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Our first giving day on May 8th, 2023 was a huge success! Stay tuned for our second annual Green and Gold Challenge on April 9th, 2024

Christopher Hibbard, Head of Advancement

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AJ & Sue Zimbelmann
Adam Wronowski
Everything was easy after Pine Point!
Adrian Visscher
Ajay Naik
Alexander Moore ‘22
Thank you Pine Point!
Alexis Dudden
Alicia Banister
I continue to be so grateful for the education, love, and support I received at Pine Point. As I look forward to sending my son Asa off to Kindergarten in the Fall, I can't help but wish that Pine Point had a sister school in Portland!!
Alison Cameron
Love this school and community!
Allen Davis
Amanda Pannenko
Amanda Williams
Thank you to all of Pine Point for creating a place for us to enrich our children’s lives and find our own special community
Amaya Butler
Ambry Ducharme
What an honor it is to be members of the Pine Point School community. Thank you, teachers and staff, for your pure care and consideration of our children.
Ambry Ducharme
Thank you for providing such a wonderful environment for our children to grow and learn. We are looking forward to the years to come!
Ana Oprea
Ana Schneider
In honor of Diana Page
Angela Capalbo
Anne Marie Fleming
Anne Raftery
In honor of Mary Raftery
In honor of Mary and her incredible dedication and service to Pine Point School!
Anni Rodgers
Pine Point provides the nurturing, challenging, loving environment all students deserve.
Ardice Perry
Ashley Honeyman
Thank you teachers & staff for the support you provide the students. I couldn't be more impressed by your kindness and dedication to our kids!
Austin Halsey
Avery Dolphin
So grateful for Pine Point for giving me the best memories!
Barbara Cameron
Cheering for your great work on behalf of all the kids at Pine Point!
Barbara Poirier
My granddaughter is having a wonderful experience at Pine Point.
Benjamin Williams
Bernard Denoyer
Beth and Richard Smith
Bill & Paula Mitchell
Birdie Capalbo
Can’t wait to join my sisters and mom at Pine Point School. Future class of ‘36 💚💛
Brian Reubelt
Happy to see everyone sharing some sentiments from the past. I have very fond memories of PPS from back in the day. I find as I’m getting older I appreciate just how much the school and my colleagues did to help me grow into the person I am today and just how much those core values really were instilled in me!
Caleb Shafer
I will always be grateful for the people who helped me grow
Carey Richard
Carla Petrocelli
Carol Roper
The Best School Ever!
Carrie & Todd Moore
We are grateful to be the beneficiaries of the dedication and hard work of the Pine Point faculty and staff. Thank you.
Carrie Tomlinson
In honor of Audrey & Jack Romberg
We can't imagine our children in any other school! We are so fortunate for Pine Point.
Casey Peltier
Cece Zimbelmann
love you pps
Charles and Colleen Frey
Charlie Halsey
Charlotte (Claire) Griffin
Chris Ducharme
Chris Ducharme
Christopher Hibbard
Christopher Hurtgen
Pine Point has given 32 years of learning to our children. Thank you to all the teachers who have made each of those years special — Christopher and Caitlin Hurtgen
Cindy Holland
Cody Williams
Colin Kronholm
So many amazing memories, teachers & friendships. So grateful for my time at Pine Point.
Courtney Marshall Corkhill
Cross Sound Ferry
Cynthia Oksanen
Dana Oliveira
Hope all is well at this sweet little school…
Danica Mitchell
Dave Cameron
David & Catherine McCooey
David & Gayle Phoenix
David Banister
David Berwind
David Cruthers
A very special place!
David Peterle
Long live the Arts! Very grateful for my time at Pine Point and for the lifelong friends I made!
David Valenti Adriana Herrera
David Wright
David and Jane Hannon
In honor of Mary Raftery
We happily make our gift in honor of Mary and her extraordinary service to PPS - all of it done with a laugh recognized by all! Her retirement is a "biggie" for PPS. We'll definitely be at her party in June to celebrate her. Very few individuals can lay claim to having served for 40+ years at PPS. Congratulations Mary!
Debbie O'Brien
Debbie Torraca
Debbie Wright
I have so many warm memories from sharing thirty-nine years of ordinary days and spectacular moments with my children, grandchildren and my Charlie, here at our beautiful Pine Point School!
Diahann DaSilva
Diana Owen
💚💛 We love PPS! 💚💛
Diane Seltzer
In honor of Mark Seltzer
Diane and Ernie Spira
Dionne Butler
Dodi Wilson
Happy to support such an amazing school!
Duncan F. Grimm
Hello from Tom and Duncan, class agents for '08!
