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Simon Gonzalez
Generated 11 donations totalling $1,264.37
Kevin Aylward
Generated 10 donations totalling $781.09
Matt Toth
Generated 10 donations totalling $742.28
Zach Miles
Generated 9 donations totalling $855.56
Johnathan Flynn
Generated 8 donations totalling $899.54
Hunter Richardson
Generated 7 donations totalling $655.69
Matthew Spooner
Generated 6 donations totalling $682.15
Lucas Ham
Generated 6 donations totalling $545.28
Matt Poff
Generated 6 donations totalling $536.73
Nick Lesanto
Generated 6 donations totalling $521.05
Nick Martin
Generated 6 donations totalling $514.97
Tyler Currier
Generated 6 donations totalling $510.57
Turner Bjerken
Generated 6 donations totalling $463.81
Luke Klenda
Generated 6 donations totalling $360
Ben Gravel
Generated 5 donations totalling $960
Thomas MacGregor
Generated 5 donations totalling $957.30
Kaleb Witham
Generated 5 donations totalling $904.79
Luke Johnson
Generated 5 donations totalling $758.44
Jake Laplume
Generated 5 donations totalling $726.93
Jackson Stanton
Generated 5 donations totalling $551.03
Matt Soldano
Generated 5 donations totalling $518.65
Alex D'Angelo
Generated 5 donations totalling $232.13
Devan Harrison
Generated 4 donations totalling $1,288.11
Justin Juliano
Generated 4 donations totalling $1,270
Patrick Kelly
Generated 4 donations totalling $1,140
Mathew Martinello
Generated 4 donations totalling $1,090
Cam Magerer
Generated 4 donations totalling $697.67
Ben Ham
Generated 4 donations totalling $425.69
Dominic Jolly
Generated 4 donations totalling $370
Matt Ryan
Generated 4 donations totalling $310.25
Colin Jackson
Generated 4 donations totalling $264.02
George Goldsworthy
Generated 3 donations totalling $893.82
Jonathan Dube
Generated 3 donations totalling $814.60
Matt Bergeron
Generated 3 donations totalling $604.97
Kristian Harris
Generated 3 donations totalling $550
Brendon Keady
Generated 3 donations totalling $535.79
Jack Hughes
Generated 3 donations totalling $381.45
Patrick Limerick
Generated 3 donations totalling $356.10
Jonathan Marchia
Generated 3 donations totalling $122.64
Weston Bergeron
Generated 2 donations totalling $1,274.97
Anthony Gallinaro
Generated 2 donations totalling $700
Mattingly Simaan
Generated 2 donations totalling $583.14
Nick Iannuzzi
Generated 2 donations totalling $550
Jonathan Rolfe
Generated 2 donations totalling $346
Jake Sickel
Generated 2 donations totalling $281.71
Sean McDonough
Generated 2 donations totalling $206.10
Jacob McGill
Generated 2 donations totalling $204.97
Abigail & Paula Boivin
Agnes Crothers
Al Tilbe
Alan Davidson
Ann & Richard Kirton
Ann Brown
Ann Limerick
Annette & Jeff Hood
Arthur & Cheryl O'Brien
Have a Great Year Matthew Toth!!
Barbara Walsh
Good Luck Simon and the Monks
Bethany Schlaich
In honor of Jerry Magerer
Brett & Michelle Currier
Brian & Linda Toth
Brian Costello
Bryan Christoforo
Carmine Contrada
Carol & George Goldsworthy
More than happy to help !
Carol & William Boynton
Carol Baldi
Go My Tyler Currier! Good Luck Have a great season .
Cecile & Robert Gallinaro
Charles & Lisa Sullivan
Charles Hill
Cheryl and Ed Jacobs
So proud of you Matt, keep up the good work!
Claire Waters
Claudia & Phil Feldberg
Craig Lawry
Curley Associates
Cynthia Richardson
Dane Strickler
Good Luck St Jos!
Darcee Kissler
In honor of Proud to support Turner!
Hard work and perseverance always pay off!
Dario & Martha Tibadeneyra
David & Nola Rolfe
Wishing the entire team & staff a great spring training trip & following season.
David Kelly
David and Julie Zeiler
Go Monks!
Deirdre Johnson
Delfina Martone
Donald & Patricia Macisaac
Donald Burgess
Have a great season
Donna Kousaie
Best wishes to the team on a great season
Doris Jalbert
Elizabeth B Pool
Ellen & Joseph McLaughlin
Ellen L & Peter C Spooner
Eric Hughes
Good luck next season!
Eric Palleschi
Good luck this season
Florence Wilson
Francis Leoncyk
Good Luck Alex!
