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Abbi Kaplan
The students are changing education and the world. I am amazed by their energy and dedication each day!
Abigail Myers
Adam Franasiak
Adam Gardner
In honor of Coach Foster
Teaching life lessons through the game of hockey. Many of which you do not appreciate until you become a coach yourself. Thank you
Afif El-Solh
Agnes Cameron
Aidan Grahn
Albert Akin
Albert Ray
Alex Crestly
Alex Hilton
Go fighting gentlemen
Alexander Caramico
Alexander Dunn
Alexander Hicks
Alison & Slade Mead
Alton W. Ray '55, P'01
Amy & Barney Paderewski '87
Amy Heinrich
Amy Smith
Andrea '81 & John Rickert
Andrew Fuller
Andrew Levin
Andrew Masset
In honor of Jim Tully
Keep the 'Pride' forever.
Andrew P. Baker '00
Andy Cuello
Angus Deely
Annabelle Tacogue
Annie Keel
Anthony Mchugh
T-P unlocked a love of learning for me.
Archibald Smith
Ariana & Chris Gillman
Arlene Toscano
Ashley Frost
August Huffard
Avery Ferraris
Axel Foley
Bach Vu
Barrett Seaton
Beau Barile
Benjamin Joseph
Bert Reinauer
Betsy & Tim Robinson
Bev & mort Fearey
Bill Cummings
WTF! 50 Years!
Bill Dunbar
Bill Dunham
Bill Staby
Bob Reilly
Bob Yunich
Brad Alexander
Brandon Daley
Brayden Finch
Brian Foster
Brian Stone
Bruce Baschuk
Bruce Birns
In memory of Miles Hubbard. Direct towards the Miles H. Hubbard, Jr. '57 Scholarship Fund
Bruce Colley
In honor of Eugene Colley - for his many years of service on TP Board of Directors
Go Gents of '71, hope to see all of you at our 50th reunion in the fall. Party on!
Bruce Knickerbocker
Bruce Welsh PP
Bryan Cahill
The gift that keeps on giving. Still keep in touch with friends and teachers to this day!
Bryan Turner
Bryce Tolman
Bud Hoopes
Hope To Be Back On Campus Soon! Cheers !
Cal Stempel
TP was my first year abroad, and as a senior, was instrumental in shaping my future choices and opportunities.
Cam Geer
Cameron Church
Cameron Friedman
Cameron Tucci
Casey Soldolski
Cathey and Tom Albertson
Charleigh Davis
Charles Csaszar
Charles Dow
Charles Tumazos
Charlie Cook
Charlie Duggan
Charlotte & Eric Haims
Roll Pride!
Chris Burke
Chris Gillman
Chris Jacques
Chris Kelsey
Chris Nolan
Chris Small
Christian Tacoque
Christopher Ambrose
Christopher Bailey
In honor of Please direct my donation to the Carol and Ted Kneeland Scholarship Fund.
Christopher Hattar
Christopher Kelly
Christopher Pellitteri
Christopher Tola
Cindy & John Konrad
Cody Doyle
Colin Dunn
In honor of Brian Foster
Colleen & Richard Moore
Columbus Enslen
Connor McNamara
Courtenay & Anthony Caramico
Curry Bradley
Curtis Flynn
Go Big Blue Team 1984
Dana Koch
In memory of For those we have lost in the class of 1990
Daniel Bravo
Daniel Lennox
Daniel Marma
Daniel Tompkins
For the Boys!
Dave Clarke
Look forward to visiting the school sometime soon.
David Beylouni
David Bolduc
David C. Genter
David Grum
David Hill
David Hooks
David M. Rutter
David M. Sample '67
David Murphy
In honor of Ned and Maria Reade … with grateful appreciation from David ‘77, Lisa and Christopher Murphy ‘ 13
David Neligan
Deb Akin
Deb Wong
Debbie & Ron Gallagher
Deborah & Sylvain Blanchard P'21
Debra Ciccone
Dennis P. Coyle, Esq.
Dennis Slater
In honor of Class of 1968 Scholarship Fund
Class of 1968 Scholarship Fund established at our 50th reunion
Dick Bauer
Dick Hilmer
Dom Gaccino
Strength, Leadership and Family
Don Pettit
Donald Keel
Donald Van Dyne
Donna & Jack Cahill
Donna & Kenneth Franasiak
Donna Angotti
Donna Bellini
Doug Cooney
In honor of Arch smith
Doug Hawley
In honor of John Lloyd Owen - a wonderful mentor.
Doug Phillips
Go Blue
Douglas E. Ebert '64
Duncan Gilkey
T-P taught me the value a good education, and the importance of mentoring, and giving so others could experience what we were lucky enough to be given to us.
