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AJ Propheter
Aaron Smith
My girl, B Money.
Aaron and Tara Propheter
Newman has been a large part of our families over the years and we are proud to have our children attending and continuing the tradition of being a COMET!!!
Abby & Jason Williamson
Addison Foster
Aiden Volz
Aimee Hansen
Ainsley Reed
Alan & Becki Droege
Alexa Pilgrim
In honor of my big brother, Jace Murphy
Alexander '13 and Kennedy DeForest
Alexandra Setchell
Allie Cook
Allison Lendman
Allyson McGinn
Alva Wise
Amanda and Robert Wahl
Amaya Gomez
Amy Hermes
In honor of Joe and Pauline Hermes Family
In honor of all the many Hermes' and their descendants who have chosen and supported Newman Central Catholic
Amy Norton
In memory of the deceased Naughton and Grennan family members.
Amy Pearson
In memory of Traci Holbrook Payne, Deb VanNatta and Mary Adams Hopkins, and Joe Duran
Amy Ruch
Ana Jungerman
Andrea Adami
Andrea Camper
Andrew & Bea Papoccia
Andrew & Elizabeth Foster
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Andrew & Elizabeth Foster
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Andrew & Elizabeth Foster
Andrew & Maggie Olson
Andrew Papoccia
Andrew and Maggie Olson
We are blessed to be part of Newman Family
Andy & Elizabeth Accardi
Ann & Orrie Stroup
Ann Gach
Value catholic education
Ann Stahl
My years at NCCHS are special to me.
Anna Propheter
Anne & Dave Noble
Anne Delhotal
Anne Delhotal
Anne Mayberry
Arlyn & Betty Oetting
Art Barajas
In honor of Little brother Tiger Barajas
In honor of my little brother and my parents Julian and Blanche Barajas
Audrey Dekker
Audrey Dekker
Audrey Melton
Austin Van Landuit
Ayden Gutierrez
BJ Bostelman
BRADY Grennan
Bailey Oetting
Barbara & Marvin Bohnert
Barbara Hermes
Barry & Nancy Passini
Donation to the Robert and Florence Propheter Memorial Scholarship and Bud Passini Memorial Scholarship
Barry & Nancy Passini
In memory of Bud Passini
Barry & Nancy Passini
In memory of Chuck Rosenberry
Barry & Nancy Passini
In memory of Peggy Propheter ‘74
Barry & Nancy Passini
In memory of Bob & Florence Propheter
Becky Latta
Bernadette Jacobs
Bernice Passini
Berthel FIsher & Company
Beth & Lori Rosenberry
In honor of Our father, Charles Rosenberry
Beth Miller
Beth Vandersnick
Bethany & Delon Bland
Let's go Newman! Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
Bethany Bland
Bette Mason
Great Grandma supporting Newman!
Bill & Beverly Burkardt
Bill Lawler
Blair Grennan
Bobbie & Gary Adams
Brad & Angie Alexander
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Bradley Fritts
Brady Williamson
Brandon Rosengren
Brandt Camper
Breann Rosengren
Brett Papoccia
In honor of Angie Graham
Brett Riley
Catholic education is an important foundation upon which to build a moral life.
Brian Anderson
Brian Propheter
Brian Tschosik
Brian and Laura Demmer
Brian and Rebecca Garland and Family
Briar Ivey
Brody Ivey
In honor of Patricia “Trixie” O’Brien
Bronwyn Richards
Brooklyn Smith
Brooks Knudson
Bruce & Jennie Terveer
Bruno William Selmi Marital Trust
Bryan Camper
Bryan Camper and Andrea Camper
Carl & Diana Wade
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Carl & Diana Wade
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Carl & Diana Wade
Carla (McDonald) Griffin
Carla Hilbert
In memory of the deceased Naughton and Grennan family members.
