Mayfield Senior School

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Mayfield Family of Funds

2020-2021 ANNUAL GIVING GOAL - $1,070,000

raised of $1,070,000 goal
Lela Diaz, Director of Development

Supporters across the USA

Supporters (757)

All (757)
Abby Shaw
Adriann Cocker
Alana Victor
Alejandro Salazar
Alexandra Badie
Alicia Anderson
Alison Jones Gamble
Allan Pu
Allison Rector
Amber Berrios
Andrea Balian
Angela Howell
Ani Garikian
Ann Bussard
Ann Gormican Murphy
Ann Kennedy
Ann and Eric Choi
Anna Vossler
Annette Brandin
Aoife Chow
April Garcez
Arturo Nagar
Barbara Anglin
Barbara Michaels
Benefit Donations
Beth Dorr
Beth Johansing Cote
Betty Monteleone
Mayfield is such a special place with such an important mission. Keep doing what you’re doing!
Bill & Alyson Burkitt ‘87 Lewis
Bob and Kelly Nakasone
Brigid Fitzpatrick Brahos
Brittany Sorrentino
In honor of My Fellow Mayfield Sheroes
To all of the hard working faculty and staff, especially the Development Team at Mayfield Senior School, THANK YOU. Thank you for all of the hard work and care that you so freely give, and are the true backbone and fabric of the school and community. may God bless each of you. ~The Sorrentino Family
Brooke Brody
Caitlyn Silhan
Carie Wickers
Carly Salter Govind
Carol Goldthwait
Caroline Halili
Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation
Cathy Christiansen Phillis
Catie Sanchez
Charo and Dodie Dolendo
Childs Family Foundation
Chris Campion Kehoe
Christa Considine Millstein
Christina Kennally
Go Cubs!
Christine Stancill
Claire Cruz
Colette Momartin
Cornelia Reynolds Gould
Courtney F Evans
Cristina Vittoria
In memory of Molly Gorman
Cyndee Mitchell
Cynthia Copeland
Cynthia Riegsecker
Dale & Debbie Pelch
You helped us raise and educate a beautiful, thoughtful and amazing person who is committed to social justice and equality. We are eternally grateful and the world is a better place.
Damon Valentino
Danielle Hill
Darcy Burns Williams
Debbie Schnell Blair
Debbie and Bruce Hinckley
Debra Bachman
Devin Carver ‘17
Dianne Diannitto Ciulla
Dianne Ryan
Don & Sally Clark Foundation
Donell Thomas
Go cubs🤙🏼
Donna Estacio
Dr. Alli Akagi
Dr. Anthony Koerner
Dr. Edwin Kok and Mrs. Cory Tankeh-Kok
Dr. Jacqueline Dupont
Dr. Luther Beegle and Ms. Melanie Sauer
Dr. Sandra Kindermann and Mr. Russell Kindermann
Dr. and Mrs. Alejandro Magat
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Van Dyke
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Coleman
Dr. and Mrs. Marcel Pidoux
Dr. and Mrs. Margin Lew
Dr. and Mrs. Roger DeFilippo
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Defilippo
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Tighe
Dr. and Ms. William Towner
Drs. Leo and Romola Mascarenhas
Edmund and Mary Shea Family Foundation
Edna Lara
Edythe Carter
Eleanor Reeve Powell
In memory of Dr. Frank Schiller
Thank you for the wonderful education you provided for my Granddaughter
Elena Jardino
Elisabeth Frank Rosenson
Elizabeth Elizabeth Sanchez
Elizabeth Stanislawski Triplett
Ellen Fabian Braithwaite
Ellen Kovach
Emilio Flores
Enzminger family
Erika and Kevin Randall
Erin Arnold
Erin Byer
Esther Hensley
Eugene & Julie Smith
Fanya Thomson
Fei Wang
Thank you Mayfield!
Felix Avila and Elizabeth Camacho
Flavia Rizzi
Fonia Marshall Humphries
In honor of Karen Genovese
A wonderful lady and sister of my good friend Judy
Frank Acosta
Frank Karl
Gabriella Ciulla
Gene and Pat Weckerly
George H. Mayr Foundation
Gerard DeZern
Geri Hamane
Gerianne Sarte
Gina Bueno
Greg and Quyen Metzger
Thank you for this great school.
