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Loyal Lancers Week of Giving

Show your unconditional loyalty and support the young men who are learning what it means to be a Lancer. Men for Tomorrow, Brothers for Life. La Salle needs your support today. Help us hit our 300 participant goal by Friday, April 14th at midnight.

Mike Wiesman, Director of Advancement

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Aaron Hoffman
Adam Curley
Adam Lohbeck
Adam Wauligman
Al Noe
Thank you Lasalle for giving me a great educational and spiritual base for life!
Alex Dickey
In memory of Michelle Slageter
Alex Long
Alexander Merk
Allen Zernich
Proud to be part of such a great legacy!
Allison Medellin
Amy Fox
Amy Roettele
Andrew Goedde
Andrew Harrigan
Andrew Schmidt
Andrew Wiesman
In Honor of My Father Tom Wiesman class of 67! Thank you
Andy Albrinck
Angie Frigge
In honor of All past faculty and staff members
Anthony Kummer
Anthony Schoenling
In honor of James Schoenlaub ‘00, David Kaiser ‘00, and Eric Harris ‘00
Arron Byrd
Barbara Wenning
In memory of Dave Wenning
In memory of Dave Wenning LRD
Barbara Wenning
Ben Merk
Bill Backscheider
Bill Berger
Bill Carrelli
In memory of Frank Seta
Bill Hartmann
Bill Hummel
Proud alumni
Bill Rocklin
Blake Niemeyer
Bo Jessee
Bob Buchman
Bob Koehne
Proud to be a Lancer.
Bob Rack
Brady Reynolds
Brandon Albright
Brendan Blunk
Bret Schnieber
Brian Eichhold
Brian Grote
LaSalle has changed so much over the years, BUT every time I go there for an event or every time I drive by, it feels like I never left. Continue what you guys are doing to make LaSalle a great high school to go to for many years to come!
Brian Heidorn
La Salle has been a great place to help educate three generations of Heidorn's! It's an honor to donate to an even better opportunity for the fourth! Go Lancers!
Brian Heinz
Brian Knab
Brian LeCount
In honor of Tom Doerger
Honored to be a Lancer, have 1 son who graduated (Noah '17), and have my second son Jack experiencing LaSalle as we speak.
Brian Lonneman
Brian Nieman
Brian Phelps
Brian Wirth
In honor of Frank Dowd, LaSalle's 1st band director
Brody Biddlestone
Future Lancer Class of 2027
Bryan Deters
Bryan Jostworth
Bryan Roemer
Bryan Weigel
Butch Elfers
In memory of Justin Brown
CF 2004
Carter Carrick
Casey Carrigan
Chad Cole
Lancers Roll Deep! Best Private school in the US!
Chad Worz
Charles Speicher
Chris Castleman
Chris Englert
In honor of Chris Winiarski
Your Lasallian leadership is inspirational.
Chris Fisbeck
Proud to be a Lancer for life! LRD
Chris Harmon
Chris Osterday
Chris Rueve, Nick Bachus, & Danny Schmidt
Chris Schuetz
Chris Wenning
In memory of David Wenning 1978
Chris Wood
Christian Botts
Christoper Junker
Christopher Henschen
Christopher Scaggs
Christopher Sullivan
Christopher Wagner
Christopher Wiesman
Cohen Kreidler
Coltyn Keairns
Constance Ruhe
In honor of Don Schepker
In memory of Don Schepker
In appreciation for the positive impact La Salle High School has made on its graduates, their families and friends and in our community.
Cynthia Porter
Dan Flynn
Dan Klein
To all the great teachers who prepared me for the challenges and blessings of life - I am thankful.
Dan Lee
Dan Middendorf
Dan Noonan
Daniel Danzinger
Daniel Findley
Daniel Schmidt
Daniel Young
LaSalle gave me the foundation I needed to be successful in all areas of my life.
Darryl Meadows
In honor of Tom Doerger
Missing a Friend.
Dave Haig
In honor of Caroline Haig
Bring our alumni back to the school to see what is being done for these students.