Carmen & Eduardo Trujillo
In memory of Miguel Trujillo
Carol Blackburn
In honor of Frank McCue Jr & Connie Kendell
Carol Reyes
Carol See
Caroline Golja
Carolyn Rogers
Carrie Emmons
Carrie Zerillo
Carter Mulderink
In memory of Grandpa Ed
Catherine Tredway
In honor of Beth Summers
Beth Summers is a dedicated employee of Newman who cares so much for each student. She embodies the Newman spirit of hard work, compassion, tradition, and progress. It’s a pleasure to recognize her with a gift to Newman.
Cathy, Dave Frymire
Cean Staelens Embrey
In honor of Marjorie & Alfred Staelens, who worked hard so that their children could have a good Catholic education.
Chad & Julie Nicklaus
Chad and Heather Jenkins
Charles & Colleen Sova
Charles & Patricia Broers
Charles Pratt
In honor of Sister Mary Clarice
Charlie & Kate Woodward
Charlie & Kathleen Hurches
Chazz Michael Michaels
In honor of Mr. Olson for his commitment to Physical Education and love of frisbee golf . Haven’t seen an arm like Olson’s since Doug Flutie in 92
Cheri King
Chloe Koester
Chris Accardi
Chris Somers
Christina Carr
Christine & John Pogue
Christine Demory
Christopher Accardi
Christopher Somers
Christopher Walter
Class of 2008!
Ciera Shippert
Clay & Betsy Partington
Clay & Betsy Partington
We love Newman! Proud parents of Comet Alumni Brady - 2021, Current Junior Ryan - 2025, and Future Comet Anna - 2031
Clayton Norberg
Clint and Jane Jungerman
REASONS WE LOVE NEWMAN 🙌… Faith-filled Education 💙 Amazing students 💙 Dedicated staff 💙 Supportive families, alums and community 💙 What a gift!!!
Cody McBride
Colin Woodward
Colleen Doyle
Colleen Steffens
Connie & Brett Royer
Connie Royer
Connie and Frank Selmi
In honor of 7 grandchildren
Connor McBride
Cooper Spears
Corby & Kathy Howard
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Corie and Chad Smith
Corrine Sandefer
In honor of Those we have lost from the class of 1985.
Mike Coy, Gary Hodge, Jube Manzano Stan Bardo, Dan Grettinger
Corrinne Ackman
Corrinne Ackman
Country Acres
In honor of Terry Grennan
Terry has always been a supporter for Newman for many decades. He was alumni 66, his wife Rosemary is alumni 66 his three daughters 87,88, & 90 and grandkids 2018,2019,2020, 2022.
Curt & Janice Repass
Curtis & Janice Repass
Cynthia Zander
D Graham
In honor of Angela Peterson
Dalton and Katie (DuBois) Grossmann
Dan & Kim Gaffey
Dan & Sandra Ivey
Dan Danreiter
Great memories with great friends.
Dan Nieman
Daniel Kelly
Daniel McCue
Daniel Welty
Danis Bobbe
Darrell & Nancy Holbrook
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Darrell & Nancy Holbrook
Darrell & Nancy Holbrook
In honor of In loving memory of our daughter Traci Holbrook Payne Class of 1984.
Dave & Beth Summers
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Dave & Beth Summers
Dave & Beth Summers
Dave & Sue Ely
Dave Fritz
Dave Sanders
Dave Stephanie Hanrahan
Dave Stolenberg
David & Kay Willey
David & Lorraine Wahl
David & Mary Hutchison
David & Susan Dempsey
David Eyrich
In honor of Jean McKenna/Eyrich
For the education so generously given to me
David Fritts
David and Carla DeForest
DeForest Dental PC
Deacon Charles Welte
Deb Murphy
Keep up the good work!!!
Debbie McGinn-Abrams
In memory of My mother, Joyce McGinn
Deborah Cheshier
Deborah Cheshier
Denise Ewers
Denise Mosher
In honor of Gerald J Schauff
Dennis & Joan Hermes
Dennis & Margaret Graettinger
Dennis & Patty Colburn
Dennis Dombroski
Destini Chambers
Diana Healy
In honor of Deceased members of the Class of 1978
We don't need to look far to see why it's so important to teach our children about God. Newman helped me raise my kids Catholic. I'm grateful.
