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Mrs. Hannon. May she RIP
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Cross Country practice in Central Park!!
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Thank you Regis , what a special place!
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In honor of Fr. Kevin O'Reilly
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In honor of The Class of 2023
Keep up the good work!
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Class of 2026!
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Thank you and God Bless you all !!
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Forever grateful
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For 4 memorable and wonderful years, we give thanks.
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In honor of Students and Parents Class 2023
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Thank you Regis !!!
Ben Stein
Benson Louie
My favorite memory was in Mr. Rhapisarda's Spanish class. Duane Blue Spruce and Pat McNelis composed a song in Spanish and performed "Disco Nach" for the class ... with illustrations of Mr. R "en la playa". Hillarious.
Bernadette Morrissey
Bernard Waldie
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In memory of Stephen Amar, Class of 1966
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In memory of Dan Tana '99; James O'Donohue '99; George Griffith '65
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Me and my company ROYAL PRESTIGE C&C are so proud to partΓ­cipe in this lovely cause.
Carlos Zhimnay
Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world
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In honor of Finnegan Kearns
So proud of you
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Thank you Regis!
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Regis Track Forever! Go Seniors!
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Courtney Brennan
In honor of All the dedicated teachers and staff at Regis!
The Christmas Tree Lighting in the Quad is one of our favorite Regis family traditions!
Craig Sidell
Cristian Sanders
In memory of My grandmother, JoAnne Mitidieri Sanders
Cristin Fellingham
Cristina Espiritu
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In honor of Jim McGough
To the place that’s made so many friendships
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The trip to school. Guys came from three states (five boroughs and ten other counties) for a wonderful education.
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Grateful to Regis administration, faculty, and staff! Ellen and Thomas A. Kelly P β€˜09, β€˜13, β€˜15
Ellen Ryan
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In honor of Daren Turner, β€˜87
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In honor of class 2022
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In memory of Anastasia Arthur (My late wife)
Rest In Peace, Anna
Francis Rodrigues
In memory of Feliciana and Francisco Rodrigues
#magis #teachmetobegenerous #menforothers
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In memory of Ken Bailie '60 (Memorial Fund)
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In honor of Ilan Guerrero '23
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In honor of Elizabeth Gyenis
She enjoyed volunteering in the Regis Mother's Club 1978-1981
J Byrne Sleeper
In memory of Terence Leary
In honor of Tim Beckett '66
Thank you Regis
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In memory of James and Mary Curry
God bless our Foundress!
James DelGaudio
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James Kennedy
In memory of Steve Rose '02 and Terence Leary '02
James Koehne
James M Halpin
No specific event can match the blessing of seeing J.T. embrace the Regis mindset & community. From the 1st week of orientation, it was clear that the faculty and student body were endowing the new freshman with a sense of pride & fraternity that seems to have become scarce in the modern world. -Gratefully.
James McIntyre
James Nelson
Class of 2023
James Noble
James O'Sullivan
James Paul
James Ramson
James Tuttie
James White
James and Denise Plunkett
In honor of Dennis V. Kosineski
Proud to be a part of this community!
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In memory of Charles and Dolores Azarow
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In honor of Monserrate DeLeon
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Here’s to the Class of 2024!
Jennifer Carbone Moran
Thank you Regis
Jennifer Lanni
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Jenny Phung
A Noble Call is what needs to wake up this country!!!!
Jeremy Irzyk
Jerold Kappes
Jerry Philip
Jessica Rausch
We proudly support Regis and its mission
Jesus Llorca and Elizabeth Luth
Jill Healey
For the wonderful Class of β€˜23
Jim DeGraw
Jinwoong Kim
Jo-Ann Ryan
JoAnn Corsillo
Joan Barrow
Joanna Gassoso
Joanne Chevallier
Joanne Ciaramella Sayer
Joanne Palmer
In honor of Donald Gross β€˜43
What a gift this school is, and continues to be, to our son and our family. We are grateful for every minute of this blessed Regis experience.
Joaquim daSilva
Joel Bonamo
Johanna Kennedy
Grateful for Regis!
John Allen
We spent four tough (and fun) years together. Fifty plus years later we remain a fraternity that feels like brothers whenever we connect.
John Balletta
John Boden
In honor of Robert Mastrillo, 1964
John Butler
John Canning
John Cavanagh
John Colgan
Thank you, Regis!
John Doyle
For the good work of spreading and living the values of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
John Duffin
John Facchini
John Garnett
To the administration, faculty and students at Regis, thank you for making our son John Garnett Class of β€˜26 feel at home. There is no better place. Merry Christmas to all.
