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Be Our Hero Day 2023


Malissa Balderama '09, Alum Engagement & Annual Fund Manager

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Adriana Blanco Ajamian
Donation shout out to Mr. McManus (Geology) and Ms. Amer (Cultural Geography and American History). It was in their classrooms when I truly started to love learning.
Adriann Cocker
Alexandra Badie
In honor of Dr. B
Thank you to Dr. B for all you've done to support girls education at Mayfield!
Ali O'Brien
Alice Diannitto
Alicia Sanbar
I love you Mrs Morin.
Alison Jones Gamble
Allan Pu
Amanda Georgino
Amber Berrios
Amy Ellis
Angela Howell
Ann Pagano kennedy
Ann Pibel
Anna Bell
Mayfield gave me lifelong friends, an ongoing love for learning, and a desire to serve my community. Forever grateful.
Anne Collins Hoffman
Anne Kortlander
In honor of Sister Jacqueline Jelly
Sister Jacqueline (Mother Mary Cecile) was a constant steady influence in my life from 5th grade through high school. She did so much to prepare me for living “actions not words” My everlasting thanks to her
Anneke Matray
Anneke Osterkamp Greco
April Garcez
I love teaching at Mayfield because all my students inspire me on a daily basis!
Ariana Figueras La Borico
To all the Mayfield teachers who have inspired me more than they will ever know, especially Ms. Baratta, Sra. Sanchez, Sister Barbara, Dr. B, Mrs. Warren, Mrs. Kennedy, & Ms. Yavarone. Thank you!
Audrey Williams Pearson
Bernadette Garcia
I truly have so many fond memories of my time at Mayfield! Sending love to all!
Bolade Olambiwonnu
Caroline Halili
In honor of Angela Howell ‘76
Carrie Krinock
Charlotte Yvonne Reid
In honor of Maureen Shea
Believe in Actions, Not Words wholeheartedly! And loved the impact my favorite teachers Mr. McManus and Ms. Wakefield had in my life!
Chloe Clawson
In honor of Mr. Dimen
Thank you for teaching me, showing humility, and sparking my interest in data science!
Christina Clair Calacci
In honor of Mother Cecile. Her smile. her spirit, her love: she sincerely nurtured and cared for each of us.
Christine Kehoe
In honor of Mother Cecile
Mother Cecile who in 5th grade walked us to the Pasadena Library to take out books. Cemented my being a life long reader and in a few book clubs for 46years.
Christine Keppel
In honor of Jim Jenal
Cindy lam Wu
Claire Woo
Claudia Satori
Too many heroes to mention all.
Corina Madilian
Cornelia Gould
Courtney Hotchkis
Cristina Miller
Thank you to the academic advisors and all those that stay after school to provide additional support to students.
Daniel Howell
In honor of Sr. Wilfred
Dannielle Campos
Debbie and Bruce Hinckley
Deborah Schnell Blair
In honor of Mother Mary Cecile
Desma Murphy
Diane Weckerle
Thanks to two of my favorite teachers Mr. McManus (Geology) and Ms. Howell (Psychology)…let’s go Class of 86!!
Dianne Diannitto Ciulla
Dionne Watts
Dominique Ramirez Ahumada
Thank you Mrs Tighe, Mr Olson, Ms Peters, Ms Bologna and all the amazing educators at MSS.
Dottie and Joe Cloougherty
Elayna Goepel
Elisa Szollosy Olsen
Elizabeth Rodeno
In honor of Ave Bortz and Ann Gillick
Ave and Ann were so inspirational, dedicated and devoted to us all. They enriched my time at Mayfield and made it special.
Elizabeth Slocum Murphy
Class of 1987!
Ellen Kovach
In memory of Jackie Jelly ( Sr. Cecile)
She was an amazing woman and teacher! She was ahead of her time and understood children's ability to learn required various methods of teaching. Her classes were always energizing , innovative , relative to what was going on in the world, and as students we looked forward to being in her classroom!
Ellery Hotchkis
Emily Baratta Goodell
In honor of My colleagues
Today I honor the heroes that I work alongside every day. I’m privileged to be among colleagues who embody the virtues of a Holy Child educator.
Emily Osterkamp Murphy
Erica & Brad Pegram
Erika Randall
Erika Randall
In honor of all MSS faculty who inspire creativity and growth in students, bringing learning to life and helping Mayfield students to find their gifts and become leaders. Our community is so blessed by your expertise, your care and your creativity.
Fei Wang
Ferari Domingo-Vu
Frances Mena
Gabriella Ciulla
Gallegos Family
In honor of Ms. Morin and the teachers/staff of Mayfield
Gigi Bannan Harvey
Gloria Freihage
My granddaughter had such a wonderful experience. Many thanks to everyone who works so hard at Mayfield
Gloria Mendoza
In honor of The entire MSS Faculty
Thank you for your kindness and all that you do!
Greg and Kim Murphy
Harold Hinrichs
In honor of Alex Beanum
The baby girl is graduating!!!
Hayden Marsh
In honor of I donate this in honor of Stephanie Llano. She was always supportive and I still see her from time to time. All of the faculty bring specific memories of support from our time at Mayfield. God bless everyone!