Diane Shipman
Dillon Foundation
Dixon Glass Company
Dixon Glass Company, Inc.
Don & Mary Pat Garland
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Don & Mary Pat Garland
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Don & Mary Pat Garland
In memory of Ed Garland and Monsignor Schwartz
Don Garland
In honor of Class of 74
Donald & Betsy Molitor
Donald & Janice Amicucci
Donald & Rita Trent
Donald & Therese Wood
Donna Cook
Donna Spencer
Donna Spencer
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sollars
For my mother and father whose love I cherish.
Donna Wolf
Donna Wolf
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Dorothy Cheshier
Doug & Ann Lee
Doug Craft
In honor of Eileen Grennan Craft
Doug Miller
In honor of Class of 1960
Doug and Mary Pat Fitzgerald
Douglas & Mary Pat Fitzgerald
Downie & Associates CPA'S P.C.
Dr. & Mrs. David & Destiny Yeager
Dr. Hugh Conway
Dr. James & Kay Ferris
In memory of Captain James Meyer
Dr. Kenneth Yowell
Dr. Michael & Pennie von Bergen Wessels
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Welty
Supporting the importance of Catholic education
Drew Ackman
Drew and Nicole DuBois
Dugan Repass
Easton Benyo
Edward & Judi Bartel
Edward & Marcia Wahl
Edward & Nancy Fritts
Edward Tschosik
Edward and Laura Ford
Elaina Allen
Elaine McKeough
Elise Vander Bleek
Elizabeth '12 DeForest
Elizabeth (Betty) McCue
Elizabeth Branz
Elizabeth Foster
Elizabeth Hoffman
Elizabeth McCue
Elizabeth Rude
Elizabeth Vance
Ella Ford
Elle Koerner
Your welcome Gehrig aka best marketing director for Newman to ever have :)
Ellen Nieman
Ellison Jones
Emily Hermes
Emma Camper
Eric Larson
Our 4 children received an excellent education though the Catholic school system K-12 including college.
Erin Kelly
Ernest & Barbara Larew
Evan Camper
Eveyiah Sandrock
Frank & Connie Selmi
Frary Lumber
G. Richard McKee
Gabe King
Class of 2033
Gary E Poci
In memory of Bob Atilano -- Mike Berges -- Barb Thome
Gary Velasquez
Gary Wike
In memory of Deborah Kay Wike
Gehrig Koerner
Gehrig Koerner & Madison Craft
Newman has played a crucial role in both of our lives! We are getting married this weekend, all thanks to meeting at Newman! Newman is a place full of faith, love and community! Thank you Newman Central Catholic High School!
George & Linda Logan
In memory of Ken Schaefer
George & Linda Logan
Let's Go Comets!
Gerald & Susan Fitzgerald
Gerard & Heather Widolff
Gerry & Dianne Williamson
Gerry & Dianne Williamson
Glen & Anne Nyman
In memory of Mike Foley
Glenn Shirley
Gloria Martin
Gonzalo Reyes
Grace Bostelman
Grace Geske
Grace King
Class of 2028
Grace Woodward
Grant Koerner
Greg Passini
It's amazing to see what a dedicated group of people can accomplish to continue the success of Newman.
Gregory & Susan Thome
Grennan and Naughton Family
Haleigh Dale
Haley Chad
In memory of Nicholas Haley
Class of 1996
Hannah Britt
Hannah Egan
Harry Forehand
Heather Widolff
Helen Gambel
Howard & Teresa Craft
Hugh F. Miller Insurance Agency, Inc.
Hunter Luyando
Roll on Big Blue
Irene McCourt
Isabel Rodriguez
Isaiah Williams
Ivy Rogers
Izzy Allen
JR & Danielle Reed
Jace Murphy
There is no place like Newman Central Catholic High School!
