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Abby Shaw
Mayfield's commitment to loving and caring for each student makes it such a special school. I feel blessed to work at a place that helps all of its community members develop in our faith as well.
Abel & Emily Montanez
Adam & Suzi Aparicio
Adele Suarez
Alana yokoyama
Alexandra Badie
Alexandra Hernandez
Alice Diannitto
Alison Gamble
Alison Knoll
Allison Barnes
Allison Gadberry
Amber Berrios
Angela Howell
In honor of Giving thanks this day for the amazing Class of '76. Forever friends!!
Angela Howell
In honor of Pat Bucklin! Thanks for your friendship and for your love for Mayfield Senior School.
Angela Tinsley
Angela Warling
In honor of John Warling, Teacher 1977-1980
Ann & Eric Choi
Ann Bussard
Ann Colborn Pizzinat
In honor of Mim Paggi
Ann Colborn Pizzinat
In memory of Rosemary Saal Whitney and Susan Inglis Colborn both class of 1953
Ann and Tim Reames (P '93)
Anne Hartfield
Anne Pings
Anne and Sean Ryan
Anneke and Chris Osterkamp Greco
I could write a book about why I support Mayfield. It has always been a second home to me and now my daughter is privileged to call Mayfield home, too. Go cubs!
Aoife Chow
April Garcez
Honoring my hard working students I teach on a daily basis!
Barbara Beven Brown
In honor of Annette Brandin
Mayfield is a loving place where women can thrive.
Barbara Beven Brown
Barbara Duker
Benedetto & Marisa DeFilippo
in memory of Carolina Barilani
Bernard & Daniela Derriman
In thanks for the Mayfield teachers and staff.
Bill Meares
Brandy & Mark Mayer
Bridge Family
Brittney pruitt
Bruce and Debbie Hinckley
Cambria Tortorelli
Carey Family
Carol Cadena
Carol Goldthwait
Catherine Alexander
Go Cubs
Cathy Christiansen
Cathy Cota
To all of the wonderful teachers that taught Rachel '04 and Carolyn '06.
Charlotte Yvonne Reid
In honor of Maureen Shea
Chelisa Vagim
Chelisa Vagim
Chris Campion Kehoe
Chris Kvochak
Christin Hablewitz
Christine Madden
In honor of Celebrating Angela Howell for keeping us connected
Celebrating Angela Howell for keeping us connected
Christine Marick
Christine Reichl Bolger
Proud to be a Mayfield alum!
Christopher Hoshek
Christy Taylor-Coon & Kenneth Coon
Cindy Wu
Claire Mitchell
Claudia Morehead
Colette LeBon Coles
Cornelia Reynolds Gould
Cristina Vittoria
In memory of Molly Gorm
Cynthia Riggs
David Chiu
David Tull
Debra Bachman
Dennis & Yoo-Mee Tong
Dianne Diannitto Ciulla
Donell Aure Thomas
In honor of Lahaina, Maui
Hau'oli lā hānau! Please continue to pray for the Kula and Lahaina, Maui
Dorian Llywelyn
Dorian Llywelyn
In gratitude for the wonderful community that is Mayfield and in honor of all the generations of Mayfield women - past, present and future.
Elina & Linas Venckus
Elisabeth Frank Rosenson
Elizabeth Aizpuru
In honor of Elizabeth Rusnak
Elizabeth Cabot
Elizabeth Sanchez
In honor of My parents, Al & Helen Sanchez.
What a blessing Mayfield has been in our lives. I am forever grateful to the generous donors to the Holy Child Scholarship Fund who made it possible for my sister and me to receive this education.
Elizabeth Smith (Aizpuru)
Elizabeth and Mike Serhan
Ellen McNiff Kovach
Emily Osterkamp Murphy
Thank you to Mayfield for continuing to empower young women to achieve their dreams and change the world!
Emily Serhan
Eric Murga
Erica Possemato Pegram
Erica's Mayfield Sisters
In honor of Erica Delgado
We are heartbroken at the loss of Erica and sending love and comfort to her family during this difficult time.
Erika and Kevin Randall
Erin Yoon
Eugene Smith
Evy Vargas Bridge
Fei Wang
Felicia Martinez Fierro
Flavia Rizzi
Fonia Marshall Humphries
Frances O'Beirne
Frank Acosta
In memory of Jeanette Acosta 2004
Gabriela Morales
Go Cubs!
Gene and Pat Weckerly
Genevieve Beauvais & Brandon Burns
Geri Hamane
Gerianne Sarte
Gia Cunningham
Thank you for educating my daughter and giving her a beautiful and safe environment to grow in!
