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Aaron Bates
Aaron Beeler
Alejandro Perez Sanchez
Alessandro Pizzi
Love the great education that you are providing for Scarlett and Grayson.
Allison O'Rourke
Allison and Doug Campbell
Allyson Bloom & Sam Thakarar
Amy Macdougall
Andrew & Morgan Elzinga
Angela and Hem Patel
Ann Bennett
Ann Berman
Anne Bureau
Anne Fuller
Anne Scholder
My grandchildren love the school as do their parents and I do too.
Anne-Marie Anagnostopoulos
Aparna Tanna
Art Dixon
Athena Yee-Wadsworth
Bella Wallace
I support Kingsley because it is a wonderful school and it prepared me well for my next school. I have the best memories from Kingsley!
Ben & Stephanie Wild
Ben Hildreth
Bing and Nicole Waldert
Birgit Wurster
Brian and Ellie Chu
We will always be grateful for the boys’ formative years at KMS!
Bridget & Alex Snickenberger
Cari Mallanda
Caroline Shaunessy
Carrie DeWitt
We love our teachers!
Catherine Farrow
Catherine Krause
Charlie and Kate Reichenbach
Christie Papazian
CiCi Nielsen
Claire Harris
The Kingsley teachers, students and families inspire me everyday to keep growing, learning and challenging myself. I love this community!
Courtney & Jerome Tomaselli
We love our teachers and our school! Thank you, Ms. Heena, Ms. Lydia, Ms. Casey, Ms. Kit, Ms. Ana, Mr. Brian, Ms. Angel, Ms. Azurae, Ms. Anne, and all of the wonderful friends who make Kingsley such a special place!
Cynthia Brown
Daisy Penney
Daniel Cowan
Daniel Wehner
David and Winky Merrill
Dennis and Polly Selkoe
Diane Hildreth
Tucker love loves school. Thank you for a job well done.
Donal OConnor
Elise Brenninkmeyer
Elise Goldman
Elizabeth Sheffer-Winig
In honor of Alora Allard-Walsh
Alora has thrived and grown during her years at Kingsley. Thank you for giving her a suburb education.
Ellen Doonan
I love the Kingsley community - made up of incredible teachers, parents, and awesome students!
Ellie Leahy
Emma Wallace
We love Kingsley!
Emmy Graber
Thank you to Kingsley and the Kingsley community for supporting both our daughters, Poppy and Mabel Hruby.
Evan Hornbuckle
Fawaz Al Saud
Fran Finnigan, Proud Kingsley Grandmother
Best wishes to all Kingsley students and teachers, with thanks from a proud grandmother!
Fran Slutsky
In honor of Dennis Slutsky's 70th Birthday
Genna Weinstein
With gratitude!
George Gedney
Goldie Taylor
Grace Hoefs
In honor of our amazing Montessori teachers!! You go above and beyond every day & we love you!!
Hala Alessa and Abdullateef AlBahar
Thank you Kingsley for making it so easy for our kids to go to school every morning!
Jamie Lacroix
Thank you to all the Kingsley faculty, staff, and families!
Jeff and Jennifer Blecher
Jen Bencivenga
Joanne Briggs
John Kilmartin
John Walsh
Jonathan Sweet
Julie Brenninkmeyer
Justin Manjourides
Karen and Kevin Manning
Kasen / Iyengar Family
”We love being a part of the Kingsley Community!”
Kathleen Duggan
Katie McDonald
Kelly Feeney
Kevin Hart
Klaus and Linda Shigley
In honor of Celia and Cam Shigley
Kristen Standish
It is the best community and the faculty is so dedicated to our kids.
Kristi O'Connor
In honor of The truly fantastic faculty and staff!
Kristin Wallace
Thankful for our wonderful community!
Kyle and Susan Weaver
Laura Kraly
Laurel Murphy
Lauren Song
Lewis and Karen Yee-Wadsworth
Lexi Johnson
Linda Monteiro
Thank you for all that you do for Skylar!!