Gary MacDougal
George & Elisa Laplume
Gilbert Richardson
Glen & Debbie Reed
Gori Blue
Have a great season Matt & the Monks!
Good Luck Matt!
Gwenn Johnson
Have an awesome year! We love you Jackson. Nana & Nonno
We love you Jackson. Have a great year! Nana & Nonno
Heather DeChane
Good Luck on your freshman season Zach!!!! We will always be your biggest fans!!!!!!
Heather McDonough
James & Alice Houlihan
James & Karyn Blouin
James & Patricia Givner
James and Joanne Wilson
Jamie Connelly
Best of luck in the upcoming season!
Jean & John Mulhern
Jeannette & Gary Flynn
Jennifer Burgess
Jennifer Mars
Have a great season johnny
Jim Kilham
Go Sean McDonough!
Jo Ann Marchia
Joe Hanslip
Go Monks!
John & Holly Doyon
Go Monks
John Daley
John J. Kennedy
John Kelly, Jr.
John Miles
John Wilding
Joyce Buzzell
Judith Burgess
Judith Cote
Judy Klemczuk
Judy Lannon
Julie Edgecomb
Kaitlin Kurtzke
Karen & Mark Tucarella
Kathleen DiGrande
Kathleen Thibault
Looking forward to a great season We love you - Dad, Mom and Meg
Kathleen Thibault
Kathy Cooney
Kathy Harbour
Katie Loud
Have a great season St. Joe's! The Loud Family from Austin TX
Kim DeCrescenzo
Best of luck for a great season, we love you Jackson! The DeCrescenzo Family
Kimberly Topping
Kirane Family
Keep up the good work, MATTY POFF!!
Kristen Liesegang
Kurtis Clements
Kyle Harris
Linda & Ralph Ham
Linda Mathews
Linda Merrill
So proud of you Matt. Love Nana
Lindy Hooper
Good luck this year!
Lisa Haddon
Loretee Witham
In honor of Roger Witham
GO Monks, Good Luck in Florida
Lorna Ryan
Lyn & Jim
Margaret Thibault
In memory of SG Thibault
Maria Caban & Edgar Cruz
Go Monks!
Maria DeCicco
Mary Ann & Michael Juliano
Mary Lou Klenda
Matt Antonelli
Good luck this spring!!!
Maureen Currier
Melissa Hamel
Melrose Americans Intercity League Baseball
Good Luck to the team.
Michael & Janiece Klenda
Michael & Lisa Juliano
Michael & Margaret Ham
Michael & Winnie Lapierre
Michele Holm
Nana and Gramps
Have a great year Matt P, Love Nana and Gramps
Nancy Bjerken
Go Monks!
Nick Malatesta
Pam and Mike Poff
Looking forward to another year of great Monks baseball!
Patricia Cassidy
Patricia Richard
Hope you have a great season ahead, Alex! 💙Patti & Phil
Patsy & Pierrette Rizco
Patty Finnigan
Paul Toth
Peggy Laplume
Jake Laplume, you've got this. Much love, Mem
Peter DiPrizio
Philip & Linda Ceaser
Prisco & Phyllis Diprizio
RMG Enterprise
Rebecca Conroy
Richard & Jacqueline LeCompte
Richard Gillis
Richard Martinello
In honor of William J. Mathews
Robert & Arlene Johnson
Robert & Kristi Bisset
Robyn Aylward
Rosario & Mi Cirmia
Roseanne Callahan
Sandra & Denis Sanfacon
Sandra Moran
Sandra Raynes
Sara Verge
Scott Bleakley
Best of luck Monks and I look forward to watching you guys in Winter Haven!
Sharon McGrath
Shaun Condon
Shirley Carroll
Stacey and Mike Jenkins
Best of luck!
Steven Dube
Susan Lecouras
Suze Baack Dyke
T Money
Terry Marchia
The Connolly Family
The Pelletier/Sagarino Family
Theresa Lesanto
Best of Luck Nick Lesanto and the Baseball Monks!
Thomas M Totten
Go SJC Baseball!
Thomas Wilding
Todd & Laurie Gifford
Tom Seidl
Good Luck Luke
Virginia McCooey
William Clarke
Yolanda Caban
Good Luck 😉!!
Eric higgins
We're proud of you Nick!

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Lyn & Jim
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Agnes Crothers
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Carol & George Goldsworthy
Supported 8 hours ago
More than happy to help !
Lindy Hooper
Supported a day ago
Good luck this year!
Michael & Margaret Ham
Supported 4 days ago
Steven DubeParent ’23
Supported 4 days ago
Supported 5 days ago
Eric PalleschiAlumni ’99
Supported 6 days ago
Good luck this season
Charles & Lisa Sullivan
Supported 6 days ago
George & Elisa Laplume
Supported 6 days ago

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