Glenn Carroll
Gloria Mendoza
In gratitude for the excellent teachers, staff and education at Mayfield.
Grant Michelson
Gregg Spensiero
Gwen Owens
Harold HInrichs
Helen Lee-Doulis
Hin Ku
In Honor of the Faculty Members I adore..
Irene Patterson
J. Kevin and Esmeralda Akins
Jackie and Webster Wong
In memory of Josie Ramos Galbis and Walter Gum Wong
James & Flavia Lo Coco
Mayfield is exceptional not because of what our girls and our families take from this place, but because of what we give to it. Be generous in your support of this exceptional institution!
Jane Collins Hawley
Jane Streeter De Haven
In honor of Pamela Jane Skendarian, '82
Thank you, Mayfield, for great memories and the gift of intellectual discipline.
Janet and Norman Labrador
Janette Gil
Jason Clawson
Mayfield Always!
Jason Clawson
Cheers and sláinte!
Jayme Harrold
Jean Childs Palmer
Jenna Bakey
Jennifer Poyer
In honor of Cornelia Connelly School - Class of '98
Jennifer Wong Christensen
Jerry Whitfield
Jill and Patrick Longo
Jim Burnett
Jim and Doerte Zeutzius
Joan Trausch
Joann Ruiz
John & Dani Michelena
John Healing
Jose Venegas
Judy Genovese
Judy Lui Herrera
Julie Brehove
In honor of My Father Al Sánchez, a faithful Mayfield Dad
Julie Lynch-Russell
In memory of Cathy Carmack
Julie Poxon Penney
In honor of Cecelia Poxon, Class of 1973
Julie Zovak
Karen Faul Bryce
Karen Swenson
Katherine Lapsys Hossepian
Katherine Tighe
Kathleen O’Kane
In honor of Catherine Morris an amazing person
Kathleen Regan
Mayfield gave me so much.
Kathryn Nishibayashi
Kelley Driscoll Driscoll Terrazas
Kelly Garrison
Kelly Joyce Dunn
Kendra Lagousis
Kenneth Fisher
Kenny & Emoon Mar
Kim Vu & Ferari Domingo-Vu
Kim and Mark Valentine
Kimberly Feeney
Kimberly Gomez Fraser
Kimberly Klosterman
Kimberly Miera
Koga Family
Laura Mojica Neal
Laura and Tony Farrell
In honor of Mayfield’s outstanding faculty and staff, whose deep commitment to Holy Child education and academic excellence is inspiring. I am profoundly grateful for the warmth, compassion and expertise of the many talented faculty and staff I am privileged to work with each day.
With a spirit of joyful enthusiasm and excitement, Tony and I are pleased to announce our personal gift of $5,000 to Mayfield’s Annual Fund.
Laurie Lipper
Leah Weidman
I'm thankful for the financial assistance I received while attending Mayfield. Paying it forward.
Lela Diaz
Li Zhang
Thank you, Mayfield!
Liliana Huerta
Lin Karl McMahon
Blessed to have been in the class of 1966. A special group of women then and now.
Linda Besel-Klausner
Linda Perkins
Great School and it empowers girls!
Linda and Liam Mennis
Linsey Reyes
Lisa Vandergriff
In honor of Jade Stewart and her UNWAVERING support for the Development Department!
Thank you, Jade Stewart, for your amazing support and dedication!!
Lisa Vandergriff
In recognition of all the hardworking faculty & staff who make Mayfield so special, especially during the holidays!
Lora McManus
Lorna Brosio
Luis Rodriguez
Luis and Diane Rojas
Lydia Arguelles
For my students
Ma Lacuesta Kinderman
Malissa Balderama
Marc and Samantha Sandman
Margaret Morrow
With thanks for the amazing start Mayfield gave me, teaching me the value of service to others and preparing me academically for what was still to come.
Margaret Neal Villareal
Margaret Neil Villarreal
Margaret Villarreal
Margaritas Mexican Restaurant
Maria Freese
Maria de Cardenas
Marianna and David Fisher
Marianne Marino Rorden
Keep helping girls get on the right path for a bright future.
Maribel Ruiz
My students are a gift to my heart.
Marie Gibbs Grimes
Marissa Andrea
In honor of Kathryn Haapala Andrea
Marissa Bell
Mark & Jennifer Gunn
Mark and Faith Dymek
Martha Chute Fitzpatrick
Marxianna Moe-Cook
Mary Alice Cords
Mary Ann (Collins) Pollaro
Mary Burns Williams
Mary Fitzpatrick
In honor of Sisters of the SHCJ
Mary Graham Morgan
In honor of Sister Barbara Mullen
We are so grateful to Mayfield for providing our daughters Allison and Katherine such an excellent education. Sister Barbara was an inspiration to us all.
