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Kristie Rueff O’Campo ’02, Director of Advancement & Marketing

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3 Day Blinds, Inc.
Aaron and Michele Adamsen
Go Royals
Adina Braatz
Alsworth Family
Andrea Barclay
Angela Ward
In honor of Diane Ward
Ann Bertocchini Grand
Ann Marshall
Ann and John Favreau
Anne & Randy Fiorentino
Anne Nunes
I ❤ Rosary
Anthony Jennison
Baby Clay and Archie the Pug
Barbara Williams Brule
Bassam and Eman Younes
In honor of Class of 2020
Go Royals❤️💛
Becky Arias
Bertha De La Torre
Beth & Bill Jones
Brenda Bench Ruffier
Brent & Kerry Boznanski
Buehler Family
Ca. Best Home Health Services
Carol Bancroft
Caroline Linton
Cathy Babiak
Cecilia Gomez
Charlene Romano
Rosary Women are the future of our world!
Chris & Angela Haines
Chris Casey
Chris and Dayna Sanders
Christina Mauthe
Christine Dzida Dunfey
Christopher & Laurie Walker
Go Royals!
Classic Customs
Claudia Heidelman
Proud Royal Alumn!!
Coach Jeanne Weaver
Love from Coach Jeanne ⛳️
Coleen Carr Mumby
Corrina Rosa
Cris Garcia, Grandparent '23
Daly Holman
Dan and Joanie Thomas
Darcie McClelland
In memory of Eunice Preku
David Pasino
Denise Demman
Denise Griego
Denise and Lee Shults
Diane Kang
Donna & Terry Reinbold
Go Royals, Go! Thank you for the education and opportunities our daughters experienced at Rosary.
Donna Garten
In honor of Karel Munsey
Doreen Short Moore
So proud to be an alumna of Rosary Academy. An institution that shapes girls into strong and independent young women. ❤️
Eileen Kearns
Help Rosary grow and flourish - make your donation today!
Elaine and Mark Nutt
Ellie Wurster Russell
Emily Hein Egkan
Go Royals!
Estela Ybarra
Frances Lahr
Frank DiCrisi
We are so happy to support this amazing school and are grateful every day for all that you do for our young women.
Gabriella Strauss
Gail Sweeney
In memory of Mariann Sweeney
Bryn B. told me to give!
Guadalupe Carrillo
Ha Nguyen
Heather Westenhaver Bandura
Ivy Poggi
James & Jurie Fang
James Rosenkranz
Janet Donnelly
In honor of Elyse Donnelly
Janet/Patrick Moore
Jayme Basford
Jeffrey and Rebecca Raskopf
For our Future Royal!
Jenn McCall
Jennifer Buddemeyer Young
Proud Rosary girl ♥️💛
Jennifer Cardenas
Jennifer Farner Perry
Jennifer Jill Robinson
Jennifer Schrank Bunt
Jessica Linton
Jill Young Sirna
Jim & Debbie Ramirez Watson
We’re so happy to give back to a place that gives so much! Go Royals!!
Jinwon Choi
Joan Doherty
John & Lynn Oravetz
Grateful to be a new Rosary Family!
John and Lisa Savage
Joshua Beckman
Joy Greco-Yanez
Keep up the good work!
Julia Lewis
Go Royals!! :) ❤️💛❤️💛
Julie Brandt Bomgren
Julie Nisco
June Chatelle
Karen and Patrick Hennessey
In memory of Joseph Hennessey
Karla Arenas
Go Royals!
Kate O'Keefe Domino
Kathleen A Clune
Kathleen Gallagher
We Love Rosary !
Kathleen Lee
Kathleen Liuzzi
Katie Quiroz
Katie, Meghan and the Intertwined Team
Kelley Callahan
Kelli Hoertz McCarty
In honor of Will Irwin
Kelly Botto
Kimberly Haerens Sarni
With a grateful heart for the blessing that Rosary is to the Sarni girls!
Kimberly Mendoza Findlay
Keep paving the way for a bright future for these girls!
Kristie Rueff O'Campo
Go Royals!
Kristin Brkich
Go Royals!
Larry Lukas
Laura Bowen
Laura Fredman
Lauren Eyrich Phenix
LeVecke Family Foundation
Lisa & Scott Capps
Lisa Kasten
Lisa Langrell
Proud to be a Rosary Royal👑
Lori Lee Leano Mendieta
Lydia Alvarez
In honor of Brennan Kennedy
Go Royals!
Go Royals !! Keep up the good work.
Marcy Herb
Go Royals!!
Margaret Stapleton Lewis and Andrew Lewis
Go Royals!
Margaret White
Margaret-Ann Krieger Wommer
Maria Braatz
Marjorie Balch
Marquita Stein Gyben
Mary Bradish