Dave Lemkuhl
In memory of Bill Cady
While being the BB coach and years afterwards Bill Cady supported and empowered students in service projects including while I was the National Youth Chaplain of Kenya, East Africa as an Associate Priest of Maryknoll.
Dave Mathews
David Goldschmidt
David Gruber
David Heidorn
David Hoesl
David Kessler
David Koch
David Scholten
David Stratton
David Worrall
Dawn Melchers
Diane Blazer
In honor of William Blazer
Dick Young
In honor of Bob Krueger
Thanks to all of the past faculty that started me in the right direction in LIFE!
Don Engel
Donald Bosken
Donald Hopkins
Provided me with a great education.
Doug Corson
Doug Michel
Douglas Mirizzi
Drew Michel
ETVC(SS) Jacob Burgoyne
My time at LaSalle set me on the path to being a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. The tools I learned there have guided me to achieve everything I have in my career ultimately ending with me becoming an Assistant Navigator on Nuclear Submarines.
Edward Foegle
Elaine and Marty Reardon
We had 3 sons graduate from LaSalle and were happy with their education.
Eric Besse
Eric Bosch
Eric Gagnon
Eric Vehr
I have been involved with La Salle for over 50 years as a student, alumnus, parent, volunteer, and as a coach. I try to do my best to help as I can.
Ethan Eisele
In honor of Matt Rotuno Johnson
Ethan Finamore
Frank Scigliulo
Frank Trotta
Frank Wingert
Fred Russell
In honor of Bob Rennert
Frederick Puck
Gary "Rex" Kern
Gary Schmeh
In honor of Daryl Bauer
Gene Jessee
Gerry Betsch
In honor of In memory of my brother John V. Betsch, LaSalle Class of 1966
In memory of my brother John V. Betsch, LaSalle Class of 1966
Gina Huhn
Greg Bobowski
Greg Hartman
Greg Lynch
Greg Seyferth
Greg Steinmetz
Gregory Kathman
Gregory Thomas
Harry Kesse
Hugh Moore
JT taylor
JaVohn Byrd
Jack Coors
Jack Lohbeck
Jackson Huxel
Jacob Wiesman
Jake Junker
In memory of Frank Pierce
In memory of Frank Pierce ‘16 - gone too soon, never forgotten.
Jake Kessler
Jake McMahon
James Beck
James Goldschmidt
James Hellkamp
James Land
James Osterday
In honor of Ralph and Lucille Osterday
Go, Lancers - Be excellent !
James Schuler
Great preparation for college and life.
Jane Root
Jared Back
Jared Bresnen
Jared Knab
Jason Hugentobler
Jason Ruberg
Jason Rumke
L’s up LRD
Jay Feist
Jeff Eagle
Jeff Gangloff
Jeff Hartmann
Jeff Hummel
Jeff Knight
Jeff Larkin
Lancers Roll Deep. Live the 4th
Jeff Riesenbeck
Jeff Ritter
Jeff and Patti Wuennemann
Jeffrey Bogenschutz
Jeffrey Bresnen
Jeffrey Hartman
Jeffrey Leahy
Jeffrey Lucas
Jen Daly
Jenifer Kerkhoff
In honor of Cameron Kerkhoff
Jennifer Sucietto
Jenny Barry
In honor of Connie Saho, Cindy Webb and Mike Holman
Jerome Keller
Jerry Knab
Jerry Lucas
Jessica Martini
Love supporting Lasalle!!
Jim Ciuccio
Jim Conrady
Jim Hoelker
Our tag line is not just is real! "Men for Tomorrow, Brothers for Life"
Jim Lanzarotta
Jim Redmond
Strong high school building strong young men.
Jim Schlachter
Jim Schuler
In memory of Tom Schwab 65 friend and classmate who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam.
