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May Term reflects MKA’s highest aspirations for our graduating class: it offers them some of the freedom they will experience in the future, encourages them to pursue a passion, asks them to take responsibility for their own learning, and implores them to engage with the world.

Some students use May Term to try out a possible career path or to explore an area of interest related to their projected college major. Some use the time to work in an area of expertise on which they could not fully focus during the busy high school years. For others, it’s a chance to give back to a community or a cause, to contribute meaningfully to a local organization, or to return to MKA’s Brookside campus as a teacher’s assistant.

Support our students as they work on their May Term projects this month! Your gift will make a difference in the lives of our students as they work within our community to make a positive difference. GO COUGARS!

The outcome of May Term is pretty much my entire career… From there, all doors opened up as I had experience working at one of the largest record labels in the world before I even started college.

– Michael Braun ‘01

May Term isn’t simply the ‘butterfly stage’ of the MKA life cycle. Somehow, it’s also a reversal of that life cycle — butterfly becoming pupa becoming larva becoming egg. Somehow, it’s also a return to essence and purest potential.

– Jessie Chase ‘11

I was able to make the experience whatever I wanted it to be.

– Kelsey O’Connor ‘14

So far I have learned to always ask for honest feed back even if it is hard to hear.

– Ahmed ‘18

Kudos to Ahmed!!!! 🤗 From MKA and my education beyond, I learned that a mentor can guide you through your professional and personal pursuits. For me, opening up my preschool has been like waiting for a wild fruit 🍓🥑🍌 to perfectly ripen because I not only have to have patience with myself but also to have fun with the arduous process of achieving my dreams! Be honest and either learn what you don’t know📚 or ask for help! Don’t be afraid to be vibrant like a unicorn🦄🌞🌈 and to follow a positive path and your purpose passionately. Adopt, adapt, and adjust!

– Akhabue ‘03

So far I have learned to save my projects frequently in case Ableton Live crashes.

– Alexander ‘18

So far I have learned that it’s much harder to write the ending of a story than the beginning.

– Matt ‘18

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

– Ethan ‘18

So far I have learned that it is super hard to find journalists who are open to being interviewed.

– Meghna ‘18

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