All of my memories of MSS are amazing! It was the most fun time of my life. We were doing a lot of growing up during our 4 years at MSS with the help and guidance of all the teachers and staff. Thank you!
Heather Angelica McLoughlin
Honora Chapman
Honora Howell Chapman
In honor of Sr. Mary Wilfrid Yore
Iris Awakuni
Ivan and Kim Parry
Jade Stewart
All of the wonderful Mayfield faculty and staff, both past and present. Thank you for embodying the Holy Child charism and inspiring students throughout the years. Your guidance and love have transformed lives (as evidenced by the testimonials below). I am a better person because of the education I received at Mayfield.
James & Flavia Lo Coco
In honor of all the "Hero Teachers" who taught our three daughters and guided them on their paths to become woman engineers (Jordan '13 / Dr. Blumenthal, Lauren '17 / Dr. Hartfield, Carolyn '18 / Ms. Gergen). With gratitude, The Lo Coco Family
James Burnett
Jane Collins Hawley
Janel Romero Boose
Jarrod Taylor
Jen Phillips
Jennifer & Mark Gunn
Jennifer Wong Christensen
In honor of Marie Franco
Jim & Kim Muenzer
Joan Moreci
In honor of Laura Farrell
Joan Sinclair
In honor of Dr. Jack Blumenthal
Little did Dr. Blumenthal know, when we took Laura Sinclair under his wing, that he was launching the career of a successful research physicist. He first introduced her to Dr. Johnson in Material Sciences at Caltech, which led to a summer internship. During Laura’s senior year at Mayfield, Dr. Blumenthal offered her an independent study in Thermodynamics using his college textbook from UCLA. (It was a class with an enrollment of one!) After majoring in Physics at Caltech, Laura began a Ph.D. program at the University of Colorado under the direction of Nobel Prize laureate Eric Cornell. As a result of her subsequent work at NIST, she won the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers in 2019. The award recognized Laura for “creating a suite of some of the world’s best optical tools to bring precision measurement out of well-controlled laboratory environments and into the field for such applications as long-distance time transfer and detection of airborne contaminants in turbulent environments.” Her entire family thanks you, Dr. Blumenthal.
Julie Poxon Penney
In honor of In memory of my sister Cecelia Poxon, Class of 1973
Julie Randall
In honor of Erika Randall
Julie Sánchez Brehove
In memory of Eleanor Yavarone
This year I would like to dedicate this Be Our Hero Day donation in honor of our beloved Sacred Scripture professor Eleanor Yavarone who went to meet our Lord this year. There are few people I can think of who embody the role of “Good and Faithful Servant” as profoundly as “Miss Yavarone.” Eleanor saw a need for her students to firm up our knowledge of the Scriptures. She gave us an appreciation of the historical origins of the Old Testaments and the Gospels with enthusiasm, wit, and humor—who could ever forget that infectious laugh ringing through Strub! Eleanor taught my class on a broken heart, having lost her dear mother that year. And yet she still Managed to arrive to class elegantly dressed, with a big, delicately lipsticked smile and a lovingly planned lesson. I am positive that the Lord met her at the pearly gates and escorted her to her eternal rest personally.
Jurie Du Fang
Karen Schwarz Muehlberger
In honor of Gina Pizzo
Karen Swenson
Angela Howell is a Mayfield hero. For decades,Angela has performed her administrative development duties while living the heroic virtues of faith, hope, and charity.
Kate Morin
Kathi Younker
Kathleen Clougherty Regan
In honor of Mother Saint Agnes
Mother Saint Agnes always believed in me.
Katie Clancy
In honor of All my Mayfield teachers and staff that supported me in my time at Mayfield. Thank you for making me the educator I am today.
Kelly Nelson Nakasone
In honor of Kate Morin
Thank you to all the heroes that make Mayfield a special place for our girls!! ❤️
Kenny and Emoon Mar
Kylie Snyder
In honor of Saint--Sister Barbara
Laura Mackey Nattans
Lauren Marks
Too many heroes to count! I think it was Plutarch who wrote, "The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled." Thank you to the many Mayfield educators who have kept these fires of curiosity and discovery burning for so long.
Leah Weidman
There are too many teachers to thank! I can never properly convey to other people the type of education we got at Mayfield. In addition to our great education, we had amazing teachers who worked hard to make this a special place. They supported us when we struggled, engaged us in learning, and created great memories with fun lessons. Thank you teachers, Mayfield wouldn't be the same without you!
Linda Jimenez-Griffin
Lisa Hernandez
Thank you to all our wonderful faculty and staff! Love and appreciate you all!
Lisa Marie Arnopp
Lisa Sanders
Lisa Vandergriff
In honor of Kate Morin and Lisa Hernandez
As we celebrate eight years of remarkable leadership under Kate Morin, I would also like to recognize all that Kate and Lisa Hernandez do to build a warm and beautiful community at Mayfield. The Mother-Daughter mass was a shining example of their dedication to Mayfield!
Lydia Arguelles
In memory of Sister Barbra and in honor of my colleagues...The best!
