Catholic Memorial School

West Roxbury, MA

The CM Fund

July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022

Megan Murphy, Stewardship & Database Manager

Supporters across the USA

Supporters (850)

All (850)
Abeba Leveille
Al & Kelly Staunton
Thank You ,CM! We will be forever grateful for all that you have done and continue to do.
Alan MacDonald
Alexander Corbett.
Alfred Dominick
I continue to be impressed with the quality of the experience Catholic Memorial provides its students.
Amy Baughman
Andrea Katsenes
Andrew Franzen
Andrew and Cheryl Robertson
Tnx for the great work you do!
Angela Lin
Anita StJohn
In honor of Richard Murphy, Winchester MA
Ann Healey
Barbara Rogers
Barry Blake
Barry Mohan
Bart Driscoll
Bay State Federal Savings Charitable Foundation
Benjamin Waterfall
Bernard Regan
Have great memories of my time at CM
Bethanne Hurley
Bill & Elena Schaetzl
In honor of Tom Meagher
Thank you !
Bill Raynor
Bill and Allison Mankivsky
Bill and Maura Cutting
Bob Johnson
In honor of Len & Mary Johnson
Bob Jones
Bob McWhirter
Bob Mulvey
Bob Ohlson
In honor of Mrs Pat Perry
Bobbie Flynn
Br. Brian M. Walsh, C.F.C. '62
Brendan Dempsey '04
In honor of Karl Danso '04
Keep up the good work, Karl!
Brian Fahey
In honor of Laurence and Anne Fahey
In honor of our wonderful parents who sent their five sons to Catholic Memorial.
Brian Handley
Brian Mahoney
Brian McCarthy
In honor of Coach Paul
Brian Monbouquette
Brian and Helen Hedberg
Brien Currier
Bryan Medina
In honor of Joe Hurley
There were a few people who believed in me during my youth at CM. My family and I faced a couple years of hardship while I was at CM and Joe Hurley was one of the few people who believed in me and inspired me to keep pushing through. May he rest in peace.
Burke family
Cameron Ciesielski
In honor of Brother Oxx
Cara Church
Chad Maguire
Charles Bruen
Charles Hughes
Charles O’Brien
Chris Quinn
Christine Gallery
Christine OConnor
Grateful to CM teachers and coaches!
Christine Osinski
Christopher Lake
Christopher Osborne
Christopher Tracy
Christopher Wilson
Col. Joseph H. Fitzpatrick USAF '69
Colleen Penkala
Cross Insurance
Damon Wirtanen
Wishing Continued Success in the years ahead!!
Dan Driscoll
In memory of Richard J DeMaria CFC
Daniel Cottam
Thank you Catholic Memorial for being the school that supports, leads, mentors and gives hope to boys in 7th to 12th grade. My son has personally benefited greatly in the short time he’s been there. We are grateful beyond words.
David Bingham
David Blake
In honor of Joe Fandrey
David Erwin
David Kenny
David Wheeler
Thank you for the wonderful education you have provided our grandsons.
David and Kathleen Reilly
Dennis Coughlin
Dennis Curran
Diane and Paul Schwerdt
Dick Geden
Diomid and Julia Bashkinov
Donald Burke
Donald Shruhan
Donna Daniels
Donovan Henry
Dottie Cloherty
Doug Kehlhem
Thanks for giving any and all students the opportunity to participate in sports, travel and club/ministry activities!