Jack and Kelle Frymire
Jackson Graham
Jackson Pasley
Jacob Ackman
Jacob Terveer
Jacob Williams
Jacqueline Neville
Jacquelyn Ackert
James & Carol Nieman
James & Carol Nieman
In memory of Monsignor Wm. Schwartz
James & Karen Boesen
James & Karen Nelson
James & Yvonne Ditsch
James Ackert
James Boesen
James Dugan
Great friends, great environment, the best of the best.
James Hermes
In memory of Michael J. Foley
James Kane
James Kiefer
James Preston
James Williams
James Wood
James Wood
In memory of Roger Craig Massey
He was a great boss and an even greater man. He will forever be a part of the legacy of Newman.
Jane Ann and Don Groharing
Jane Davis
In honor of All former band students. Newman "Pride" Band.
Jane Thomas
In memory of Max Thomas
Janet Herlehy
Jason & Abby Williamson
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Jason Graham
Jean Schutt
Jeanette Schinderling
Jedh Valida
Jeff & Susie LeMay
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Jeff Payne
Jeffrey & Jennifer Thormeyer
Jeffrey & Pamela Bryan
Jenna Jones
Jenni Medema-DeMay
Jennifer Koehler
Jennifer Kolb
Jennifer Morse
In honor of My sister, Mary Jo who graduated in 1997. You are forever in our hearts.
Jennifer Rowzee
Jerry & Margaret McDonnell
In memory of Matt McDonald
Jerry Mulderink
Jessica Peterson
In honor of Lori TerBush
Jill Ripsky
Jim & Carol Nieman
Jim & Chris King
Jim & Marie Wendle
Jim & Sue Olson
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Jim & Sue Olson
Jim & Sue Olson
In honor of John & Helen McDonnell
Jim Hegner
Jim Kass
Jim and Maggie Wike
JoAnn Malmberg
JoEllen Johnson
JoEllen McCue
Joan Kohl
In memory of Gary Kohl
Joan Miller
Joe & Frannie Jacobs
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Joe & Teresa McCue
In honor of "Mugs" Baeza and Frank J McCue Jr
Joe Hermes
Joel & Lori Downie
Joel & Susan Burian
In memory of Elizabeth Byrnes
Joel & Susan Burian
Johannes Schneider
Johm Considine
John & Diane Schoaf
John & Donelle Ybarra
John & Jackie Zick
John & Lydia Kenney
John & Marianne Hoffmiller
John & Mary Aldrich
John & Mary Ann Golick
John & Mary Hasley
John & Roseann Bushman
John Foust
John Fritts
In memory of John F Fritts
John McCauley
John Otto Wallin
In honor of Kay Shore, Ann Shore, Susan Wallin, Jason Wallin
I consider the years I taught at Newman some of best years of my life.
John Paul & Susan Conway
John Rowzee
John Siebs
John Wessels
John Wilson
John Wollner
Johnny & Flora Whitman
Johnson Oil
Johnson Oil Co.
Jon and Martha Kophamer
Jonah & Lauren Celestino
Joselyn Reed
Joseph & Barbara Hermes
Joseph & Christie Fiorini
Joseph & Debbie Salvatori
Joseph & Emilie Deady
Joseph & Jana Clark
Joseph & Jean Welty
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Joseph & Linda Kobbeman
Joseph Clark
Joseph Fleming
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Joseph O'Neil
In honor of Debbi VanNatta, Traci Holbrook Payne, Mary Adams Hopkins and Joe Duran
Newman prepares students for Life.
Joshu Drew
Joshua Drew
Joy & Roman Gales
Joyce Haley
In memory of Nicholas L. Haley
Juanita Sharon Kane
Judith Hermes
Judy & Duane Truckenbrod
Judy A Truckenbrod
Julie Ford
Julie McCormick
June Drinkall
Justin & Christy Perino
Justin & Kim Kelly
Justin Stevenson
Kaitlyn Accardi
For the amazing students and teachers at Newman!
Kaitlyn Conderman
Kane & Sarah Gillette
Karen Anderson
Karen Didier
Karen Overcash
Katarina Verdick
Kate and Zach Bollard
Katherine Nelson
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Katherine Nelson
Katherine Nelson
Katherine and Mark Chavera
We 💙 Newman!
