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Giving Weekend 2022

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Caitlin Devine Masserano, Director of the Annual Fund & Development Operations

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A Kevin Boda
AJ DeBonis
In memory of John McGann
Aaron Adviento
Ada Lee
Adrienne Ruggiero
Aidan Hone
Ailish Doran
In honor of PJ Doran 2019
Aki Liao
Alain Bertoni
Albert Avallone
In honor of Hon. Dennis Milton '69
Alberto Forero
In honor of Father Joseph Dorgan
A wonderful teacher of the classics
Alejandro Acosta
Aleksandra Pisarek
Thank you, Regis!
Alex Khan
Alexa Cardena
With the deepest gratitude to the school that gave my brother the best high school experience, ever.
Alexander Hogan
Alexander Tween
Alfred Small
Alfredo Noriega
Alicia Parrish
In honor of Mr. John Donodeo
Thank you to all the staff for their constant support and encouragement as the students challenge themselves every day. Special nod to Mr. Donodeo, who made every track competitor feel like a superstar! We will never forget that dedication.
Allan Isaac
Congratulations to the Class of ‘22!
Allan Ludgate
Allan Service
Allison Tyndall
Amy Wilson and David Flannery
In honor of Fr. Kevin O'Reilly
In memory of Fr. Kevin O'Reilly
Ana Marcelo
I love that our students are in a safe place to grow, have challenging conversations and offer themselves as help toothers.
Andre Castaybert
Thank you to all the Regis teachers who gave my sons and their classmates and friends an excellent education and to the entire Regis community for supporting this unique and wonderful high school.
Andrea Singer
Andrew Bakowski
Andrew Barbera
Andrew Bogusch
Andrew Brush
Andrew Cartano
Andrew Ceonzo
In honor of Vincent Harris '18
Andrew Marconi
Andrew McMahon
In gratitude for the outstanding educational experience made available to me.
Andrew Murray
In honor of Kieran Quinn
Thanks Christian. Great leadership in spicey times.
Andrew Snow
Andrew Vittoria
Andy Aoyama & Virginia Dwyer-Aoyama
Grateful for an education and experience that turned our sons into Men for Others and supporting this mission into the future.
Andy McGillicuddy
Angel Garcia
In honor of Aida Martinez
Form the next generations to change the world
Ann & Mike Coughlin
Thank you Regis administration and faculty!
Ann Chen
Ann Cimmino
Ann and Declan Madden
In honor of Margaret & Daniel J. Flynn
Ann-Judith Silverman
In memory of Dr. Dennis D. Kelly
Dennis treasured Regis. I treasured Dennis
Anne Russo
Anthony & Lauren Migliozzi
Regis will always hold a special place in our hearts. The most wonderful experience and education for our son and a total joy for our family
Anthony & Nicoletta Rotondi
Anthony Andreassi
Anthony Aulisa
Anthony Giordano
Anthony Macapugay
Anthony Mannarino
Anthony Roman
Anton Dela Cruz
Antonietta Dingli
Antonio Giaimo
In honor of my graduation today.
Arie Sukendro
Arsenio Santos
Arthur Bender
Arthur E Herzog
Arthur E Herzog
In memory of Arthur and Dorothy Herzog
Arthur Minson
Artur Kowalski
We appreciate Regis High School service!
Audrey Serban
Audrey Whitworth
Austin Moukattaf
I support Regis High School for the unmatched education and spiritual formation it provides its students.
BJ Waldie
Barbara Black
In honor of Walt Black
Barbara Brennan
Bart Robbett
Basil Kolani
My time at Regis were the most impactful four years of my life, and I've been blessed with having both my sons in various stages of their own Regis journeys. Truly a gift that needs to be paid forward.
Basil Kolani
Beata , Zbigniew Jawornicki
Belinda Hamer
A Regis education is like none other. I am so proud to be a part of this community.
Bennett Chan
Bernard Yozwiak and Teresa Jankovic
Bill & Lori Schwebel
Congrats to the Class of 2022!
Bill Amarosa
Bill Brown
Bill Condon
Billy Parker
Blaise Rogovich
Bob DeCresce
Bob and Emily Spinna
Bobbie Anne & Brad Cox
We value a traditional, Catholic education for our son, Brodi.
