Williston Northampton School

Easthampton, MA

Founders Day—Thank you!

We hit 1,300 supporters and unlocked $90,000 for the Williston Northampton Fund—THANK YOU! If you’d like to make a gift, please visit https://giving.williston.com

Ellie Ballard, Director of Annual Giving


Alumni leaderboard—the class with the most supporters (not including 2024) gets its year painted on the lion!

Class year# Donors

Parent leaderboard—The parent class with the highest percentage of supporters (for both Middle and Upper School) will earn a Willy Wear day for students in that class!

Class yearParticipation
15 of 28 have supported
45 of 95 have supported

Athletic/Program Leaderboard—it's all about the bragging rights!

Name# Donors

Dorm/Willympics Leaderboard

Name# Donors
Day Student
Ford Hall


What did Williston Build in you (or your student)?

This Founders Day, make a gift and build it forward to support our students and faculty. Then share what Williston Builds in you (or your student!)—download the Wildcat sign, take a photo, and tag us @willistonns on social!

Campaign ended Thursday, February 29th, 2024, 3:59 pm EST
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Giving options

Founders Day
No longer available

Spread the word to friends and family

You can help by sharing the link and message below!

1,000 supporters will unlock $75,000—and for every additional 100 supporters, $5,000 more will be donated! Make your Founders Day gift today and share what Williston built in you (or your student) by tagging @willistonns on social!

Giving options

Founders Day
No longer available
Williston Northampton School
19 Payson Avenue, Easthampton, MA 01027
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