Duncan Tenney
Please have this gift go towards the 1970's Pond House and that I understand that this qualifies to go towards the matching gift that Dick Bauer '70 has put up for today
Dwight Stephens
Edward Beimler
Edward Fries
Edward Rigney
Edward Webb
Eleanor Hobby
Hearing the words “I had a great day at school “ come out of my dear grandson’s mouth is music to my ears. Thank you for nurturing his brilliance.
Ellen Axelrod
In honor of Jeffrey Axelrod
Elly Erickson
In honor of Trinity-Pawling's incredible Board of Trustees
I extend my deepest appreciation to Trinity-Pawling's Board of Trustees for their outstanding leadership, inspiration, and unwavering support of the School. Thank you for helping to unlock the many gifts and talents of our community!
Emily & Carleton Lee
Emily Tucci
Emma Christiantelli
Eric Drath
Erik & Kathy K. Olstein '86, P'11, P'14, P'17
Ethan Fehrenbaker
Ethan Nevid
Fanghan (Leo) Liu
Florent Lacroix
For the boys!
Frank Fritts
G. Christian Roux, Esq. '73
Gabriel Avis
Gail Orser
I want to dedicate this donation to all of the TP supporters. You make it all possible!! Many, many thanks.
Gail and Richard Sullivan P'96
Gale Donoghue
Garrett Backus
Gay Molnar
George Ross
I think it would be nice if you added Edward (Tip) Kenyon to All the other people who gave so much of their time and enery to the School. I am pretty sure mr. Kenyon was on some board at TP
George Stewart
George and Loren Alexis
Georgette McCulloch
Geraldine Barker
In memory of Matthew Dooley
Gillian & Terry Stewart
Glenn Carey
Glenn Mandigo
Grady Collins
Grant Albertson
Greg Van Zandt
Gregg Sanik
Gregory A. Spore '85, P'13
Gretchen Webb
Hadwen Fuller
Hamilton & Beth Amer
Hank & Mary Ann Muller
In honor of Robert Ferraris and the Class of 22
Harrison Udis
Harvey Gregory
Gave me a solid foundation for college and great leadership skills.
Heather Berner
Heiner Badilla Sanchez
Helen Snow
Hengyi You
Henry Durling
Henry Rickert
Trinity-Pawling was instrumental in my development throughout college and my professional career.
Hernando Caicedo '64, P'00
Holly & Phil Smith PP
Hyatt Choate
Iris & Micah Chase
J. L. Osei Mevs '94
J.A. Dean Williams
In honor of David Coratti. In many ways I have Mr. Corrati to thank for my continued interest and appreciation of history. Especially in these challenging times. It was a real pleasure seeing both you and Debbie at our 35th Reunion.
Jack Esselen
Jack Ryan
Jaeseong Koo
James Cooper
James Gibson
Best Class ever - 1990
James Gibson
Hoping the ice rink can get the funds needed!!
James L. Bellis, Jr. '72
James McDougal
James Philpott
Giving Day 2022 designation, otherwise this is unrestricted annual giving donation. TP personnel know best where to direct funds and thank you for this leadership.
James Philpott
In honor of In Honor of Chris Small 1996's Donor Challenge on TP's Giving Day
In Honor of Chris Small 1996's Donor Challenge on TP's Giving Day
James Tanner
James Wixtead
Jamie Hiteshew
Jane & Bob Preston
Jay Bresnehan
Jeff Beck
Giving Day - Go T-P!
Jeff Mandigo
In honor of Dave and Debbie Coratti
Jeff Mandigo
Jeffrey Kronemeyer
Jennifer and Bill Taylor
Jill Penza
Jim Dickey
Congrats to the Class of 2022!
Jim Glotfelty
Jinhyeok Sohn
Jiseok Sohn
Joanne Tumolo
Roll Pride!
Jodi Sandler
Jody & William Rosenbaum '63
John B. Ferrarone '98
John Baylis
John Beimler
John Berlandi
In honor of My Grandmother, Elizabeth Allen
John Burlington
John Deely
John Gedrick
John Haims
John McDermid
John and Molly Newman
Thank you to the faculty for unlocking the gifts of our next generation of leaders.
Jordi Jefferson
For the Boys! Roll Pride!
Joseph Bento
Joseph Callo
Joseph Delbalzo
Joseph McCall
In honor of My mother and father, Vicki and Jim McCall
They likely logged more miles driving from Stamford to Pawling on Saturdays and Sundays than any parents in the history of TP.
