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Aaron/Tara Propheter
Abby & Jason Williamson
Accardi Andy & Elizabeth
Adele Castillo Eklund
In honor of Dan and Art Johnson
Hoping this helps the Legacy Challenge meet its goal. 'Enjoyed celebrating my 50th class reunion this last summer.
Alani Cook
Alexander and Kennedy DeForest
Alice Ports
Alva Wise
Alvarado Plumbing, Inc.
Go Blue Machine!
Amy Stuker Pearson
In memory of Traci Holbrook Payne, Mary Adams Hopkins and Deb VanNatta
Thankful for the times spent at Newman and the lifelong friendships!
Andrea Canas
For the students and wonderful teachers/staff! You are appreciated!
Andrea Thompson
In honor of Elizabeth And Frank McCue and Marcia McCue Zerull
Andrew & Elizabeth Foster
Andrew Olson
Andrew and Maggie Olson donating in honor of the great teachers we had at Newman: Mrs. Wade, Mr. Stanley, Mr. Keller, and Mr. Chidley. And for continued support of the current staff.
Andrew Wilson
Anita & Dan Carney
Ann McCue Jefferies
In honor of Elizabeth McCue
Ann Stahl
Anne Berges Pillai
Anne Delhotal
In memory of William Delhotal
Anne Mayberry
Thanks to everyone for their help for Newman
Anne Noble
Anthony & Laura Hermes
In memory of Ed Hermes 1959
In memorial of Ed Hermes
Anthony Clary
Arlyn & Betty Oetting
Ashley Kirkland
In honor of Alumni Elizabeth McCue and Robert McCue
Ashley Murphy
Audrey Dekker
Bailey Oetting
Barry & Nancy Passini
In loving memory of Peggy Propheter '74
Becky Latta
Bernice Passini
Beth & Bill Wilson
Beth Miller
Beth Vandersnick
Betty Snitchler
In memory of In memory of my brother, Raymond D. Verdick class of 1964
Bill & Mary Ann Ackert
Bill and Donna Lawler
Bob & Judy EDISON
In honor of Mrs Propheter who had a profound influence on my sons
Bob and Mardelle Slain
Bobbi Adams
In honor of In honor of The Papoccia family
Breck & sheri loos
We want to help our community to continue to grow.
Brett Papoccia
Special place that is full of great people and provides a family atmosphere!
Brian & Rebecca Garland
Brian Verdick
Brody Ivey
for mags
Brody Rude
Bruce Terveer
Caitlin Foust
Carl & Diana Wade
Carla (Mcdonald) Griffin
In honor of Joseph C. McDonald ‘55
Always proud to say I graduated from NCCHS!
Carol Blackburn
In honor of Connie Blackburn Kendell
Carrie (Siebs) Zerillo
Carrie Long Emmons
In honor of Matt Hoffmiller
Former teacher at NCCHS. I loved my years at Newman!
Cary McCue
In honor of Elizabeth McCue
Cassidy Wilson
Catalina Desmond
Catherine Frymire
In honor of Richard Long
Catherine Tredway
In honor of Beth Summers
To long friendships founded at Newman
Cean Staelens Embrey
Chad Haley
In memory of Nicholas L. Haley Class of 1996
Go Comets!
Charles Pratt
Chris Rico
Chris Somers
Christine (Nelson) Pogue
Cindy Neisewander
Cindy and Jeremy Castle
Class of 1971
In memory of Our classmates who are no longer with us. Class of 71.
Clay Jungerman
Clay and Betsy Partington
It’s all for the students! Go Comets!
Clint and Jane Jungerman
For the love of our students ❤️
Colleen Steffens
Connie and Frank Selmi
Connor McBride
Corey Conderman
Corrinne E Ackman
We are so thankful to be a part of this beautiful Newman community 💙 go big blue 💙
DJ & Jenna Jones
Dan Danreiter
Class of 1990
Dan Nieman
Daniel McCue
Danny & Sandra Ivey
In memory of Grandma Pat O'Brien '58
Darrell & Nancy Holbrook
In memory of Traci Holbrook Payne '84
Daryl Dieterle
Dave & Beth Summers
Dave & Valerie Scudder
Dave Sanders
Dave Steph Hanrahan
David & Lorraine Wahl
In memory of Martin Papoccia
David & Susan Dempsey
David Eyrich
David Eyrich
In honor of Jean McKenna-Eyrich
David and Carla DeForest
Celebrate a day full of Faith and Family. Newman is a special place for many.