Haixin Tao
Harold Hinrichs
Harrisan Smyser
Hayley Eaves
Heidi McNiff Johnson
Helen Beanum
Hilary Gilles
Holly Sclafani
Honora Howell Chapman
Indira Persad
Jackie Katigbak Macabuhay
James Mashiko
James and Rebecca Sarni Family Foundation
Jane Baumer Woodman
Jane Clark
Janet Clancy
Janice Baylies Dotts
Jean Childs Palmer
Jennifer Crane
Jennifer Park
Jennifer Poyer
In honor of Cornelia Connelly School - Class of '98
Jenny Skenderian Ward
Jessica Davis Himebauch
Jessica Viets
Jim McManus
Jim and Chelisa Vagim
Jiyen Shin
JoAnn Ashman
Joann Ruiz Blanco
Jocelyn Gaona
John Ahn
John H Seiter
Joseph Greenwood
Jou Mazurek
Judith Genovese
In honor of Karen Genovese
Judith Henderson
Judy Lui Herrera
Julia Flores-Watroba
Julia Wagner
Julie Smith
Julie Sánchez Brehove
Julie Sánchez Brehove
In honor of My amazing 9th grade class of 2024
These girls worked so hard this year! They will always be very special to me.
Karen Faul Bryce
Kate Standifer
Kathleen Costello
Kathleen Fleisher
Kathleen O’Kane
Wishing for a better 2021 for everyone..
Kathleen O’Kane
Kathleen Regan
Kathryn Nishibayashi
Katie & Ron Seley
Katie Clancy
Katie Lapsys Hossepian
Katie Raffetto
Katie Waferling
Katy Barry McCollum
Kevin & Esmeralda Akins
Kevin and Katie Cordano
Kimberly Gomez Fraser
Kimberly Miera
Kimberly West Isaac
Kristin and Keith Thorell
Kristina Musni
Lara Sassounian
Lauren Joseph
Lauren Marks
Lauren Spiegel Marlis
Lauren Wimbush
Le Anh Metzger
Leah Weidman
Lela Diaz
Lesley Nelson Wagner
Lesley Scheller
Leslie Nuccio
Leticia Valdez
Liesl Pike Moldow
Lilani Estacio Dunn
Lin Karl McMahon
Linda Hahn
Linda Jimenez-Griffin
Linda M Perkins
Linda Perkins
Lisa Hernandez
Lloyd Hopf
Luz McBride
Lydia Arguelles
Lydia Cheng
Lyle and Kathy LaMothe
Maddie Tupy
Madison Forrest
Magdalene Poxon
Malissa Balderama
Manuel Figueroa
Manuel and Aida Saldaña
Margaret Morrow
Margie Mullen
Maria Freese
Marian McCord Van Alyea
Marianna Fisher
Maribeth Spensiero
Maricela Salazar
Marissa Bell
Mark & Cecily Brogdon-Mitchell
Mark & Faith Dymek
Mark Macias
Mark and Faith Dymek
Marsh & McLennan Cos., Inc.
Martha Chute Fitzpatrick
Marvin Cuenca
Mary Alice Cords
Mary Ellen Gormican
Mary Stathatos Cole
Mary and Emily Monroe
Maryanne Householder
Matthew and Patricia Bannan Pascale '86
Meg & John Symes
Love our Cubs!
Melanie Ahn
Melissa Holmes Lebo
Melissa Moore
Melissa Tighe
Merilisa Ramirez & Aaron Calderon
Mia Paggi Green
Thankful for the lifetime friendships made during my years at Mayfield
Mia Paggi Green
Michael Maddigan
Michael Weaver
Michell Coughlin Moore
Michelle Gergen
Molly Johnston
Monica Chi
Monique Bueno
Monique Maling
Mr Todd Frealy and Ms. Anne Bigley
Mr and Mrs Bernard Derriman
Mr. & Mrs Moises Salvador
Mr. Alan Watson
Mr. Andrew Alvarez
Mr. Andrew Difronzo
Mr. Angel Herrera and Ms. Judy Lui
Mr. Arin Dunn and Mrs. Karen De Guzman-Dunn
Mr. Bernard Rojo and Ms. Celina Alvarez
Mr. Bill Olson
Mr. Billy Abdallah
Mr. Brandon Burns and Ms. Genevieve Beauvais
Mr. Chris Kvochak and Mrs. Jennifer Vane
Mr. Christian Gullon and Ms. Serena Murillo
Mr. Craig Rundbaken and Dr. Laura Rundbaken
Mr. Daniel Greenleaf
Mr. David Wagner and Ms. Margaret Cribbs
Mr. Eric Larson and Ms. Jennifer O'Rafferty
Mr. Fred Cerrillo and Dr. Celeste Chong-Cerrillo
Mr. Geoffrey Baum and Ms. Lisa Gallaway
Mr. Greg Metzger and Dr. Quyen Metzger
Mr. Harold Hinrichs and Mrs. Felicia Beanum
Mr. James Goepel and Mrs. Gilien Silsby
Mr. James McManus
Mr. Jesse Navarro and Mrs. Marla Mendez-Navarro
Mr. John Gerontides and Dr. Angelike Stathopoulos-Gerontides
Mr. Kimbang Vu and Mrs. Ferari Domingo-Vu
Mr. Kurt Mechaley & Ms. Diane Kooken
Mr. Luis Rodriguez and Ms. Yolanda Sanchez
Mr. Marc Smith and Dr. Michelle Bilotta-Smith
Mr. Mark Norton and Mrs. Renee Romano-Norton
Mr. Maurice Maalouf and Dr. Grace Maalouf
Mr. Paul Tzanetopoulos and Mrs. Linda Waddell
Mr. Philip Falese and Ms. Irma Triwardani
Mr. Phillip Velasco
Mr. Richard Keelty
Mr. Richard Meinhold
Mr. Robert Gallo and Ms. Lisa Stevens
Mr. Robert Sherman
Mr. Ron Castelo
Mr. Sean McDermott and Dr. Anne Hartfield
Mr. Shadi Sanbar and Dr. Jennifer Sanbar
Mr. Shayam Dodge and Mrs. Kayla Yokoyama Dodge
Mr. Spencer Kook
Mr. Stephen Sinclair and Dr. Marianne Sinclair
Mr. Steven Bergen
Mr. Tao Jiang and Mrs. Yonghua Tan
Mr. Tawan Jithavech and Mrs. Roongtiwa Wilaisapphaisarn
Mr. Timothy Hawkinson and Ms. Patricia Wickman
Mr. Victor Lucchesi
Mr. Vincent Gallardo and Mrs. Stephanie May
Mr. and Mrs James Mashiko
Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Salazar
Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Smeritschnig
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Vanaken