Dr. Allen Burgess and Dr. Ann Burgess GP'24
Dr. Donald F. Larsen '64, P'90
Dr. Francis M. McLaughlin P'78, '81, '83, '89, GP'04
Dr. Gregory Kryukov and Ms. Natalia Teider
Dr. Gregory Kryukov and Ms. Natalia Teider P'24
Dr. Gregory N. Connolly '66
Dr. Jon Paul Sydnor and Rev. Abigail Henrich
Dr. Michael J. Gillespie
Dr. Thomas Groome and Dr. Colleen Griffith P'19
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Reginato P'22
Dr. and Mrs. John Wing P'19
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Rufo '81, P'26
Dr. and Mrs. Santiago Lozano-Calderon P'25
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore
Dr. and Mrs. William Parks
Drs. John F. and Margot G. Dashe P'18, '19, '21
Drs. Kristin and Patrick Helm P'25
Drs. Maryann and Timothy Murphy '83, P'23
Ed Stenson
Edward F. Lenox, Esq. '66
Edward Gallagher
In memory of Jeanette Folan
Edward Kelly
Edward Savage
Eileen Dunne
Eileen O'Grady
Eimear Chi
Elizabeth Check
Elizabeth Dillon
Ellen Curran
Ellen Eberly
In memory of All deceased CM Brothers, faculty, and staff who inspired us throughout the years.
Eric Boyd, '04
In honor of Nelson Ocasio, Class of "04
Love the CM family! Go Knights!
Eric Fromm
Erica Mills
Eugene (Terry) McSweeney
Francis & Michelle Flaherty
Francis Driscoll
Francis H. McGourty
Francis Jantzen
Francis OGara
Frank X. O'Gara Class of 1970
Francis P. Broyer
Francis Radley
Frank Citrone
Class of '73
Frank Citrone
In honor of All class of ‘73 alumni who have passed away.
Frank Lally
Fred Bogan
Frederick Matthies
Gary Donoghue
George Grant
Gerald E Powell
Gerald Quinnan Jr
Gerald Scally
Gerard Eaton
In honor of Tom Eaton
In memory of Tom Eaton, 1966
In memory of big brother Tom. And in appreciation of a wonderful article from Tom Beatty and an alert from George Powers
Gerri McElmoyle
Gida Zikas-Bernard
Gina Gaynor
Gloria Riley
Graziella Puleo
Greg Nolan
Gregory McDonald
Hamilton Smith
Henry Staines
In honor of Mary and Henry Staines
Best thing that took me to where I am today!
Ingrid Melvin
J.D. Donohue
Jack Lovett
In memory of Jay Daley
Jack Maloney
In honor of Thelma and John Maloney
Jack R. Bevivino, M.D. '63
Jacqueline O'Dwyer
James Catano
James Cunniff
James Droney
James G. Judge, D.M.D. '62
James Gasbarro
James Greene
James Julian
Thank you CM for all you do for so many Jim & Deirdre Julian and Family
James McDonagh
In honor of Tom Meagher
Thank you for all you have done!
James O'Brien
James Thompson
In honor of Samuel and Helen Thompson
James Walsh
Jane Bleakley
Janet Flannery
Janice Dorian
Janice Marfo
Jay Flynn
Jeffrey Chisholm
Jeffrey Kealty
Jeffrey Russell
Jeneen Rainford
Jennifer Ryan
Grateful to CM for all they do!!
Jennifer Ryan
Jennifer Storey
I thank CM for alllllll the opportunities this amazing school provides for my son and all the young men that attend.
Jennifer Thomas
In honor of John Techiera
We are so proud of you Travis James!!
Joanne Donovan
Joanne and Carlo Petrongolo
Joe Connolly
Joe Lyons
Joe Scaparrotta
Proud alumnus. Keep up the great work!
Joe Taverna
Joe and Maureen Galvin
John Bavis
John Burke
John Conners
John Conners
John Coppola
John Deely
John Delaney
John Dolan
John Earle
John F. Marino
John Flinn
John Geraci
John Gill
John Golden
John J. Cleary, Esq. '64
John J. Sheff
John King
John Martins
John Masso
John Mazza
John Norton
John Paul and Carmela Martins
John Sheehan
John Stewart
John Timmerman
John Znaczko
Joseph Connolly
In honor of James W. Porter
Joseph Costa
Joseph Courtney
Joseph Flannery
Joseph J. Mulry
Karla Bodden
Kate Plunkett Tobin
In honor of Matthew tobin
Thank you for all you do for our boys. Forever grateful.