Kathleen Williams
Kathy Hoffmiller
Go Big Blue!
Kathy Howard
Katie Brown
Katie McCarthy
Katie Murray
Katie Pilgrim
Katy Selmi
Katy Selmi
MaryKay Downs Class of 2025 $40 donation, Andrew Downs $40 donation class of 2024 Newman Class Challenges
Kayci & Nate Terveer
Kayla & Doug Brown
Kaylee Benyo
Kazimieras Grazulis
Keith & Phyllis Lape
In memory of Elizabeth Byrnes
Kelley Snyder
Kelli Chambers
Kelly & Joan Wahl-Cushing
Kelly Slain
Kelly and Michelle Hodge
Kelly’s Restaurant Inc.
Ken Fritz
In honor of Bob Zinanni
Go Comets!
Kennedi Shippert
Kennedy Rowzee
Kenneth & Michelle Boesen
Kenneth & Sarah Willey
Kenneth Mullen
In honor of Bill Mullen, Community Catholic 54, Jim Mullen 61, Mike Mullen 65, Sue Mullen 64, Pat Venier
Kenneth Yowell
Kenny Koerner
Newman has been impactful on our family's life! Our 3 kids couldn't have gotten a better faith based education!
Kenny Koerner
Kevin & Laura Mullen
Kevin & Molly McGinn
Kevin Froeter
Kim Fields
Kim and Robyn Quaco
Knights of Columbus #690
Kory Mullen
Kristin Siebs Campbell
In memory of Mike, Stan, Jube, Gary & Dan
Kurtis Downs
Kyle & Corrine Ackman
In memory of Ken Schaefer
L.A. Chavera
La Verne Fritz
LaVern & Linda Cook
Larry & Annette Van Landuit
Larry & Marcia Ybarra
Larry & Mary McCormick
Larry & Tanaya Cook
Larry Villa
In memory of Manuel Villa/Father
Dad told me never tell people how good you are. If are good they will tell you
Larry Ybarra
Larry and Ann Prindaville
Laura Rude
Laurel Chavera
💙 Newman
Lauren Celestino
Lauren Fredette
In honor of The Newman Giving Day team!
You are an inspiration to all of us!!
Lauren Wilson
Lauryn Francque
Lawrence R Jurkens
In honor of The Jurkens family
Layla Young
Leah Kalina
Leon & Renee Heires
Lexi Allen
Linda Corwell
Linda Hittenmiller
Linda Martin
Linda Van Der Leest
Linda Van Der Leest
In memory of Monsignor Schwartz
Linnea Wilson
Lisa Cook
Lisa Cook
Lisa Magnafici
Liz & Bill Byrnes
In memory of Elizabeth Byrnes my wife
Liz Byrnes
Logan Devine
Lois & Shelby Rowzee
Lois & Shelby Rowzee
Lois Oberle
LuAnn Meyer
Lucas Terveer
Luck on 1st Gaming
Lucy Oetting
Mac Hanrahan
Macie Rosengren
Madelynn Taylor-Steffens
Madison Craft
Makenzie Duhon
Marcia Schreiber
Thank you
Marcia Zerull
Mardi Ybarra
Margaret Long
Margaret Peg Hoffmiller
Margaret Shanley
Margaret Trepton
In memory of Monsignor Wm. Schwartz
Marge Olson
Margo Reaver
Marian Harrison
In memory of James Harrison Class of '52
Mariana & Ricardo Hernandez
Mario Passini
Mark & Karen Hurley
Mark & Melanie Fowler
In memory of Elizabeth Byrnes
Mark & Melanie Fowler
Mark & Noelle Papoccia
Mark Chamberlain
Mark Heeren
Let’s go Blue Machine 💙
Mark Mulderink
Marlyn Rosengren
Martha Dailey
Martin & Paula Passini
Marty Fitzgerald
Marvin & Pam Reyes
Marvin STERN
Mary Adam
Mary Ann Brown
Mary Fritts
Mary Jagers
Mary Kay (Wolf) Berjohn
In memory of My deceased classmates
Thanks for all you do to help the youth of tomorrow see the value in making this world a better place and doing their part!
