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Jennifer Rogers-Petitt, Director of Development and Community Engagement

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Abel Nelson
Adi Boeder Risner
We give to the arts at MPA so that students can experience enhanced balance to their rigorous academic routines. The arts are crucial to a well-rounded education, and the benefits of identifying a student’s artistic talent or creative outlet will last a lifetime.
Adrienne Boeder Risner
Alexander Reid
Alexandria Rick
Alisa Lein
Allan Flinn
Allan Rife
Alli Capasso
Alyson Thalhimer
Amanda Magistad
Proudly supporting future generations of MPA Panthers!
Ameriprise Financial
Amit Bhalla
Amos Deinard
Amy Baker
Amy Harding
In honor of Jaye Sinkfield
Amy Ronneberg
Ana Wermager
Andrea Christopherson
Andrea Goldstein
Andrea McAlpine
Andrea McAlpine
Andrea Wisniewski
Andrew & Heather Doughty
We are grateful for the opportunity to join the MPA community. Our daughter can't wait to start kindergarten
Andrew Doughty
Andrew Huie
Angela Fertig
Angela Gerstner
Angela Gerstner
Anna Ursano
Anna/Tom Kieselbach
Anne Atchison
Anne Scalia
Anthony Sanders
Anthony Todero
Our daughter loves MPA, and we have been pleased with all the opportunities MPA affords her. Go Panthers!
Anthony Troullier
Anton Gerstner
Anudeep K. Rahil
Anudeep Rahil
Anuradha Tummala
Arnold Duran
Asha Bandal
Ashajyothi Siddappa
Ashlee Koerner
Ashley A. Goetzke
Ashley A. Goetzke
Ashley Cooper
Ashley Goetzke
Ashley Nguyen
Avinash Sastry
Go Speech team.
Bakari Jackson
Barb Divinski
Barclay Woodbury
Bare Honey
Becca Nelson
Ben Jacobson Fund
Ben Silberglitt and Amy Treeful
Ben Ullery
Benjamin Kloesel
Bernie Zeruhn
Best Buy Corporation
Beth A. Wegner
Beth Hart
Beth Wegner
Bethany Branan
Betsy Van Hecke
An amazing school like MPA deserves support.
Bev Docherty
Bremer Bank
Brendan Boyle
Brent Baker
Brent Carlson
Bridget Mayer
Bruce Johnson Fund
Burroughs-Brown Donor Advised Fund
Byron Nilsson
Cameron P. Montour
Carl Kimmerle
Caroline Portoghese
Caroline Simonson
Carrie Cunnington
Cathi & Ryan Murray
Cathryn Camacho
Cedar Meem
Chad & Margaret Marshall
Chad DeBruzzi
Chad Foote
Chad Foote
Chad R. Nicholson
Charles Boeder
Cherie Honan
Choice Hotels
Chris Cunnington
Chris Hopkins
Chris Porter
Chris Utgaard
Chrissie Cammack
Christian Brothers of the Midwest
Christian Buhr
Christian Buhr & Liz Summers
MPA has continued to impress us year after year, and we have infinite gratitude for the hard work of the teachers, staff, and administration at MPA. Thank you SO MUCH for the amazing education you provide our kids… It means the world to us!!!
Christine Brown
We love our granddaughters Rowen and Peyton and support our beautiful daughter Ashley Goetzke.
Christine Brown
Christine Gruen
Christine M. Larson
Christine R. Stanson
Christine S. Mayfield
Christine Snider
Christine Snider
Christine Stanson
Alumni Parent ('17 and '23) MPA was a wonderful school 'home' for our family and we will be forever grateful for the wonderful community.
Christine and Matt Larson
We give to support MPA academics, arts and athletics. We give to support all the wonderful staff and faculty who support our children in their growth everyday!
Christopher J. Peterson
Christopher J. Peterson
Christopher Larson
Claire M. Spilseth
Clare Halloran
Clarence + Tiffany Knox
Clarissa Hirsch
Cleber Brunhara Grubhofer
Clifford Kast
Clifford Kast
Coca Cola Gives
Coey Minear
Connie Grumdahl
Conor Toohey
Corey Ganser
Corey Ganser
Courtenay Brown
Courtenay W. Brown
Courtney Boyum
Courtney Nagle
Craig Gray
Craig Gray
Craig Stenson
Cristin Moran
Cymmone Carson
Cynthia Meyer
In honor of Cameron and Isabel Meyer-Mueller
I am grateful to MPA every day as I reflect on the impact that this amazing school has had on who my daughters have become. Thank you!!