Ed and Maria Hargus
Elaine Anderson
In honor of Mary Raftery
You rock, Mary Raftery! Pine Point has been so lucky to have your all these years. Happy retirement! See you on the beach! Love, Elaine
Elijah Butler
Eliza Griffin
For my amazing time at pine point, the life long friendships, and the amazing faculty
Elizabeth Archer
Elizabeth Traore
Ella Halsey
Elma Burnham
Thanks & love to all!
Emery Nicholas
Emily Geise-Smith
Emily Gibbs
Pine Point was by far the most important part of my academic life. It set the foundation for my confidence and creativity.
Emily Zanios
Emma Sutphen
Eric Wilder
Erica Crawford
In honor of The Pine Point Community
12 years of my life were spent at Pine Point School, but the friends I’ve made and experiences had will last a lifetime. My 9th grade trip is something that I hold so close to me, we bonded so much and became a family. And not going to lie I still talk a LOT about it, and share stories with new friends. Something that I love to do when I visit home is stop by and see the teachers at Pine Point. The bittersweet nostalgia I get entering the campus and seeing everyone is something that I’ll never let go of.
Erich Spader
Erika Smith
Erin Larson
Erin Wright
In honor of Charlie Wright
In memory of Charlie Wright and in honor of Pine Point’s commitment to DEIJ. 💜
Erin and David Feirstein
Eunice Sutphen
Love Pine Point School!
Garnett Reid
Garth Dolphin
Both of our children (Hunter '17 and Avery '19) had such wonderful experiences at Pine Point School from the pre-K program through their 9th grade year. The foundation they built there has led to their continued success in high school and now in college. The life long relationships and connections that emerged from their time there are greatly cherished by our family. Thank you Pine Point for all that you have done for us!
Gay Long
The heart, soul, and joy in this community is unparalleled. Happy to have taught here for 20+ years and to have had my 3 children be able to benefit from the intentional but magical experience that is PPS!
Gianni Rosen
In honor of The BEST teachers ever!
Thank you PPS!
Gigi Georges Oxman
Gillian Crawford
Best place to work!
Grace Duggan
Hamilton Salsich
Pine Point School was an absolutely wonderful part of my life for 35 years. I am so glad to be able to give back a little.
Hanna Kronholm
I think back on my time at Pine Point frequently and with great joy. An amazing education, experiences and life long friends were gained at Pine Point!
Hannah Staley
Always happy to support a place that is so special!
Heather Honiss
In honor of Thank you to all the amazing teachers who shaped the most formative years of my life and a special congrats to Ms. Raf on her retirement this year!
Heather Lofkin Wright
In honor of Charlie Wright
I cherish the memories and friendships and still draw on the education 35 years later!
Henry King
Hope Toland
Thank you for nurturing a sense of awe in learning.
Hunter Dolphin
In honor of Senora Delfin
I Elizabeth (Betsy) Trimble
Jack Rodgers
Jack Ryan
Jake Mortrude
I was a student. I am a faculty member. There is no better school to support than Pine Point! 💚💛
James Anderson
James Hunter
I still feel so lucky to have had Pine Point be a part of my life. Keep up the good work!
James Stewart
Some of the best people I've had the privilege of meeting in my life, and it all happened right here.
James Young
Our children LOVE to go to school! Thank you PP!!
Janice Julian
Janine Paige
Pine Point is more than a school. It is a place of learning where you are surrounded by a nurturing professional staff that allows all children to shine.
Jeannie and Gary Williams
Our family cherishes our years at Pine Point. What a gem of a place.
Jeffrey Mortrude Jr.
In honor of 🙏🏽My mom’s 35th year teaching at Pine Point 🌲💛
Jennifer Felix
Lauren and Sophia have been nurtured and supported every day they have spent at Pine Point. We are eternally thankful !
Jennifer King
Jessica Duda
Thank you, Pine Point, for supporting our family!
Jessica Wronowski
Jim, DeeDee, Morgan, and Ashlyn Buffum
Joanna Douglas
I continue to be endlessly grateful for my experience, education, and the people I met through Pine Point. Sending love to the community and especially to the tenured faculty members who enriched my life back in the '80s-'90s and continue to do so for PPS students today.
Joaquin DelPrado
I love Pine Point! A wonderful place to have been raised.
Joe Saunders
Joel Sitak
John Bellone
John Paul Wronowski
John Payne
John Rick
Jordan Crawford
I met some of my best friends, and had the greatest experiences at Pine Point School. I can't imagine having gone to school anywhere else.
Joseph Rosen
pine point is in many ways where it all started for me. sending big love from the west coast to this wonderful community.
