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#GivingTuesday 2019

#$50KChallenge - #24HoursofActionsNotWords - #MayfieldSpirit

raised of $50,000 goal
Nicole Cosand, Director of Annual Giving and Alumnae Relations

Campaign ended Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019, 11:59 pm PST

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Ada Alvarado-Yokoyama
In honor of Mrs. Kay Yokoyama
Always a privilege to be a part of the Mayfield Senior Community!!! Where the development of young adults is held in high regard!!
Adam and Jessica Yatsko
Adriann Cocker
Aileen Sagara
Alana Yokoyama
Aleni Sunada
Thank you Mayfield Senior school for providing the best environment for my daughter to grow and contribute to the future of this world!
Alexandra Eisele
Alison Jones Gamble
Allison Rector
Amber Berrios
Andrew Teng
Andrew VanAken
Angela Howell
In honor of Our Mayfield Family—In Thanksgiving!
Ann Babcock
Ann Gormican Murphy
Ann Marie Ahern
Ann and Steven Bussard
In memory of Our beloved Sr. Barbara
Ann pagano Kennedy
Anna Vossler
Anne Emerson Leak
Anne Pings
In honor of Marjorie Pings
Anneke Greco
Antonieta Sosa
April Garcez
Go Cubs!
Ashley LaMothe
Bernadette Hotaling
Gratitude to MSS
Bianca Martinez
In honor of My grandfather, Octavio Felipe Davis-Pozo, who helped give me the opportunity to pursue a higher education.
Brigid Fitzpatrick Brahos
Brittany Barnes Reeser
Britton McConnell
Calderon Family
Camille Abdalla
Camille Perez and Michael Perez
Carie Wickers
Carol Tyrrell
Caroline Halili
Chris Kvochak
Christina Yamasaki
Let's do this! <3 c/o 2003
Claire Mitchell
Colette Connor
Courtney Clayton
Courtney Hotchkis
Cynthia Copeland
Darcy Burns Williams
David and Beverly Katz
Dayna Cobarrubias
Debbie and Bruce Hinckley
Debra Bachman
Dee Dee Moffat Brewer
Diana-Michelle Castro
Dianne Diannitto Ciulla
Donell Aure Thomas
Donn Christensen
Elita Balfour
In honor of Emily Balfour
Elizabet Vega
In honor of Angela howell
Elizabeth Lewis Gilfillan
Elizabeth Sanchez
In memory of My dad, Alfred Sanchez. Love you Dyda!
I will forever be grateful for the opportunities Mayfield gave me, for the wonderful friends I made, and for the four years to develop in my faith.
Elizabeth Yutan
Elvira Gaona
Emily Baratta Goodell
Emily Osterkamp Murphy
Thrilled to support the continuation of a wonderful education at Mayfield. It is wonderful that we are able to provide all the gifts of mayfield even to those who can’t afford it.
Erika Foy
In honor of Sr Barbara Mullen
Evelyn Sugiyama
Thank you Mayfield!
Evy Vargas Bridge
Fontes Family
Frank Karl
In support of Mayfield’s water polo program!!
Gene and Pat Weckerly
Gerianne Sarte
Grace Griffin
In honor of Anne Kibler
Graybill Family
Haixin Tao
Haley Brown
Harmonie Martinez Avila
In memory of Shelly A. Null
Heather Hinckley Trotta
Hilary and Peter Kingston
Holman Gao
Honora Chapman
Howard Kaufman
Hyunju Jung
Indira Persad
Irene Izquierdo Patterson
Jacqueline Katigbak Macabuhay
Jade Stewart
James Lo Coco
I began the morning asking Mayfield to "Rally" Now I am double dipping back into our family charity basket to help Mayfield make history!
Jan Clifford
Janet Clancy
Janet Clancy
Janie Clark
In memory of Sr. Barbara Mullen
Jason & Laura Grinnell
Jason Boutros
Happy and blessed to be a part of this wonderful community!
Jeasica James
Go Cubs!
Jeff and Katja Favretto
Jennifer Moses
Proud to support such an amazing place!
Jennifer Reames Van Hoof
Jenny Christensen
Jill Shively
Jill Slattery
Joanne Zovak
Jonathan and Carolyn Kezele
Jose Paz
Joseph Gagnier
Josh and Maggie Coffey
Juliana Zovak
Julie Brehove
In honor of Alfred and Helen Sánchez
Where would we all be without our wonderful home on Bellefontaine? #OHolyChild