Cynthia Meyer
In honor of Cameron and Isabel Meyer-Mueller, MPA grads who have dreamed big and are doing right!
Dan Bruggeman and Mary Rothchild
Dan Haase
Dan McKeown
Dan Thomas
Daniel J. Shapiro
David Moline
David and Julie Rist
I took Mark's advisement to heart and "Penned" my check! Thanks MPA for all you are, a best choice for our family, maybe yours' too. Cheers!
Dawn Baddeley
In honor of Jaye Sinkfield and his family.
Dawn Baddeley
In honor of Jaye Sinkfield
Honoring the light and change that Jaye brought to the world.
Dawn Zimmerman
Deanna Walsh
Deb Strom
Deborah LaChapelle
Debra Ingram
Delta Airlines
Dezhi Liao
Diana Alvarez Forero
Dianne Ley
Dobson Group
Don Dolan
Douglas and Kimberly Jakway
Drew Niemeyer
Dustin & Bethany Branan
Our donation to MPA is an investment in future leaders, thinkers, and dreamers. To support exceptional education that empowers students to explore, grow, and impact the world.
Edriss Charaf
Edward Cunnington
Edwards Life Sciences Foundation
Elaine Steinman
Elin Beck
Elizabeth DesLauriers
Ellen Biales
Supporting the awesome robotics team!
Emily Kang
For all that the teachers and staff do to create a safe and nurturing environment.
Emily R. Kang
Emily S. Binstadt
Emily and Bryce Binstadt
Epic Games
Eric Korbach
Eric Neumann
Erica Berte
Erica and Albert Youn
MPA supports the development of the whole child, which is so important today and always. Thank you MPA!
Erik Sand
Erik Sand
Speech Team
Erika Beernink
Erika Beernink
Erin Gavin
Erna and Karen Clifford Fund
Esme Gerogeorge
In memory of Jaye Sinkfield
Jaye, your memory lives on in the great things your mom and brother are doing to honor you. You're loved and missed.
Evelyn Johnson
Florence A. Monsour
Ford Nicholson
Frank Disori
Frank and Kristin Disori
Fredrikson & Byron, PA
Gabriela Magistad
Garry Peterson
Gary & Suzanne Schwartz
Gary Galbavy
Gaye Melton
Gene Haas Foundation
George Mills
In honor of LGBTQIA Inclusive Scholarship Fund
George P. Mills
Gertens Greenhouse
Goldman Sachs
Grace Vanasse
Greg Dulon
Gretchen Murr
Great work MPA team
Hannah Smith
For the future of our kids, communities, and world.
Hannah Smith
Harvey & Suzanne Kaplan
Hatice Bilgic Lim
Hatice Blgic Lim
Heather A. Mastel
Heather A. Mastel
Heather Broneak
Heather Mastel
Heidi Nelson Baldwin
Heidi Wiste
Henry Seum
Herman Few
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
Hugh Schilling
Ingrid Dai
Isaac Marshall
Isaac Tyroler
Isabel Meyer-Mueller
Ishmael Salifu
Jack Roddy
Jackson and Katherine (Andrews) Hagen
Jake Holdreith
James & Emily Densley
James Cordon
James Deneault
James Mulholland
James P. Cordon
James Ziegler
James and Joan Gardner Fund
Jane and Bob Reidell
Thank you for loving (and teaching!) our grandchildren. And, thank you for being a welcoming community for us too.
Janet Rahm
Janey Farber
In honor of Jaye Sinkfield
LGBTQ+ fund
Jason Bradshaw
Jason Martinek
Jason Martinek
Jason Martinek
Jason Martinek
Jason Moldan
Jeanne Doyle
Jeff and Kari Kunze-Hoeg
Jeff and Robyn Kramer
Jenean C. Cordon
Jennie G. Boeder
Jennifer J. Daly
Jennifer J. Mehmel
Jennifer Jasinski
Jennifer Landers
Jennifer Le Varge
In honor of Dr. Marjorie Henningsen
I am offering this gift in honor of my colleagues at MPA and in loving memory of my mentor and friend Dr. Marjorie Henningsen. Dr. Marj was an unwavering voice for the abilities of students and curricular innovation. In her words, "keep fighting the good fight!" for student belonging and empowerment.