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Miera
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio D'Amico
Mr. and Mrs. Armando Gaona
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goethals
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Greenup Ii
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur White
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Nakasone
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Winston
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Callinicos
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Bandow
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Engstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Byers
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Huerta
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Javelera
Mr. and Mrs. Catalino G. Evangelista
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Augustine
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Fontes
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Easton
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Werner
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Waite
Mr. and Mrs. Crispin Tiomico
Mr. and Mrs. Damon O'Beirne
Mr. and Mrs. Damon Valentino
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel De Guzman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dopudja
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Goldthwait
Mr. and Mrs. Dante Puccinelli
Mr. and Mrs. David Ho
Mr. and Mrs. David Parshall
Mr. and Mrs. David Stolpe
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Pippert
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Loewel
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Savant
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Colliau
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carolan
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Ramirez
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo A. Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Loftus
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Munger
Mr. and Mrs. Felipe Velasquez
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Karl
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blau
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Graybill
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Klausner
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Bland
Mr. and Mrs. George Leiva
Mr. and Mrs. George T. McDonnell
Mr. and Mrs. Gino Mercurio
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Spensiero
Mr. and Mrs. Griffin Gmelich
Mr. and Mrs. Habib Balian
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Suarez
Mr. and Mrs. Herdi Wijaya
Mr. and Mrs. Howard N. Persad
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Plescia
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Barbee
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Muenzer
Mr. and Mrs. James Cook
Mr. and Mrs. James Mason
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lo Coco
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Clawson
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Grinnell
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Padilla
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hilland
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Riegsecker
Mr. and Mrs. John Akins
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Hotchkis
Mr. and Mrs. John Hensley
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schiller
Mr. and Mrs. John Michelena
Mr. and Mrs. John Powell
Mr. and Mrs. John Randall
Mr. and Mrs. John Sagara
Mr. and Mrs. John Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kezele
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Gallegos
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Morin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tupy
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Lauble
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hurley
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Kieran Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Kim B. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Leman Wesley Potter
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Coppersmith
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Alvarez
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Patino
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dilbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gamble
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gunn
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McDevitt
Mr. and Mrs. Mason Morfit
