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Raise The Flags

The La Salle Lancer Raise the Flags campaign offers an exciting chance to proudly display your Lancer Flag, symbolizing our school’s rich legacy and strong community spirit spanning over 60 years. By participating, you not only showcase your pride in our alma mater but also visibly mark our presence within the community, reinforcing our bonds and heritage for all to see.

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Brian Heidorn, Director of Alumni Relations

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AJ Nieman
Adam Lohbeck
Alex Thiery
Alexander Ewing
Alice Fitzgerald
Allen Zernich
Amy Rink
Andrew Albrinck
Keep up the good work
Andrew Collins
Andrew Neiheisel
Andy Albrinck
Andy Borgmann
Angela DelNegro
Angelina Trimble
Angelo Gallina
Angie Friggie
Ann Jones
Austin Kaiser
Barnesburg Tavern
Ben Merk
Beverly Manning
My son graduated 2022! My daughter cheered for LRD! We Love LaSalle ❤️
Bill Hummel
Bill Rocklin
Bob Abrams
Bob Ambach
Bob Buchman
Bob Ruffing
Brad Maisch
Brandon Middendorf
Bret Schnieber
Brian Anthony Doyle
Brian Doyle
Brian Grote
#LRD Class of ‘04!!
Brian Heidorn
Brian Powers
Bryan Jostworth
Bryan Knoop
Buffalo Wild Wings
Butch Elfers
Caleb Dove
Carmen Schatzman
Prior lancer- we roll deep
Carol Ryan
Carrie Schnieders
Chapman Family
Chris Castleman
Chris Dooley
Chris Eisenacher
Chris Harmon
Chris Junker
Chris Wiesman
Christopher Henschen
Christy Weidner
Cloverleaf Pub
Coley Turner
This is how we roll
Conner Brehm
Curt Kroger
Dan Feldman
Dan Findley
Daniel Schmidt
Dave Gruber
Dave Mathews
David Hoesl
David Scholten
Dennis Boehm
Dennis McManus
Dennis Stehlin
Derek and Dylan Eddings
So proud to be Brothers of LaSalle! Will always be our home.
Dillon Hudepohl
Don Nagel
Donna Ries
Eric Bosch
Eric Bosch
Eric Spieser
Frank Trotta
Fretboard, Blue Ash
Fretboard, Factory 52
Fretboard, Harrison
Game On
Gary Blucker
In honor of Janice Blucker
My grandson is a student
Gary Blucker
In honor of Janice Blucker
Gary Schmeh
Greg Hardig
Greg Kathman
Haubner Field
Holly Berens
La Salle has been everything we’ve hoped for our son. It’s given him so many opportunities to get involved, find life long friends, and try new things! The support and involvement of staff and other families is unmatched! #LRD
Jack Stark
Jake Knab
Jake Knab
Jeff DeLaet
Jeff Hartmann
Jeff Hummel
Jeff Weierman
Jeffrey Knab
In honor of Ben Kelhoeffer
Jeremy Macke
Jerome Luggen
Jerry Lucas
Jesse Obert
Go Lancers!
Jim Brothers
Jim Comarata
Jim Goldschmidt
Jim Kaiser
Jim Kaiser
Jim Schuler
Joe Baumbach
Joe Binzer
Joe Weddendorf
Joe Yeazell
John Carson
John Gagnon
John Herbert
John Krummen
John Mattingly
John Rathman
John Tuefel
John Willenborg
Jonathan Kissel
Joseph Hautman
Julie Etris
Kaleb Dove
Katherine Cole
Kathleen Reupert
Keith Phelps
Ken Reupert
Ken Saunders
Kenny Jacobs
Kevin Blucker
Kevin Reardon
Kirk Lambert
Kisha Dosa
Kory Porter
Kreimer's Beir Haus
Kris Koetters
Kris Koetters
Kristofer Fulmer
Kurt Doyle
Kyle Flynn
La Rosa's
Layne McLaughlin
Cam Kerkhoff and Tom Doerger
Leslie Bordiere
Lisa Lonneman
Lisa Ruhe
Lori Henson
Lou Eichhold
Mandy Reardon