Jennifer Le Varge
Jennifer Loupe
Jennifer M. Gatti
Jennifer M. Gatti
Jennifer Mehmel
Jennifer Rogers-Petitt
Jennifer Rogers-Petitt
Jennifer Rogers-Petitt
Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer and Randy Lindrud
Thank you, MPA!
Jeremy D. Drucker
Jeremy Drucker
Jeremy Smith
Jerry Muskatmartin
Jerry and Karen Francois
Jesse & Mary Okie & Harrington
Jesse Okie & Mary Harrington Corporation or Foundation
Jessica Flynn
Jessica Powell
In honor of Challenge in Memory of Jaye Sinkfield '12
Jessie Flynn
Jill Abramson
Jill Kaiser
Jim Faber Joyce Miyamoto
In honor of Alex and Andrew Densley
Jim Schwieger
Jim Schwieger
Jim Ziegler
Joan and Kevin Frankel
For Robotics Team.
Joe & Kate Howe
Joe Howe
John Banks
John Boyum
John Brand
John E. Brower
John Harens
In honor of Susan and Bill Sands
Jonathan Bixby
Joseph LeBlanc
Josh Reimnitz
Josh Rogers
Josh Rohricht
Josh Rohricht
I love being able to be part of such a wonderful school. Y’all are the best!
Josh Short
Josh and Siama Brand
Joyce Miller
I would like this donation to go to Jaye's Endowment
Julene Nolan
Julia Averbeck
Juliana Bixby
KARA Johnson
Kara Johnson
Karayn Cunnington
Karen Desnick
Karen Healy
Karen Rossbach
My heart still lives at MPA!
Kari A. Kunze-Hoeg
Kari Kunze-Hoeg
In honor of My daughters' MPA mentors
The many people who have guided and supported my children. I am so thankful they had the opportunity to take art, music, Spanish, debate, athletics, AND all of the rigorous, college preparatory classes that have enabled them to be successful after MPA. MPA is a blessing for our family and I am very grateful to be a part of this community!
Kari O'Keefe
Karla Myers
Karna Halverson
Kate Jacobson
Kate Johnston
Kate Johnston
Kate Schneider
I give because MPA is the type of school I wish I had and because it has changed our daughter’s life.
Kathlyn Michel
Kathryn Andersen
Kathryn Green
Katie Jacobs
Katie M. Jacobs
Katie Roche
Keith Braafladt
Kelley Still
Kelly Hansen
Kemal Simpson
Kerry Jung
Kethan T. Dahlberg
Kevin Campana
Kevin Goodno
Kevin McQuade
I am thrilled to be able to support ongoing excellence and development at MPA. My experience at the school, particularly under Mr. Vergin, Ms. Murr, and Ms. Wantock, shaped me into the man I am today.
Kevin P. Goodno
KiJuan Ware
Kristi C. Green
Kristi C. Green
Kristi Green
Keep the momentum MPA PANTHERS!
Kristian Horvei
Kristin Larsen
Kristin Sweet Kennedy
Kristina Plasch
Kristy Petrich
Kurt Miller
Larry Jacobs
Laura J. Myers
Laura Saavedra Myers
I give to MPA for so many reasons, but the extraordinary teachers are reason #1.
Laura and Chad Nicholson β€˜97
Lauren Hernandez & Michael Koza
Lauren Kavan
Lauren Koza
Laurie Hartman
Lawrence Schultz
Leah Anderson
Lesley Kroupa and Chris Kearns
Leslie Todero
Lisa Hoeschen
Lisa M. Vale
Lisa Vale
Lisa and Craig Pederson
We are grateful for our family's MPA experiences!
Lizabeth Payton
In honor of Jaye Sinkfield
Lucia Gray
Lucy Mullany
Lynne Bardy
Manjula Raman
Manjula Raman
In honor of Soumya Raman
Making Voices stronger and heard
Marc M. Shapiro
Marc Shapiro
Margaret Marshall
Margaret Reid
Maria Aquino-Duran
Marian Hussein/ Jay Hashi
We give to support current programs, for student to gain access to higher learning and opportunities both locally and globally..
Marian Messing
In honor of Theresa Reardon Offerman
Marie Hanson
Marija Fox
Marilyn Buckey
Marina Dale
Mark Martin-Fanone
For robotics team
Mark Segal
Mark and Judith Segal
We donate to MPA because of the fabulous opportunities and education that our son receives. His teachers bring out the best in him on a daily basis!