Bobby Johnsen
Bozena Bongiorno
I am eternally grateful for The gift of Regis: it gave my son a chance to acquire world class education, and it forever molded him into who he is today: kind, generous, humble, well-spoken, honest, always concerned with others, and close to God.
Brendan Carroll
Brendan Charles
Brendan Johannsen
Brendan Loonam
Brendan Ryan
Brendan Thomson
Brennan Carley
Brian Abamont
Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Kelly
In honor of Brian Edward Kelly, P'15
Brian Manning
Brian McGinn
In honor of Timothy J McGinn Sr ‘68
Brian Morrow
Thank you for the Jesuit experience
Brian Nishiyama
Brian and Aileen Kelly
With thanks and gratitude to Regis for a long family history of academic achievement.
Bruce Porcelli
Bryan McKenna
Bryant Valiente
Buzz Doherty
Caitlin Devine Masserano
In honor of The Masserano Family
Calogero Castania
Cameron Chu
In memory of Vincent Harris '18
Camille Deorio
Because of wonderful education my two grandsons recd at Regis God Bless you all
Candace Curran
Carl Carinci
Carl Popolo
Carla Porter
Carlo Buonomo
Carlos Caballero
In memory of Beatriz Caballero
Carmen NesSmith
In memory of Carol Owens
Carmine Versaci
Carol Hackett
The quality education
Carol McNerney
In honor of Finnegan Kearns
Carolina Grunner
Caroline Franklin Berry
As a former trustee, I value the mission and community of Regis. As a faculty member at another boys school, I know how important it is to educate young men, but also, to make them feel known and loved.
Carolyn Barcelona
Casey Quinn
Cassio & Adriana Braga
Catherine Attara-Fink
As a poor child seeing friends in grammar school enter Regis for high school back in the 1960's, I understood the importance of education for all walks of life and how proud they were to be in Regis!
Catherine Skarulis Amato
Catherine and Evan McCordick
In honor of Yvonne Reynolds, mother of Vincent Harris ‘18
Cathleen Sheehan-Wilson
Celine & Cesar Kastoun
Charles Allen
Charles Boer
Charles Hannafey
Charles Marion
In memory of Ken Bailie, '60
Charles Mitchell
Charles Moran
Charles Schmidt
Chris & Meg Hoopes P'16'18
Chris Markowski
Chris Mecane
Chris Migliaccio
Chris Murdy
Chris Tanzi
Christian Garcia-De La Jara
To keep Regis's academic excellence and as a gratitude for my son's education and high school experience
Christian Khoury
Christian Mariano
Christina Jang
Christina Kaecker
Christine Brown
Christine Cochet
Christine Ferguson
Congratulations to the Class of 2022
Christine McGovern
In honor of Stephen Patrick McGovern ‘22
Congratulations Class of 2022!
Christine Milano
Christopher A Kerins Kerins
Christopher Bellinger
Christopher Castano
Christopher Connell
Christopher Coyle
Men for Others... Grateful
Christopher Coyne
Christopher Croce
Christopher Daly
Christopher Fox
Christopher Franz
In honor of Thomas Swift '79
In honor of the first Regian I met, who helped Mr. Wiman manage a room of terrified 8th grade test takers.
Christopher Hayden
Christopher Jennings
Christopher Kane
Christopher Luccarelli
Christopher McArthur
Christopher Neufeld
Christopher Parisi
Christopher Rose
Christopher Wilcock
the Good News x expansive critical thinking x sense of community = a mission worth perpetuating
Chuck Dodge
Churdo Baggins
Clair Quaintance
Clara Chae and Julian Liau
Clara Pinto-Eaton
Claudia Ferguson
Claudia Hess Ferguson
Connor MacSpadden
Conor Mulroe
Conor Nicholson
In honor of Vincent Harris ‘18
Corinne Mahoney
We are so proud and happy to be a part of this great school community and feel truly blessed for the education and experience our son is receiving.
Cornelius Grealy
Coulter King
Craig Lis
Crystal Vargas
It was such an amazing experience working at Regis. Keep up the hard work!
Cynthia Dominguez
Cynthia Murphy
Extraordinary education.0
In honor of Gerald Poggi '61
I want to enable others to share the great impact Regis has had on my life and what it has meant to me.