In memory of Barbara (Bradish) Fagan
Mary Doherty
Go Royals!
Mary Salerno Hampton
Mary Welch
Mary Woo
Matt Crowley
Go Royals!
Matt Karcher
Let's go Servite grads! Support your sister school!
Maureen Fetter
Maureen Martin
Meaghan Smith
In memory of Kerry Smith, proud Royal Mom
Megan Fitzgerald Vesterdahl
Megan Ryan
Memphis Velasco
Proud grandparents of a Royal Class of 2022 and future Royal Class of 2026!
Michael & Gina McGuire
Michele Schuler Feliz
Go Royals!
Michelle Myers
Mickey Cunningham
In honor of Sloane LaBrie
Mickey Cunningham
In honor of Sloane La Brie
Couldn't think of my granddaughter going to any other high school.
Mike & Cathy Swinnerton
In memory of Dolores Miller
The education our daughter got at Rosary was great, and we are happy to help on this day of giving! Go Royals!!
Mike & Gwen Hennessey
Mike Corlew
Best of luck for a successful campaign!
Mike Schabert, Associate Superintendent of Cath. Schools, Diocese of Orange
Go Royals!
Mike Schmitt
Go Royals!!
Monica Bolles Michalak
In honor of Ralph & Miyoko Bolles
Best wishes to all Royals, past and present! Good luck in your campaign!
Monica Esquivel
Monica Toohey
Neil & Kathie Ritchey
Nicole Cosand
Nicole Johnson
Nicole Lugo
Nikki Wilson Pontius
Nina Vasquez Valencia
Rosary will always have a special place in my heart!! ❤️👑💛
Norma Garcia Guillen
Olivia Rosales
Go Royals! #womenempoweringwomen
Patricia Crowley
Congratulations, Class of 2020!
Patricia Fields
Patricia Weller
Paul & Tracey Irving
Paul and Megan Jordan
Rachel Linton
Raymond Dunne
Regina Martin LeVecke
Renee DeLellis Sargent
Richard and Gale Price
Richard and Sonia Sigur
Women on a mission! Go Royals !!
Robert Curry
Robin Shirley Biederstadt
Rocio Velazquez
Go Royals ❤️💛
Ron & Carole Cassell
Rosemary Barnes
Selena Perez
Sergio Borbon
Sharon Hennessey-La Bonte
Sharon Hodge
Future Royal 2026!
Shawna Pautsch
In honor of Larry and Helen Pautsch
Silvia Guzman
Sonia Carvalho
Sophia Goggins
Go Royals!!!
Sophia Huarte
Stacy Schuler
In memory of Sue Schuler - Grandmother of Kendall Maestas Schuler '17
Steffanie Early
Stephanie Arrington
Stephanie Plancich
Please accept my humble donation! Stephanie Plancich ‘96
Stephen Ruszak
In honor of John and Eva Ruszak
Susan McNamara
Susan Schuker Schuler
In memory of Sue Schuler
Let’s raise the $30,000 for continued excellence and opportunities for the Royals now and those coming.
Suzanne Mccann
Tara Maher Reid
Teasa Cendejas
We Love Rosary❤️👑
Terry Hoskins Gonzalez
Rosary has given much to us; let us pay it forward.
The Brandon Family
The Lambros Family
In memory of Paul and Theresa Lambros
Go Royals!
The Machado Family
Go Royals!
Theresa Cronin
In memory of Classmate Christina Burmeister and Royal Supporter Our Dad Jack Cronin
Thyren Castillo
Traci & John Hassett
Trudy Mazzarella
Victoria Favela
In honor of Tori Gomez
Supporting beautiful Royals for a beautiful tomorrow.
Whitney Linton
William Compton
Yvonne Jimenez Jordan
Our Lady of the Rosary, Be with us.
Once a Royal always a Royal! Keep up the good work!

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Frank DiCrisiParent ’22
Supported 3 months ago
Angela WardFaculty/Staff
Supported 3 months ago
John and Lisa SavageParent ’19
Supported 10 months ago
Patricia FieldsFaculty/Staff
Supported a year ago
June Chatelle
Supported a year ago
Karla ArenasParent ’21
Supported a year ago
Go Royals!
Joan DohertyParent ’09
Supported a year ago
Ellie Wurster RussellAlumnae ’76Parent ’13
Supported a year ago
Joy Greco-YanezParent ’17
Supported a year ago
Keep up the good work!
The Lambros FamilyParent ’20
Supported a year ago
In memory of Paul and Theresa Lambros
Go Royals!

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