Marty Lewis-Hunstiger
In honor of Jaye Sinkfield
Jaye's mom is my beloved friend
Mary Bydlon
Mary Cantwell
In memory of Jaye Sinkfield
In memory or Jaye- for promoting inclusion and encouraging authenticity! With Love
Mary Conney
Mary Goldstein
In honor of Maddy and Jackson Myeroff
Mary Michel
Mary Vergin
Mason Woodbury
Matt and Jane Moore Fund
Matthew Gerstner
Matthew Groeneveld
Matthew Haak
Max and Zoe Dickson
Meg Rose
Megan Brogger
Melanie Tomczak
Melinda J. Lopes
Melinda Lopes
Our children were so lucky to attend MPA! The world would be a better place if all children had the benefit of an MPA education!
Melissa Doffing
Melissa Pugh
Melissa Suek
In honor of Amy Wivell
A beautiful light gone too soon. Be kind, love big.
Melissa Suek
Melvin & Patricia Alvarenga
MPA succeeds at creating a community of belonging and we want to support them in their mission.
Michael & Mira Norcross
Michael B. Vergin
Michael D. Thomsen
Michael Dai & Gail Engstrom
Michael J. Hanson
Michael Scinto
Michael Thalhimer
Michael Thomsen
So happy to give to a school that gave my daughter such a rich experience.
Michael Trotter
Michaela Jahnke
Michelle Hesterberg
Michelle Schwab
Michelle Seywerd
Michelle Williams
Mickey Martin
Mike Vergin
Mikki Williams
The MPA environment offers the balance between academics, arts and athletics I feel is right for my daughter, and so many other budding critical thinkers who will be prepared to change the world for the better. From the maintenance team to the education staff to the school counselor, everyone is aligned to the mission, purpose, and spirit of MPA.
Mindy Ruane
Moira Duverneau-Salifu
Moira Duverneau-Salifu
Mollie & James Smith
Mollie Smith
Molly Gardner
Molly Kleven
Molly Tyroler
Nancy McGuiness
Every day in Kindergarten at MPA is filled with high-energy fun, challenge and creativity! Thank you Mrs. P and Mrs. Roche!!!
Nancy driano
Nansee Greeley
I worked at MPA for 35 years and sent my children there for their education. I found MPA a wonderfully stimulating and caring environment.
Natalie Waters Seum
I give because MPA had a profound impact on our son and our family for soooo many years. This community is our home, and I'm so grateful for all it has done for us.
Nate Bander
Nate Lundeen
Nathan Gossai
Nathan and Amy (Effenberger 01) Kuchta
Neelima Boddipalli
Nicholas Dugas
Nicholson Family Foundation-Richard and Nancy Nicholson Fund
Nicole Butts
Nicole Kaplan
Nilton D. Gil
Nilton D. Gil
Nokomis Pet Clinic
donation for the robotics team
Norb Conzemius
Norbert Conzemius
Olexandra Nelson
Olivares SuΓ‘rez Family
Olivia Herrick
In memory of Kate Sherwood '06 and Andy Radel '06
Pam Omersa
Pam Strom
Pam Weiss
In honor of Jaye Sinkfield
Pat Wyant
Patricia Fritsche
Patricia Meras
Paul Spilseth
Paula A. Miller
Pauline Ho
Peg Tembruell
Peter B. Myers
Peter Myers
Philip Billings
Platinum Bank
Rachael Weber
Rachel A. Katkar
Rachel Anderson
Rachel Katkar
Rahoul Ghose
Rahul Koranne
Rahul Koranne & James Watchke-Koranne
Thank you for all that MPA does for the various humans it connects with- the students, parents, teachers, staff and communities! It is our honor to be able to support your continued excellent work in service of the future of this planet through our next generations.
Ralph Perez
Rebecca Orttel
Rebekah Cook
Regina Wallraff
Renee L. Sonka
Richard Liu
Richard Newberry
We are committed to the vision and mission of MPA.