Joseph Poon
In memory of Maria Poon
Joseph Porto
In honor of Madison and Mackenzie Frost
Joseph Sposato
Josh Collins
In honor of Class of 95 and Faculty/Staff
Joshua Frost
Joshua Silverman
In honor of Headmaster Taylor
Judy Redder
Julie Head
Justin Dempsey
Kari G Boyer
Kasey Mongillo
Katheryn Berlandi
In honor of Elizabeth Peale Allen, a devoted member of the TP community
Keith McHugh
In honor of William Diefenderfer '97
Keith Tucci
Kellogg Jay
Kellogg Rachel & Westley
Kelly O'Rourke
In honor of In honor of Michael O’Rourke and in Memory of Michael W O’Rourke & Michael W O’Rourke III
Ken Lippmann
Ken Macanka
In memory of Matt Dooley
Ken Rudolph
Kento Maeda
Kevin Ryan
In honor of Thank you to Bill Taylor, his wife, and the TP staff for gracious reception we received at our 50th reunion. Kudos to Dick Bauer for the matching challenge. Please use my contribution for Pond House activities.
Kim DeFonce
Kim Hobby
Kim Redmond
Kimberlee & Daniel Horton
Kirk Vartan
Kojo Arthur-Mensah
Kristen Prince
Kristie Orourke
Kyle OBrien
Amazing friends for life!
Lara Doyle
In honor of Cody Doyle
Laurence Bloch
Laurie DelBalzo P'23
For the boys!
Leonardo Pace
Leslie Carey
Go T-P!
Levi DiDomenico
Libby Deely
Lisa & Rhody Baker
Lisa Battista
For all the boys who need scholarship money, like my son did, I hope this helps!
Lois & Kenneth Lippmann
Lt Arthur and Eleanore Busick
Luis Gonzalez del Valle
Luke Salvestrini
Macklin Till
Marc Trottier
Marcus Duell
Margaret & James Wellman
Margaret Barton
In honor of Joey Bento
I so proud of you! Love you! ❤️☀️
Margot C. Pyle P'86, GP'12, GP'14
Marilyn & Bob Rudolph
Mark & Lynda Jacob
In honor of the Class of 2022.
Mark Horncastle
In memory of Nancy and Raymond Horncastle
Mark Sullivan
In honor of Ted Mosle
Mark Sullivan
Mark Templeton
Mary Miele
Mason Clark
Mathilde Hopkins
Matthew Bresler
Matthew Golden
In honor of Chris Gillman
Maureen Till
The brotherhood was exactly what I was looking for when boarding school came to mind. Dave and I are forever grateful to TP for welcoming Macklin into the community. A sincere thanks to Katie Berlandi, Coach Kirk, Mr.Kellogg and Cody Doyle . Your kindness and support has not gone unnoticed. We can never thank you enough for all you and the entire TP staff has done for Mack. Roll Pride!! The Tills
Max Comaj
In honor of Lucas Hughes & Danny Csaszar
Megan Burlington
In honor of JP Burlington '95
There are many Trinity-Pawling alums that I love, but JP Burlington '95 is my favorite. I wouldn't be working at this great place if not for him!
Michael A. Kovner '58 & Jean Doyen de Montaillou
Michael D. Johnson
Michael Danforth
For all that gave for a great education !
Michael Fremgen
Michael McCabe
In memory of Miles Hubbard
Michael O'Rourke
Michael P Goodbody ’65 and Darcy A Duval
Michael Tierney
Michael Waller
Trinity-Pawling School unlocked my potential. It helped to cultivate my inner strengths and abilities. T-P is a significant part of who I am as a person. Thank you!!
Michael Waller
Michael Whiteman Jr
Mike Tyrrell
Mireille Champsauer
Montague Demment
Morton L. Fearey II '84
Mr. & Mrs. David Yawman
Mr. & Mrs. John & Dianne P. Avlon P'96
Mr. & Mrs. John & Maureen Ford Miller P'12, P'15
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Polly Shih Brandmeyer P'25
Mr. Mark Bottini
Mr. Michael V. Cerny P'17
Mr. Peter J. McCabe '68
Mrs. Janet Keating P'99
Mrs. Marie B. Lockwood P'89
Myles Henry
Nicholas Brandmeyer
Nicholas Gimbel
Nicholas Newlin
Nicholas Yawman
Nicolle McDougal
Owen Mulhern
Class of ‘96 Domination!!
Pam Calderwood
Parker Levin`
Patrice Robitaille
Patrick Cooke
Patti & Alan Masarek
Paul & Elizabeth Macchio
Paul Gambal
Paul Macchio
Paul T. & Andy Miller II '63, P'92
Paul T. Miller II
Peggy & Phil Haughey
Peter Alexis
Peter Anstett
In honor of Robert & Connie Anstett
It is hard to believe it has been over 50 years... The Schools looks great...
Peter L. Wyeth '64
Peter Link
Peter Lockwood
Peter Ogden '77
Philip A. Norkeliunas '89
Playsted Family
Po-Wei (Brian) Lee
Go Pride!
