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Ally Murphy, Director of the Annual Fund

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Aaliyah Biondo
Adele Mead
In honor of Michael Mead ‘56
Alanis Perez
In honor of Amy Omana and TGL
Sending lots of love! XoXo
Alec Woodworth
Alex Vetter
Alexander Fanjul
Alexandra Milligan
In honor of Mr. Potter
I never liked English and now it's one of my favorite classes. Thank you, Mr. Potter!
Alexandra Ourusoff
Alison Murphy
Alison Waldmann
We loved seeing our daughter thrive as a Canterbury Saint!
Allyson Earnest
Canterbury is a core part of our lives and our family. Keep up the great work! Allyson Dusault Earnest
Alvaro Arias
Amy Cameron
Amy Omana
Andre Sieh
Andrea Lanese
Thank you for all you did for our Daughter while a student there. She is better because of it! Appreciate it!
Andrew Binstock
Andrew Kelly
Andrew McLaughlin
Go Saints!
Andrew Staib
Ann Cuddy Thomsen
In memory of Erin Reynolds ‘78 & Kevin Osborne ‘78
Anna Gagnon
Anthony Concolino
Anthony Eben
Audrey Duquette
Barry Belknap
Benjamin Spang
Bernardine Wynn
Betty Kim
Love Canterbury!1 GO Saints!!!
Bill O’Connor
Brandi Caraluzzi
Brent Ozarowski
Brian Bachyrycz
Brian Choi
Great memories
Brian O'Brien
In honor of Michael Francis Burke '78
May your generous spirit shine always!
Bryan Kiefer
My wife Nancy and I are grateful for the fine education our four sons received at Canterbury.
Calvin Richardson
CarA Reynolds
Carol Pan
Keep up good work!
Carolyn Malloy
Casey Fuller
Because of Coach Roberts
Cashie Egan
Catharine Diamond
Chantal Lambrix
Charles Brennan
Charles Donahue
Charles F. Savage
Charles Ragan
Chris Hollander
Chrissy Rubin
Christine Holmgren
Christoffer Schlarb
Christopher Conto
Christopher Dailey
Christopher Faruol
Christopher O'Brien
In memory of Edward A O'Brien '39 & Frank X Bice '77
Christopher Smith
Cantuaria floreat!!!
Christopher Tobin
In honor of Lucie Tobin
Christopher Tobin
Connie Manes
Our donation is made with gratitude for the support and care given our children by the Canterbury community, with a special shout out this Valentine's Day to Matt Glaser and Leila Stepankiw <3
Craig Czarsty
In honor of O'Brien '71 Fund
Curtis Casey
Canterbury created a stronger young man and student.
Dan LaChance
In honor of Wayne Marciano, Classmate and Roommate, and the Marciano Family
Thank God for Canterbury School, the amazing Class of 1965 and the inspiration for our Donald Spaeth Fund.
Dana Moreau
The Hilltop is a special place
Danielle Enage Conkling
Grateful for my Canterbury education!
Darien Cruté
Brighter futures.
David Henry
David Wade
Davison Koenig
In honor of Claremont J. Koenig
In honor of Claremont "Mike" J. Koenig, devoted former Canterbury faculty, and my grandfather.
Denise Trach
Amy Omaña sees all the wonderful qualities in her students (and their parents). She is compassionate while challenging her students to and be their very best. Amy recognizes the uniqueness in each person. We love her.
Derevaughn Hamlet
Onwards and upwards. Let’s Go Saints
Desmond Barry
Diane Bourdeau Barton
Diane Wilson
In honor of Chris Wilson
Our son has fond memories of Water polo, Swimming and Crew - Go Saints!
Dina Smith
Donald Horner III
Go Saints!
Donald McGuire
Go Saints
Donna Salmans
Doug Griebel
Dr.A.Mia Heissan
Great school!
Dr.Arlene Heissan Lynch
Keep up the good work.
Drew Rydingsword
Edit Fodor
In honor of Isabel Polletta
Ms. Poletta has been our son's favorite teacher this year. He loves the way she teaches, and how she conducts class. Although her subject (Foundation of Civilization) is not his focus topic, he enjoys it so much. Thank you for all your care and hard work, Ms. Poletta.