Mary Kay McCue
Mary Matthews
Mary McCue
Mary Petersen
Mary Ramos
Mary Stefano
Mary Stefano
In honor of Liz Hinueber Byrnes
In memory of Liz Hinueber Byrnes
Mary Sue & Jeff Neubauer
Mary Sue Neubauer
Proud Graduate of Class of '81
Mary Walter
Mary and David Stefano
Mason Mulderink
In memory of Grandpa Ed
Matt and Melanie Selmi
We proudly support our Newman community
Matt and Sara Karlson
Matthew & Bernadette Hermes
In honor of Joe & Pauline Hermes, Ed & Lucille Grennan, Mary Jo, Frank McCue Jr.
In memory of Joe & Pauline Hermes, Ed & Lucille Grennan, Mary Jo, Frank Mc
Matthew Clemen
Matthew Murray
Matthew and Melissa Fredericks
Maxwell '23 DeForest
McDonald Funeral Homes, Inc.
McDonald Sauk Valley Properties Inc.
McKelvey Olson
Megan & Ryan Dawson
Megan Hiner
Megan Larson
Meghan Edwards
Mia Trujillo
Michael & Kay Rude
Michael & Mary Papoccia
Michael & Sue Gerberi
Michael & Susan Savat
In memory of Elizabeth Byrnes
Michael Ely
Michael Foley
Michael Kapp
In honor of Harry L. Kapp
Michael Kapp
In honor of Coach Dick Siebs
Thank you Coach Siebs for your dedication to developing us as athletes and good Catholic men.
Michael Mills
My parents sacrificed to send 5 kids to Newman I will always appreciate there sacrifices!
Michael Morse
Michael ONeil
Michael Padilla
In honor of Class of 1978
Michael Setchell
Michael Terveer
Michael Zolli and Haylie Zolli
In memory of Art Johnson and Dan Johnson
Michele Weber
In memory of my brother, Tim Mills, class of 1989
Michelle Halgren Corey Conderman
Michelle and Steven Brunswick
Mike & Betsy McBride
Mike & Gina Grennan
Mike & Gina Grennan
Mike & Grennan
Mike & Jaclyn Sprague
Mike & Lindy LeMay
Mike & Mary Jane Verhulst
Mike & Sue Mullen
Mike Ackley
In honor of Class of 1975
Mike Ackley
In honor of Frank McCue
Mike and Caitlin Seeley
Mike and Lyndi LeMay
Roll On!
Mike and Sue Shippert
Mike&Mary Papoccia
In honor of Helen,Tony,Tony, Nancy
our children are our most successful accomplishments and Newman was certainly helpful in this !!
Missy Rhodes
Molly Olson
Monte & Kylie Sunday
Morgan Natsis
Most Reverend David Malloy, Bishop of Rockford
Msgr. Dan Hermes
Keep up the great work!
Mykala Mulderink
Nancy Heltemes
Nelson Scholarship
Nancy Heltemes
Come on Class of ‘83!
Nancy McGinn
Nate & Judy Accardi
Nate Hermes
Nate and Jessie Mason
There is nothing like the Newman family!
Nate, Lauren, and Benjamin Ackert
Nathaniel Burger
Nellie Burke
Nesper Employees
Nguyen Nguyen Inc
In memory of Carol Nguyen
Nichole Blackert
Nick Rude
Nik Nardini
Noah & Elizabeth Leffelman
Noel & Iris Dicks
In memory of Elizabeth Byrnes
Olivia Clark
Olivia Mulderink
In memory of Grandpa Ed
PLN Consulting
Go Comets!
