Beth and Richard Kwapniewski
Mary Catherine O'Connor
Mary Deno
Mary Hayser
Mary Jane and John Sclafani
Mary Kate Blaine
Mary Kate Cashman
Mary Sciarrillo
MaryElizabeth Burns
Maryanne Kain
Maryjo Urbanski
Keep up the good work!
Matching Gift
Matt Bergin
Matthew Scoble
Matthew and Susan McCarthy
Maureen Donovan
Maxine camillone
McLane Gmelich
Megan Russoniello
In memory of Griffith Clarke
Meghan Arslanian
Meghan Colton
Meghan Feddeler
Melissa Whelan
Meredith Farrington
Meredith Harmon
Mia Pellicone
Mia Smith
Michael Evans
To increase opportunities for young women to grow and excel in anything they choose!
Michael Walker
Michele Gannon
In honor of Trinity Hall Class of 2022
Wishing you all a wonderful remaining senior year!
Michele McCarthy
Michele and Philip Gioia
Michelle McCabe
Michelle&Chris Barber
Milan Murruni
Miriam and Joe Tort
Molly Kennedy
Molly Mark
Molly McKenna
Morgan Feiler
Morgan Kogan
Nakyah Frazier
Nan Sperber
Natasha Zovak
Neil & Melissa Nejame
Nicole Calandrino
Nicole Sadowski
Nicole Waxman
Noelle turek
Nora Flores
Nora Philips
Norah Cizin
Olivia Colangelo
Olivia Confrey
Olivia Conhagen
Olivia Eckert
Olivia Fazzolari
Olivia Ferrigine
Olivia Haney
Olivia Havens
Olivia Raymond
Paige Backofen
Paige Jaenicke
Paige McManus
Paige Nolan
Pamela Martens
In honor of Peter Hoffman
Pamela and Shawn Feddeler
Parker Gmelich
Pat and Bob Armstrong
Patricia Aberle
In honor of Patricia and Stephen Aberle
Patricia Maloney-Horowitz
Patricia Stapleton
Patrick Donnelly
Paula Canterino
Peter and Marideth Wolf
Peyton McGuire
Philipson Family
Pierre Bonan
We really appreciate everything Trinity Hall is doing for our daughter and the other students at the school!
Quinn Dolan
Rachel Gardner
Rachel and Don Raymond
Ravit Arbeeny
Reece Jones
Reese MacDonald
Reilly BurnsCohen
Reilly Sullivan
Riana MacDermott
Riley Gannon
Riley Giegerich
Day off!
Riley Raymond
Riley Santos
Robert Harmon
Roberta Santos
Robin Frees
Keep up the awesome work and traditions!
Rodney Gardner & Valerie Brett
Rosa Madriz
Roselyn Jose-Ruiz
Ruby Salcedo
Ryan Rawlins
Ryan Vitale
Rylee Caroll
Sabina Talamayan
Samantha Szenzenstein
Samuel and Hilary DiFeo
Sanan Gueyikian
Sara Aberle
Sara McKeon
Sara Patino-Gallego
Sara Schivell
Sara Sullivan
Sarah Bilotta
The best four years of my life were made at Trinity Hall. Go Monarchs!
Sarah DeMaria
Trinity Hall is a great school
Sarah Frankel
Sarah Nejame
Savannah Torres
Scarlet Ferranti
Shannon Riggi
Sheila Deane
Sheila Riano-Cruz
Sheri Calamusa
Sheridan Sainato
I like my school
Sierra Larson
Simrath Parmar
Siobhain Mark
Siobhan Stapleton
Sofia Ranucci
Sophia Almeida
Sophia Cuje
Sophia Deno
Sophia Lehman
Sophia Memtsoudis
Sophia Paparella
Sophia Ramos
Sophia Stieglitz
Sophie Radocchio
Steph Kenney
For the future Trinity Hall students
Stephanie Bates
Stephanie Scheick
Steve and Julia Reynolds
Trinity Hall is doing a wonderful job of educating my daughter, helping her to become a global citizen, concerned about working hard to make the world a better place. Thanks Trinity!
Sullivan Family
Susan Cizin
Susie and Matthew Rummler
Suzanne Freeman
Sydney Commesso
Sydney Gusmer
Sydney Torres
My daughter had a wonderful 4 years at Trinity Hall! We are all so proud to be part of the Trinity Hall family and support such a great school!
TIffany and Carl Senft
Tara and John Leibee
Tatiana Konczyk
Teresa and Paul Sperber
Tersilla and Philip Taibi
Tess Bateman
Tessa Scalzo
The Backofens
to continue to advance the values and impact Trinity Hall has in developing strong, smart women!
The Corrigan Family
The Haney Family
The Rawlins Family
Theresa Kiernan
Trinity Hall girls are unstoppable!
Thomas Langan
Tom and Allie Morrison
Tori Hoffman
Torrey and Bart Plank
Trina Bradley
Trinity Olander
Trish Gulka
Thank you Trinity Hall for providing an outstanding education and the best foundation for our daughter.
Vianna Schibell
Vicky Galatsianos
Victoria Conrad
Victoria Petrella
Victoria Piazza
Victoria and Justin Gmelich
Victoria and Richard Hoffman
Vikas and Sphurthi Goela
Virginia Avery
Yanira Chiszar
Thanks to all for keeping this school going, teachers, staff, parents! to make the dream of the class 2025 possible.
Yasmin Henke
Zari and Donald Callahan
Zoee Chrysanthopoulos
Alex dacosta
Alexandra dacosta
Chris jacobi
Ella griffin
Evie difeo
Grace jordan
Grace mcevoy
Jacqueline bradley
Kelli whiteman
Lauren vitale
Madeline reynolds
Sarah kaye
Sloane coomber
Tracy shallcross
Whitney butterfield
Trinity Hall EMPOWERS young women!
Go Monarchs!
Leadership! Perseverance! Respect! Faith!
Katherine Calamusa 24’

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In honor of Joan A Daugherty

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