Dan DaSilva
Dan and Mary Noonan
Daniel Aviles
Daniel Brancato
Daniel I.A. Cohen
In honor of Oscar Garcia R'18 (his graduation from Yale College)
Daniel J Conway
Daniel Kirchoff
Daniel Ngiam
In honor of the Regis Class of 1941
... whose legacies still inspire and impact
Daniel ONeill
In honor of Charles Donovan `94 and Laurence Broderick `94
Daniel Reid
Daniel Schieck
Daniel Simmons
Daniel Sullivan
In honor of Jim McGough
In memory of Jim McGough
In honor of Jim McGough -- the alumnus who interviewed me and convinced me of the gift of Regis. I'm grateful every day that he did.
Daniel Wolfe
Danielle Pizzulli
Dann Russo
Dario Cunico
Darryl Maxwell
Regis changed my life. I support Regis to continue to change the lives of young men & the communities they will serve.
David & Deanna Stesner
David & Valerie Hartigan
David Buza
Congratulations to the Class of 2022!!
David Flanagan
David Harman
David Imbert
David Kennedy
Giving to the Sustained by Many challenge!
David O Halloran
David Ritchie
Regis has been an important inspiration for my life. I have learned to respect and strive for Wisdom because of the School, but my greatest respect is for our Foundress. Not just for the Endowment which was an inspired act of goodness, but also for her contributions to St. Patrick's (notably the Baldacchino and altar) and her family home which is now the papal nuncio's embassy. Go Regis!
David Warren Grunner
DawnMarie Crump
Debbie Yuen
We appreciate all you have done for our son and your continued support always!
Deborah Murray
Declan Guilfoyle
Declan Meagher
Declan Tansey
Delmira Gonzalez
I love Regis Mission. I'm very thankful to Regis!
Denis Lyons
Denis Smetana
Denise Cunningham
Denley Chew
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
Dennis Nolan
Dennis O'Brien
Dennis Potter and Jeannine Ali
Dennis Ryan
Derek Chen
Desiree Misciagna
Diane Brush
Diane Rosamilia
Our son is getting an invaluable education at Regis. Thank you for all you do!
Divino Paran
Dolores Macapugay
In honor of Martin Macapugay
I believe in the good work Regis is doing!
Dominick Fiorentino
Donald & Barbara Martis
Donald Battles
Donald Bianchi
Donald Diverio
Donald Kluge
Donielle O’Keefe
Doris Chan
Dory Marra
Douglas Brown
Van Name wants free drinks!
Douglas Evans
In memory of Fr. Robert A. McGuire, SJ
Fr. McGuire possessed a deep appreciation of how forces beyond the hallowed halls of Alma Mater could challenge a student's academic journey. His guidance and care were central to my Regis experience. RIP
Douglas Ray
Dr and Mrs Amar S. Ranawat
Dr.Maria Baratta
Drew Bancroft
In honor of Laura Lancto
Drew Jacob
Drs. Craig and Lisa Hjemdahl-Monsen
Duncan Barcelona
Dwayne Callender
Dylan Prior
Dylan Reilly
Ed Jentz
In honor of Major Bob Fitzgerald '53 USMC KIA Vietnam
Deo et Patriae
Edmund Wallace
Edward Conlon
In honor of John C Rowland '82
Edward Fox
Congratulations to all this year's graduates!
Edward Gamarra
In honor of Eduardo & Peggy Gamarra
Edward Garnett
Edward Gonzales
In memory of Sandra Smith-Gonzales
Edward Hattauer
In honor of Thomas Griffin ‘64
Edward Hayes
In honor of Michael LaRussa
Edward LoPresti
Edward Marut
In memory of Ed Lata
Big donation coming later in year as usual!
Edward Moran
Edward Mulholland
Best educational experience of my life.
Edward Mulligan
Edward Passarella
Edward Strickland
Edwin Lopez
Had a great education & would not be where I am today but forbRegis
Edwin Ortiz
Edwin Powers
Eithne Costello
Elie Chebli
Elisa & Jim McCann
Elisa Andreassi
In honor of Fr. Anthony Andreassi
Elizabeth Decker
In honor of John N. Morris ‘31
Elizabeth McCarthy
Elizabeth Tatarka
Elizabeth Uzielli
Ellen Skoviera
In honor of DGO’C
Ellen and Thomas Kelly
In appreciation of the outstanding faculty and staff of Regis High School
Eric Achacoso
Eric Di Giacomo
Eric Javier
Eric Scheuermann and Jennifer Weld Scheuermann
Eric and Ana Maria Graber
Great mission performance advancing on the grand vision. Keep on doing more of the same.