Rieu / Hyunwon Kim / Hwang
Gift designation for the Speech Team
Rita Olk
Rita Olk
Robert Fox
Roberta Capasso
Ronald Faust
Ross Kimmerle
Rowen Bell
Ryan & Heidi Baldwin
In honor of Anna + Audrey Baldwin
Ryan Murray
Ryan Wood
Ryan Wood Charitable Fund
Salem Foundation
Sally Doherty
Sally Moohe
Sally and Thomas Wolfe
Sammy Thomas
Samuel C. Brown
Sandy K Smith
In honor of Bob Kreischer
Thanks to all who have participated over the years in making Mounds Park Academy an amazing education for the whole child.
Sarah Cotter
Sarah Cotter
Sarah Jeatran
Sarah Lantz
Sarah Ley
Sarah McFarland
Sarah McFarland
Sarah Wineman
Scott Koziar
Scott Little
Thank you for exceeding our expectations!
Scott Miller
Scott Parkin
Scott R. Wilson
Sean Dunham
Sean Ryther
Securian Financial Group
Seema Anwar
Seungjoo Lee
Shannon Gherty Anderson
Shelley Steingraeber
Signature Technicair
Sirid Kellermann
Sofia Troullier
Sonia Krinke
Sonka Family
Our donation is in honor of Karen Rossbach and Lisa Buck, who built the art program that our entire family continues to appreciate and benefit from.
Sophia Spisak
Spence Minear
Spencer Butts
St. Paul And Minnesota Foundation
Staci Banks-Hehenberger
Stefanie and Walt Galicich
Stephanie Bernatchez
Stephanie Kollm
Stephanie Liberko
Stephanie Swor
Stephen Muscanto
Stephen Tan
Steve Rossow and Betsy Thompson
Steve Walsh
Steven, Irene and Juliun Menasco
Go MPA! From the Menasco Family
Sue-Mi Tuttle
Sun Life Financial
Surachet Tanwongsval
Susan Biales
Susan Knapp
Susan Mercer
Susan Mercer
Susan Sands
Jeremiah Program
Sven Knuteson
robotics club
Tami Fisher
Tammy Sinkfield
In honor of Jaye Sinkfield, my bright light and shining star! I love you!πŸ’œ
I am so proud of the opportunities your scholarship fund will provide others.πŸ’œ
Tamra Anderson
Tara Bruening
Than Zaw and Maw Maw Win Zaw
We are very proud part of MPA family, we love support
The Donaldson Foundation
The Johnston Family Fund
The Johnston Family Fund
The Wyant Family Charitable Fund
Thomas Atkinson
Thomas Huie
Thomas Lansing
Thomas Myers
Tim Koerner
In honor of MPA Faculty and Staff
Timothy Scanlan
Great School !
Timothy Sheehan
Timothy Sheehan
Tina Heidelberger
Todd and Renee Roach`
Tolis and Erin Dimopoulos
Tom Masuda
Tom Simonson
Tom and Nancee Bruggeman Fund
Tracy Varnes
Trista Schagat
Trudy Richter
Ty Johnston
United Health Group
Ursula Hargens
Vanessa Martin
Victoria Simmonds
Wade Peterson
Wayne Hoeschen
Weston Hoard
William Hudson
William Huie
Xinzheng Wang
Xuan Li
Xuan Li
Xuan Li
Yamini and Carl Kimmerle
It's my home away from home!
Yamini and Carl Kimmerle
In honor of Jaye Sinkfield
In memory of Jaye Sinkfield β™₯️
Yan Vinnik
Yun Wang
Zeruhn Family Fund
Zhongyu Jiang
Zinpro Corp
Carolyn bates
Deedee stacy
MPA was a wonderful partner with whom to raise my children. Thank you!
Jun xiang
Kalpesh raicha
Mustafa ucer
thank you for everything you have done for my sons Kaan Ucer and Hakan Ucer. you guys have been our family for a long time. all the best to you.
Sheri lyons
Sherilyn hubert
Donation for Robotics Program
Sherilyn hubert
Susan Scanlon
I donate because MPA is my home of 25+ years..
In honor of MPA teachers
Robotics Club Challenge
Let the world full of love and hope!
In honor of Jaye Sinkfield
Robotics Team - Sofia Duran
Love the billboard on I-94 E around Snelling. It's so true: cooperation not competition.
In honor of Jaye Sinkfield LGTBQIA Inclusive Scholarship Fund
The Jaye Sinkfield LGBTQIA Inclusive Scholarship Fund is a beautiful way to honor their memory and ensure current and future LGBTQIA+ students can be exactly who they are and always have an accepting school community to call home.
In memory of Mrs. Park
Wouldn't be where I am now without MPA

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