Mary Nally Ternan
In memory of Betsy Bannan Gilmore
So grateful for my education, my friends and my family from our beautiful Mayfield, Sr!
Mary Shea McConnell
In memory of Maureen Shea '86
Mary Sheridan
Maryanne Householder
My students are amazing!
Maureen McConnell
In memory of Maureen Shea '86
Maureen Michelena
Mayuko Easton
Meg & John Symes
In honor of Cathy Carmack Jones
In loving memory of my sister, Cathy Carmack Jones, who passed away in May this year.... She loved her Mayfield time, family and friends so much. I was lucky enough to be her flower girl at her graduation, 1969.
Melissa Lebo
Melissa Levander
Michael Alvarez
Michael Maddigan
Michael Ye
Michelle Guerra
Miguel Roggero
Mike Kona
Moises Zepeda
In honor of Arts
Mayfield thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Molly Johnston
Molly Serhan
Monica Chi
Morgan Shaner
Nancy Fong
Natividad Bower
Newlin Driller
Go class of 2027!
Nohemi Ferguson
Nukunthorn Darakananda
Oscar Delahoya
O’Rafferty Family
Pamela Gibson
In memory of Ana Jenson
Pamela Wilson Abbott
Patrica Bucklin
In honor of Angela, Connie, and Vicki Howell
Patrick Chylinski
Patrick Connor and Carolyn Wilson
Patti Bannan Pascale
Patty Niedermeyer
Patty Wickman
In honor of Nora Injijian
Paul Vega
Peggy Smith
Peggy Smith
In honor of The superb staff and faculty, today and through the years
Penny and Tom Mangham
In honor of Madeleine Frealy
Peter & Christine Smith
Phoebedel Reyes
Rebecca Cervantes
Renee Norton
Richard Vargaas
Romola and Leo Mascarenhas
Rostom & Frida Baghdassarian
Ruby Bugarin
In honor of Bernardino Bugarin
Ryan & Jennifer Squire
Ryan & Jennifer Squire
Thank you to our amazing new Head of School, and the entire administration, faculty, and staff for doing such a wonderful job caring for our girls and helping them grow into incredible young women.
Ryanne Dymek
Keep STEM strong!
Sally Bucklin
In honor of Angela, Connie and Vicki Howell!
Samantha Bane Bainter
Sandra Sweetser Kindermann
In memory of Russell Kindermann
Mayfield provides a phenomenal education.
Sara Martin Reynolds
In honor of Annette Carhartt Brandid
Class of 1966 in thanks to Annette and Candida for years of friendship and support. They are a blessing to all of us.
Schuyler & Molly Hollingsworth
Thank you Mayfield!
Sean Dixon
Great education and wonderful place for my daughters.
Sean Kennally
In honor of Christina Kennally '04
4 years at Mayfield Senior School has become an advantage for life for my daughter Christina Kennally Class of 2004
Sean and Nicole Dixon
Sharman Dye
In memory of Cathy Carmack Jones
Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus
Spencer Kook
Steve and Dee Cockriel
Susan Byrne Montgomery
Susan Carver Wagner
In honor of Class of 1966
Fond memories
Takashi Tanaka
Tara Randall
Teri Gonzales
The Buckwalter Family
The Gil Family
The Gracia Family
Theresa Peters
In honor of Eleanor Yavarone
A caring colleague whose laugh lifted our spirit
Theresa Peters
Thomas LeBon
Great education
Tim and Gina Cockriel
Tim and Katie Carey
In memory of Louise B Carey
Tina Hoang
Todd Frealy
Tyler Tripp
V. LeAnn Green Conway
Lots of success with this campaign.
Vicky Zhang
Victoria Oung
Virginia Jones
Virginia Schlueter Jones
In memory of Rosemary Whitney
Walter & Heidi Lothian
Wellington Choi
Wellington Choi
Wellington Choi
Whitney Willis Visger
Yingjie Wang
Yolanda DiFronzo
Zhonghua Zhou
In thanks for Mayfield Senior School
Alan watson
Bernadette Hartfield Hotaling
Jessica Korzenecki
Rory Hogan olivarez
Shadi sanbar
Sonia barajas
Victoria rodeno
Zhibo chen
In honor of Sheila Bartolic
In honor of Kelley Jones

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