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The Lakeside Fund

The Lakeside Fund is Lakeside’s major annual fundraising effort. Lakeside Fund dollars are unrestricted and have a direct impact on every corner of Lakeside’s campuses.

Samantha Dale and Meaghan Krueger, Assistant Directors of Development

Supporters across the USA

Supporters (289)

All (289)
Abby Euyang
Adam Hinthorne
Addie Asbridge
Adrienne Knudson
Ai-Li Chiong-Martinson
Alex Siegel
Alexa Albert
Alexander Krengel
Alice and John Streidl
Alison Webb
Allie Spiess
In honor of Dan Ayrault
In memory of Dan Ayrault
Allison Reed
Allison Sparks
Aly Counsell-Torres
Amanda Darling
Amanda Stevens Vaish
Amy Crichton
Amy and Jon McCullough
Andrea Black
Andreas Enderlein
Andrew Haeger
In honor of Tom Doelger
Andrew John
Andrew Smith
Anna Kirby
Ava Erickson
Avery Downing
Balu Chenicheri & Ansu Chandy
Ben Resnick
Ben Straley
Ben and Natalie Stephens
Benjamin Straley
Bethany Mito
Billy McAleer
Bing Fang and Hualing Chang
Bo Wu and Qing Wang
Brandon Vaughan
Brandon Zhang
Brianna Jensen
Bridgette Taylor
Calmar McCune
Lakeside School blew my mind--one of the most interesting things that ever happened to me. I only wished I could have remained the final two years.
Cam Hazen
In memory of Paul S. Douglas
Carl Engelhardt
Carol Borgmann
Caryn Abrey
Casey and Allison Schuchart
Cate Guyman
Catharine Killien
Cathy Martin
Cha Zhang&Jing Ding
Charles Dahlgren
Chip and Julie Kelly
Chris Blanchett
Chris Hartley
Chris Loeffler
Chris and Mags Hanaoka
Clarke O'Reilly
50th Reunion
Clayton Christy
Connie Talbott
Corinne Drumheller
I support Lakeside because of their dedication to DEI
Craig Arteaga-Johnson
Thank you for building excellence in teaching our future leaders!
Dahlia Liao Mak
In honor of Darwin Liao 1986
Daiga Galins
Dan Dawkins
Dan and Kristy Crouse
Daniel Moran
To Tearon Joseph and the rest of the financial aid staff
Daren Salter
Daryl Scheibel
Dave Nelson and Georgette Fox
Dave Wiley
Dave and Roxanne Wiley
Dawn Lippert
Dean Allen
Deanna Hobson
Thankful for my Lakeside experience. T.J. Vasser and Bruce Bailey were my biggest cheerleaders.
Diane Marks Longoria
Dick and Dawn Bangert
In memory of Paul Douglas
Donald Van Dyke
Donna McIntyre
Douglas Boom
Dr. Alison Seitz and Chrix Finne
Dr. Sugandi Hardjanto & Dr. Julita Nugroho
Thank you for all your great work!
Drew Conkin
Dylan Ragozin
Ed Schave
Eduardo Peñalver and Sital Kalantry
Elaine and Erik Christensen
Eleanor Long
Elizabeth Joneschild
Elizabeth Vigdor
Emily Cox
Emily Pace
Emily Teeter
Eric Patterson
Eric and Julie Salmon
Erica Johansen
Erin Dolan
Eugene Yi
Fang Tu
Frank Helsell
Got a great education there
Fred Guenther
My eight years at Lakeside was one of the best experiences of my life
Fred Moll and Dee Simonelli
Gary and Victoria Reed
Gigi Gilman
Gordon Sata and Doris Lock
Gretchen Schreiber
In honor of Cecilia Sun
In Honor of Cecilia Sun.
Heather Bentley
Heidi Wachter
Always glad to support our Lions!
Holly Monek-Anderson
Hong Zhang and Amy Yu
Inez Black
Isabella McShea
Jack and Betsy Hellmann
Jae Zhou
James Lajoie
James and Heather Hughes
Jamie Britto
Jamie Zembruski
Jane Wiebe and Cheryl Haycox
Janelle Hagen
Janet Pajimula
Jason Levin
