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#GivingTuesday 2018

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Nicole Cosand, Director of Annual Giving and Alumnae Relations

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Adriana Blanco Ajamian
Adriann Cocker
Mayfield Senior provides so many amazing opportunities for young women to grow and learn! I'm so grateful for my Holy Child education.
Alana Yokoyama
Alexandra Eisele
Alice Miller Henry-Taylor
Alms Family
Amanda LeRoy Welch
Go cubs!!
Amber Berrios
Andrea and Geoff Bland
Angela Howell
I am adopting a Holy Child Scholar this year in honor of all of our alumnae who make the dream of a Mayfield education a reality for young women today. Our Mayfield alumnae are the best--especially those who stepped forward to provide our challenge grant of $25K for this Giving Tuesday!! I couldn't resist your challenge!!
Ann Bassett
In honor of Robert Clancy
In memory of Robert Clancy
Ann Gormican Murphy
Anne Hartfield
Anne Pings
Barbara Andrews
Barbara Balen
To the class of 1977 and to the Alumnae Council : Let's meet the challenge and win, together we can do it !!
Bernadette Hotaling Hotaling
Brittany Barnes Reeser
Brooke Barnes LaBonge
Carina Benzinger
Carly Salter Govind
Carolina Goldthwait Goldthwait
Caroline Underwood Wellnitz
Catherine Nally
Chelsea Ashworth Prekker
In memory of Cori Rising ('89)
Christina Muscet Constantino
Christina Yamasaki
Christine Van Rooy Keppel
Christopher Fontes
Claire Christiansen Mitchell
Claire Penney
Colette LeBon Coles
Courtney Clayton
Cristina Johansing
In honor of sr. Elizabeth Fitzmaurice
Cynthia Bayne-Davison
Deanna Corral Macias
Devin Mikulka
Diana-Michelle Castro
Dominique Ramirez Ahumada
Donell Aure Thomas
Donna Banks Moore
Donna Estacio
Donna Rosenthal Finley
Elayna Goepel
Elisabeth Frank Rosenson
Eliza Hooper
In honor of Laura Krimmel (Johansen) '03
Elizabeth Lewis GILFILLAN
Elizabeth Maria Sanchez
Forever grateful for my Mayfield education. Those very special four years helped me become the woman I am today, and inspired me to carry a spirit of joy into everything I do. It would never have been possible without the Holy Child Scholarship Fund, for which I am forever grateful!
Elizabeth Pelayo Boyle
Ellen McNiff Kovach
Ellen SheA Dietrick
In honor of Cori Rising 89 and Maureen Shea 86
Emily Osterkamp Murphy
Erin Byer
Frank & Sylvia Karl
Rachel Aragon: Twenty-Ten I’d do that again!
Gabrielle Hollingsworth
Georgann Richter Lovejoy
In memory of sally beynon
Gerianne Sarte
Hilary Chute
Honora Howell Chapman
Indira Persad
So proud to be a part of the Mayfield community! Thank you all for your work in keeping the spirit of #ActionsNotWords alive!
Jacqueline Calderon Knox
Jacqueline Katigbak Macabuhay
Jade Stewart
James Lo Coco
In honor of Clemmie Phillips
Mayfield Makes It Happen!
Jean Childs Palmer
Jennifer Reams Van Hoof
Jessica Harley-James
Jill Slattery
Jordan Lo Coco
Juliana Zovak
Julie Poxon Penney
Julie Sánchez '11
In memory of Alfred Sánchez
Karen Stahlheber Nikolakakis
Kathleen Clougherty Regan
In honor of Renee Nevins
Kathryn Nishibayashi
Katie Clancy
Katie Lapsys
Katy Barry McCollum
Kayla Yokoyama
Cheers to the class of 2007!
Kristen Adishian
Kristen Virdone
Kylie Snyder
Laura Gutierrez
In memory of Jeanette M. Acosta, '04
Lauren Lo Coco
Lauren Spensiero
Leah Weidman
When I visited Mayfield for the first time, I knew that's where I wanted to go to school. I'm so thankful for the education I received and the wonderful memories made at Mayfield.
Libby Robertson Carra
In memory of Lelia Robertson Heilman
Lilani Estacio Estacio
Lindsay Koerner
Lindsay Ladd
Lisa Stathatos
Lorna Baggott
Madie Hotaling
Go cubs!!!!
Maggie Kaufman Coffey
Malissa Balderama
Margaret Eyler Legault
Margaret Morrow
Margaret Neil Villarreal
Maria Collins Stolpe
In honor of Julia Collins
Marina Engen Kohler
It was so great being back on campus remembering all those special times. Thanks as always, Angela!
Marissa Osterkamp Bell
Love you Mayfield!!!
Marissa Perez
Maritess Lacuesta Kinderman
Martha Chute Fitzpatrick
In memory of Andrew and Therese Chute
Mary Baggott
Mary Cole
Mary Fitzpatrick
In memory of Lisa Considine
Love to Class of '72
Mary Hauser Donovan
Mary Hennessy Nores
Mary Pings
In honor of Maureen Shea
Mary Shea McConnell
Mary and Emily Monroe
Marylou Lacuesta Holly
Maureen McConnell
Megan Vallone
Michaela Puccinelli
Michelle Hansen DeBoever
Michelle Macasero
Molly Johnston
Myrka Lembo
Nicole Virdone
In memory of Jeanette Acosta '04
Go Cubs!
Patty Wickhem
Pema Levy
Rachel Aragon
Raquel Apodaca
Rebecca Cervantes
Sabrina Beason
Sara Snider
Go Cubs! Keep up the good work, everyone!!
Sheila Gormican Baker
Stephani Porras Bouvet
Tara Mitchell
Thank you, Mayfield, for all your empowerment!
Teresa Bannan Nally
Terre Osterkamp
We LOVE Mayfield Senior School!!
Tess Gilmore
In honor of Betsy Bannan Gilmore
Theresa Mitchell
Tracy Balian Zendzian
Victoria Howell Fuster de la Riva
Victoria Rodeno
In honor of Ray and Bette Rodeno
Virginia Schlueter Jones
Wayne Negrete
Whitney Willis Visger
So proud to have shared in the Mayfield Experience. It stays with you for life. Now sharing this spirit with ladies in Saudi Arabia.
In honor of the faculty and staff of Mayfield - past, present, and future

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AnonymousAlumnae ’83
Supported 2 years ago
So proud to have shared in the Mayfield Experience. It stays with you for life. Now sharing this spirit with ladies in Saudi Arabia.
Mary Hauser DonovanAlumnae ’59
Supported 2 years ago
Rebecca CervantesAlumnae ’98
Supported 2 years ago
Michaela PuccinelliAlumnae ’15
Supported 2 years ago
Marissa PerezAlumnae ’18
Supported 2 years ago
Ann Bassett
Supported 2 years ago
In honor of Robert Clancy
In memory of Robert Clancy
Theresa MitchellAlumnae ’77
Supported 2 years ago
AnonymousAlumnae ’08
Supported 2 years ago
Karen Stahlheber NikolakakisAlumnae ’03
Supported 2 years ago
Malissa BalderamaAlumnae ’09
Supported 2 years ago

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