Pulling Together for Millbrook's Giving Day


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All (565)
Abbe Egan
Abby Malin
In memory of Alex Bullock Olsen, Nick Stroud, Allen Stewart, Chelsea Morrison
Alan Tousignant
In honor of Dr. Sis Roberts
In memory of Sis Roberts
Albert Trezza
Alex Harvey
Alex Pinsky
Alexander Barrow
Alexander Podmaniczky
Go Team Millbrook!
Alexandra Duhoski
Alexandra Fuscone
Alexis Davis
Ali Smith
Alison Baker
Alison Weiskopf
In honor of Jon downs
Alix Creel
Allison Cavanaugh
Allison Cavanaugh
Go Mustangs!
Allison Walker
Alma Rojas
Ami Patrick
Ana Spinella
In honor of Erica Shapey
For your dedication to MGVH 💕
Andrea Carnes
Andrea Maya Feigelson
Andrew Brett
Andrew Fiore
Thank you Sam Bailey for reminding me to give back to the place that gave me so much. Go Stangs!
Andrew Hernandez
Andrew Hughes
Andrew Lymm
Andrew Marsallo
Andrew Purse
Keep it up, Millbrook!
Andrew Reis
Andrew Williamson
Andy M Donaldson
Ann Groat
In memory of Stephen P Groat '64
Ann Machado
In memory of Noah Hotchkiss
Anna Birnbaum
Anna Carter
Anna Martucci
Anna Rose Menken
Annabella Vizcardo Goshen
This community is extraordinary!
Anne Fulenwider & Bryan Blatstein
Annie McCall
Anthony Wallace
April Montgomery
Arthur Anthony
Arthur Fort
Love the Millbrook community!!
Austin Urban
Austin Wand
In memory of Foch K. Wand
He foresaw that Millbrook would be good for me.
Ayumi Hosoda
B. William Dudley
Barbara Gatski
In memory of John Wilson McMullan
Barry Panicola
Beau Parent
Shoutout to my fearless class agent and all around class-act, Sam Bailey for the nudging me to support
Benjamin Ross
Bennett Ellison
Betty Phllips
My grandson David is so happy at Millbrook. He loves it there!
Blanksteen/Marsal Family
Bob and Ann Anthony
Bonnie Lodevole
Botchway Crew
Bram Lutton
Brett Serrell
Brian Coughlin
Brian Frankenfield
Brian Pecchia
In memory of Gino Pecchia
Brian Ross
Bridget Lawrence-Meigs
In honor of Jane and Jonathan Meigs
I'm am grateful for the beautiful woods and hills at Millbrook, and to the people who taught me to live "Non Sibi Sed Cunctis"!
Brooke Reed
Brooks Crossman
Bruce Huber
Burnham Moffat
Caleb King
Cameron Fernandez
In honor of Bontecou Rink
Cameron Hardy
Cameron Holbrook
Camille Abbe
Caroline Hopkins
There is no place as special!!
Caroline Reilly
Carter Berg
Cate Sinclair
Catherine Hadzima
Catherine Krug
Charles Cochran
Charles Gilbride
Charles Rutter
Charlotte Lewis
Chelsea Sinclair
Cheryl Whiting
In honor of JD Whiting ‘23 and Jake Whiting ‘26
Chris & Sue Hatfield
Chris Connelly
In memory of Coach Mike Fuller
Chris Drago
In honor of Larry Dawson
Chris Fauci
Christian Brett
Christine Norton
Christopher Bennett
Christopher Joel
In honor of Andy M and John G
Claudine Weis
Clifford Harvard
Colin Brode Donovan Wyatt
In honor of Rev. Hardy, Drew, JD98, Mr. McKinley 98, the Allen family...
and the rest of my friends and former colleagues down School Road. with gratitude from the West Coast, -cbdw
Colleen McAllister
Collin Norton
Cora MacKenzie
Craig Pecchia
Craig Tredenick
Creighton Hooker
Cydney Bare
Cynthia Flanigan
Damhnait McHugh
Dan Feigelson
Dan Kessler
Dan Skoglund
Daniel Cohen
Daniel Correia
Danielle Carolei
Danielle and Dave Guerra
Danielle and Tim Sinclair
Dante Gabiati
David Crimmins
David Dorrance
David Greenwood
In honor of Wixon & Sibyl 1996, Calder 1997
David OCallaghan
David Perlin
David Richman
In honor of Bob Anthony
David and Jane Wieder
Deborah Stanley
Del Shilkret
Dennis and Barbara DuBois
Devandria Bernard
Diane Dalton
Diane and Gary Grahling
In honor of William Grahling
Dixon Stroud
Douglas Kilzer
Douglas Zimmerman
Drew Casertano
In memory of Thomas Lovejoy '59
A dear friend and one of Millbrook's finest.