Parker Hanrahan
Parker Strommen
Blue Machine! 💙
Pat & Cathy McAllister
Pat & Susan Lendman
Patricia D Zigler
In memory of Heather Zigler
Patricia Lorenz
Patricia Zigler
Patrick & Jacqueline Warkins
Patrick & Karla Grennan
In memory of Matt McDonald
Patrick and Meghan King
In honor of Stuart Keller
Patty Clark
Paul & Barbara Hermes
Paul & Julie Coskie
Paul & Sara Magnafici
Paul & Sara Magnafici
In honor of The Newman Family 💙
Paul M Vinson
Paul Vock
PaulBarbara Hermes
In memory of Mary Jo Hermes Tsokolas
Praying for a successful campaign!
Paula Passini Lamberth
Payton Hanna
Peggy Carlson
Peggy Shanley
In honor of William & Jane Lawler
Penny Mallo
Peter & Kathleen Kaup
Phil & Donna Garland
Phillip Wahl
Piper Grazulis
Rachel Svancarek
In memory of The deceased family members of the Naughton and Grennan families
Ramsey and Connie Mason
Go Comets!
Randal & Collen Scholer
Randy & Concha Sitter
Raul y Raquel Reyes
Ray & Cindy Neisewander
Ray and Lori Gutierrez
Raymond & Janelle Sharp
Raymond & Sara Ribordy
Raymond & Suzanne Tkach
Rebecca (VanCoillie) Poulter
In memory of Dan & Pat VanCoillie
Rebecca Boesen
Go Comets!
Reeley Contractors LLC
Reginald Wollek
Rhett Oetting
Richard & Barbara Kobbeman
Richard & Donna Hermes
Richard & Nancy Fortman
Richard & Sandra Nowatka
Richard Egan
Richard Webber
In memory of Richard Webber (Senior) and Ronald Webber (1972)
This donation is for the Webber Family Scholarship
Richard and Carol Baumann
Our six children were very prepared for the next step in their education. Catholic values were taught and put into action as they progressed through their four years at Newman.
Richard and Vicki Siebs
In honor of Pat VanCoillie
Pat VanCoillie was an incredible contributor to Newman Central Catholic as the spouse of her husband, Chemistry and Physics Teacher, Dan; as a parent to Sean and Rebecca: and, as the secretary to the principal for seven years. She walked her talk as member of the Catholic Church. Thank you, Pat.
Rick Conneely
Riley Mason
Rita Henkel
Rob & Shellie Luyando
Rob Sprungman
Robert & Amy Rosengren
Robert Arduini
Robert Freitag & Kimberly Koehler
Robin & Timothy Herchenbach
Rochelle Ready
Roger & Evelyn Petitgoue
Roger Peterson
Ronald & Colleen O'Brien
Ronald Blaine
Rory King
Class of 2030
Rosemary Grennan
Rosemary Mason
Rosemary Somers
Ross & Patti Sword
Russell & Regina Egan
Ryan & Deb Kelly
Ryan & Debbi Kelly
Proud to continue the support of Newman.
Ryan & Jennifer Oetting
In memory of Ken Schaefer
Ryan & Jennifer Oetting
Ryan & Jennifer Oetting
In memory of The deceased family members of the Naughton and Grennan families.
Ryan & Trinette Decker
Ryan Heuerman
Ryan Partington
Ryan Reyes
Ryan Sotelo
Great school; wonderful community.
Ryan Welty
Ryan and Ashley Murphy
Ryne & Chandra Howard
Sally Kelly
Sally Kelly
Sam Francque
Sam Neisewander
In honor of Gehrig
Sam Ramirez
Samantha Ackman
Samantha Harris
Newman is the best! :)
Samuel Gallardo
Proud to support! Keep going with faith, hope, and love
Sandra Ivey
Love the families of Newman
Sarah Hahrem
Sarah Kamens
Sasser Family Companies
Sauk Valley Bank
Scott & Audra Buckner
Scott & Meg Schultz
In memory of the deceased family members of the Naughton and Grennan families.
Scott and Marcy Lenox
Shannon Kelly
Shari Mehlhoff
Sharon & Howard Geske