David and Sue Ely
In honor of Papoccia Family
Deb Murphy
Debbie Abrams
In memory of Joyce McGinn
Deborah Cheshier
Dennis & Joan Hermes
In memory of Hugh & Betty Miller
Dennis & Patricia Aldrich
Dennis Dombroski
Diana Healy
In honor of Deceased members of the Class of 1978
My 45th year class reunion is in 2023 which is also the same year my youngest will graduate from Newman. I am thankful that the doors are still open here at Newman Central Catholic High School!
Diana Hellmann
In memory of Richard Long
Diane Reeley
Dick and Carol Baumann
We support Newman High School In thanksgiving for an excellent education for our children.
Dixon Glass Company, Inc.
Don Mower
Don and Betsy Molitor
Donna Spencer
In honor of Robert E. Sollars, Community Class of 1939
I believe in Newman High School and the Christ-centered education it offers. I am proud to be a teacher here.
Donna Wolf
Doug and Mary Pat Fitzgerald
Newman is a great school that my family has been the beneficiary of for three generations!
Douglas Craft
In honor of Eileen Craft
Mom loved Newman
Douglas Lee
Downie & Associates CPA's P.C.
Dr. Kenneth A. Yowell
Drew Ackman
Drew Ackman
In honor of Mary Jo Hermes Tsokolas
Dugan & Allie Repass
Edward & Judi Bartel
Edward Martinez
In honor of Joe Bybee
Many fond memories
Edward Schweiss
Elizabeth Branz
Elizabeth DeForest
Elizabeth Hoffman
Elizabeth McCue
Elle Koerner
Ellen Nieman
Emilie Deady
In honor of Margaret Naughton Grennan
Peggy was a true Newman person
Erica Padilla
Erin Kelly
In honor of Elizabeth McCue
good luck
Fran Mascari
G. Richard McKee
In memory of Peggy Grennan
Gary Poci
In honor of in honor of NHS class of 1970
Gary and Annette Velasquez
Gehrig Koerner
Gene & Nancy Hafner
George & Linda Logan
Gerry & Dianne Williamson
Gerry Bartolomei
Gerry alumni ‘78 and Paula Bartolomei in honor of the Bartolomei family
Gina Wither
Ginny Propheter
Grace Bostelman
Grant Koerner
Greg & Beth Wahl
Greg Passini
Gregory & Susan Thome
In memory of Barb Thome, Class of '70
Harry Forehand
In gratitude for providing me an opportunity for my four years of catholic education
Helen Gambel
Hollis Primary School
In memory of Francis Shippert
Sending our deepest sympathy to the Shippert Family. Sincerely, The Hollis Primary School Sunshine Fund Members
Hugh Conway
In honor of Regina Marie Conway
In loving memory of Regina Marie Conway.
Jace Murphy
Jack Crisham Family Dental
Jack Frymire
Jacob Donald
Jacob Terveer
Jacob and Deanna Williams
Jacqueline Neville
Jacquelyn Ackert
Jake Ackman
James & Karen Nelson
James Hegner
We have been members of the Newman community for 26 years and have enjoyed every moment. Kim and Jim Hegner
James Kane
In memory of Ann and Frank Kane
James Wood
Our students are worth it.
Jan Williams
Jane Davis
Janet Steinhagen
Jay & Susan Howell
From the Howell Family
Jean & Randy Schutt
Jean Hermes
Jeanne Powers
In honor of Saint John Henry Newman, pray for us.
Jeff Lemay
Because they helped mold all of our children. And we bleed blue. We love this Newman family
Jeff Payne
Jeff and julia Kelly
Jen Wildes
Forever grateful to be a part of the Newman family.