Josh Williams
Joshua Foley
Juan DelPrado
So happy to support a school that has helped shape our three wonderful children in so many positive ways.
Juan Diego DelPrado
Judith Singer
Julian Marshall
Julie Abbiati
As I complete my first year of retirement, I find myself reflecting fondly about my nearly 40 years of teaching, learning and growing at Pine Point. My love for the school will remain in my heart and soul forever!
Julie DelPrado
Kaitlin Veninsky
Kara Lech
Karen Anderson
Karen Strasshofer
We feel so blessed to be part of the Pine Point family! We love it here!!
Kate Mitchell
In honor of Charlie Wright
Kate Raftery
In honor of Amazing Mary Raftery
My sister Mary has been part of the Pine Point family for 40 years!!
Kate Scott
Kathleen Coss
Kathleen Wattles
As past parent and grandparent I love the school and thank the faculty for their dedication to each child’s future success
Kathryn Duggan
Kathryn Knox
Kathy Hibbard
My grandchildren love Pine Point.
Katie Hostettler
Ken and Donna Dunbar
Kimberly Anderson
Lara Dolphin
“Yippee!! We are all in for PPS! We love this school!” In honor of all the amazing kids that I have had the privilege of teaching over the years, especially my own two. For me, it has been teacher appreciation everyday! With a grateful heart to the Pine Point Community. Mrs. Dolphin
Laura Hagen
I’m about to start a master’s in education and couldn’t be more grateful for my Pine Point roots! Happy to be able to pay it forward to current Pine Pointers and to my own future students.
Lauren Bresnahan
Laurie Mortrude
In honor of The fine, fine Faculty I have worked with for 35 years. who were exemplary teachers and role models for our four children who were fortunate to have attended Pine Point from Kindergarten to Ninth grade.
Pine Point is a most magical place to work and learn. The teaching is unparalleled. The feeling of community and ubuntu is ever present. I have learned from and worked alongside exemplary educators for 35 years at this jewel of a school. We quickly found a sense of belonging as this fine community nurtured and encouraged our four children, and served as inspiring role models for sustainability, service learning and social Justice initiatives. The faculty at Pine Point teach from the heart; I am forever grateful for this village who supported my family and helped us raise four amazing humans. Natalia, Jeffrey, Jake and Olivia attended Pine Point from Kindergarten to Ninth grade and formed lasting friendships with classmates and teachers that continue to this day. Thank you Pine Point!
Liam Hibbard
Go Pine Point Panthers! A school that will forever be in my heart.
Linda Polom
Linda Tucker
Lisa Scott
In memory of Dorothy Thompson
My mother loved Pine Point and coming to see her grandchildren on our beautiful campus!
Loma Carlson
Thank you to Pine Point for the wonderful education that Avery and Hunter received. May the sun continue to shine on this fine school and enrich the lives of students for many years to come. Grandma is sure happy Avery decided to attend college in IOWA!
Lorenzo DelPrado
Thank you for helping to turn me into the person I am today. I’ve made lifelong friends and am happy to be part of this long lasting community.
Lou & Judy Toscano
Keep up the good work!
Lynn Luzzi
Maddy Neff
Madison Hurtgen
The Hurtgen’s 💚 Pine Point
Maeve Hibbard
I love Pine Point 💕 Go Panthers!
Maggie Conway
Pine Point is an incredible community that I feel blessed to be a part of. I cannot imagine teaching anywhere else! I am giving in honor of our arts program, and my future Pine Point-er!
Maggie Montgomery
Watching my partner’s children thrive and grow at Pine Point since they joined last year has been a true pleasure. I’m so excited to see them flourish into their full potential at Pine Point because I know they are brilliant young girls inside and out.
Mallory McArdle
In memory of Candy & Peter Briggs
Marc Jaffan
Marcia Schaller
Marcy Withington
my girls loved PPS
Margaret Hunnewell
Margot Larkin
Mariel Frechette
Marilyn Wronowski
In honor of my son Adam'87 and his children, my grandchildren - John Paul '17, Peter '21, Joseph '23, and Cecelia '25, and the wonderful Pine Point Community!
Marissa Slocumb
Mary Raftery
Matt and Merin Troutman
Matthew Amaro
Matthew Corbett
Matthew Hargus
Matthew McKenzie
Sorry I am late!!!
Matthew Owen
Matthew and Katherine Eggen
Maureen Gosselin
Love the family feeling that everyone shares at Pine Point!!!
Megan Feragne
Megan Hodgson
In honor of Our Faculty
Thank you to our amazing faculty, for making Pine Point such a wonderful place to learn and grow 💚💛
Megan O’Brien
Melinda Blum
I always appreciated being part of a team of such highly creative and capable faculty. It was a wonderful community for my whole family!