Kathleen Hegarty
Kathleen Long
Kathy and Paul Conneely
THANK YOU CM!! We appreciate all the faculty, staff, and coaches have done and continue to do for our boys!
Katie & Kevin Piccinin
Kay Forde
My son had an awesome experience at CM and I know that he will always have his fellow Knights in his corner!
Keith McCarthy
Kelly Mcinerney
Kenneth Daly
Kerry Klaas
Kevin Brannelly
In honor of Brother Durning
Kevin Cox
Kevin Crossen
Kevin Crowley
Kevin Doyle
Kevin F. O'Donnell, Esq. '66
Kevin Friel
Kevin O'Toole
Kevin Rose
In memory of Herbert and Margaret Rose P'68, '70, '70, '73, '74, '85
Kieran & Mary Ellen Comer
Kim McKenna
Larry and Kim DeMeo
Laura & Sean Cloherty
Lauris Campbell
In memory of Donald and Jean Campbell
Lawrence Larner
Lawrence Quinn
In honor of Mr and Mrs Joseph M Quinn St
Leslye Porter
In memory of Sandy Corso
Liam Weschrob
Lisa Trainor
Louise McLean
M Judge
Maggie and Chris Kelly
In honor of Tom and Julia Mulvey
Margaret Doherty-Lopez
Margherita Ciampa Coyne
Marie MacNeil
In memory of Francisco Alvarez Vidal
Mark Barry
Mark Mulligan
Mark Walsh
Martha Shields
Martin and Jane Cunniffe
Marvin & Malaika Minor
Thank you CM for supporting our son and helping him grow into a knowledgeable, more compassionate young man. We are proud parents of one of tomorrow’s leaders! :)
Marvin & Malaika Minor
Thank you for a great education and family for my son and for educating great boys! 😊
Mary Cahill Farella
Mary Doherty
In honor of Thomas J Eaton
Mary Odegaard
Mary Parkinson
Matt McCarthy
Maureen McGrath
In honor of Thomas and Kathleen Nolan
Megan Murphy
In honor of Ms. Ellen Eberly
Meredith Mulhearn
Michael Aucoin
In memory of Danielle Aucoin
Michael Campbell
Michael Cellucci
Michael Corso
Go Knights!
Michael F. Burke, Esq. '76
Michael Ferreira
Michael Foley
In memory of Thomas J. Eaton
I'm very honored to donate to this deserving fund in memory of a great man's father, whom I gather from others was just as great as his son, John Eaton.
Michael Gormley '87
Michael J. Barry, Esq. '65
Michael J. Powell, Jr., Esq. '69
Michael Martins
Michael Merchant
Michael Mulry
In honor of All of the class members of 1973 who have passed on....