Lisa Miao
Lisa Taffe
Lisa and Andrew Musto
Lori & Roland Pease
Lucas Simpson
Luis Hernández
Kingsley is a happy place for our child!
Luke LeSaffre
Lynn and John Trice
Maged Elmalecki
We appreciate Kingsley and we love to support
Marcia Eckerd
In honor of Cheryl Gusenburg
Lena is having an amazing experience- wonderful teachers who help her learn how to think and problem solve, great friends and attitude towards school and learning.
Marcia Metz
Maria Motamed
Maria and Thanos Pantazis
Marianna Pease
Marlena Love
Mary Lou LeSaffre
Go Esme LeSaffre!!
Mary O'Connor
In honor of The Class of 2022
Mary Pressman
Matt Lacroix
Matthew Scholder
Meeta Gulyani
Megan Yao
Melani Cammett and Angelo Manioudakis
Minkyung Bae
Monique Austin
Nedra Gusenburg
Lena recently visited us for the weekend. It was late when we arrived home, but Lena announced that she wanted to design a math problem on her whiteboard and solve it before bedtime. She created a complex problem, solved it, then called her grandfather to check her answer. With a huge smile, Lena was ready for sleep. THAT excitement for learning is the Kingsley promise that Lena and her family live every day.
Nic & Meg Galat
Nicole Barsalona and Michael Tonelli
Nicole Christopoulos
We have the BEST teachers, administrators, staff, and families. So grateful for this incredible community.
Niloufar Khoobehi
Olivier Bernardi
Pam Olson
Thank you to Ada's wonderful teachers and community
Pardis Sabeti
Pat Kinsel & Jill Ozzie
Paul Currier
Priyank Taneja
Rekha Iyengar
Richard & Elizabeth’ Greene
We’re very happy to have our granddaughter in a Montessori classroom. It brings back memories of her mother at the carrot cutting table and industriously working on her soap carving and pink tower. Best wishes to all at Kingsley.
Rick & Karen Greene
Ridhdhi Desai
Rona and Allan Kasen
Sadie Perrin
Sal Diaz-Bazan
Sande and Robert Weiskopf
Shardule & Ami Shah
Shelley Brown
Silvana Lauricella
Sofia Yee-Wadsworth
Stacey Sherpe
Stacylyn Doore
Stephen Moeller
We're so happy to be part of this special community!
Steve Farley
In honor of My colleagues for their dedicated and caring commitment to our students.
Kingsley's strength lies in its faculty and staff and their steadfast commitment to helping students develop their resilience, confidence, and empathy. Serving alongside them and witnessing their positive impact on our students continues to be one of the great rewards of working at Kingsley.
Susan Brenninkmeyer
Susan Rottner
Sophie and Jack seem to be thriving under the instruction and care they receive from the Kingsley family.
Susie Korb
Tara Hofherr
I love our Kingsley community and I am especially grateful for the relentless care and commitment of our teachers. I am so proud to be a 🦁 at our small, but very mighty school. ❤️
Tarang Patel
Tedd Ella Saunders
In memory of Dad - Roger Saunders
Dad always made sure my brothers and I had a top education and childhood experience - and and we are so grateful that Nina & Noah have that at Kingsley.
Teresa Chuang Craig Emrick
The Jordan Family
We have two Kingsley graduates who are thriving at their next schools. Thank you, KMS faculty and staff, for all you do to fulfill Kingsley's mission.
The Shah Family
Thank you, Kingsley! We are so grateful to be part of this wonderful community. ❤️
Theoni Pantazis
Tina Porter
Toby and Barbie Burr
Miss Anne and Miss Raleigh are the best!!!! Kingsley teaches important skills that help my granddaughters live their best lives. Thanks Kingsley!!!
Uma Bindingnavle
Vicki Delmonico
Warren Lammert
William Kargman
Excellent education for my grandson
Zinaida Alekseeva
Martine mangion
Muhammed fatih bulut
Rose tomaselli
Salvador diaz
We love our teachers!
Thank you to all the teachers and especially those in 5-3 ❤️💗

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