Melissa Guachione
Melissia Holland
Meredith Hargus
In honor of The talented educators at PPS. We are lucky to have learned from you.
Meredith Jason
Mia Hammack
Mia Perry
Michael & Cathy Duda
Mike & Jenny Rachlin
Molly Hannon
Nancy Jo Iacoi
I heart Pine Point School!
Nancy and Brian Neff
In honor of Ms. Raf
Natalia (Mortrude) Rosso
Such great memories from my years at Pine Point!
Natalia Gontcharova
We love Pine Point
Neil Ryan
Nichole Vansell
Because of the nurturing environment you've provided for these 2!
Olivia Mortrude
Oonagh Zimbelmann
Oscar King
Love what you’re all doing!!
Pat St Germain
Cheers to Pine Point!
Patience & Alan Banister
Paula and Bill Mitchell
Perrilea Capalbo
Peter Wronowski
Quinn Marshall
Rebecca Graebner
In honor of Mary Raftery
River Hambleton
Thank you Pine Point! 🌲
Robert Holland
Pine Point helped me develop a great learning and knowledge foundation which helped me excel in both my high school and college years. In addition to having a very welcoming environment Pine Point helped me grow as a person, and develop professional skills that I still use to this day.
Robert Scott
Roberta Mclaughlin
Robin Smith
Pine Point was an amazing place to be a faculty member and a parent. We are grateful that our two children had a chance to experience the creative energy flowing in the classrooms and on the playing fields. Go Green!
Rogene Gillmor
Ronita Fisher
Pine Point is a special place that lives true to their mission to nurture and develop lifelong learners. We want to share the pine point experience with many other families!
Rosie Hambleton
I love Pine Point 💚 💛
Sanjana Naik
Sarah Hambleton
We love this school!
Sarah Lipton
In honor of Margaret McNally
Margaret McNally is Maggie Lipton’s late grandmother. She loved Maggie so much and was so proud that she became a teacher at such a wonderful school.
Sarah Mulholland
Schyler Davis
I loved my time at Pine Point School 😊
Shannon McKenzie
Shelby Merwin
In honor of Jacqueline Hibbard Frank
Sofia Caballero
Starr White Snead '66
In honor of Muffy White Dwyer '69 and Candy White Sweeney '73
In memory of Muffy White Dwyer '69 and Candy White Sweeney '73
Stephen Scott
Thank you Pine Point!!
Stephen and Susan Naysnerskk
Steven Hibbard
Steven Thompson
Stewart Gillmor
Supawan Au
Susan Capalbo
Susan Fader
Susie Coleman
Tess Williams
The Board of Trustees
The Frisbie Family
Thank you Pine Point! 💛💚
The Guyot Family
Pine Point is a beautiful place of learning and discovery! We are thrilled to be part of the Pine Point family!
The Kelsey Family
Thomas Capalbo III
Thomas Capalbo Jr.
Thomas Satran
Pine Point was perfect for Hannah. She was happy and safe there. She loved all her teachers. We are fortunate to have had Pine Point in our lives.
Thomas Zimbelmann
Thorr Bjorn
Tom Owen
Tom and Nancy Hurtgen
In honor of Christopher Hurtgen (faculty) and Madison, Casey and Sophie Hurtgen (grandchildren affiliated with Pine Point School)
Troy Williams
Valerie Grimm
So many wonderful memories from Pine Point! Good Luck with the Green & Gold Challenge.
W Lee Hisle
Jack is doing well... in no small part because of the extraordinary educational and social experience that Pine Point provided! Thanks!
Wendy Spader
In memory of Chet Sminkey
Wesley Marshall
I love PE at Pine Point.
William Horgan MD
Yash Naik
Zorah Williams
Wonderful experience and memories!
Paul geise
Robin and I remain nourished by the enduring soul of pine point. And how exciting to now have our granddaughter learning in an environment focused on respect, integrity, moral courage, and excellence!
Robert mcgill
In memory of Bonnye McGill mother of Sean And Scott (Class of '81 and "83)
Pine Point was the instrument that shaped our two boys into the fine husbands and father's that they are today. One successful in the corporate world , the other in the acadamia world. May Pine Point continue to excel in shaping the future of our world.
Sally mcgee
Best investment we ever made! 💚💛
Stephanie marshall
Because it is everything I want for my children.
We love Pine Point School!
I gave a little extra to support a new cotton candy machine. Go Green!
In honor of Mary Raftery
Really enjoyed the atmosphere at Pine Point. So many great staff members. I really feel it gave my grandchilden a "leg up" in their academic & personal life.
Keep up the good work

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