Annual Giving 2018-2019

by Nicole Cosand, Director of Annual Giving and Alumnae Relations

raised of $550,000 goal
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by Nicole Cosand, Director of Annual Giving and Alumnae Relations

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Mayfield parents give with joy because they know that every single gift – whatever the size – makes a difference in their daughters’ lives. Your donation will help us reach our 2018-19 Annual Giving fund goal of $550,000 and 100% participation!



Matching Gifts are an easy way to instantly double, or in some cases, triple your contribution to Mayfield Senior School! Many corporations match gifts from their employees, spouses and retired employees.

Enter your company’s name below to see if they will match your gift!


The following is information to transfer stock directly to Mayfield Senior School’s account:

Agent Bank (Bank of NYC): 26500

Agent Clearing DTC #: 901

For: Citizens Business Bank A/C 101502

Reference: Mayfield Senior School of the Holy Child Jesus — [Donor’s Name] (Account #1040001004)

For assistance with stock transfers, please contact Citizens Business Bank Trust Services at (909) 483-4397.


Please contact the Nicole Cosand, Director of Annual Giving and Alumnae Relations, at 626-204-1012 or [email protected] to make a pledge and schedule a payment plan via credit card, CLICK HERE.


Annual Giving Chairs: Dodie Dolendo (Isabella ’14, Katrina ’19) and
Edna Lara (Christina ’14 & Rebecca ’21)

Class of 2019 Captain: May Arroyo (Dominique ’19)

Class of 2020 Captain: Stephanie Moffat (Megan ’20)

Class of 2021 Captain: Natalie Augustine (Sophia ’17 & Isabella ’21)

Class of 2022 Captain: Alfonso Milanese (Alana ’22)

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Campaign ends Sunday, June 30th, 2019, 11:59:59 pm PDT

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Supporters (241)