Dudley Bahlman
In honor of Neale E. Howard
Dudley Clark
Duncan Harvey
Dylan Jeannotte
Dylan Schmalz
Edward Reinoso
Egbert Leigh
Elaine Lifter
Eleanor Sednaoui
Eleni Katavolos
Eliza Cantlay
Eliza Chapman
Eliza Ellsworth
Eliza Glaister
Eliza Thorne
Elizabeth Lowe
Ella Green
Ellen Simpson
Emilie Gelinas
Emily & Robert Sanford
Emily Allen
Emily Casey
Emily Collins
Emily Crawford
Emma Gotthelf
Emma Westermann
Erica DeTraglia
Erica Shapey
In honor of Brinley Reese Freymann
Erika Malmgren
Roll Stangs!
Erin Fleming
Donations like these enabled me to attend Millbrook and have some of the best years of my life! Happy to do what I can to help others have the same opportunity.
Frances Chandor
Frederick Babcock
Gabriel Fekete
Gaby Pisano
Gavin Bennett
Geoff Davis
In honor of Robert Anthony
George Cutting
George Sayan
Georgiana Wright
Gilbert Hickox
Gilbert Orser
Gina Fuller
In memory of Michael Fuller
Giuseppe B. Commisso
Gordon Lock
Gordon Murray
In honor of James T. Wallis '47
Gordon Pennoyer
Graham Derby
Greg Levin
Gregg Osofsky
Gregory Winsor
Grier Filley
Guen Banjamin
Hajni Coon
Hannah Phillips
Keep up the great work!
Harold Chang
Harrison Bluestone
Harrison Cole
Harry Simons
Hattie Souder
To allow Millbrook to continue to thrive!
Helene Apollon
Henry Rosenberg
Henry Veguilla
To a magical place I will always remember with gratitude.
Herb Shulz
Holly Noone
Inga McKay
Isa Jubran
Isabella Puccinelli
Ishmael Brown
JJ Morrissey
JOhn Exter
JP Burlington
Roll Stangs!
Jack Choate
Jack Harlan
Jackson McLaughlin
Jacob Maren
Jacob Percival
James Beckman
James Buckley
James Cannon
In memory of Neale Howard Telescope Project
James Crystal
James Gellert
James Katavolos
Jane Cabot
Janine McAllister
Jarratt Clarke
Jason Beliveau
Jason Gifford
Jason Ludwig
Jason Weiss
Jasper Turner
Jay Dedrick
Jean Gray Mohs
Jean Wilmerding
Jean-Rene Jean-Francois
Jeffrey & Meav Ainley
Jeffrey Smith & Sarah MacWright
In honor of Jon & Erin Downs
Jen Hughes
Jennifer Bell
Jennifer Charlston
💙 Millbrook
Jennifer Drukier
Jennifer Moroney
Jennifer Ott
In memory of Devin Resler, class of 2002
Jenny Zirinsky
Jesse & James Eisenberg
Love my school!
Jessica Bennett
In honor of The zoo team and their tireless hard work to take care of the animals!
Jessie Martin
Jessie Reed
Jing Liu
Joanna Fowler Hutchinson
Joanne Lembo
Joe Raciti
John Berkey
Love you allllll!!!
John Bird
John Buckley
John C Allee
John Crane
John Dubaz
John Ericson Heyke V
I love my school
John Esseks
John Ewald
John Garrett
John Montgomery
John Schwartz
Jon & Erin Downs
Jon Conahan
Jonathan Blanksteen
Jonathan Bucknall
It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
Jonathan DeStazio
Jonathan Downs
Jonathan Filley
Jordan Auerbach
Joshua Brown
Joshua Downs
Julia Todd
In memory of Chelsea Morrison. Nick Stroud
Julie Herman
Justin Riedell
Justin Salvia
Kaitlyn Pike
Kamil Salame
Kari-Jo Parisi
Karin Sweeney
Kate Baker
Kate Chapman
Kate Heffernan
Katelyn Freeman
Katherine Havard
In honor of Emily and Ed Allen; Nancy and Rick Keller-Coffey
Kathleen McLachlan
Kathryn Seidenstein
Kathryn Snow
Katie Bishop-Manning
Katrina Cox
Katy Scott
Katy Weil
Kay Pecchia
Kelly Coles
In memory of Dr. Tom Lovejoy
Kenneth Brown
Kevin McLaughlin
Kevin Stark
Kimberley Lathrop
Kinley McCracken
Kirsten Lord
Kris Reid
Kristi Brien
Kristine Hammond
Lacy Kelly
Landon Thomas
Lars Haaland
We need good people doing good things in our world!