Mariellen Rechtin
LaSalle is a great school and has helped my sons become successful men of faith. We are grateful for LaSalle.
Mark Goldschmidt
Mark Kalkhoff
Mark Reisiger
Marlene Fiorelli
Marty Strohofer
Mary Royse
Best school for my son. Life long friendships were made there
Matt Lasita
Matt Michel
Matthew Birck
Fly those flags with pride!
Matthew Birck
Matthew McCurdy
McCoy's Place
Melvin Volle
Michael Chia
Michael Deyhle
Michael Essen
Michael Slattery
Michael Wanstrath
Michele Kaiser
Michele Mescher
Mike Biddlestone
Go Lancer Athletics!
Mike Horback
Mike Lienhart
Mike Markus
Mike Slattery
Mitchell Heusmann
Nate Sparks
Nathan Sparks
Neil Houser
Nick Severt
Nicole Roby
Norbert Mette
Pat Timon
LRD!! Great '08!
Pat Timon
Patrick Tiettmeyer
Paul Demmy
Paul Donisi
Phil Hock
Preston and Peyton Beck
Public House
Ray Doth
Raymond Doth
Brothers For Life
Regina Jacobs
My son is getting a great education at LaSalle
Rex Kern
Richard Merkel
Rick Davis
Rob Braun
Rob Brooks
Rob Elfers
Rob Lohbeck
Rob Lohbeck
Rob Schneider
Robert Ambach
Go Lancers! A wonderful institution and a great home for my son.
Robert Gilker
Robert Roetting
Robert Scherpenberg
Ron Prybal
Ron Riedy
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Nerswick
Ryan Schmutte
In honor of George Ranz
Scott Fisbeck
Scott Riehle
Seth Ranz
Spirit Shop
Stehlin's Meat Market
Steve Jung
Steve Kappen
In honor of Otger and Maria Kappen
Steve Ludwig
Steve Morganroth
Steve Schulten
In honor of Bob Sauerbrey
Tammy Ventura
Tavern On The Bend
Teresa Chapman
Terri Carrick
It’s refreshing to witness an inclusive, faith-based education in Cincinnati, supported by a highly competent and dynamic faculty & staff committed to the education of young men while modeling Christ by their chosen profession. Raising our flag in honor of those who do this work every day!
Terri Carrick
Terry Prybal
Theresa Strotman
Thomas Goldston
Thomas Schmidt
Tim Burda
Tim Daly
Tim Lighthall
We are called to serve!
Tim Rizzo
In honor of Reid Rizzo
A great school to educate and prepare young men for life!
Tom Collins
Tom Conners
Tom Dunlay
Tom Wenning
Tom Wiesman
The school keeps improving and staying current with the times in Education and Christian Values
Tom Wilke
Tommy Watkins
Tony Ross
Tony Schoenling
Trey Prybal
Tyler Cox
Tyler Haubner
Lancers roll deep!
Valley House
Walter Merritt
Wiedemann Brewery
William Kolb
William Ritter
Zach Theilman
Bill koppers
Jim herbert
Josh eschenbach
Mary herrmann
In memory of Cam Kerkhoff
Marybeth brunsman
For my son

Ways to support


3’ x 5’ Flag Set

Straight Bracket, Pole and Flag included. Shipping Included


House Flag Set

House Flag set (45 degree wall bracket, 6ft spinner pole, 28x40” Vertical Flag-Shipping Included


Garden Flag Set

Garden Flag set (36” metal holder, 12x18” Vertical Flag) -Shipping included


3’ x 5’ Horizontal Flag Only

Traditional Horizontal Flag-Shipping Included


House Flag ONLY

28x40” Vertical Flag-Shipping Included


Garden Flag-ONLY

12x18” Vertical Garden Flag-Shipping Included

Round UP

Round up your purchase to support the rebirth of the La Salle Alumni Association.

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