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πŸ§‘πŸ’™Trinity Hall's Giving Tuesday 2024πŸ§‘πŸ’™

Happy Giving Tuesday! Please join Trinity Hall in an exciting community challenge. Three generous donors have offered to match your gift today to illustrate the impact of giving together to The Fund for Trinity Hall. We are grateful to these donors for their generosity and leadership, and we thank you for taking part in this special community giving event. Here’s how our Giving Tuesday challenge works:

1) To kick things off, our first two donors have agreed to give one dollar for every dollar (1:1) our community gives today, up to $20,000. Double the impact of your gift with this matching opportunity!

2) When we as a community reach $20,000, we unlock our next donor’s match of two dollars for every dollar (2:1) up to $25,000. That’s triple the impact of your gift!

Help us unlock these Giving Tuesday match incentives by making a gift to The Fund for Trinity Hall today. Together we can reach record-breaking levels of participation this year. Every donor and every dollar makes a difference.

THANK YOU for your generous support of Trinity Hall!

Trinity Hall Development Office

Supporters across the USA

Supporters (140)

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Abigail Chanod
Addie Schivell
Alain & Liz Avrillon
Alicia Jones
Alison & Tim Magee
Amy Biebel
I am extremely Grateful my daughter had the opportunity to attend Trinity Hall!
Andre & Diane Ameer
Anne Bornebusch
AnneMarie Brunetti
Anthony Randazzo
In honor of Dolores and Anthony P Randazzo Jr
My parents sent us to schools that instilled values that we believe Trinity Hall shares, and will nurture in our daughter.
Barbara Langella
Brianna Constantinou
Brianna Korch
Bridget Kennedy
Bridie Fitzgerald
Brie Haverstick
Brienne O'Rourke
Brigid Clifford
Caitlin Morrison
Caitlin Shallcross
Cameron Linstra
Caroline Jacobi
Continue to support each other.
Catalina Quiteno Quiteno
Chloe Toole
Thank you Trinity Hall for being my home since 2013!
Christine Hanlon
Christy Leleck
Claire Leibee
Clarissa Pane
Clementine Radocchio
Daniel Oldroyd
Darelle Pfeiffer
DuBois Family
Eileen and Russell Johnston
Ella Larkin
Emily Knepple
Roll monarchs!
Emily McClave
Emma Leibee
Evelyn DiFeo
Frank Calamusa
Grace Greene
Grace Hubler
Gregory Greene
Hank Incognito
Hannah Siller
Hilary DiPiero
Holly McManus
Irene & John Haran
Congratulations Trinity Hall for providing excellence in education to young women. Happy 10th Anniversary! Irene & John Haran
Isabella Anzevino
Isabella Garrison
Janice Mehnert
Janis OBrien
Jen & Jesse Muscarello
Thank you
Joanne St.Amand
John Paolella
Josephine DiFeo
Kailin BurnsCohen
Kailyn Lehan
Kailyn Lehan
Kali Magnusson
Kara and Emmett Wood
Happy 10th!
Kate Cusick
Kate Gunteski
Kate and Mike Radocchio
Kathryn and Daniel Bavuso
In honor of James and Diane Duffy
Katie Castano
Kaylin McCarthy
Kellie & David Wickersham
Kelly Reynolds
Kim Morales
Laura Turek
Lauren Hanus
Laurie Williams
Lilly Riggi
Lilly Russoniello
Lily Meulener
Lily Wood
Lizzie Langella
Lizzy McCarthy
Maeve Horowitz
Maggie and Chris Merkler
Trinity Hall has been a wonderful experience and education for our daughter.
Mary Catherine OConnor
Maryalice Pane
Maxine Camillone
Meagan and Pierre Bonan
Meg Arslanian
Melanie Brown
Melissa Skrocki
Melissa Whelan
In honor of Theresa Kiernan
Keep up the great work!
Meredith Harmon
Michael and Jonna Meyers
Michaela Castano
Michele & Jim McCarthy
Mike and Molly Kennedy
Molly Cohn
Nellie Harmon
Nicole Waxman
Niki & Shane Haverstick
Olivia Ferrigine
So grateful to be able to give back to the school that gave me so much <3
Olivia Maloney
Olivia Zavaglia
Paige Backofen
Paloma Brown
Pete & Suzanne McCarthy
Peter & Susan Rawlins
Peter Principato
Rachel Gardner
Reese MacDonald
Reilly Sullivan
Robert & Dianne Butters
Grateful for Trinity Hall in supporting & educating empowered women of our future!
Robin Frees
Rose Johnston
Roz and John O'Connor
Ruby Salcedo
Sofia Marx
Sophie Cuje
Sophie Radocchio
Sue McCarthy
Sydney Connor
Sydney Kramer
Tamara Hayward
Teagan Drennan
The Devanes
The Haney Family
Thank you Trinity Hall!
Tracy Shallcross
Wagner Family
William Vitale
Yanira Chiszar
Thanks Trinity for the education and formation of the future leaders !!!
Thank you Trinity Hall, founders, staff and educators for the amazing education you provide to our girls! πŸ§‘πŸ’™
Amanda donnelly
Emily child
Grace mcevoy
Lisa lehan
Michaela Horowitz
In honor of Grandma
Be Kind, Be curious, Be adventurous!
In honor of Brie Haverstick
Trinity Hall
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