John Garnevicus
John Gavin
John Giambrone
John Goggins
John Hammer
John J Shay, Jr
John Karkheck
John LaRocca
Forever grateful
John Ladd
John MacKinnon
John Mannhaupt
John Martin
John Mulreany
John Nonna
In honor of Timothy Beckett
John P Miscione
In honor of Deceased membersR of the Class of 1959
In memory of Members of the Class of 1959 who have gone before us
Requiescant in pacem
John Palumbo
John Patrick Panarella
John Rindone
John Spear
John Stine
Jug Nite with greasy London broil, white bread and fries!
John Sullivan
John Sym
John Timony
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John Ward
Johnny Johnsen
Jolanta Witanowski
Jonathan Judge-Russo
Jonathan Kingston
Grateful for the wonderful education and community Regis offers. Thank you.
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In honor of Lynda Blankenship
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Joseph and Nicole Scheuermann
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Julian Zeitlinger
In memory of John Scrudato, Jr.
Julianne ORiordan
Julie Luttinger
The Mom Prom- every year!
Julie Sniffin
Juliette Arrastia
Julio Mayta
Jupiter El-Asmar
Justin Kelly
Kai-lin Rausch
Kaitlyn Beleckas
Kanishka Agarwala
Karen Kiehl and Pete Labbat
Fr Duffy β€” the Bukidnon Bookie!
Karen Milton
In memory of Hon. Dennis E. Milton, Class of 1969
Karen Platt
Karen Sheehan
Kari Nixon
Karin Sanders
Keep up,good work!!!!
Karinne Cruse
Karl Pietrzak
Kate Brody
Kate Fiscus
Kathleen Boak
Kathleen Facchini
Kathleen Gouley
Kathleen M. Manning
In memory of David J. Manning '41 and Andrew J. Cassidy, MM '41
Kathleen Scanlon
Kathleen Seery
Kathleen Sidell
Kathryn Quaglia
Keats Sexton
Kenneth Fajardo
Kenneth Kopecky
Kenneth Ruchala
Kevin Brennan
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Kevin Clinton
Kevin Donoghue
Too many nice and positive Regis memories to pick one!
Kevin Donohue
Kevin Dunn
Kevin Fox
Kevin Hayden and Keara Bergin
Kevin McNally
Kevin Nolan
Kevin Roe
Kiera Bader
Kieran Xanthos
Kim Karim
Kristen Durkin
Krystal Camacho
In honor of The Development Office
Kurt Herspring
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Lakota Rossi
Larissa Pai
In honor of Regis Spirit
Forever grateful!
Laura Andriola
Laura Filocamo
Lauren Lepore
Lauren Metz
Laurie Burns-Larson
Laurie and Kevin McNamara
Very grateful for all that you do.
Lauro Takata
Lavon Chambers
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Leslie Chebli
Lester Kakol
Lewis Stoffel
Linda Lorraine
Lisa Tanzi
Lisa Zeitlinger
In honor of Caroline Christie
May God continue to bless Regis High School which has been a blessing to so many !
Lorenzo Manuali
Louis Recano
In honor of Timothy Beckett
Louise Paul
Loving Regis! Love Quest
Lucia Fanjul
Lucinda and Brian Ross
Luigi Naguit
Luisa Cristofano
Luke D'Cruz
Luke DeMarco
The intramural games! Shoutout to 1E-1 for winning my frosh year
Luke Gatta
AMDG, from Durham North Carolina
Lynne Lauber
Lynne and Jeff Weinlandt
MARK Francisco
Madeline Hernandez
Mother - Son Dance
Manuel Acevedo
Marc LaPlace
Marc Mahoney
Margaret Federovitch
Margaret Maleszewski
Margaret McClure
Margaret McManus
Margaret Phillips
In honor of Phillip and Ronan
Mari Kinani
Maria Bannon
Maria Donohue
Maria Durante
Maria Garutti
Maria Goodwin
Maria Ithurralde
We loved all the freshman events organized by the school to make us feel welcomed.
Maria Kocovic
Great friendships for all affiliated with Regis!
Marian Russo
Mariann Lorenzo
Maribeth Jette
Maricela Perez
Thank you Regis
Mario Casella
Mark Cole
Mark Curanovic
Mark Guffanti
Mark Joinnides
Mark McCabe
Mark Stappenbeck
Mark Young
Markus Mapara
Marta Sepe
Giving Tuesday
Martin Alperin
Martin Doyle'74 P11
Mary Anne Hayden
Mary Delatorre
In honor of Michael O’Sullivan
Mary Ellen Brockmeyer
Mary Khan
Mary Noonan
Mary Ogara
take those boys out of jug
Mary jane Clarke
MaryAnn Schroder
Mathias Weiden
Matt & Shannon Kiraly
Matt Adamson
Matt Hynes
Matthew Cappabianca
Matthew Dellapina
Matthew Gaschler
Matthew Gladstone
In honor of Pedro Acosta
Matthew Kehoe
Matthew Potter
Matthew Rosenblatt
Matthew Sweeney
Matthew Ulloa
In memory of Teresa Ulloa
Matthew Ulloa
In memory of Blu Diamond
Maureen and Robert Barry
In honor of Ryan Barry '21
Getting JUG for being the fifth friend squeezed into a library nook.