Michael Walker
Michael Walsh
Keep up the good work
Michelle Pepin
Mike and Pam McNamara
Molly Dowd
Mr. Alan E. DeFronzo '88
Mr. Alan MacIsaac '67
Mr. Alan T. Macdonald '69
Mr. Alessandro Morteo '75
Mr. Brendan Julian '19
Mr. Brendan S. Cheevers '13
Mr. Brendon J. Buccelli '13
Mr. Brian J. Best '72
Mr. Brian J. Joyce '68
Mr. Brian J. Kaveney '64
Mr. Brian M. O'Hara '02
Mr. Brian P. Bogie '90
Mr. Brian T. Palm
Mr. Charles A. Muise, Jr. '65
Mr. Charles F. Cheevers, Jr. '72
Mr. Charles F. Ziniti '65
Mr. Charles G. O'Brien '71
Mr. Charles Spillane
Mr. Charles W. Hughes '88
Mr. Christopher F. Lee '85, P'14
Mr. Christopher G. McCourt '78
Mr. Christopher L. Caterine
Mr. Christopher Lake '81
Mr. Christopher R. Wall '03
Mr. Daniel J. Driscoll '66
Mr. Daniel J. O'Shea, Jr. '86
Mr. David A. Reynolds '66
Mr. David F. Kehoe '65
Mr. David J. Botti '61
Mr. David W. Stirling '65
Mr. Declan O'Sullivan '20
Mr. Dennis A. Ferzoco '12
Mr. Dennis B. Bell '73
Mr. Dennis W. Driscoll
Mr. Donald E. Shiers '69
Mr. Donald F. Larsen, Jr. '90
Mr. Donovan A. Henry '12
Mr. Edward C. O'Malley, Jr. '64
Mr. Edward F. O'Brien '69
Mr. Edward J. Muller
Mr. Edward J. Stenson '61
Mr. Edward L. Englert '72
Mr. Edward M. Sybertz '80
Mr. Eneas R. Friendly '88
Mr. Eugene P. O'Brien '72
Mr. Ford H. Peckham '61
Mr. Francis A. Doyle III '66
Mr. Francis B. Sheehan '64
Mr. Francis J. McIntosh '64
Mr. Francis P. Burke '75
Mr. Frank E. Howard '65
Mr. Frederick C. Demarco '62
Mr. Frederick O. Kinsman '63
Mr. George M. McColgan '68
Mr. George R. Embleton and Ms. Mary Kercz P'10
Mr. Gerald P. Kelley '62
Mr. Gerard J. Powers '74
Mr. Gerard R. Irwin '64
Mr. Gerard T. Lethin '86
Mr. Gerard T. Smith '84
Mr. Hamilton F. Smith P'85, GP'22
Mr. Henry G. Kara '62
Mr. Henry W. McCusker, Jr. '73
Mr. J. Michael Butler '68
Mr. J.E. Tarallo '65
Mr. James Conlan
Mr. James D. Blue II '82
Mr. James E. Buckley '78
Mr. James F. Gallagher '61
Mr. James G. Boylan '64
Mr. James G. Rafferty '69
Mr. James H. Greene '64
Mr. James H. Walsh IV '74
Mr. James J. Coyne '83
Mr. James J. Donoghue '67
Mr. James J. Judge '73
Mr. James J. Riordan '72
Mr. James J. Ryan '65
Mr. James M. Gallagher, Jr. '69
Mr. James P. McLaughlin '63, GP'23
Mr. James P. Sullivan '62
Mr. Jan D. Castanza '64
Mr. Jeremiah P. Sullivan, Jr. '65
Mr. Jeremiah R. O'Neil '66
Mr. John Cussen '77
Mr. John D. MacKinnon III '62
Mr. John E. Garland '77
Mr. John F. Cahill '73
Mr. John F. Dargin III '64
Mr. John F. Lenox '73
Mr. John F. Marino '72
Mr. John F. Waters '64
Mr. John H. Hagan '65
Mr. John J. Dougherty, Jr. '65
Mr. John Madden '83
Mr. John P. Hearn III '87
Mr. John P. Newman '80
Mr. John P. Zanini and Dr. Renee M. McKinney P'16
Mr. John Sheehan GP'22, '26
Mr. John T. Coan GP'24
Mr. John Trayers '64
Mr. Jonathan G. Powell '95
Mr. Joseph D. Reale '85
Mr. Joseph F. Dillon '63
Mr. Joseph G. Tamuleviz '77
Mr. Joseph J. McLean '07
Mr. Joseph L. Mullen III '81, P'16
Mr. Joseph L. O'Brien '73
Mr. Joseph M. O'Hara II '82
Mr. Joseph R. Lyons, Jr. '65
Mr. Joseph T. Colagiovanni '96
Mr. Joseph T. Finnerty '89
Mr. Joseph T. Kelly '64
Mr. Kenneth A. Daly GP'21, '24
Mr. Kevin F. McLaughlin '74
Mr. Kevin J. Kennedy '94
Mr. Kevin J. Putney '66
Mr. Kevin P. Flaherty '67
Mr. Kevin T. Hines '66
Mr. Kevin W. Kouri '65
Mr. Laurence J. Stanford, Jr. '64
Mr. Lawrence E. Crump '66
Mr. Lorne J. MacDonald '63
Mr. Louis Falco P'10
Mr. Martin P. Geraghty '13
Mr. Martin T. Crowley '78
Mr. Marty J. Davoren '72, P'05
Mr. Matthew J. Curran '98
Mr. Matthew J. Horne '00
Mr. Matthias J. Mulvey '73
Mr. Michael B. Woernle '77
Mr. Michael D. Joyce '79
Mr. Michael D. Savage '67
Mr. Michael F. McLaughlin '78
Mr. Michael F. Mulry '73
Mr. Michael J. Costello '67
Mr. Michael J. Gordon '77
Mr. Michael J. Gormley '87
Mr. Michael J. Scannell '83, P'17, '20
Mr. Michael J. Scully '85
Mr. Michael J. Walsh '69
Mr. Michael L. Butler '71
Mr. Michael P. Connelly '82