Latoya Carter- Edwards
Keep up the good works!
Laura Remsen
Laurence Neufeld
In memory of In memory of Neale Howard
Leanne LaFond
Leigh Schmitt
Thank you, Millbrook! On duty in Burton tonight... and living the dream!
Leisy Stevenson
Leland Smith
Lena Hardy
Thank you to my home--to the people and place that raised me.
Leslie Vandale
Letitia Carter
Lewis Feuer
Liam Benincasa
Liesje Bluestone
Lillian Charlson
Lilly Murphy
Lindsay Kroll
In honor of Steven A Kroll
In memory of Steven A. Kroll
Lindsay Peterson
Liz Cady
Louisa Henzler
Lucinda Mills
Lyle Schiavone
M. Jordan Shannon
Macrae Sykes
Maddi Devey
Madeline Fuller
In honor of Michael Fuller
Madison Schmalz
Magdelaine Anthony Cushing
Marc Salvia
Marcia Caraballo
Margaret Boeschenstein
Margaret Hendrick
Margaret Pennoyer
Marie & John Garbellano
Marion Cook
Marion Ratner
Marko Guzijan
Marshall Jamshidi
Mary Dale
Mary Henning
Mary Lou Brown
Mary Nelson Sinclair
Matt Marsallo
Matt Silliker
Matthew Oneglia
Matthew Siano
In Honor of Michael and Alex Siano
Matthew Tomik
Megan Butts
Megan Fitzgerald
Megan Grant
Meghan Grover
Roll Stangs!
Melissa Shein
Best way to Celebrate Tobey’s birthday is giving to his home away from home! Thank you Millbrook
Melissa Woodin
Melody GOWEN
Meredith Kovach & Sam Eaton
Michael Hessberg
In memory of Edward Sonn Hessberg class of 55
Michael Nassif
Michael Orbison
Michael Spero
Michael Straight
In memory of John Painter and Grif Okie
Michael Wayne
Michele Wood
Michelle Anderson
Mikkel Joehnk
Milo Einstein
Love you, Gigi
Milton Grover
Mimi and Fritz Babcock
Mitsuyo Shimura
Molly Reid
Montserrat Urnek
Nancy Keller-Coffey
Nancy Stahl
Nancy Zarcadoolas
Natalie Culley
In honor of Natalie Wise
Nicholas D'Urso
Nicholas Hamersley
Nick D’Urso
Nick Imbelli
Norman Bird
Go Mustangs!
Oakleigh and Jacqueline Thorne
Olayinka Aderibigbe
Oliver Ross Davis
Olivia Dolan
Olivia Garip Davies
Olivia May
Owen Kelley
In honor of IVY BRALY
Page Fincke
Parker Holbrook
Patricia Gregory
Patricia Sykes
Patricia Vitelli
Paul & Jennifer Asman
Paul Cullen
Paul Gray
Paul Santora
Paul Stafford
Paul Stuckey
Penn Sednaoui
Peter Chapman
Peter Cook
In memory of Neale Howard, he took a risk by admitting me. Thank you
Peter Duncan
In honor of Bob And Pat Martin
An amazing school
Peter Dunn
He is risen!
Peter Lawson-Johnston
Millbrook Rocks!
Peter Mithoefer
In honor of in honor of David Grove
David Grove believed in me.
Peter Smith
Peter and Rosalin Latse
Philip Ross
Phoebe Malles Ward
Prescott Miller
In honor of Avery Miller
Preston L. Goddard
Prince and Maya Botchway
Race Bottini
Rachel Ahdut
Ralph Powers
My two children are very different and Millbrook provided them both with opportunities to thrive in their areas of interest.
Ralph Salvia
Ramon Cannon
Raymond Pfeiffer
Reed Martin
Rees Himes
Reilly Van Duyne
Rene Rodriguez
Ret Talbot
Rexhouse Family
In honor of Team Taj! The BEST of the best
Way to go, Millbrook!
Rhett Roback
Richard Stuckey
Richmond deP. Talbot
Rob Latimer
In honor of Rick McWilliams
The best advisor two generations could ever ask for!
