St. Rose Parent Annual Fund Challenge

Nancy McGaughan, Director of Advancement


We ask St. Rose students to give 100% in everything they do. Now it’s your turn. Our goal is to raise parent participation in the St. Rose Annual Fund to 50%. Will you help?

Make your gift and be counted for your child’s grade. If you have children in multiple grades—your gift will be counted multiple times.

The first grade to reach 50% participation will unlock a $5,000 gift from a generous parent. And, the parents who give $200 or more will get our jazzy new St. Rose socks!

Campaign ended Sunday, July 1st, 2018, 12:00 am EDT
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Recent activity

Jacqueline GammondParent ’81, ’14, ’17, ’21
Supported 8 months ago
Seton McCabe-PannkukParent ’20
Supported 8 months ago
Vincent MastriaParent ’18
Supported 9 months ago
Charles GannonParent ’18
Supported 9 months ago
Larry and Lori DiMurroParent ’18
Supported 9 months ago
Richard HaroldParent ’16, ’19
Supported 9 months ago
Des '77 and Elaine '81 SlatteryParent ’12, ’15, ’18
Supported 9 months ago
Michele MarkhamParent ’18
Supported 9 months ago
John & Anna WilsonParent ’18, ’21
Supported 9 months ago
William & Denise KunckenParent ’18
Supported 9 months ago
St. Rose High School
607 7th Avenue, Belmar, NJ 00719
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