Mr. Michael V. Abell '04
Mr. Michael Vozzella '75
Mr. Neal Cass '67
Mr. Neil B. Masterson, Jr. '61
Mr. Pasquale Puleo GP'24
Mr. Patrick J. Callaghan '68
Mr. Patrick J. Kelly '96
Mr. Patrick M. Curley '08
Mr. Paul A. Henderson, Jr. '65, P'96
Mr. Paul Asmar '82
Mr. Paul E. Sheff '62
Mr. Paul G. Schmid '64
Mr. Paul J. Kostka '75
Mr. Paul J. MacKinnon '66
Mr. Paul J. Pender '71
Mr. Paul J. Traverse '69
Mr. Paul J. Ward, Sr. '64, P'91
Mr. Paul M. Hallisey '65
Mr. Paul M. Hanley '65
Mr. Paul O. Freeman '80
Mr. Peter C. Pappas '86
Mr. Peter F. McGowan '65
Mr. Peter G. Fontaine '71
Mr. Peter J. McCabe '63
Mr. Philip M. Davies, Jr. '90
Mr. Redmond P. Costello '62
Mr. Richard A. Tyldesley '61
Mr. Richard C. Phinney '65
Mr. Richard C. Toland
Mr. Richard F. Malloy '71
Mr. Richard F. White '68
Mr. Richard H. Wright '71
Mr. Richard J. Barrett '85
Mr. Richard J. Bernazzani, Jr. '71, P'03
Mr. Richard J. Tobin '62
Mr. Richard M. Cronin, Jr. '78
Mr. Robert C. Perreault '65
Mr. Robert D. Ohlson '69
Mr. Robert D. Sheehan '78
Mr. Robert F. Allen '74
Mr. Robert G. Powderly '65
Mr. Robert J. Dempsey, Jr. '84
Mr. Robert J. Roche '65
Mr. Robert P. Millian III '04
Mr. Robert S. Molloy and Ms. Kathleen M. Way P'16
Mr. Ryan J. Julian '18
Mr. Sean R. Cushing '12
Mr. Stephen D. Casey '70
Mr. Stephen D. Crowley '70
Mr. Stephen F. Young '84
Mr. Stephen H. Myers '74
Mr. Stephen J. Madden '62
Mr. Stephen J. Tucker '64
Mr. Stephen M. Gouthro '73
Mr. Stephen T. O'Brien '79
Mr. T. Richard Madden '64
Mr. Terrence P. Morris '64
Mr. Thomas A. Walsh '62
Mr. Thomas F. Walsh '69
Mr. Thomas J. McDougall '78
Mr. Thomas K. Condon '75
Mr. Thomas K. Egan
Mr. Thomas M. O'Hear '78, P'11, '13
Mr. Timothy F. O'Brien '63, P'99
Mr. Timothy J. Rose '85
Mr. Vincent C. Buchanan '63
Mr. Vincent G. Bradley
Mr. William A. DeFlorio '78
Mr. William F. Casey '76
Mr. William F. Pierce '65
Mr. William H. Heaney '88
Mr. William H. Weed III '67
Mr. William J. Flynn '62
Mr. William J. McCarthy, Sr. P'88, GP'16, '18
Mr. William M. Harris '84
Mr. William McCullen '83
Mr. William S. Marcheski '18
Mr. William T. Cafferky '65
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Joyal P'82, '83, GP'20, '23, '23
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bligh '87, P'23
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Mercuri P'88
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gemma P'20
Mr. and Mrs. Barry W. Burkhardt GP'19, '21, '27
Mr. and Mrs. Birnbaum GP'24
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hedberg P'08, '09
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tischler GP'23, '25, '26, '27
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Burke P'08, '18
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. O'Brien '89, P'27
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Spagnuolo
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Karr GP'26
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Logue P'93
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Magoon GP'26
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Gadsden III P'20, '20
Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. David Dykeman
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Anderson P'09, '10
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Connelly P'84, '88
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Sullivan '84 P'21
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Visser GP'25
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Doherty GP'22
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Derba
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Murray P'21
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Masso GP'23, '25, '26, '27
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bennett P'94
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Travers P'98
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Rooney P'92, '93