Robbin Leah Burrow Peden
Robert Artinian
Robert Dunlop
Robert Early Strawbridge IV
Robert Jenks
Robert Keiter
Robert Otter
Robert Radday
Robert Sanford
Robin Buttacavoli
Rochelle & Mark Rosenberg
Rory Gagnon
Ross Jones
Ruben Cano
Great Job Millbrook
Russell Miller
Sally Kroll
In honor of Steven Alexander Kroll
Sam & Jack Curtis
In honor of Roberta Hale Lamm Curtis
We had an incredible three years at Millbrook - class of 2022!! Thank you to all!!
Sam Bailly
Sam Bell
Sam Berg
Sam Iacavazzi
Sam Rosenbaum
Millbrook helped me become the person I’m proud to be.
Samantha Blake
In honor of Eliza Chapman & Sarah Anthony
Samuel Augustine
Sandy Holbrook James
In honor of Peter Holbrook
Sara Swift
Sarah (Chandler) Sullivan
Sarah Anthony
Go Millbrook and go class of 2012!!!
Sarah Calabrese
Go Class of '91!
Sarah Hoffman
I love our class! And loved Millbrook 1988-1991.
Sarah Klebes
Sarah Kristen
In honor of Johnny Rigolino and the Class of 2023
Sean Gilbride
Sekou Jackson
Shannon Traylen
Shannon Williams
Shannon and Jeff Vollmer
Sheena Basu
Shelley Graham
Sibyl and Wixon Greenwood
Silas Anthony
Skye Flanigan
Sofia Feigelson
Stephane Silverman
Stephanie Stiehm
Let's GOOO '91
Stephen McLaughlin
Stephen Orbison
Steve Clement
Steve Dolce
Steven Lewis
Stuart Clement
Stuart Nayman
Stuart Shlien
Stuart lovejoy
Susan Diemond
Susan Ogrodnik- smith
In honor of Sarah Calabrese 1991
Susannah Richards
Suwaibatu Mohammed
I don’t want to wait to have more before I give back to a community that have had a great impact in my life. My high school experience was because of these donations and so my act of support is in the hope that there’d be more donors so that less privileged potential students can benefit.
Theresa Pearson
Thomas Evans
Thomas Nolan
Thomas Pulling
Thomas Reed
In memory of Thomas Lovejoy (Class of 1959)
Tom Lovejoy was my mentor in all things relating to the Millbrook School Zoo (now Trevor Zoo) and, inspired in part by the terrific teaching and example of Frank Trevor, continued on to have a most notable career as a world-renowned environmental biologist. Everyone who knew him misses him greatly and wishes he could still be with us in this time of our planet's ongoing climate crisis.
Tim Healy
In memory of Anne-Marie Smyth
Timothy Hylan
Tira Howard
Todd Kingsbury
Todd Ritter
Tom Gorman
In memory of Robert Smart
Tom Scarborough
Trevor McWilliams
Tyler Watson
Go 99'!
Vanessa McGarry
Verane de Marffy
Vicki and Rick Gersten
So pleased for our boys that we found Millbrook.
Vincent and Caitlin Sorriento
Virginia Kelly
W. Douglas Finch
Wayne Charles II
Whitney Thorniley
Whittier Ambrose
Will Dore
Will Gabrielsen
Will Simons
William Cart
Thank you for the wonderful memories!
William Crossman
In honor of Drew and Linda Casertano
William Diamond
William E Kaye
GO Millbrook !
William Eagen
William Pierrepont
In honor of Evelyn Pierrepont
Millbrook was an integral part of our family life
William Sinclair
William Slepoy
William Weiskopf
William Weld
Winn Jewett
Winston Boney
In honor of Nancy Stahl
Thanks for always checking in on me after all these years!
Zachary Fuller
In honor of Mike Fuller
Zoe Chapin
Anne and jon wise
Maneena Douglas
Martha clizbe
Mary langenau
Nóra reynolds
Perry boynton
In memory of Noah Hotchkiss '66
"Found myself "at Millbrook; great confidence builder. Still have great friends 50+ years later.. Thanks to Ed Pulling, Fred Knutson, Bob Martin, and Art Rudman. Class agent.
Sabrina bluestone
Émilie Richard-Froozan
In honor of Rodney Smyth
I love Millbrook School, cannot wait to get back on campus! Such a beautiful place with beautiful people
Go 'Stangs!
In honor of Mr. Harff!
In memory of Ed Allen
In honor of Aldin Medunjanin
In memory of Chelsea Morrison

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