raised of $30,000 goal
Nicole Cosand, Director of Annual Giving and Alumnae Relations

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Carolina Goldthwait (Alumnae ’90)2 years ago
Mayfield is so central to the person I am today, and I am so grateful!
Katy McCollum (Alumnae ’76)2 years ago
Love my class of '76!
Kimberly Linares Feeney (Alumnae ’06)2 years ago
I loved my time at Mayfield and want to give back. Thank you Mayfield Family!
Gabrielle Porter Taylor (Alumnae ’90)2 years ago
Actions Not Words!!! Let's unlock the money!
Phoebedel Reyes (Alumnae ’10)2 years ago
Go Cubs! =)
Barbara Balen (Alumnae ’77)2 years ago
We can do it!!! Here's to the next Holy Child Scholar!!!
Mary Nally Ternan (Alumnae ’79)2 years ago
Congratulations Mayfield!! Go Cubs!!
Mary Fitzpatrick (Alumnae ’72)2 years ago
C'mon, Night Owls!
MaryCatherine Smith (Alumnae ’17)2 years ago
So appreciative of my experience at Mayfield!
Kayla Yokoyama (Alumnae ’07)2 years ago
Go Cubs!
Lauren Joseph (Alumnae ’13)2 years ago
Thank you, Mayfield, for an amazing education. Good luck fundraising for the Holy Child Scholarship!
Alix Winschel (Alumnae ’16)2 years ago
Go Cubs!
Amanda Castillo (Alumnae ’08)2 years ago
Let's go Great '08!!
Kate Morin (Faculty/Staff)2 years ago
I am grateful for Mayfield Senior School!
Anneke Greco (Alumnae ’99)2 years ago
Go Cubs!
Anonymous (Alumnae ’13)2 years ago
Go Class of 2013!❤️
Sophia Brahos (Alumnae ’14)2 years ago
Thank you, Mayfield, for everything!
Kaitlyn Maddigan (Alumnae ’17)2 years ago
So grateful for my Holy Child Education!
Anouska Hamlin (Alumnae ’06)2 years ago
Claire Engstrom (Alumnae ’17)2 years ago
Thank you Mayfield!
Kimberly Engstrom (Alumnae ’88)2 years ago
Go Cubs!
amy pulliam (Alumnae ’96)2 years ago
Come on class of 96!
Lorie Chan (Alumnae ’03)2 years ago
Go Cubs.
Anonymous (Alumnae ’03)2 years ago
Let's go class of 2003!!
elizabeth whitt (Alumnae ’92)2 years ago
Unlock the 30K!
Elise Bigley (Alumnae ’04)2 years ago
Go, Cubs! MSS was the best decision I ever made :)
Phedellee Reyes (Alumnae ’02)2 years ago
Go Cubs!
Megan Moret (Alumnae ’02)2 years ago
Yay class of 2002!
Donell Thomas (Alumnae ’83)2 years ago
Merry Christmas
Kavita Sharma (Alumnae ’89)2 years ago
Go, Cubs!
Tara Mitchell (Alumnae ’03)2 years ago
Go Cubs! Thank you, Mayfield, for all your empowerment.
jacqueline calderon (Alumnae ’03)2 years ago
Go, Cubs, Go!!!!!
Katie McClain (Alumnae ’06)2 years ago
Go Class of 2006!
Emily Murphy (Alumnae ’06)2 years ago
#unlockthe$30k! Go Class of 2006!
Cami Arboles (Alumnae ’16)2 years ago
Mayfield rocks!
Adriann Cocker (Alumnae ’93)2 years ago
Together we can meet this challenge! Actions Not Words :)
Anonymous (Alumnae ’11)2 years ago
Here's to our Fearless Girls!
Anonymous (Alumnae ’11)2 years ago
Here's to our Fearless Girls
Jacqueline Macabuhay (Alumnae ’82)2 years ago
Let’s do this!!!
Julie Sanchez '11 (Faculty/Staff)2 years ago
Let's go, ladies!
Indira Persad (Alumnae ’03)2 years ago
So proud of all my fellow Mayfield alums! #ActionsNotWords

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