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Carol Chaffee GP'26
Mr. and Mrs. George Claflin P'14, '18
Mr. and Mrs. George McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Delancey GP'27
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Williams P'93
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Redmond P'20
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Gormican P'96
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Charest P'08
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Torrey
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Henry
Mr. and Mrs. James Burke
Mr. and Mrs. James Dyson
Mr. and Mrs. James Gaffey P'23
Mr. and Mrs. James McDonnell P'87
Mr. and Mrs. James O'Sullivan P'20
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Julian P'18, '19, '22
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Keough
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Coppola GP'25
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Nichols P'02
Mr. and Mrs. John Bench
Mr. and Mrs. John C. White P'07
Mr. and Mrs. John Curran
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Jay, Jr. P'07
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Ryan P'94, '95, GP'26
Mr. and Mrs. John Gregorian GP'26
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kealty, Jr. P'94, '97
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sullivan P'05, '06
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Tobin, Jr. '87, P'24
Mr. and Mrs. John Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Doherty '76, P'07
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Curran P'19
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gallagher P'05, '11
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Jones GP'25
Mr. and Mrs. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cauteruccio P'06
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Clifford GP'12, '26
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Flanagan P'01
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Morrissey P'22
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Hohmann, Jr. P'89, '93
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Presti P'12
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Murphy P'76
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Steffanides GP'26
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. McGillicuddy P'87, '88, GP'23
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lally
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McCormick GP'26
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rios P'23
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Thelot GP'23
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Francescone P'26
Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. Fantozzi P'19
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Gellene P'17, '24
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kelly GP'21, '24
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murray P'24
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. McCarthy '89, P'21, '24
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. McNamara P'20
Mr. and Mrs. Neil McCarthy P'18
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hegarty P'25
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Foscaldo
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Greeley '77
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Regan '63
Mr. and Mrs. Paul McCarthy GP'26
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Fitzgerald P'16
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. McCarthy P'21
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schiller P'22
Mr. and Mrs. R. Bart Driscoll '92
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crispi GP'26
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dahill