Erik Graber
Erin OBrien
Estela Nisola
Ethan Graber
Eugene Grossi
Eugene Suh
Congrats to our new alumni!
Eva Sipe
Evan Nagel
Evelyn Beato
One of a kind education!
Evin McCabe
Faith Ponterotto
In honor of Michael Ponterotto
Always proud of you!
Fiona Connolly
Francesca Damato
Francis Ambrosio
Francis Belloni
Francis Brickfield
Francis Cyran
Francis Gleeson
In honor of Helen Gleeson
Francis Ohemeng-Adu
In honor of Anastasia Arthur (my late wife)
Regis is a great school, with a great mission!
Frank Buono
Frank Martignetti
In memory of Laurence Broderick & Charles Donovan
Frank Michel
Frankie Novick
Frederick & Diane Eickman
Frederick & Kaoriko Katayama
Regis rocks! We're so grateful to Regis. Our son loves the school, his teachers, and his classmates. We love the community.
Frederick Dorchak
Frederick Sharp
Gail & Phil Schoch
Regis is an extraordinary place, our son received an incredible education for which we will always be grateful.
Gary Dobek
In memory of Timothy J. Grealy, Regis High School Class of 1976 & Manhattan College Class of 1980
Gary Tocchet
Gene Mazzaro
Geoffrey Pierson
Regis should be rightfully proud for being true to its principles of providing a superior classical education to qualified young men, just as it has done since its founding more than a century ago.
George Bacolini
George Brickfield
George Cuevas
George Culliney
George Gill
In honor of George J Gill, Sr
George Hodges
George Schwerdt
Gerald Billovits
For my Regis brothers. Past, present, and future.
Gerald Seixas
Gerard Drumm
Gerard Hackett
Gerard Moran
Gerard Noone
Gerard Schiraldi, DMD
Gian Sarolli
Giles Kavanagh
In honor of Fr. Frederick James O’Brien, SJ
The best High School in NYC
Giselle Paredes-Ty
Paying forward so that there will be more future Regians who can have the same opportunity and excellent education that my son is fortunate to have.
Glenn Cummins
Gordon Liao
Graham Johnson
Regis pushed me to be who and where I am today and I want that experience to be available for generations of young men to come.
Gregory & Susan Jaenicke
Gregory Caravelli
Gregory Paw
Gregory Syrek
Gus Bigos
Gustavo Galindo
Thank you Regis!
Hazel McNelis
In memory of Charles A. McNelis, SR.
Henry Deteskey
So future generations can "go out and set the world on fire!"
Henry Ferraioli
Henry Garcia
In honor of Daniel Garcia
Henry Harrs
Henry Ricardo
I owe a lot of my success and satisfaction in life to my education at Regis I am grateful that my son and grandson also benefitted from their time at Regis.
Hiram Veciana
Hubie Lem
In memory of Stephen Zwickert ‘80
I am grateful for the gift of a Jesuit and Regis education.
Hugh & Margaret Carty
Hugh Esterson
Humberto Sarmiento
Ignacio Dowling
Iskra Simidchieva
Istvan Gyenis
In memory of Elizabeth Gyenis
My mother passed away on 1/31/22. She had been a member of the Regis Mother's Club in the late 70's early 80's.
J. R. and Janet McMullen
In honor of Gerald Schirra '66
Gerry always lit up the room. It was impossible for him to not smile.
JP Freeley
In memory of Gerry Russello
Jack Bingham
Jack Bugas
Jack Dennehy
Jack Grein
Jack McCordick
Jack Moran
To keep alive the mission of Men and Women for Others!
Jack O`Neill
Jack Sweeney
Jacqueline & Nestor Alvarez
Jake Lem
James & Patricia Darcy
James Armbruster
James Barry
James Bonanno
Best of luck to the Class of '22!
James Donohue
In memory of Anthony Aracich, SI
James Doran
In honor of Kenneth Bailie
For the many excellent teachers, George Gil, Jack Phelan Johnnie Woods, Walter Brown, Steve Duffy and others. I continue to make use of the language skills that I began learning at Regis.
James Foley
James Guilshan
James Joyce
In memory of Jim Mooney
Beloved friend. Wish you were here.
James Kennedy