Adam and Jessica Yatsko
Adriana vinci
Adrienne Barbee
Go cubs!
Alex & Lydia Cheng
Alex Eisele
Allen & Mary Khachatourian
Amion and Patrick Scott Burton
Amy & Edmond Momartin
Ana and Alessandro Sanavio
Andrew Alvarez
Andrew Teng
Andy & Sara Lee
We love Mayfield!
Angela & Don Loewel
Angelique and Mark Hannah
We love being part of the Mayfield Senior School Family!
Anthony and Camille Abdalla
Anthony and May Arroyo
Arthur and Patricia Greenup
Bertha Sevilla
Bill & Alyson Lewis Lewis
Happy to support an amazing school! Go Cubs!
Bill Olson
Bill and Sarah Myers
Bob and Shelly Reisch
Bonner-Young Family
Brent and Julie Callinicos
Bryan and Jennifer Murphy
Carlo and Liza Lopez
Carlos Torres
Carlos and Irma Huerta
Carolina Coffey
Carolyn Gibbs Seitz
Chris & Salpy Pontrelli
Christine and Peter Smith
Christopher and Patrice Fontes
Claire de Roulhac
Claudia Cuenca
Curt and Cynthia Gilliland
Cynthia and Joel Riegsecker
Damon & Angelique Valentino
Daniel Greenleaf
Danny and Beatrice Shain
Dante & Kristen Puccinelli
David & Mimi Stolpe
David Ho
David Wagner and Margaret Cribbs
David and Beverly Katz
Denna Sanchez
Dennis Leung and Jiyen Shen
Derek & Susan Pippert
Dino and Michelle Aloisio
Dodie and Charo Dolendo
Dolendo Dolendo
Don and Elizabeth Savant
Dorelli Gorocica
Dr. Howard Higholt
Drs. Andres & Gloria Gonzalez
Edna and Jun Lara
Elena Mejia
Elie and Joanna Attar
Eric & Rebecca Reed
Eric Panajotovic
Giving for a great education from a wonderful institution makes it worth it
Eric and Audrey Gray
Fanya and William Thomson
Felipe Velasquez
Felix Avila and Elizabeth Camacho
Feng Pan
Frank & Bertha Olivar
Frank and Darline Robles
Frank and Sylvia Karl
Fred Cerrillo and Celeste Chong-Cerrillo
Gary and Linda Graybill
Geoff and Andrea Bland
Geoffrey Baum and Lisa Gallaway
George and Valerie Leiva
Gregg and Maribeth Spensiero
Gregory and Soyun Ahn
Griselda Nunez Nunez Herrera
Hayden Eaves IV
Heidi Watson
Henry and Viviana Suarez
Herdi and Maria Wijaya
Hilary Fitzgerald
Holly Sclafani
Howard Highholt
Ivan Ivankovich
Ivan Parry
Jamie and Krista Slocum
Jasen & Jennifer Grohs
Jason and Karen Wang
Javier and Claudia Perez
Jeff & Shana Hanna
Jeff Allen
Jessica Quinn
Jiggs and Jill Sigler
Jill Wondries
Jim Anderson and Kathleen Walker
Jim Loughrie
Jim and Bettie Byer
Jim and Dee Dee Moffat Brewer
Joann Barle
Joanne Zovak
Joe and Diana Eisele
Joe and Marsha Grieco
John Duvall
John Romano
John Ryan
John and Aileen Sagara
John and Alicia Berlot
John and Dani Michelena
Jonathan and Shannon Williamson
Jose Delgado
Jose Paz
Joseph Valenzuela & Kathryn Mumper
Joseph and Marsha Grieco
Julie Daniels
Julie DeCastro - Masi
Karen Mayeda
Karen and James Vossler
Karen de Guzman-Dunn
Kathleen Costello
Kathleen and Rob Lydon
Katja Favretto
Katrina Lake
Kenny Mar
Kevin Koga and Myrna Ling
Kevin and Erika Randall
Kim and Ferari Vu
Kim and Meghan Snyder
Kimberly Gomez Fraser
Lara and Bruce Abbott
Laura and Stephen Grimm
Laurence and Brenda Osborn
Lili Hermeline
Lisa & Andy Smeritschnig
Lou & Kerry Holtz
Luis Rodriguez
Lydia Arguelles
Mark Gunn
In honor of Mrs. Jane Ritter
Mark Saigh and Mara Suchy
Mary Wallace
Melissa Eaves
Merilisa Ramirez and Aaron Calderon
Michael & Kristin Gannon
Michael Jakowec
Michael and Adriana Vinci
Michael and Danielle Mullin
Michael and Jane Osborn
Michael and Stacy Berger
Michele Hilland
Michele and Douglas Colliau
Millard and Mollie Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Gangi
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Decker
Murray and Mikie Marsh
Najib Maalouf
Nancy and Joseph Tupy
Nick and Caroline Howell
Nicole Cosand
Noel Martinez
Noemi Magat
Nora Chiara
Nukunthorn Darakananda
Nwankwo Family
Omar Ahmed and Nadia Hussain
Patrick and Carolyn Kezele
Paul & Caroline Diver
Paul Mansour
Paul and Annie Pontrelli
Paul and Kimberly Thomas
Paula Kessler
Peter & Kelly Wilkniss
Peter Kingston Sr.
Pierre and Bridget Biscaichipy
Ramiro and Felicia Vasquez
Ramzi and Ilhame Ben-Youssef
Renee Mendoza
In honor of Jose G.Mendoza
Ricardo and Esmeralda Rodriguez
Richard Weidman
Robert & Melissa Dalie
Keep up the good work! Robert & Melissa Dalie
Robert Gallo and Lisa Stevens
Robert and Charmean Neithart
Ron Castelo
Ron and Gwen Owens
Rosie Serrano
Ruby Bugarin
Samantha Pieper
Sara Hurley
Scott and Stacy Weaver
Shadi and Jennifer Sanbar
Shahrzad Ayati
Sharick Smyser
Soyun Ahn
Proud to be Mayfield Family!
Stan and Mariangela Bakey
Stephen and Marianne Sinclair
Steve Stark
Steven and Deb Delarosa
So very grateful and proud to be a Mayfield Family.
Suzy Copado
Tanya Melby
Teri Gonzales
Terry Davitt
The Atienza Family
The Carpiac family
In honor of Corinne Rising
The Carranza Family
The Mireles family
The Pascale Family
The Steven Sanchez Family
The Thompson Family
Theresia Kleeman
Thomas Kibler
Thomas and Robin Hannah
Thomas and Rose Layton
Tim Hawkinson and Patty Wickman
Todd Pratt
Go Sami, go Cubs!! Love Dad
Tom and Stephanie Moffat
Tony and Silvana Moschella
Van and Carmina Pascual
Victor Lucchesi
Wes and Jennifer Potter
Win and Mary Loftus
Xiu Qiang Zhang and Amy Yang
Ashleigh dickinson
In honor of Corinne Rising
Jessica korzenecki
Leslie bakerowen
Anonymous (8)
Anonymous (3)
Anonymous (2)

Comments (15)

Renee Mendoza (Parent ’12, ’16, ’19)2 days ago
In honor of Jose G.Mendoza
Bill & Alyson Lewis Lewis (Alumnae ’87)18 days ago
Happy to support an amazing school! Go Cubs!
Robert & Melissa Dalie (Parent ’22)25 days ago
Keep up the good work! Robert & Melissa Dalie
Marina Engen Kohler (Alumnae ’99)a month ago
It was so great being back on campus remembering all those special times. Thanks as always, Angela!
Tara Mitchell (Alumnae ’03)a month ago
Thank you, Mayfield, for all your empowerment!
The Carpiac family a month ago
In honor of Corinne Rising
ashleigh dickinson (Alumnae ’89)a month ago
In honor of Corinne Rising
Soyun Ahn (Parent ’21)2 months ago
Proud to be Mayfield Family!
Todd Pratt (Parent ’21)2 months ago
Go Sami, go Cubs!! Love Dad
Steven and Deb Delarosa (Parent ’22)2 months ago
So very grateful and proud to be a Mayfield Family.
Angelique and Mark Hannah (Parent ’22)2 months ago
We love being part of the Mayfield Senior School Family!
Eric Panajotovic (Parent ’19)2 months ago
Giving for a great education from a wonderful institution makes it worth it
Mark Gunn (Parent ’21)2 months ago
In honor of Mrs. Jane Ritter
Adrienne Barbee (Parent ’22)2 months ago
Go cubs!
Andy & Sara Lee (Parent ’22)3 months ago
We love Mayfield!

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In honor of Jose G.Mendoza
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Henry and Viviana SuarezParent ’21
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Victor Lucchesi
Supported Annual Giving 2018-20199 days ago
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Supported Annual Giving 2018-201916 days ago
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