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Almeida, Jr. P'04, '08
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Dahill P'05, GP'23
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ssemambo P'24
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Collins P'23
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Loewen P'94, GP'26
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Way P'24
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Marlow P'18
Mr. and Mrs. Shane F. Walsh P'10
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Keefe P'24
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Fitzmaurice P'25
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dietzel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bernier
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grady P'23, '25
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Hennessey, Jr. '66
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Haggerty P'27
Mr. and Mrs. Todd O'Connor P'22
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Boldewskul P'23
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne F. Patenaude
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Dadasis
Mr. and Mrs. William Risio
Mr. and Mrs. William Rushton
Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Hurley GP'25
Mrs. Ann Healey P'88, GP'07, '13, '26
Mrs. Catherine Gannon P'87, GP'22
Mrs. Diana Heinsohn P'78
Mrs. Doris A. Mourad P'87, '89
Mrs. Ellen M. Leary P'89
Mrs. Florence Trovato P'71, '72, GP'00
Mrs. John F. Murphy GP'26
Mrs. Kathleen DeForge
Mrs. Kristen Walsh P'24
Mrs. Mary M. Gillis P'78, '84, '86, GP'18, '20
Mrs. Nathalie Chancy P'26
Mrs. Patricia A. Cellucci P'74, '83, GP'15
Mrs. Pauline G. McKee
Mrs. Peter P. Gaynor GP'14, '16, '22
Mrs. Robert Shaw GP'26
Mrs. Ruth E. Copponi P'83
Mrs. Stephanie M. O'Leary P'99
Mrs. Susan W. Sullivan
Mrs. and Mrs. Ernest Vieira GP'26
Ms Gail M. Molari
Ms. Andrea Katsenes P'27
Ms. Ann O'Flynn GP'23
Ms. Anne F. Doane
Ms. Anne Marie Cuozzo
Ms. Gloria Riley
Ms. Joan Mahoney GP'25
Ms. Linda Littlefield GP'25
Ms. Lisa M. Scapellati
Ms. Molly Heartfield
Ms. Roseanne E. Grady GP'25
Ms. Susan S. Curtin
Msgr. Richard J. Kelley '61
Nancy O'Donnell
Neil Crowley
Neil O’Flaherty
Roll Knights
Nelson Alvarez
Nicole Caouette
Offline Payment
Paglia Plastering Inc.
Patricia McDonald
Patricia Sheehan
Patrick Comer
Patrick Mee
In honor of Jeremiah J Mee & Margaret M Mee
Paying it forward !
Paul & Rachel Riccardella
In memory of Thomas J Eaton
Paul Bowser
Paul Dello Iacono
Paul Endres
Paul Hanley
Paul MacGaregill
Paul Schmid
Paul Wood
Paul and Christine Chevrette
Peter Crispi
Peter Lopes
Peter Meagher
Peter Meagher
Peter Meagher
In honor of Tom Meagher
Peter Sullivan
Peter V. Davos
Quentin Olwell
RIchard Hurley
Ralph E. Bevivino, M.D. '66
Regina Zegarelli
Renee and Kevin Walsh
Rev. Charles E. Bourke, Jr. '62
Rev. David P. White '69
Rev. Henry P. Nichols '62
Rev. John K. Teebagy '81
Rev. Paul F. Coughlin '82
Rev. Peter F. Quinn '63
Rev. Ronald D. Coyne '65
Rev. W. Christopher Palladino '84
Rich Cotter
In honor of all deceased ‘73 classmates!
Richard Bean
Richard Bevilacqua
Richard Daley
Richard DeRoy
Richard English
Richard Gribaudo
Richard Lawler
Richard Mucci
In memory of Thomas Eaton
We dedicate our contribution to the memory of our long time friend, Tom Eaton, a graduate of Catholic Memorial. Rosalie and Dick Mucci Tom Eaton
Richard Walsh
Richard Wingert
Happy to Contribute!
Rob & Julie Lyons
Rob & Melissa Bourque
Robert A. Nolan, Esq. '64
Robert Allen
Robert DioDato
Robert Keane
Robert Lepore
In memory of Richard and Madelene Lepore, Parents
Robert Murray
Robert P. Maloney, Jr., Esq. '77
Robert Roche
Robert and Kimberley Collins
Robert and Margaret Connelly
Rukeme Ejofodomi
Ryan Baylock
In memory of Thomas J. Eaton
In memory of Brother Robert Durning. One of the best teachers I've ever had.
