Williston Northampton School

Easthampton, MA

Founders Day: Our Annual Day of Giving

We did it! Thanks to you, we met our goal of 1,500 supporters and unlocked $100,000! Thank you for joining together to help us #RingTheBell! If you’d like to make a gift, you can do so at www.williston.com/give - THANK YOU!

Williston Northampton School Advancement Office

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A. Catherine Saint Louis
A. Dwight de la Ossa
Abbie Foster
Abby Hunter
Abby Jackson
Abby Seltzer
Abhinil Bagde
Abigail Johnson
Abigail Strauss
Abraham & Bertha Gluz
Adam Ciejek
Adam Johnsrud
Addison Walker
Adrian Mendoza
Aidan Bourbonnais
Aidan Burke
Aidan Greenwood
Aidenne Alden
Aizoe Okaisabor
Akin Moses
Akivha Mazile
Alan Lazarus
In honor of Joel Schiavone '54
Alan Martin
Alby Miller
Alec Guay
Alejandro Ruiz
Alejandro Ruiz Boughton
In honor of Oscar DeFrancis '20 and Nat Markey '20
Alex Ciejek
Alex Fay
Alex Garcia
Alex Herbst
Alex Latkovski
Alex Marwaha
Alex Park
Alex Starzyk
Alex Tancrell-Fontaine
Alexander Cervone
Alexander Hopkins
Alexis Duseau
In honor of Tuleja!!!
Alexis Ryan
In honor of WGVH and Talbot
Alfred Wentworth
Ali Potasky
Ali Varga
Alice Goldman
Alicia Barry
Alison Czelusniak Bradshaw
Alison Hirt
Alison Reder
Allan Goldsher
Allison Joseph
In honor of Sue Barnett
Allison Marsland
Allison Marsland
Alma Samos
Alyssa Corry
Alyssa Stevens
Amadi Slaughter
Amanda Bogue
Amanda Cronin
Amanda Wojcicki
Amber Mish
Amelia Dineen
Amelia Jannelli
Amy Antoniak
Amy Baxter
Amy Brown
Amy Burrows Cain
Amy Desrosiers
Amy Irvin
In memory of Karin H. O’’Neil
Amy Kestly
Amy Lehane
Amy Mulligan Hetrick
In honor of Sarah Gardner
Give today!!
Amy Rhodes
Amy Rhodes
Ana Gaca
Ana Weed
To keep the great moments going!
Anabelle Farnham
Andrea Mascaro
Andres Sweek
In honor of Dave Tramonte
Andrew Bailey
Andrew Pierce
Andrew Shelffo
Andrew Spiegel
Andrew Viles
Andrew Wernick
In honor of Ram Dass
Angela DiTerlizzi
It's a good day to be a Wildcat and to support them, too!
Ann Hallock
Ann Hinckley
Ann Pickrell
Ann Sonnenfeld
Ann Truehart
Ann Weed
Ann Weeks and Eric Lustig
Anna Harvey
Anna Moran
Anna Sawyer
Anna Wilinsky
Anna Winnicki
Anne Heskin
Anne O'Connor
In memory of Paul Bricker
Annelise Atamian
Go Wildcats! Let's set a Founder's Day record!
Annette Grimaldi
Annika Jensen
For Willy Girls Soccer! Glad to be back home!
Anthony Annino
Anthony Dela cruz
Anya Rozario
April Ryan
In honor of Christa Talbot-Syfu
Ariel Reiter
Aronson Kobacker
Aruna Goldstein
Ashley Cafaro
Ashley Nguyen
Ashley Vassallo
Aska Naito
Atah Okaisabor
Athavan Raja Durairaj
Audrey Barnes
Austin Conroy