Jenna Engelking
Jenni Demay
Jennifer Morse
In honor of My niece and Goddaughter, Samantha Ackman
Jessica & Randy Peterson
In honor of Our Parents Lori & Robert TerBush for all the sacrifice so that myself and my siblings were able to attend Newman
So much gratitude for the Newman Family and Catholic education that helped shape myself and my sibling and continue to grow on in our children!❤️
Jim & Carol Nieman
Jim & Chris King
Jim & Danielle Reed
Jim Kass
In memory of Patricia Fitzgerald-Kass
Great School/Education
Jim Molitor
JoEllen McCue
In honor of In gratitude of the quality education & valuable experiences for my children & grandchildren.
Joan Lendman Padawan
In memory of Bob Lendman, Class of 1958
Joan Miller
Joanne O'Brien
In memory of the Nieman, Tifft and Papoccia family members.
Joanne Papoccia
In memory of Mart Papoccia
Jodie Britt
Joel & Lori Downie
John & Diane Schoaf
John & Donelle Ybarra
John & Mary Aldrich
John Czerwionka
John Dawson
John Foust
John Hermes
John M. Sier
A great foundation
John McCauley
In memory of Arnold McCauley
John Paul Golick
Johnson Oil Company
In memory of Art and Dan '72 Johnson
Jonathan Rhodes
Joselyn Reed
In honor of My parents and sacrifices they made to give me a Catholic education
Joseph & Teresa McCue
In honor of Betty McCue - Happy 102nd Birthday Mom! We love you! Thank you Newman for the great education our brothers and sisters, our children and now our grandchildren have received and are receiving. May God bless & watch over the faculty, staff, students and alumni!
The videos posted on the Newman website leading up to the Day of Giving were great. Fr. Paul White's was a reminder of what Newman means as a family, especially the part regarding Jerry McGinn. Thank you Fr. Paul for such a profound example.
Joseph Clark
Joseph McGrath
Love being a alumni, and proud of it.
Joseph O'Neil
In honor of Debbie, Mary & Traci
Remembering the past by preparing for the future.
Joseph Welty
Juanita S Kane
Judy A Truckenbrod
Judy, Caleb & Carson Grennan
In memory of Daryl Grennan
Daryl always had the best Newman wrestling stories ❤️ Thank you Newman for all you do for these kids.
Julie Corwell-Ford
Julie Rose-Hader
Justin & Christy Perino
Justin Stevenson
Kaitlyn Accardi
For my former teachers now turned coworkers!
Kaitlyn McGinn
Kane & Sarah Gillette
Karl & Jennifer Koehler
Kate Bollard (Baumann)
Kate Woodward
Katherine Chavera
So grateful for our wonderful Catholic school and the beautiful person Laurel is due to this faith filled environment!
Kathleen Hoffmiller
Kathleen Williams
In memory of my brother, Bill Blair, Class of '71
Kathy Green
Kathy Henson
Kathy Kaup
In honor of Kay & Vic Beien class of 38 who saw to it that myself , my sister & four brothers all received the same high quality education as they did!
Kathy Say
In memory of Dan & Art Johnson
Katie Brown
Katie Grossmann
Katie Pilgrim
Newman is a very special place, that will always remain dear to my heart. The Newman family extends beyond a graduation date, means more than any trophy, and always lifts up its members in every way possible.
Katy Selmi
May all the traditions continue for many generations to come. Faith. Family. Friends.
Kay Jungerman
In honor of Ana and George Jungerman
Kayla Brown
In honor of Margaret "Peggy" Grennan
Kelly Slain
Kelly’s Restaurant
Ken and Danis Bobbe
Kenneth Mullen
In honor of Bill Mullen, Community Catholic 54, Jim Mullen 61, Mike Mullen 65, Sue Mullen 64
In honor of Bill Mullen, Community Catholic 54, Jim Mullen 61, Mike Mullen 65, Sue Mullen 64
Kenny and Rebecca Koerner
Newman Catholic was the best decision we made for our 3 children!!!