Sandy & John Calisi
Sergiy Kudinov
Thank you CM!!!
Sgt. Maj. Wayne Koester P'87
Shayna Goldstein
In memory of Thomas J. Eaton
Shelagh Walker
Sophia Holder
Stacey Macmillan
In honor of Thomas J. Eaton
Stephanie Truesdell
Stephen Crowley
Stephen Dalton
The first and best class of 61
Stephen Gouthro
In honor of Brother Frank Mattus
Stephen Kelly
In honor of Barry O’Leary
Stephen Kelly
In memory of Dean Errickson
Stephen Kerr
Stephen Kerr
For the CM Spring Gala
Stephen McIntyre
Stephen Murphy
Stephen O'Brien
Stephen Reilly
Go Knights. Keep up the good work.
Steve Leary
Steven Haley
Steven Hertel
Susan Gallagher
In memory of Tom and Jeannette Folan
Susan McGowan
Susan Sokol
Walter P. Corcoran Jr. P '73. P '76 P '79 GP'07
Suzanne Austin
In memory of Mary J. DuBeau
We lost Austin Klaas’ great grandmother last September and she would be so proud of her great grandson Austin(Benjamin Klaas)
Ted and Halle Grace
Terry Morris
Thomas Abbott
Thomas Beatty
Thomas Burke
Thomas Caulfield
Thomas Edmonds
Thomas K. Egan, Esq. '77
Thomas Kiley
Thomas Koerber
Thomas MacNabb
Thomas Maguire
Thomas Tower
Thomas and Margaret Gilligan
Tim Barrett
Tim Doyle
Tim Osborne
Tim Watson
Timothy Becker
Timothy Collins
Timothy Holton
Timothy Murphy
Timothy Prior
Love my time at CM and seeing the school progress.
Todd Foster
Tom Donovan
Tom O’Connor
Tom Walsh
Walter Downey
Walter and Lee Kieseling
Wayne Koester
Wendy Heyman
Will Healy
William Farrell
William Griffiths
William Hamilton
William Harrison
William J. Demeo, Ph.D. '67
William Leahy
I admire how CM has maintained its original spirit, while greatly expanding its inclusivity and non-athletic concentrations.
William McDonnell
William Mee
William Meissner
William Weschrob
William Wieners
Amy conley
Bob burke
In memory of my twin brother Bill. Whatever successes we have had in life can certainly be attributed to ours years of learning and growing at CM. Keep up the great work.
Dinamarie McCarthy
Joseph cheevers
Maura kelleher
Michele kaminga
Rich rines
Robert ramsey
In honor of Head of School Peter Folan
Keep up the excellent work!
Stephen McSherry
Terrence fitzgerald

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Joseph CostaAlumni ’70
Supported 23 days ago
Stephanie TruesdellFaculty/Staff
Supported 7 months ago
Michael CellucciAlumni ’74Parent ’15
Supported 7 months ago
Bernard ReganAlumni ’70
Supported 7 months ago
Have great memories of my time at CM
Frank CitroneAlumni ’73
Supported 7 months ago
In honor of All class of ‘73 alumni who have passed away.
Kevin BrannellyAlumni ’73
Supported 7 months ago
In honor of Brother Durning
Rich CotterAlumni ’73
Supported 7 months ago
In honor of all deceased ‘73 classmates!
Stephen GouthroAlumni ’73
Supported 7 months ago
In honor of Brother Frank Mattus
Michael MulryAlumni ’73
Supported 7 months ago
In honor of All of the class members of 1973 who have passed on....
Supported 7 months ago
In memory of Brother Robert Durning. One of the best teachers I've ever had.

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