Max Antonini
Meaghan Cheung
Melisa Cascetta
Melissa Gibbons
Meredith Meagher
Michael & Robyn O'Sullivan
Michael Arena
Michael Cosgrove
Michael Davies
Michael Egan
Michael Guararra
Along with classmate John Morgan, who also arrived well more than an hour early for graduation at St. Ignatius Loyola, with time on our hands we went to a florist on Madison Avenue to buy pink carnations for our white jackets (inspired by the song American Pie). Little did we know then that wearing red (or pink) carnations would become a tradition for subsequent graduating classes.
Michael Hansen
Michael Healy
Michael Holden
Michael Izquierdo
Michael J Murphy
In honor of Charles S. Detrizio, Esq.
Michael Jette
Michael Kuharski
Michael Lavallato
Michael Lazorchak
Michael Nicholaon
In memory of Timothy S. Healy, S.J. β€˜40
Michael Ottomanelli
Michael O’Leary
Michael Palmieri
Michael Perri
Michael Phillips
In honor of Andrew Phillips
Michael Poulos
Michael Purvis
Michael Rossini
Michael Schwarz
Michael Sullivan
Michael and Barbara Jones
In honor of Class of 2023 and their families
Michael and Joanna Fanuele
Michelle Phillips
In honor of Andrew Phillips
Receiving the acceptance emails - eternally grateful to Regis.
Mickel Evangelista
Mihaela Pelea
Mother son dance!
Mila DeLoren
Milagros Saunders Hinton
Miran Salgado
In memory of Lloyd Salgado
Miriam Amatrucola
In memory of Joseph Amatrucola
Monika Anzorge
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Martis
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Graber
In honor of Support for our beloved faculty member Rev. Arthur C. Bender, SJ β€˜67 & Class of 2023!
Keep up the excellent work!
Nadine Rivellese
Celebrating Admission Day!
Nancy Cascella
Nancy Gonsalves
In honor of the entire class of 2025, your hard work does not go unnoticed.
Nancy Ives
Natacha Pawa
Thanks for doing an amazing job for our sons! Stay blessed.
Natalia Rotaru
Nicholas Cagliuso
In honor of Anna V. Cagliuso GP β€˜17
Nicholas Carinci
Nicholas Menillo
Nicholas Santangelo
Nick Facchini
Nick Primavera
Nick and Kate DeCock
Nikki Rice
Niraj and Shanika Gupta
Nora Byrne
Noreen Gillespie
Norma Vetell
Oliver Cartano
Orange Flood Control LLC
In honor of James Croghan, SJ
Pablo Moreno-Lopez
Paolo Bianco
Patricia Friedrichs
Patricia Lobaccaro
Patricia McCormick
Patricia Sanchez-Marin
Thank you Regis ❀️
Patricia Trillo
Patrick & Cathy Rice
Patrick Conroy
Patrick Egan
Patrick Fasano
Patrick Flood
Patrick Galizio
Patrick Hosinski
Patrick Hsu
Patrick Loftus
Patrick Maloney
In honor of Paddy Maloney P’91
Patrick McGahren
Patrick Moran
Paul & Laura Kane
In honor of Regis '23 and all their fantastic parents & guardians
Paul Bressan
Paul Cochet
Paul Marett
Paul McCarthy
Gift in recognition of all the hard work, resilience and tenacity lived out by the young men of '23!
Paul Muccigrosso
One of my favorite Regis memories, or four of them, has to be our annual school trip to Bear Mountain. Had some great times there!
Pauline Mauceri- Maloney
Peter & Ailish Doran
Peter Doyle
Peter Leo
Peter Luccarelli
Peter Miller
Peter Moerler
Noble Hearts!
Peter Nardi
Peter Zelinski
In honor of Tim Becket 1966
Peter Zuccarello
Philip Judge
Phuong Dang
Polly Flanigan
Preston Ferraiuolo
RAYMOND Lombardi
"May ours be the noble heart..."
Rachelle Evangelista
Rafael Baez
Rafael Baez
In memory of Iris Baez
Raj Denhoy
In memory of Mr. Balwant Denhoy and Dr. David A. Austin
Rajat Asariparambil
Ramon Gonzalez
Randall Zuccalmaglio
Raquel Ferreira
Raquel Ramos
my favorite memory is the lighting of the Christmas Tree
Raul Salazar
Thank you!!