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brehove
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Reeser
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cahill
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dooling
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sigler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Klingerman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Osborn
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ochniak
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Morton A. Baum
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Labrador
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Franco
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Laguna
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Scott Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Colony
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro R. Lara
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Tamny
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kingston, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Thorson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wilkniss
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zovak
Mr. and Mrs. Qun S. Chen
Mr. and Mrs. R. Joseph Debriyn
Mr. and Mrs. Ramiro Vasquez
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond V. Elshout
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Olivarez
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cota
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Keelty
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moses
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vargas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Smith III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Copado
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dalie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gibbs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Neithart
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jenny Gorman Patton
In honor of ($100 toward) Molly Gorman Arts Award
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Serrano
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thorel
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Watroba
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Knoll
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Squire
Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Guerra
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Robles
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bussard
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pruyn
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Lim
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Thom Olona
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kealty
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sclafani
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Reames
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Atienza
Mr. and Mrs. Van Richard Pascual
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Natividad
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Spieker
Mr. and Mrs. Wellington Choi
Mr. and Mrs. Willace Longyear
Mr. and Mrs. William Brahos
Mr. and Mrs. William Held
Mr. and Mrs. William Lee
Mr. and Mrs. William Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Willis H. Freeman
Mr. and Ms. Edward Yoon
Mr. and Ms. Eric Selinger
Mr. and Ms. Erik Vogt
Mr. and Ms. Jason Agliolo
Mr. and Ms. John Trinh
Mr. and Ms. Luis Ayala
Mr. and Ms. Marc Sandman
Mr. and Ms. Ryan Murphy
Mrs. Abigail Shaw
Mrs. Alice Henry-Taylor
Mrs. Andrea Van De Kamp
Mrs. Barbara Messina
Mrs. Connie Peters
Mrs. Debra Bachman
Mrs. Emily Goodell
Mrs. Fatima Weakly
Mrs. Frank Jameson
Mrs. Heidi Watson
Mrs. Jacquelyn Brown Kivley
Mrs. James Donahue
Mrs. Janet Clancy
Mrs. Joseph T. Nally
Mrs. Karen Mayeda
Mrs. Kathleen Clougherty Regan
Mrs. Kimberly Feeney
Mrs. Leandra Ferguson
Mrs. Lela Diaz and Mr. Colin De Honey
Mrs. Lisa Hernandez
Mrs. Lydia Arguelles
Mrs. Maria Freese
Mrs. Marianne Marino Rorden
Mrs. Martha Fitzpatrick
Mrs. Mary Leon
Mrs. Nicole Burcham
Mrs. Peter Dempster
Mrs. Phyllis Tighe
Mrs. Rosemary Saal Whitney
Mrs. Ruth Hernandez
Mrs. Sondra Behrens
Mrs. Teri Gonzales
Mrs. Toi Webster Treister
Mrs. Toni Bannan Gross
Mrs. Una Mae Van Rooy
Ms Linda Greig
Ms. Abigail Holtz
Ms. Alexandra Badie
Ms. Amy Green
Ms. Angela Howell
Ms. Ani Garikian
Ms. Ann Kibort and Mr. Bernard Kibort
Ms. Ann Meeks
Ms. Ann Pibel
Ms. Annette Carhartt Brandin
Ms. Aoife Chow
Ms. April Garcez
Ms. Ava Pulvers
Ms. Ava Robles
Ms. Ava Wilkniss
Ms. Avery Valentino
Ms. Bernadette Ament