Edward Kane
Edwin Moore
Elisabeth Baker
Elita Lilly
Our family loves being part of the Saint’s family.
Elizabeth Lowman
Elizabeth Sauter
My two son’s at Cbury made all the difference in them becoming self assured learners, confident young men and great persons for their future communities. The best decision we ever made was to have them attend this fabulous school.
Elizabeth Smith
In honor of Roger W. Smith
I thank all the staff that made Katherine’s time at Canterbury such a positive experience, especially Mrs. Armstrong (choral) and Mr. Amano (Spanish).
Ellen Meredith Gal
Always a privilege to support Canterbury. Go Saints!
Emily Mattina
For Class of 2023 Care Packages!
Filippo Guerrini-Maraldi
Frances Bailey deTuro
In appreciation for Bob Potter, who can effortlessly put a smile on everyone’s face!
Francis Foley III
Francis Poli
Frank Foley
In honor of Michael Foley ‘67
Gregory McKenna
Gregory Millard
Gregory Reynolds
Grenville Emmet
Love Canterbury
Griff Doyle
Harold Clark
Helen and William Bergner
Hilary and Ethan Ram
Hugh Flood
Hugh Leahy
Isabelle Peroche
It’s where my daughter has found a home away from home 😊
Jacalyn Pugliese
In honor of EJ
Thank you for being a wonderful mentor, coach, and now friend! Canterbury is so lucky to have you!
Jack Griebel
James Butler
In honor of Roderick Clark
I appreciate the video.
James Caro
Our student Nick has enjoyed an amazing 2-years at Canterbury
James Corridon
James Liuzzi
James Masterson
James P O'Donnell
Jan Mabasa
Janie Larson
In honor of Topher and David Larson
We are grateful for the education and life skills our sons received at Canterbury.
Jay Clarke
Jean-Paul Mandler
In honor of John F. Coffin, III
A teacher and coach par excellence, John was a model for us. We miss him.
Jennifer Arias
We miss Canterbury- amazing memories for my son.
Jennifer Failla
Jerry Fedorcik
Jiwon Lee
I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for Cbury!
JoAnne Panicek
In memory of Elizabeth Carlson's grandfather John Panicek
Joe & Azian Kearney
In memory of Frank Bice
Great school, Great education and Great man in Frank Bice who made a lasting impact on our son and so many others.
Joe DeSantis Jr
John D. IV(Sean) Kernan
In honor of Gregory B. Smith
John Abbate
John Ainsworth
I'm still happy I came to Canterbury after 60 years.
John Birdsall
John Birdsall
In honor of Jim and Rosemary Birdsall
John Carl
A great foundation: spiritual, academic, athletic and life skills!
John Gaffney
John Gleason
John Hale
John Harding
John Kennedy
John McKeon
John Pretto
Jonathan Reiss
Jonathan Zilli
Jonathan and Megan Wolff
Jorge Diamantopoulos
Thanks to tracy garcia lavigne and libby bennett!
Josef Najm
In honor of Michael Miller
Joseph Fritsch
Josephine Bissing
Joshua Van Vranken
Joy Strand
Judith Sullivan
Julia Duquette
Kaitlyn Mitchell
Karl Bourdeau
Karl Clauss
Kate Prendergast
Love Canterbury...GO SAINTS +
Kate Samela
Katherine Greenberg
Katherine Montrone
The Canterbury spirit continues way post-graduation. The 2023 care-packages are a great idea. Thank you so much.
Kathleen Brigham
Kathleen Stowell
In honor of Joshua ‘09 & Michaela ‘19
Thank you Saints!!
Kathy Haggerty
Katie Cretella
Keith Choate
Kelly and Dave Bozzuto
In honor of Dr. Lawlor
Thank you for your true dedication to learning and support of your students. You are amazing!
Kennedy Blake
In honor of Amy Franklin
Thank you so much for your guidance and support. You are the best!
Kevin Behan
Kevin Delaney
Kevin Falconer
Kevin Foley
Kim Debacher
Kimberly Hassiak
Kinsey Chandler
In honor of Amy Omaña
Thank you for being my Squash coach! I have gotten back into Squash after 10 years and really appreciate the time I spent on your team!