Julie Condon
Julie Poxon Penney
Kate & Skip Morin
Kathleen Regan
Katie Clancy
Katie Lapsys
Katy McCollum
In honor of Honoring Our beloved class of ‘76 star, Angela Howell!
Kayla Yokoyama Dodge
Kelly Dunn
Kelly Garrison
Kelly nakasone
Happy Giving Tuesday! Go Mayfield!
Kevin and Erika Randall
Kimberly Gomez Fraser
Kimberly Isaac
Kirsten Jardino
Kristina Musni
Lauren Hernandez
Lauren Spiegel Marlis
Leah Weidman
Without the generosity of others, I would not have been able to go to Mayfield. Happy to help out future Mayfield Cubs in any way I can!
Lew Coppersmith
Lilani Estacio Dunn
In memory of Sister Barbara
Linda Perkins
Lindsay Ladd
Lindsay, Kylie, Meghan and Kim Snyder
Lisa Sparks Stathatos
Luis Ayala
Go Mayfield!!
Luis and Diane Rojas
Lydia Arguelles
Madisyn Spence
Malissa Balderama
Margaret Neil Villarreal
Marie and Rich Gibbs Grimes
Marissa Bell
Maritess Lacuesta Kinderman
Mark & Jennifer Gunn
Mark and Angie Ladd
Marla Alders
Martha Chute Fitzpatrick
Marxianna Moe-Cook
Mary Hennessy Nores
In memory of Sheila Watson Bartolic
Mary Michelena-Monroe
Mary Pings
Mary Rose Hawkins
Mary Shea McConnell
Mary Stathatos Cole
Mary and Greg Wallace
Marylou Lacuesta Holly
Maureen McCarthy
Maureen McConnell
Maureen Michelena
Maurice and grace maalouf
Mechaley Family
Megan Vallone
Michael Mullin
Michael Weaver
Go Cubs!
Michele Hilland
A school worth supporting!
Michele and Douglas Colliau (Pratt)
Michelle Gonzales
Michelle Hansen DeBoever
Michelle Pierrong Klepper
Monty Carolan
In honor of Marley Carolan
Mr. and Ms. Kenny Mar
Myrka Lembo
Natalie Johnson
Nicole Virdone
Nikki Darakananda
Nora Chiara
Patricia Bannan Pascale
Patricia O'Brien
Patricia Pulido
Paula Narvaez
Peggy Smith
Peter & Christine Smith
Peter and Mary Grace Kaufman
Phil Velasco
Philip Falese
Ramzi Ben Youssef
Rebecca Cervantes
Is give for the future generations.
Richard & Cathy Cota
Richard and Cynthia Vargas
Go Cubs!!!
Ron Beegle
Ruby Bugarin
Ryan & Jennifer Squire
In memory of Annie Eliza Sinnott (Squire)
Samantha Bainter
Sara Lydon
Sara Snider Langley
Go Cubs!!
Sarah & Bill Myers
Sharick Smyser
Stephani Bouvet
Susan & Derek Pippert
Susan Bachman Pilmer
Susan Koenig Shiells
Tanya Melby
Tara Mitchell
Teri Gonzales
The Callinicos Family
The Dixon Family
The Lo Coco Family
Let's rally and get that $50,000 matching gift Mayfield!
The Parry Family
Tu Phuong Nguyen Fong
Van and Carmina Pascual
Victor Lucchesi
Villar Family
In honor of Elisa Ibarra
Whitney Willis Visger
William Lewis
Happy to support Mayfield! Go Cubs!
William Olson
William Thomson
In honor of Alexandria Thomson
Mayfield is an outstanding school!
Angelica sanchez
Barbara wilson
Jacqueline Calderon knox
In honor of Ray and Bette Rodeno
Jessica korzenecki
Marilyn oliva
In honor of Kathlyn Paganini
Megan clancy
In honor of Siobhan Clancy
Victoria Rodeno
Go Mayfield!!

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Bianca MartinezAlumnae ’15
Supported 10 months ago
In honor of My grandfather, Octavio Felipe Davis-Pozo, who helped give me the opportunity to pursue a higher education.
AnonymousParent ’22
Supported 10 months ago
Marie and Rich Gibbs GrimesAlumnae ’76
Supported 10 months ago
Caroline HaliliAlumnae ’86
Supported 10 months ago
Kathleen ReganAlumnae ’64
Supported 10 months ago
Paula NarvaezAlumnae ’09
Supported 10 months ago
Julie BrehoveAlumnae ’11Faculty/Staff
Supported 10 months ago
In honor of Alfred and Helen Sánchez
Where would we all be without our wonderful home on Bellefontaine? #OHolyChild
AnonymousParent ’20
Supported 10 months ago
AnonymousParent ’17
Supported 10 months ago
Haixin TaoParent ’23
Supported 10 months ago
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