Jay Waltmunson
Jennifer Bernardez
Jennifer Mapes
Jenny Estill
In honor of Mark Sheppard
In memory of Mark Sheppard
Jesse and Mari Bond
Jim Delaney
Jiten Patel
Joe and Jamie Lampitt
Johannes Koch and Debra Somberg
John Hammarlund
John Platt
John Powell
John Scott
Go Lions!
Johnpaul and Ashleigh McLean
Jolene G Cox
Jon and Darbie Kirk
Jonathan Staley
Jorge Ramirez
Joseph Min
Joy Tanaka
Jud Parsons
In honor of Amy Woodruff '83
Judy Rogers
Julia Lieberman
Julie Lutton
In memory of Dr. Harold E. King '43
Kallin Spiller
Forever thankful and proud to call myself a Lakeside Lion!
Katherine Bernardez
Katherine Yorks
Kathryn Brooks
Katie Ohtake
Keith Drabek and Shawna Sweeney
Kelly Fox Violette
Kenneth Rosen
In memory of Peter Steil
Kevin Ferguson
In memory of Jacobe Foster
Kirsten Halvorsen Stahl
Kit and Sally Narodick
Kristen Klitz
Kristi Frink Pickering
Kurt Huang
Happy to support Lakeside!
Kyle Cook
LT Chen and Jessica Zhao
LaVerne Woods
Latasia Lanier
Laura Matsen Ko and Kevin Ko
8 fabulous years- keep up the great work!
Lauren and Tom Milne
Leili Besharat
Leonora Stevens Diller
Lillian Forgette
Lin Cheng and Cheng Wei
Lindsay Aegerter
Lisa Haug & Amado Shuck
In honor of Jeffrey Manson Haug
To the Jeffrey Haug Memorial fund
Lisa Simpson
Lisa Stoddard Ray
Logan Searl
Lucas Hussey
Lucy Burkland
Lynn and Laura Hurdelbrink
Magdalena Hanaoka
I support Lakeside because of its dedication to DEI.
Maile Wong
Mara Morales Ortiz
Margaret McPhee
In memory of Marilyn Huey '65
Margaret Miller
Marilyn Giese Sherman
Mark Frohlich and Anne Marie Krivens
Mark Mader and Jaimee Porter Mader
Mark Quinlivan
In memory of R. Keith Taylor
Martin and Rong Staley
Megan and Jason Russell
Michael Fitch
Michael Place
Michelle Perkins
Mikaela Bautista
Mike Lengel
Mike Sailer
Monika Batra Kashyap
Nathan Myhrvold and Rosemarie Havranek
Nicholas Stevens
Nick Rothenberg
Paloma Borreguero
Patricia Aitken
Patrick Chinn
Patrick Stancil
Paul & Dina Pigott
Paul Johnson
In memory of Keith Taylor
Peter Cho
Peter Dykstra
Peter Lees
Peter Metzger
Peter Osgood
Peter Weed
Peter and Kimberly Cleworth
Peter and Shannon Polson
Piper Carling
Quinn Gilman
Rand Sealey
Rebecca Engelberg
Rebecca Ramos
Reem Abu Rahmeh
Richard Jang
Richard and Solui Kang
Rick Morry
Rob Dougall
Rob and Natasha Greyber
Robert Luehrs
Robert Meier
Robert and Kathryn Thompson
Robin Ballard
Robyn Rader Horton
Ruth Kagi
Very proud of my alma mater!
Saleih Yassin and Sinit Gebrehiwet
Samantha Dale
Sarah Callender
Scott Riley
Sean O'Donnell
Serena Swanson
Solomon Gebremariam
Stan Evans
Steve Rice
Stuart Morrow
Stuart and Joanne DePina
Sunny Liu
Susan Ayrault
In memory of Dan Ayrault
Sydney M Koh
Tearon Joseph
Teresa Rosen
Terry Smith
Tess Eisenhart
Thida Ong
Thom Rose
Tim McCarthy
Tim and Rebecca Panos
Timothy Clancy
Tom Hoffman
Tom Rona
Tom and Brooke Pigott
Tom and Heather Butler
Ty Wyckoff Cramer and Steve Romein
Ulrike Ochs
Vandy Andersen
Wei Yang & Miaomiao Zhang
Wentao Feng
Wispy Anderson Runde and Casey Runde
Xun Sun and Huifen Li
Go Lions!
Yang Cheng
Zachary Siegler
Zheng Wang and Jiping Feng
James brown
Richard hartung
In honor of Gretchen Hartung
In honor of Chris Wearing

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