Kurt Garceau
Keep up the good work
Lance Dellacroce
Lawrence Goode
In honor of Betty Burke
Leah Forlini
Leslie Kernan
In memory of John O'Grady, Class of '70
Libby Foley
Lileika family
Madelaine Lord
Lisa Moisan
Lucia Nielsen
Lynn Stone
In memory of Michael Burke (good person/friend)
Amor Vincit Omnia.
Marc Vanasse
In honor of Gerald A. and Therese J. Vanasse
Marci Norton
To our son, keep up the good work and keep working hard towards your goals.
Marilyn Hamlin
In honor of my grandson Cody Hew. As his Nana I always am impressed and enjoy visiting Canterbury while cheering him and his team on as ice hockey goalie…..Go Saints!
Marissa Salsbury
Mark Linde
CANTERBURY had a major impact on my daughter's life.
Mary Lynn
I truly believe that the friendships that I made at Canterbury were some of the most important in my life. Several of those friendships I consider family more than thirty years later. I cannot imagine my life without them.
MaryAnn & Vicente Garcia
Best school ever!
Matthew Morris
Meaghan (Henn) Spillane
Megan Rowlands
Megan Shea
In honor of Jim, Pat, Mary Kate, and Toby Shea
Melanie Barclay-Wood
Melanie and Felix Panasci
Meredith Wiles
My son had an excellent experience at Canterbury.
Meredith Wiles
Michael Athanasakis
Michael Bourdeau
Michael Deegan
Michael Fox
Michael Goldthwaite
Michael Henry
Michael Hume
In honor of Dr. Beverly Lee
You will be missed, but always remembered by your students.
Michael Kelley
The students and faculty at Canterbury are to be commended on their commitment to making this world a better place for everyone from their kind words and actions to others. It is a pleasure to support Canterbury and their extended family.
Michael Koenig
Michael Moissonnier
Michael Olnek
Michael Sokolski
In honor of Coach Paddy McCarthy
Paddy, thanks for all the guidance with Jonathan 14 years ago (wow...that long ago!). Canterbury was a great experience and was a huge part of who he is today!
Michelle Wohlfahrt
Molly Barto
Monica Bennett
Natalia Torres
In honor of J.P. Mandler, as I introduce etymology to my son today!
Ned Forys
Neil Chatterton
Neve Flanagan
Nicole and Chris Harris
Happy Valentine's Day to Ms. Bailey! Happy Valentine's Day to Ms. DeSousa!
Nohaud Azan
Norman Noel
Roll Saints!
Norman Noel
Go Saints!
Olivia Lynn
Owen Lynn
Owen O’Brien
Pat Tokarz
In honor of Chip Daley
An outstanding example of a Canterbury Scholat
Patricia Rasmussen
Patricia Walker
Canterbury gave my son a path for his future both academically and spiritually. Thank you Canterbury Teachers and Staff!!
Patrick Rizzi
Paul E. Bauer III
Paul McCormack
Perry Bean
Peter Carlson
Peter FitzGerald
In honor of RM FitzGerald & CJ McCormick
To promote the legacy of The Saints Spirit and Traditions that continue to touch many!
Peter Getchell
❤️ Canterbury - Go Saints
Peter Heslin
Peter Macfarlane
Peter Powers
Peter Ward
Phil & Danielle Mahler
Philip Smith
Philip Stevens
Quinn Gray
Thank you to Mr.Gichan for all you do to inspire students at Canterbury.
Rachel & Jim Stone
Rachel Justice (Velardi)
In honor of Mrs. LaVigne and Mrs. Omana
I've been reflecting a lot lately on my high school years - and while I was always supported and loved by the Dreekes and John Shackelford in the performing arts world, I have to give a shoutout to Mrs. LaVigne and Mrs. Omana. I had some incredibly low moments my Junior year especially and if it were not for the mentorship, guidance, hard work, and genuine love from these two incredibly strong women, I'm not sure I would have made it through that year, never mind high school in general. Sometimes all it takes to succeed is for someone else to believe in you before you're able to believe in yourself- I was so fortunate to have multiple teachers and mentors at Canterbury that provided this for me. Tracey and Amy both embody goodness, empathy, and motivation - I was so lucky to have them in my lives at that time.