Rebecca Cappello
Rebecca Taibi
Regina Zvoma
Rhonda Guariniello
Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Bake
Rhonnel Adviento
Thank you to all Regis faculty and staff.
Rich Mullin
Rich and Zack Miller-Murphy
Richard Altieri
Richard Chun
In memory of Andrew Chun and Raymond Martin '90
Richard Daul
Richard Gallagher
Richard Miller-Murphy
Richard Murtha
After school basketball battles in the lower gym.
Richard O'Connor
Richard Passarelli
Richard Pfeiffer
Richard Provost & Ingrid Taveras
Thank you to the faculty and staff for your support and dedication.
Richard Rom
Richard Weber
Walking in through the tunnel each morning - and occasionally checking to see if my name was up there to see Mr. Tricamo!
Rita Kitt
Robert Baron
Robert Collum
Robert Cortes
Robert Dalven
Robert Domingo
Robert Fanciullo
Robert Johnston
Robert Krauss
Robert Loewenstein
Robert Lorenzo
In honor of Joseph and Anne Lorenzo
Robert Lorenzo
Excellence is always in style .... keep up the good work!
Robert Meindel
Robert Michel
Robert Murray
Robert R Kelly
Glee Club and Central Park
Robert Rienzo
In honor of James and Marie Rienzo
Robert Senkewicz
In honor of Rev. James Carney, SJ
Robert Sharp
In honor of John Wright
Robin Poulos
Rolando Garcia
Put my money towards the worst JUG offenders please
Ron Zuvich
Rosalind Kruse
Rosana Ponthot
Thank you for all the hard work.
Rosemary Adames
Rosemary Adames
Rosemary Nurse
Rowena Rico
Roy & Mary Wing
Good work!
Russell & Sidonie Schneider
Russo Family
Ryan Curley
Sabine Sanchez
Salvador A Novoa
In honor of Maria G. Aznar
I have very fond memories of my time at Regis High School, the friendships I made and the doors Regis opened. I am eternally grateful for the experience and hope it can continue for many more.
Salvatore Calcagno
Salvatore Cavaleri
Samuel Romanzo
Sandra Giorno-Tocco
Seamus Wiseman
Sean Augustine-Obi
Sean Doyle
Sean Haran
Sean Jennings
Sean Nolan
Sean Reilley
Sejal Redington
Class of 2024!
Sergio Lagunes
Seth Graber
Shane Mangin
Sharon Roth
Every single day at Regis! What an amazing place!
Sheila Latimer
Sheila McMahon
Silvia Ortiz
Silvia Sestito
Sock Wang
Sonja Cungu
Spencer Ryan
Spencer Thomas
Stacey Field
Stacy & Patrick Levens
Stacy Bostwick
Stacy Koehler
In honor of the Class of 2024 ❀️
Stella Jung
Stephanie Hackett
Stephanie Hines
Stephen Kalin
Stephen Malone
Steve Calabrese
Steve Flatow
Steve Wyszinski
Steven Hummell
Steven Turner
Dr. Louis A. Macchiarulo was the reason I majored in Classics at Duke, and the reason I ended up working in independent education. Years later, I’d be invited to his house to dine as a colleague. I worked harder in his Latin class than in any I took in undergrad, and arguably, in graduate school. Hands down, my favorite Regis teacher. Requiescat in pace!
Sue Venturino
Susan Masullo
Susan Wengler
Suzanne Wolf
Tammy Perduto
Tania Dingli
Tanya Bastianich Manuali
Tara OBoyle
Terence Chorba
In honor of Dr. & Mrs. William Chorba P'64 & P'67
Thank you for all you do....
Teresa Greene
Teresa Sweeney
Terrence Guerriere
The Milano Family
Theodore Dros
Theresa Burke McGreal
Thomas Brennan
Thomas Burns
Wonderful memories of a phenomenal high school education! Thanks Regis! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Thomas Coyle
Thank You Regis......
Thomas DeMarzo
Thomas Fedrigoni
Thomas Gillespie
Thomas Hartey
Thomas Hone
Thomas McCreesh
In honor of Eugene Prior, S.J.
Thomas McGreal
Thomas Miller
Thomas Noone
Thomas Wadolowski
Delighted to support such a terrific school
Tiffany Tinson
Tim O'Sullivan
Timothy Lake
Timothy O’Connor
In honor of James F.Kuntz
Timothy O’Connor
In honor of James F.Kuntz
Timothy Scarella
Tom Curley
Tom Gramila
Tom Hein
Tom and Kathy Nowak
Toni Ann Grande
Traugott Lawler
Trisha and Tom Morrissy
Tyler Liao