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Jeanette M. Acosta ’04† Memorial Scholarship Fund for Latina Students

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Nicole Cosand, Director of Annual Giving and Alumnae Relations

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Ada Alvarado-Yokoyama
In the Mayfield Spirit!! Giving in love & compassion!! The Yokoyama Family
Alana Yokoyama
Aleni Sunada
Alexandria Pilmer
Allison Adishian
Allison Rector
Andrea Narvaez-Moran
Angela Howell
Ann Bussard
Ann Fabian
I've spent my career in higher education. It's hard to imagine anything more important than supporting ambitious and smart students who will go on to do wonderful things. May Mayfield train them well.
Anna Vossler
Jeanette was my student tour guide when I came to Mayfield for open house in 8th grade. I will never forget her.
Anne Emerson Leak
Anorve Family
Ashley Delane O'Bryant
Ashley O'Bryant
In honor of Jeanette Acosta
Audrey Dow
In honor of Jeanette Acosta
What a privilege to donate in Jeanette's honor.
Audrey Suarez
Brenda Rivas
In memory of Jeanette M. Acosta
I miss you, hermana.
Brittany Barnes Reeser
Cadena Family
Carie Wickers
Cathy Romo
Christina Yamasaki
Colleen Charles
Courtney Boucher
Cristina Thais Vittoria
In memory of Jeannette Acosta
Debra Origel
In memory of Jeanette Acosta
In honor of a beautiful soul who inspired and touched so many.
Dominique Ramirez Ahumada
Efrain & Cathy Romo
Elise Bigley
In memory of Jeanette Acosta
Elizabeth Sanchez
Emily Baratta Goodell
Ernie Arboles
Frank Karl
Frank X Acosta
In honor of Jeanette M. Acosta '04. Thank you Mayfield Senior School.
The Acosta Family is most appreciative that Mayfield Senior School will be helping future Latina students with the Jeanette M. Acosta Scholarship for Latina Students. A beautiful action.
Frank X. and Maryann Acosta
Frank and Sylvia Karl
G. Gail Darkins Chargois
Gabriela Morales
Gabrielle Hollingsworth
Gallegos Family
Gloria Gonzalez
Heidi Laidemitt
Jeanette will always be in my thoughts, memories, prayers, meditations, hopes and inspirations. She was a champion in so many ways, and her great influence and love is still felt to this day. Thank you for creating this scholarship in her memory.
Indira Persad
In honor of Jeanette Acosta
RIP Jeanette Acosta. We will all forever be inspired by your warrior spirit! Excited to carry on your legacy and for your name to be remembered for countless generations. Love you!
Jane Baumer Woodman
Jason Israel
In honor of Jeanette
Jean Hooper
Jennifer Horner Ratcliff
Jennifer Park
In memory of Jeanette Acosta
Jennifer Park
Jill Tydeman
Joan Sinclair
Mayfield's diverse student body nourishes the learning environment for all its students. Following Emily Baratta Goodall's lead in supporting this initiative!
Joanna Wyatt McCormick
In honor of Jeanette Acosta
Juliana Zovak
Julie Sanchez
Julie Sanchez
Our girls are counting on us!
Kathleen Bautista
Kathryn Clifford
Kayla Yokoyama
Go Cubs!!!
Kelly Mcdonnell
Kerry Dolan
Kerry Franco
Jeanette was a true HERO making a difference in the world. Thank you, MSS, for creating a path for more Latina students to attend and thrive at this wonderful school.
Kimberly Osollo Engstrom
Go Cubs!
Kristen Virdone
Laura Gardner Longo
Laura Gutierrez
Lauren (12) Stephanie (15) Guzman
Leslie Owen
In honor of Jeanette; An inspirational young woman who accomplished so much in her life.
Libby Robertson Carra
In honor of Lelia Robertson Heilman
Lindsay Koerner
Liv & Amend Steingart
Mackenzie Hurlston Cox
Maggie Kaufman Coffey
Mark Mitchell and Cecily Brogdon
Mary Kaminski Bomar
In honor of Jeanette Acosta
Mary Kaminski Bomar
Mary McDonnell
Received the flyer in the mail and then your email! You got me ready to donate. Good job Mayfield!
Mary McDonnell
Mary Shea McConnell
Mary Stathatos Cole
Maura Hooper
Maureen Sweeney
In honor of Jeanette Acosta
Michell Coughlin Moore
In honor of Jeanette M. Acosta ’04† Memorial Scholarship Fund for Latina Students
Michell Coughlin Moore
Michell Coughlin Moore
In honor of Jeannette M. Acosta
In memory of Jeanette Acosta
Michelle Hansen DeBoever
Mr. and Mrs. Hermeline
Mylena Molina-Ramirez
In honor of Jeanette Acosta
Nicole Cosand
Nicole Reyes Avila
Nicole Virdone
Nora Warren
Paul Holguin
Pema Levy
Peter Taglioretti
Porfirio & Sandra Delgado
Rachel Cota Hochstetler
Rachel Pringle
In honor of Jeanette. We miss you!
Rey Faustino and Sean Waugh
In memory of Jeanette Acosta
Richard Cota
In honor of Carolyn Cota and Rachel Hochstetler
Robert Acosta
In honor of Jeanette M. Acosta '04.
In honor of Jeanette's dreams for Mayfield Senior School.
Ruby Bugarin
Ruth Torres
In honor of Jeanette m. acosta
Sandra & Porfirio Delgado
In honor of Mari & Erica Delgado
Sarah Ortiz Buckley
In memory of Jeanette Acosta
Soledad Endara
In honor of Margaret Murphy '80
Susie & Alex Pilmer
Sylvana Hidalgo
Tali Arnold
In honor of Caroline & Anne Arnold
Tana David
Teressa Cannata
The Robl Family
Theresa Peters
Tim Burke
Tom and Stephanie Moffat
Tricia Mok Galloway
Trinity Gomez
Vanessa Cervantes
Virginia Villar
Vivaldo Torrez
Whitney Willis Visger
In honor of Jeanette Acosta
Whitney Willis Visger
William Myers
Angelica sanchez
Camille perez
In honor of Jeanette Acosta
In honor of Margaret Murphy Bernard and Jeanette Acosta
In honor of Jeanette M. Acosta

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