Ms. Brittany Sorrentino
Ms. Carina Robles
Ms. Carmen Mascarenhas
Ms. Carol McMullin
Ms. Caroline Cameron
Ms. Carolyn Cota
Ms. Carolyn Lo Coco
Ms. Cassandra Gonzales
Ms. Catherine Nally '08
Ms. Charlotte Anderson
Ms. Cheyenne Sons
Ms. Christin Hablewitz
Ms. Claire Cruz
Ms. Claire Engstrom
Ms. Claudia Alcaino
Ms. Colette Momartin
Ms. Cristina Perez
Ms. Cynthia Ison
Ms. Dahlia-Marie Macatangay
Ms. Denise Leitner
Ms. Dorothy Gonzalez
Ms. Elizabeth Chell
Ms. Elizabeth Sanchez
Ms. Erika Pfendtner
Ms. Georgia Vagim
Ms. Irma Urena
Ms. Jackie Wisherd
Ms. Jade Stewart
Ms. Jayme Harrold
Ms. Kathleen Costello
Ms. Katrina Lake
Ms. Kelsey Slater
Ms. Kimberly Gomez
Ms. Kimberly Schugart
Ms. Kris De Lorme
Ms. Krista Ellis
Ms. Lauren Marks-Nino
Ms. Laurie Kovalenko
Ms. Lena Agulian
Ms. Leticia Valdez and Mr. Thomas Atkins
Ms. Linda Broderick
Ms. Liri Chen
Ms. Lorena Parra and Mr. John Gonzalez
Ms. Lorna Brosio
Ms. Louise Morris
Ms. Lynn Maloney
Ms. Madeline Tupy
Ms. Maggie Ireland
Ms. Malissa Balderama
Ms. Maria Corsini-Reden
Ms. Marissa Perez
Ms. Martha Aparicio
Ms. Mary Alice Cords
Ms. Mary E. Shimazaki
Ms. Mary Fitzpatrick and Mr. David Van Pelt
Ms. Marycatherine Smith
Ms. Megan McKernan
Ms. Merilisa Ramirez and Mr. Aaron Calderon
Ms. Michelle Gergen
Ms. Muriel Zhang
Ms. Nora Chiara
Ms. Pamela Frase Petterle
Ms. Patricia Wickhem
Ms. Peggy J. Ireland
Ms. Peggy Smith
Ms. Reon Roski
Ms. Ruby Bugarin and Mr. Jesús Martinez
Ms. Sally Jeanne McKenna
Ms. Samantha Hampar
Ms. Samantha Pieper
Ms. Sara McBride
Ms. Theresa Peters
Ms. Tina Hoang
Ms. Tina Zapata
Ms. Yolanda Difronzo
Nalei Guzman
Nancy Penoyer Blau
Nancy Tupy
Network for Good
Nicole Cosand Burcham
Nicole Virdone
Nohemi Ferguson
Norman and Janet Labrador
Octavia Carey
Olga Johnson
Olivia Paradise
Pamela Abbott
Pamela Gibson
Paola Mork
Patricia Bannan Pascale
Patricia Nicole Johnson
Paula Endara Sheehan
Peggy Smith
Peter & Hilary Kingston
Phillip Velasco
Phoebedel Reyes
Pilar Thomas
Rachel Cota Hochstetler
Rachel Pringle
Rebecca Cervantes
Rebecca Cervantes & Gregory Garcia
Rebecca Chute Metrano
Rev. Wayne Negrete S.J.
Riana Chen
Richard Cota
Richard Meinhold
Rita Csejtey
Robert Gallo
In honor of Kathleen Stevens - Grandmother
Robert Sherman
Mayfield puts Jesus Christ first in the lives of their students.
Ron Castelo
Rosario Gatchalian Sabido
Rose Diaz
Ruby Bugarin
Ryanne Dymek
Sabrina Beason
Sally Bucklin
In memory of Susan Shirey Blanchard ('70)
Sally Bucklin
Sally Jeanne McKenna
Sally Johansing Held
In memory of Nancy Hall and Patty Valerian
Samantha Bainter
Sandra Lovascio
In memory of Joseph Sweeney
Sara Reynolds
Sarah Briuer Boland
Scottie Beven Brown
Sean & Andrea Moriarty
Shannon Porter
Sheila Gillespie McCune
Siobhan Clancy
Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus
Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus
Society of the Holy Child Jesus
Spencer Kook
Sr. Jeanne Marie Guerin, SHCJ
Sr. Pegeen Connolly
Stephani Bouvet
Stephanie Pham
Stephanie and Tom Moffat
Susan Byrne Montgomery
Tanya Jurado
Tanya Milkie
Teresa and Mark Dilbeck
The Ahmanson Foundation
The Buena Vista Foundation
The Ferry Family Charitable Foundation
The Garland Foundation
The Henry A. and Cynthia G. Yost Family Foundation
The Michael and Patricia Smith Foundation
The Shea Foundation
Theresa Peters
Thomas Bao
Tim and Laurie Whalen
Toi Webster Treister
Tom and Jeannie Bowman
Tony & Silvana Moschella
Tracy Balian Zendzian
Victor Lucchesi
Victor and Karen Limongelli
Victoria Mulhall
Virginia Schlueter Jones
Wellington Choi
And Mrs. Guil Babcock
Elene johnston
Jessica Korzenecki
Marilyn oliva
Megan clancy
Pat kiechler
Sandra bane
Victoria rodeno
In memory of Sarafina, Antonio, Ann & Salvatore

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Aoife ChowAlum ’18
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Peggy SmithAlum ’72
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Richard MeinholdGrandparent
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Alexandra BadieAlum ’14
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Kimberly MieraParent ’23
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Mary Alice CordsAlum ’61
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Patricia Nicole JohnsonAlum ’14
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Ann Gormican MurphyAlum ’70
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Eleanor Reeve PowellGrandparent ’19
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In memory of Dr. Frank Schiller
Thank you for the wonderful education you provided for my Granddaughter
Katie & Ron SeleyParent ’22
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