Malissa Balderama
In honor of my amazing teachers at Mayfield
In honor of the Mayfield 500, I honor 5 of my extraordinary teachers who shaped my desire to pursue a devotion to education. Thank you Peters, Ms. Baratta (Mrs. Goodell), Mrs. Warren, Ms. Bologna and our angel, Mrs. Kennedy!
Marcela Escobar Escobar-Alava
Fave teachers: Mr Jenal & Mr Olsen!!
Margaret Collins McAusland
Margie Mullen
In honor of Sr. Jackie Jelley, SHCJ
Sr. Jackie was an incredible support for me, particularly at the Senior school, but her support continued up until her illness overtook her.
Marian McCord Van Alyea
Marianne Marino Rorden
In honor of Stephanie Jenal
Ms. Jenal was an inspirational teacher at Mayfield and made deep connections with her students.
Maribeth Spensiero
Marissa & Mark Andrea
In honor of Kate Morin
She greeted us with a smile, and kept the ship sailing through a global pandemic and a major school facility upgrade and remodel — she is our Head of School, our hero, Kate Morin. Wishing Kate a glorious retirement! The Andrea family, Eliana Andrea - class of 2025.
Marissa Bell
Mark & Angie Ladd
Marley Majcher
Mary Bologna
I wanted to give back to MSS as a token of how much I valued and still value the school!
Mary McDonnell
In honor of Anne Doud
Thank you to all my teachers at Mayfield. You made a difference in my life. And thank you to my big sister, Stacy Doud Hamilton.
Mary Patano
In honor of Melissa Tighe and Dr. Chris Wilhelm
Mary Shea McConnell
Maureen Malley Smith
Forever grateful to have attended Mayfield
Maureen McConnell
Megan Williams
In honor of Maureen Shea
Melani Atkinson
Melia Sechler Crousore
Michael Javelera
Michele Scalzo Conn
Michelle Hansen DeBoever
For my heroes: Ms. Tighe, Dr. B, Ms. Vaaz, and all the other amazing Mayfield faculty!
Mirlo McAlister
Monica Look
Nikki Darakananda
Nora Chiara
Nora Warren
In honor of all my Mayfield colleagues: you inspire me with the myriad ways the Holy Child spirit comes alive though you at Mayfield!
Pamela Gibson
In honor of Ana Jenson
My beautiful daughter Michelle Gibson
Paola Mork
In honor of the wonderful women in the class of 2026
Patricia Bucklin
Patricia Sutherlen
Patrick Longo
Patti Bannan Pascale
Let’s go class of ‘86!!
Paula Sheehan
Peggy Smith
With best wishes to Kate Morin, and with thanks to "hero teachers" Gina Pizzo, Mary Bologna, Catherine Morris, Mother Muriel Ratigan, Mary Huckaby, Sr. Michela Sparks, Mary Watkins, Anya Fisher, Sr. Elizabeth Barber, and others
Perry Hotchkis
Raquel Apodaca
In honor of The amazing teachers we had from 1983-87! Thank you for all of your love and support!!
Let's go Class of '87!!
Ryan & Jennifer Squire
In honor of Kate Morin
We love you, Kate! Thank you for all you have done for Mayfield and our girls!
Sally Bucklin
Sally Held
In memory of Nancy Hall and Patty Valerian
Sally Jeanne McKenna
Samantha Bainter
Schnell Hart
Shadi Sanbar
In honor of Kate Morin
We love you Kate. Shadi and Jennifer Sanbar
Shannon Riordan
Love class of 87!!
Stacy Berger
Tamara Kealty
Tanya Milkie
In honor of Mrs Morin
She has been an incredible inspiration to all who know her. Wishing her God’s continued blessings as she begins this new chapter in her life. She will be greatly missed on campus.
Tara Randall
In honor of Mrs. Morin
Thank you, Mrs. Morin, for making my experience at Mayfield Senior so wonderful! You were an amazing Head of School and a great role model!
The Condon Family
The Montanez Family
Theresa Manning
In memory of Mrs Lisa Manning Pratt
Tom O’Brien
In honor of Mr. Fisher. He motivates and encourages and teaches my daughter and other girls to reach for the stars. Thank you, sir. God bless you.
Go Cubs!!!
Tu Phuong Nguyen Fong
Virginia Schlueter Jones
This donation is given in memory of Mother Mary Cecile who was the teacher who influenced my life in many ways. As a young student at Mayfield Junior School she started me on the way to be a lover of books and reading. She was always interested in what you were doing or interested in. You knew she cared about you.
Wellington Choi
Wellington Choi
Grace Kibler griffin
In honor of Anne Kibler
Sandra bane
In honor of Dr. Bluementhal from the Bane family
Victoria rodeno
In honor of Melissa Tighe
Love MSS!
In honor of Mrs. Bragin
So many other teachers I want to honor….Ms. Wakefield, Gina Pizzo, Ms. Jenal, Mrs. Bortz, Ms. Rose.
Thank you to Mr. Alvarez and Ms. Gomez for giving our girls space to explore their voices and creating a second family for them at Mayfield!
In honor of Mrs. Chou
In honor of all the faculty & staff of MSS
In honor of Angela Howell

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