Randall Schmid
Raphael Denis
Reagan Desmond
Teaching to the individual while building a supportive community
Rich Adamo
Richard Henderson
Trinity-Pawling gave me a "compass" for life. I entered my class in 1968, failing my courses and with no belief in myself. When I was told one day by a teacher at T-P that I was good at what I did for the first time in my life, I began to believe in myself and I started to succeed. I became a prefect, graduated cum laude, started a 47 year career as a competitive distance runner , valued the importance of loyal friendships and for the first time in my life, I found my voice. My classmates became my family and to this day, are part of who I am. Thank you to everyone at T-P who was part of "unlocking" these extraordinary gifts. I'll always be grateful.
Richard Hoefer
Rick Meyer
Rob & MJ Davenport
Rob Davenport
Robert & Amy MH Bocompani
Robert (Emmett) Croddick
Robert Accomando
Robert Bruce
Robert Dunbar
Robert Ferraris
Robert G. Ix '83
Robert Gunkel
Robert Michie
Ten years went by too quickly!
Robert Sheehan
Great memories attending TP. Hope to see the Class of '75 this Fall for our delayed pandemic 45th Reunion.
Robert Spang
The value of personal relationships and the power of positive attitude
Robert Thomas
Robert Waegelein '06
Robert and Melinda Edwards
Robert and Motria Grasing
Roberta Lidl
Robyn Voin
Trinity-Pawling has been a life changing experience for my son. The friendships, values and opportunities afforded to him from becoming part of this wonderful community have had such a positive impact.
Roland B. Lockhart
Ronnie DiMaggio
Rosa Vides
Rui Qu
Ruihan Xia
Russell McInerney
Ryan J. Schell '92
Ryan Walker
In honor of Chris Gillman
Ryan Winn
Rylan Dumont
Samuel Head
Samuel S. Hemingway '70
Sandra Jamron
Sandy Geagan
Sandy Guthrie
Thank you Rich for your tireless support for the Class of '71!!
Sara Ferraris
Sarah & Paul Strader
Honoring wonderful T-P!
Scot Tennant
In honor of Eric G. Ruoss
Scott Collins
In honor of Michael Kendall '89
GO Big Blue. Greetings from Ohio.
Scott Harff
Sean Conroy
Sean Gallagher
Sharon Beck
Shunichi Shiraishi
Sid Head
Stephanie & Charles McCormack
Stephen Connolly
Stephen Schmid
Stewart McKnelly
In memory of Susan McKnelly (Mom)
Thanks for having the courage to send me to TP during a very difficult time. TP saved my life. Thanks for always being there for me. Love and miss you Mom. Go Pride.
Suzanne & Chip Fackner
Suzanne Najman
Tami Harrah
In memory of Matt Dooley
Tarik Smith
Taylor Miller
Taylor Pirie
Teddy Berner
For the boys!!
Terrence O'Neill
The Donald C. McGraw Foundation
In memory of Peter McGraw '72
The Lieman Family
Theodore Allegaert
In honor of Bill Beattie ‘82
Thomas Drake
Thomas F. Ahrensfeld, Jr. '73
Thomas F. Crowley
Thomas Miller
Thomas Orso
Tim Smith
Timothy Burns
Reading, Writing & Arithmetic
Timothy McCabe & Karen McCabe
In honor of Bill Crowell
Thanks for the Track instruction.
Tjende Djibo
Toby Berner
For the boys!!
Todd Hoffman
Tom Morris
Tomas Dellin
Tommi & Robert Scott
Trey Boula
Trustees Past and Present
Tucker Ashkinos
Tucker Kellogg
Tyler Marma
Tyler Olsen
W. David Coughlin '56
W. Hollis Peterson
Wally Danforth
William Bosanko
Let’s go big blue!
William Casson
We loved working and living at T-P.
William Glover
In honor of Will Diefenderfer, ‘97
William Norman
William Pope
William S. Baldwin
William S. Platt '83
William Scott
In honor of George Utter
The good die young
Willis H. Stephens, Jr. '73, P'14
Yilei Liu
Yin Jiang
Roll Pride
Yoon K. Ane '05
Ethan jamron
Thank you..
Jen grahn
Kristin frisina
Forever grateful to the entire Trinity-Pawling School community for everything they’ve taught our young men.
Mike schell
In honor of Patrick Devlin
Noah temple
Peter britton
Thank you Dick Bauer for your generous contribution. Helps everyone.
In memory of For Timothy Hickey Scholarship Fund
In honor of the entire TP community!
Thank you for helping to mold our son and their brother into the man he has become. It has been a wonderful experience to watch and we are forever grateful!

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