Kevin & Laurie (Anderson) Mullen
Kevin & Molly McGinn
Kevin & Nicole Tessendorf
Kevin Carrino
Kevin Froeter
Kim Quaco
In honor of Dan Johnson
In memory of Dan Johnson
Kimball and Lynette Thompson
In memory of Daniel B Johnson, MD
Kimberly Fields
Kory Mullen
Kristen Lynch
In honor of Audra Nelson '87
Kurtis Downs
LaVern & Linda Cook
LaVerne Fritz
Larry & Ann Prindaville
Larry & Annette Van Landuit
Larry & Carol See
Larry & Mardi Ybarra
In honor of Newman Baseball
Larry & Tanaya Cook
Laura Feldner
In honor of Betty McCue
My Grandma McCue has such strong faith and recently celebrated her 102nd birthday. My donation is in honor of her - love her so much! ❤️
Laura Ford
Laura Turnroth Rude
Laurel Chavera
Roll on Blue Machine 💫
Lauren Fredette
In honor of Jen, Paula, Ryan and Trish
Let's Go Newman!!!
Lawrence Furey/Partners in Mission
Lawrence R Jurkens
Lenore Sparapani
Linda Corwell
Linda Hittenmiller
Linda Van Der Leest
Lisa Cook
Lisa Magnafici
Lucas Terveer
Luck on 1st Gaming
Luke Ely
Lupe Larson
Lydia Kenney
Madalyn Wilson
Madison Craft
Maggie & Jim Wike
Marcia Mintun
In memory of Todd A Froeter
In honor of Frank & Betty McCue
Maria Westwood
Mariana Rojas
Marianne & John HOFFMILLER
Mario Passini
Marjorie Olson
Mark & Jennifer Rowzee
Mark & Melanie Fowler
Mark & Noelle Papoccia
Marlyn Rosengren
Martha Dailey
Martin & Paula Passini
In honor of Our School Students and Staff
Martin Papoccia Family
Marty Fitzgerald
Marvin & Pam Reyes
Mary Adam
I am grateful for the education I received at Newman.
Mary Ann Nix Brown
The friends I made in high school remain lifelong friends. Keep up the good work, Newman!
Mary Cunniff-Jagers
In memory of Mike Cunniff '67 and Philip Cunniff '69
Mary Fritts
Mary Hutchison
Mary Jane Verhulst
In honor of Wesley and Emma Verhulst
Mary Kay (Wolf) Berjohn
In honor of my parents, Francis & Amelia Wolf
Thanks to all who have contributed to the excellent educations Newman students have received!
Mary Kay McCue
Mary Pat Garland
We are proud to be alumni of this great school. At this time, our fourth generation is attending as a senior, class of 2023. On behalf of the Chapinski/Garland families, good luck in this endeavor.
Mary Sue Neubauer
I loved my class, the friends I made, and my teachers!
Mary Vargas Ramos
In memory of my parents. Ambrose and Delia Vargas
Mary and Craig Hurd
MaryLouise Angone
Matt & Bernadette Hermes
Matt and Melissa Fredericks
Matt and Nancy Olson
Matthew and Melanie Selmi
Thanks to all who continue to work so hard to keep Newman a special place.
McCormick's Nursery & Landscaping
McDonald Funeral Home, McDonald Sauk Valley Properties
As a community of believers, we need to continue the legacy and commitment of those who had sacrificed their time, talent and treasure to assure a Christ centered Catholic education to all.
Megan Larson
Meghan Edwards
Meghan King
In honor of Stuart Keller
Melissa Schreiner
Michael & Barbara Downey
Michael & Mary Papoccia
In honor of Papoccia Family
Michael & Veronica Edwards
In memory of Hugh and Elizabeth Miller
Michael Cheshier
Michael Cheshier
In honor of Dorothy Cheshier
Michael Ely
Michael Foley
In memory of Joe bybee
Michael Kapp
In memory of Harry L. Kapp
My parents Harry and Margaret sacrificed for us to be able to get a Catholic Education in a great environment ! Thanks Mom and Dad . To all of my 1977 classmates , thank you for many great memories .