Jim Sunderhaus
Jim Wolterman
Joe Binzer
In memory of Tom Binzer
Joe Knab
Joey Wenning
Brothers for Life
John Chambers
John DiTullio
John Geise
John Junker
John Junker
In honor of Matt Dierkers
John Lohman
John O'Connor
John Rahn
John Specker
John Teufel
In memory of John & Gert Teufel
John Willenborg
Jon Vehr
Jonathan Kurzhals
Jordan Bresnen
Joseph Knab
Joseph Moellman
Joseph Ruberg
Joseph Wolterman
Josh Flynn
Josh Obermeyer
Josh Sillies
Joshua Burton
Joshua Dunaway
In honor of James Eric Harris
Justin Kahny
Kean Schnieber
Keith Phelps
Keith Phelps
Kelly Greene
Ken Grebe
In honor of John Dirksing
To support Mike Overbey and Pat Godde and the kids in honor of the Class Of 1991. Remembering the great John Dirkskng.
Ken Meyer
Ken Saunders
In memory of Randy Gatchalian
Kenneth Schlachter
In memory of Tom Schlachter
Kenneth Uhrig
In honor of Victor Uhrig
Kenny Jacobs
Kevin Donahue
Kevin Flynn
Kevin Gildea
Kevin Heid
Kevin Land Jr
Kevin Meier
Kevin Reardon
Kevin Wert
Kirk Nienaber
Kole Porter
Lancers Roll!
Kory Porter
Awesome Memories! Great School!
Kurt Sunderhaus
Kurt Supe
Kurt Verhoff
Kurt Wiebell
Kurt Wiebell
In memory of Brett Wiebell
Donation in memory of Brett Wiebell. 2011 Basketball State Champ. #LRD
Kyle Flynn
Kyle Reynolds
Kyle Wunderlich
In addition to my parents, there were many strangers and alumni who paved the way for me to attend LaSalle. It's an honor to be able to do the same!
Larry Roell
In honor of All the teachers that teach in Catholic Schools, especially Carrie Roell, as well as Mike Lienhart and Brian Heidorn, Class of '86, for their dedication to La Salle.
Lawrence Arnold
In honor of Thomas Doerger
Lea Simonton
Lee Schoenling
Lex Hannan
In honor of Brother Patrick Gregory
Lisa Ruhe
Lori Henson
My son Max Henson is a Freshman at La Salle and I want to support the school and the athletic program in any way I can.
Lori Meier
LaSalle was the best thing that ever happened for my son's education!
Lou Eichhold
Louie Ratterman
Luke Junker
Thanks for everything Mama Saho and Mickie Barre!
Luke Kern
Luke Winiarski
Marian Klett
In honor of Andy Knizner
In honor of my grandson Andy Knizner
Mark Brown
Mark Goldschmidt
Mark Hopkinson
Mark Mecklenborg
Mark Rotert
Mark Ruhe
Mark Specker
In memory of Fellow Classmate Tom Doerger
Live Jesus In Our Heart, Forever
Mark Specker
Martin Eisele
In honor of Cam Kerkhoff
Martin Reid
Marty Ohlhaut
In honor of Mr. McDonough
Mary Hildebrand
Mason Bosch
Matt Dierkers
Best of luck to Mike Overbey '91 on his new role as President. Best of luck to the students, faculty, staff, coaches and loyal supporters of La Salle. It is a special place.
Matt Gagnon
Matthew Birck
Max Merk
In memory of Tony Merk
Mel Volle
Michael Burlage
Michael Chia
In honor of Tom Doerger
Thanks for being there brother, rest easy!
Michael Christensen
Michael Murphy
Michael Overbey
Michael Schlachter
In honor of State Champ and beloved friend, Brett Wiebell
Michael Schmidt
Michael Slageter
Michael Slattery
In memory of the Slattery Brothers
In memory of my brothers - Dennis (1970), Stephen (1971), Kevin (1972) and Patrick (1977).
Michael Sundrup
Michael and Julie Etris
Michele Mescher
Mike Bachus
Mike Flynn
Mike Forest
Mike Koenig
Mike Robbins
Mike Roberts
Mike Schottelkotte
Mike Suer
Mike Wiesman
Monica Wolterman
Nate Lienhart
Nate Sparks
Nathan Wiesman
Nicholas Umberg
Nick Becker
Nick Schmidt
Lancers Roll Deep!