Ray Zulauf
Reece Montrone
Ricardo Cardoze
In honor of Edward pearly
Richard Crocker
Richard Geier
Richard,Patricia Domaleski
Richie Gosman
Rio Family
In memory of Grace Carolyn Mannix Bowers (‘14)
Beautiful Grace…forever in our hearts, thoughts and prayers
Robert Birkenstock
Grateful memories!
Robert Harriss
Robert Lucarelli
Robert Sands
In honor of Mary Kate Shea
Robert Williams
For the love of the Alma Mater
Roget White
Rohit Sood
Ron & Karen MOSCA
Sandra Eber
In honor of Tim Simpson-Class of 88
Sandra Mango
Sara Lynn Leavenworth
Sarah Omeara
Sean Flanagan
Seth Menghi
Shannon Pitts
In honor of Madelaine Lord
Ms. Lord's English classes have been life changing for Max's interest in reading and writing. Her enthusiasm and method of teaching is unsurpassed. I am grateful for the lifelong impact she has made on Max.
Sharon Stenger
Simon Smith
Stephen Coleman
Stephen Knup
Steve Knoblock
In memory of John Coffin. He helped lay the foundation for my technical successes
Steven Bacetti
Steven Cosenza
Steven Dammers
You gave my grand daughter a great start.
Steven Farrell
Sue Delegan
Sung Eun Kim
How time flies! 20 years passed since our graduation for the class of 2004. Many congrats to Mrs. Roberts on her new position as interim head of school!
Susan Delay
Was a wonderful experience for all of us .... back in the day!
Suzanne Sherrick Sherter
Tamara Linde
Tania Secor
Terri Straub
Thaddeus Eshelman
The Moozar Family
The Rafferty Family
Thomas Burke
In honor of Michael F Burke '78
Thomas King
Keep up the great work!
Thomas L. Carter III
Thomas McCarthy
Thomas Moore
In memory of John & Helen Chillington
My four years began my path to adulthood, and served me well as I grew older. Thank you for continuing to advance not only education, but life experience!
Thomas Sartor
Tim West
Timothy Goggins
In honor of Rachel Stone
Timothy Shea
Tom Clark
Tom Morris
Tonino Mavuli
Tony Hume
In honor of Joseph O'Brien '71 Fund
Victoria Bundonis Rovin
Go Saints!
Victoria Omeltchenko
Vincent Candelora
Vladimir and Carol Papov
Wayne Blauth
Wendy Fisher
William (Randy) Tankoos
In honor of Don Spaeth Class of 65 Fund
William Burke
Canterbury helped set the direction, and provided me a compass, as I worked to navigate early adulthood. I’m forever grateful for such a wonderful opportunity.
William DeBonis
William Draddy
William McCann
In memory of Don Gowan III
William Roesch
Wuanita LaRusso
I am so grateful for your dedication to these kids and their success! You are amazing teachers, mentors and guides. I know at times it can be challenging but without all of you, these young adults would not be the people they are today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Yan Fu
Thanks Dr. Lawlor and Ms. Segner!
Ying Li
Go saints!!!
Zhi Luo
In honor of Robert Roffe
Thank you Mr. Roffe! Best luck with everything.
Zhiyu Fu
Keep up the great work!
Alisa henderson
Jeff uberuaga
John birdsall
Michael kelley
My four years at Canterbury instilled in me how important service to others would guide me throughout my life.
Paul fitzpatrick
Philip ruppe
Keep the Class of '44 spirit alive.
Selkirk walters
Todd elliott
William paxton
Yuntao Li
Zhonglang xu
Go Saints!
In honor of Meredith Berry Toon
In memory of Frank Bice
In honor of Grace Getchell
Keep up the Canterbury spirit. Go Saints!
My daughter uses what she learned at Canterbury everyday!
Go Saints!
In October 2023, after 31 years, Sergio Iranzo and Paulino Suarez, two Canterbuy friends from the Class of 1992, met again in Asturias, Spain
In honor of Class of 1974 Scholarship Fund
Canterbury School
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