Michael Mullen
Michael Padilla
In honor of To those who have passed on, Class of ‘78
Miss you guys
Michael Terveer
Michelle Boesen
In honor of Ken Boesen ‘59
Michelle Brunswick
Michelle Grummert
Mike & Becky Henry
Mike & Gina Grennan
Mike & Jaclyn Sprague
Excited to watch our children go through Newman!
Mike Ackley
Mike Eberley
Mike LeMay
Proud to be a part of tremendous place, full of tradition and excellence! Roll on Blue Machine!
Mike Molitor
Mike Sprungman
In honor of Bob and Marianne Sprungman
Myself, my 4 sisters and brother attended Newman and my parents were boosters. Now we have a niece and nephew attending Newman. Hopefully donating will help those who need help with the tuition. Go Comets !!
Mike and Caitlin Seeley
Mike and Haylie Zolli
In Memory of Art Johnson and Dan Johnson
Missy Rhodes
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Monte & Kylie Sunday
Morgan (Edwards) Natsis
Morgan Ely
Msgr. Daniel Hermes
Nancy McDonnell
Nancy McGinn
Nancy Passini
In honor of Chuck Rosenberry
Nate and Kayci Terveer
Nathaniel Nguyen
Nick Rude
Noah & Elizabeth Leffelman
Owen McBride
Pam Deaton
Pat Bartel
Pat Tschosik
Pat Zigler
Patricia Hinshaw
In honor of Bob Bradley Sr.
So thankful for my Catholic education! Shine on Newman!
Patricia VanCoillie
In honor of Daniel P. VanCoillie
Dan was a teacher at Newman for seven years, and I was Administrative Assistant to Richard Siebs for six years. Good Luck in raising the money for this wonderful school.
Patrick & Jacqueline Warkins
Patrick Hermes
Patty Clark
Paul & Julie Coskie
Paul & Sara Magnafici
In honor of Fr. Paul Lipinski & Fr. Paul White
“In this great future, you can’t forget your past.” - Bob Marley
Paul Bartolomei
Paul Vock
Paul White
You are doing great work!
Paul and Barb Hermes
In memory of Mary Jo Hermes
Thank you Newman for providing education and opportunities for 4 generations of our family!
Peggy Carlson
In memory of Susan Chamberlain Henkel
Peggy Lobello
Great School -
Peggy Shanley
Phyllis Hannan
Rachel Heiderscheit
Raul y Raquel Reyes Zamora
Raymond & Sara Ribordy
Raymond Jr. & Christie Villa
Reghan (Edwards) Reuter
Rex Meyer
Rhett Oetting
Richard and Donna Hermes
Richard and Vicki Siebs
In memory of Peggy Grennan
Rob Sprungman
Robert & Amy Rosengren
Robert Arduini
Robert and Amanda Wahl
Ron Blaine
Ronah Jungerman
Rosemary Somers
Ross & Patti Sword
Ryan & Debbi Kelly
In honor of Betty McCue (Grandma/Great Grandma)
Ryan & Jennifer(Grennan) Oetting
In honor of The amazing staff at Newman! They work hard to educate our children in a Catholic environment and do not get the recognition they deserve. Thank you for all that you do for Newman and for continuing the legacy!
Thank you to all the teachers and administrators (Mr. Siebs) I had in high school! Blessed to be here! Let's Go Class of '88!
Ryan Decker
Ryan McGinn
Ryan Reyes
Ryan Sotelo
In honor of Lois Frank
Small school. Big ♥
Ryan and Danika Olson
Sally Brady
Sally Kelly
Sam Ramirez
Sarah Kamens
Sarah Willey
In honor of Paul, Dorothy, and Charlie Miller
Newman supported the faith foundation given to me by my parents.