Noah Heidorn
Norbert Mette
Pat Goedde
Pat McLaughlin
Pat O'Connor
In honor of Tom Doerger
Patrick Heidorn
In memory of Tom
Patrick Meehan
Patty Thelen
Paul Brinkman
Paul Conway
Paul Demmy
Paul Donisi
Pete Mathews
Pum Kissell
Quintin Herbert
RMichael Curran
Ralph Gartner
Ray Doth
Raymond Heidorn
Richard Betsch
In honor of Tom Doerger
Richard Blazer
In honor of Willaim Blazer
Richard Calme
In memory of Mary Alice Calme
In memory of my wife Mary Alice Calme of 39 years who believed in an education that promoted love for all people I
Richard Merkel
Richard Schneider
Rick & Lynne Merk
In honor of Alex '12, Ben '15, Max '18
Thanks for partnering with us in strengthening our sons in mind, body, and spirit!
Rob Hekler
Robby Lohbeck
Robert Abrams
In honor of Apply to Veterans Scholarship Fund
Robert Collins
Robert Roetting
Robert Schmidt
Robert Stautberg
In honor of Jerry Stautberg
Robert Suer
Robert Wellbrock
Ron Beerman
Ron Godfrey
In honor of Mike Schlueter 1966
Ron Prybal
Always Be!!
Ron Riedy
Ryan Braun
Michael Wiesman efforts
Ryan Flynn
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Schmutte
In memory of Bill Cady
Ryan Siereveld
Sam Ross
Lancers Roll Deep!!!
Samuel Hoesl
Samuel McAlister
Sarah Oney
Scott Fisbeck
Scott Gandenberger
Scott Greiner
Scott Hudepohl
Scott Kist
Scott Scherpenberg
Scott Smith
Scott Wanstrath
Sean Hennessy
Sean Kinney
Class of 2026
Shannon Memory
Stephen Broering
Stephen Ehrhardt
Some of the best years of my life took place at LaSalle. These memories will last forever!
Stephen Knizner Jr
My son loves attending LaSalle
Stephen Thompson
Got to take care of those who took care of you!
Steve Bushman
Steve Ludwig
Steve Neiheisel
Steve Rueve
Steve Schaefer
Steven Schmutte
Steven Stacey
In memory of Roger Krause
Roger was in our freshman class when he died in a terrible accident. He was a good friend and we miss him! I am glad to be able to support La Salle! I get home to Cincy occasionally and would love to see classmates (even though they are a bunch of old guys now)! - Steve
In memory of BOB WILLKE '66
In memory of GLENN BUHRLAGE '70
Tara Kalkhoff
Tawana Kinley
I Love the compassion, respect, caring, & devoted behavior displayed by the staff members and other students to my child and myself !!! Most importantly, my son loves it there ( at LaSalle ) as well
Teresa Chapman
Teri Daniels
Thomas Johns
Tim Daly
Tim Meehan
Tim Minges
Tim Mink
Timothy Mara
Timothy Teepe
Todd Gagnon
Tom Buchman
Tom Effler
Tom Gutman
Tom Jenne
Tom Johnston
In memory of Justin Brown
Tom Pohlmeyer
Tom Ramstetter
Tom Schirmann
Tom Wenning
Good school and mission
Tom Wiesman
I am a Proud Graduate of 67, and even more proud of my 3 sons, 3 grandsons and future grandsons to graduate from this Great School!
Tommy Wiesman
Tony Daly
Tony Ross
In memory of Will Ramsey Memorial Scholarship
Tony Schmidt
Tracy Wood
Trey Prybal
Trey Rischmann
Tyler Flannery
Tyler Worrall
Wilfred & Kathryn Schnier
William Howard
William Koch
La Salle taught me how to think for myself and open my mind to all possibilities. I have never forgotten that.
William Kolb
William McAlister Jr.
William Witte
William Wittekind
Zach Long
Zach Theilman
Zachary Wiesman
Stride for great, achieve greater!
Zander Christensen
Bill koppers
Daniel murphy
David miller
In honor of Brian Peters
Scott Von Deylen
In honor of Brandon Roesel
Go Lancers!
Tim wanstrath
In memory of Evan Welling
Thank you LaSalle High School!
Congrats Mike! Go 91'ers!
In honor of Tom Doerger
The fine young men they continue to educate via a Christian faith model!
Class of 2026!!

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