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AJ Beckwith
AJ Bella
AJ McHugh
AJ O'Buck
Adam DiBenedetto
Adam Dinsmore
Okay '91, get in on this.
Adelene Burlington
Afif El-Solh
Aidan Morgan
Al Cafaro
In honor of Thomas and Dorothy McCabe
To all the dedicated folks who work so hard to keep TP at the forefront of private education, Bravo.
Alan Anderson
Alan Nick
Albert Akin
Albert Reinauer '68
Alberto Perez
Alex Dunn
Alex Dunn '07
Alex Feldman
Alex Mead
Alex Stempel
Alex Sywak
Alexander Corts
Go Pride
Alexandra Putman
Alice Caputo
Alison Greene
Alison Waldmann
Allison Shay
Alyssa Greenway
Amy Bocompani
Amy Foster
Amy Heinrich
Andrea D'Aprile
Andrea Rickert
In memory of Tim Hickey ‘81
Go gold!!!
Andrew Amer
Andrew Baker
Andrew Buckwalter
Andrew Burgess
Andrew Cuello
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Andrew Kirkaldy
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Annemarie & Peter Claro
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Anthony Cretara
Arch and Gay Smith
Arlene Toscano
Ashley Cunningham
Austin Anderson
Avery Knight
Bailey Monteiro
Barbara Zeigler and Steve Vengrove
Barrett Seaton
Barry, Kathy Thompson
We Love TP... GO PRIDE !!
Beau Barile
Becca Moscowitz
Ben Hanrahan
Ben Sherman
Ben Sleeper
Ben Stewart
Bilal Sadiq
Bill Dunham
Bill Glover
Bill Miller
Bill Railton
Bill Staby
Billy Casson
Billy Jiao
Billy Sabia
Bish McDonnell
Blake Shao
Bob Spang
Bogusia Doroszczyk
Bonnie McEckron
Bonnie and Albert Vesper
Bray Manderson
In memory of Kevin Acrish class of ‘’90
Brendan Simandl
Brett Ginac
Brett Zanger
Brian Foster
Brian Griffin
Brie and Tim Cary
Brinton Moore
Brock Bauknight
Bruce Baschuk '68
Bruce Colley
Bruce Gillie
Bruce Knickerbocker
In memory of Kathryn Knickerbocker P'02 & '03
Bruce Rueppel
In honor of John Elliot (English Master 1950 's)
Bruce Welsh
Bryan Johnson
In honor of my sister Emily Tucci
Bryan Turner
Bryce Nash
Bud Desir
Bud Hoopes
Cheers Everybody !!!
Burr McDermott
GO Dunbar!
C. Richard Sarle
C.W. Gallagher
CJ Burke
CJ Mezzatesta
CK Giancola
Calvin Stempel
Please support your schools in any way you can. Every dollar matters!
Cam Grillo
Cam Shepheard
Cam Stewart
Cameron Church
Cameron Dunlap
Come on class of '80! Go for it!!
Carmen Vazqueztell
Carol Greene
Roll Pride!!
Carole Kalba
Caroline and Andrew Walker
Carolyn Kucharski
Carrie Waingart
Carrie Wilson
Catherine and Dick Leeds
Cecilia Owen
Celia Ecker
Chad Langdon
Charles Besterman
Charles Csaszar
Charles m. Cartier
In memory of William B Cartier
Charley Curran
Charlie Duggan
Charlie Lockwood
In memory of William B. Cartier Scholarship Fund
Charlie Vengrove
Charlotte C
Charlotte and Eric Haims
Chase Smith
Cheryl Doyle
Chiz Umunakwe
Chris Aarons
Chris Black
Chris Burke
Chris Cattani
Chris Coratti
Chris Cullen
Chris Demaria
Chris Gillman
Lets go Gold (and Blue)!
Chris Hattar
Chris Kelsey
Chris Lauro
Chris Nolan
Chris Roux
Chris Stewart
Christian Keyes
Christian Strader
Christian Strader
Christian Strader
Christian Sundahl
Christina Buechel
Christina Parsons
Christine Gelatt
Christine Giancola
Christopher Ambrose
Christopher Bowring
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Christopher Small
Clayton Smith
Cole McKenzie
Colin Dunn
In honor of The Janitorial and Cleaning Staff
Colleen Dealy
Collie Lowrance
Connie Rafferty
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Conor McKay
Cooper Vengrove
Craig and Adelene Burlington
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Curvin Lovejoy
Cyrus Rothwell-Ferraris
Dan Glasser
Dan Guillaro
Dan Manning
Dan Rooney
Dan Tompkins
Dan Walbolt
Dana Koch
In honor of Kevin Acrish '90
Dana Mills
Daniel Csaszar
Daniel Marma
Daniel Remick
In honor of The Burlington Family
Danny O'Kane
Keep up the good work!
Daryl Rubinstein
Dave Bancroft
Dave Coratti
Dave Reece Disciple - "THE T-P WAY"
Dave Wu
In memory of Mr. Robinson
David Bagdasarian
David Bancroft Jr
David Bancroft Sr
David Bolduc
David DeCelle
David Genter
David Grum
David Harner
David Hill
David Jollin
David Lynch
David Lynn
David Martin
Go Blue...wait, I mean Pride these days!!! LOL
David Neligan
David Peck
Best wishes to all in the Trinity-Pawling community.
David Poulos
David Rutter
David Sample
David Sarno
David Tyree
David Wechsler
David Wyman
Davvid O'Keefe
Dean Bedford
Dean Gillette
Debbi Gibbs
Debbie Coratti
Debora Accomando
Deborah Berner
Deborah Berner
We grandparents appreciate Trinity- Pawling for grandsons!
Debra Akin
Declan O'Brien
Denise Palmer
Denise and David Giannone
Keep up the good work!
Dennis Coyle
Dennis Fischer
Dennis Postiglione
Dennis Slater
Continue Growing the Class of 1968 Legacy Fund
Desmond Sampson
Devin Selleck
Dianne and John Avlon
Dick Baker
Dick Bauer
Dillon Halloran
Dom Sessa
Don Stewart
Donald Pettit
Donna Phillips
Donna Rahn
Donna Whitehead
Donna Woods
Donte Williams
Donte’ Williams Sr.
Dorothy Wagner
In honor of Willaim Cartier
Doug Birns
Doug Daugherty
Doug Ebert
Doug Hawley
Doug McHale
Doug Phillips
Doug and Sara Johnson
In honor of Emily Tucci
Douglas Ebert
Go Team Cluett
Douglas Ebert
Great move Chris Roux.
Douglas Michals
Big Blue!
Douglas Roper
Douglas Roper
Go tp!
Dutch Keel
Dwayne & Paddy Nash
Congratulations Bryce! Go Pride!
Dwight Stephens
Ed Feather
Let's go for the gold!
Eddie Gonzalez
Eduardo Ancona
Edward Miller
Edwin B Powell
Eileen Heubel
Elise Vengrove
Elizabeth Allen
Elizabeth Keel
Elizabeth Waxman
Elliott Smiith
Emily Robinson
Emily Tucci
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Ere Djibo
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Eric Suits