Scott & Marcy Lenox
Scott & Meg Schultz
Scudder Family
In memory of Joe Bybbe '62
Selmi's Farm
In honor of Art and Mary Selmi
Shawn & Sarah Zigler
Shelby Duke
Shelly Crownhart
Dan and I love the education that our two oldest daughters have received and our youngest daughter is receiving.
Stacey Studer
Steel River Systems
Stephanie Neubauer
Sterling KC's
Steve Olhava
In honor of Will Rude
Sue and Jim Olson
In honor of our daughter, son and former students who teach in Catholic schools
Susan Gattis
Susan Lendman
Susie Knudson
In memory of Jody Sunday
Sycamore/DeKalb Glass Co. LLC
In honor of Bill/Phyllis Lendman
It is an honor to support such a fine school that honors our Catholic Faith and our Lord. Thankyou! Amen! God Bless!!!
Teresa Craft
Terry and Jackie Brown
In honor of Jackie (Weaver) Brown
Terry and Jackie Brown
In honor of Jacqueline Brown
Theresa Swanson
Theresa Thome
In memory of Barb Thome, Class of '70
Therese & Don Wood
Therese & Mike Candella
Thomas & Heather Grennan
Thomas & Lisa Nieman
Thomas Powers
In honor of Loosening up and having a good time
This money is to go towards an ice cream machine for the students. Or Mr. Sotelos raise I’ll allow that too. He deserves it
Tim & Ann Propheter
In honor of Megan Propheter
In memory of Megan Propheter
Happy Birthday in 4 days Meg never did say you were leaving mom and dad miss you a lot
Tim Hammes
Tim Somers
Tim and Mary Beth Oswalt
Newman has been an integral part of our family’s life for almost 20 years
Timothy Determan
Timothy Mooney
Timothy ONeil
In honor of Those who died from our class Bill Craft, Theresa Groh, Ed Friel, Jim McBride, Mike Burke and Kevin Brightman
Todd Francque Family
Tom & Andrea McGinn
Tom & Paula DuBois
Thank you to the past and present teachers and staff for their unmatched dedication, support and sacrifices in providing a great Catholic education at Newman High School.
Tom Cook
Tom and Rossana Chimileski (Barajas)
Tony and Christine Roy
In honor of Frank Shippert
We love you and miss you, Uncle Frank.
Tracee Roberts
In honor of Traci Holbrook-Payne
Tricia Vorhees
Grateful, thankful and blessed to be a part of the Newman Central Catholic Community!
Virginia Johnson
In honor of Dan Johnson '72
In memory of Dan Johnson '72
Wanda Clary
William Cheng
Young Song
Zachary DeForest
John Siebs
In honor of Jerry McGinn
John ferris
In honor of Dr. John F Ferris - class of 1938, father of 5 Newman grads.
Maurice possley
Nathan neubauer
Stephen Hermes
In honor of The Hermes family
From our family to the Newman family.
Thanks teachers for all your hard work!
In honor of My parents
In memory of Kenneth and Helen Boesen, Ken, Bill, Joanne, Marian Boesen and Mary Kay (Boesen) Zinanni
In honor of Paula and the whole team at Newman!
Thank you Newman for all you do for our students, families & community!
In honor of William and Patricia Eberley
For the Gentlemans club!!!
Every child deserves a great education and Newman is a great example of what education should be.
In honor of Class of 2009
In memory of Maxx Hubbard
Thank you to all of the teachers, coaches, and staff who selflessly give their time, energy, and expertise for the betterment of the school and the future generation of leaders. Go Comets!
Newman is a tremendous asset to our community
Making the move to Newman was a blessing! God bless all of you!
Class of 1998💙💙

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Tony and Christine Roy
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In honor of Frank Shippert
We love you and miss you, Uncle Frank.
Audrey DekkerParent ’70, ’73, ’77
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Hollis Primary School
Supported 2 months ago
In memory of Francis Shippert
Sending our deepest sympathy to the Shippert Family. Sincerely, The Hollis Primary School Sunshine Fund Members
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Raymond Jr. & Christie VillaAlumni ’62
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McCormick's Nursery & Landscaping
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