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Kingsley Giving Day 2024

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Kingsley Development Committee

Supporters (205)

All (205)
Adam & Jackie Hall
Agnes Baudry
AlBahar Family
Thanks to the most amazing teachers and staff, Kingsley will always be with us, in Boston or oceans away.
Alba Cestari
Alexandra Johnson
Ali & Maria Motamed
Ali and Phil O'Rourke
Alisha Lakhani & Nilay Patel
Allison and Doug Campbell
Amanda Erhard
Amy Brisson Haley
We love the Kingsley community, faculty and staff. Thank you for supporting our children to provide a safe and flourishing environment.
Andrea & Jordan Romano
Recently joined and we are excited to be part of the Kingsley community!
Ann Bennett
Thank you for the extraordinary educational experience Kingsley provides my grandchildren!
Anne Scholder
Anne-Marie Anagnostopoulos
Anthony De Ritis
Ariel & Jenny Rojas
Thank you to all faculty and staff!
Ashley Garove & Brian Williams
We are grateful to the entire Kingsley community of teachers, staff, and parents in which Harlowe is thriving!
Athena Yee-Wadsworth
Azar Halabi Fisher
My Granddaughters, Bella (Alumni) and Emma (3rd Grade) love Kingsley! Thank you to all the faculty and staff that make it a special place for my grandkids.
Bella Wallace
I love Kingsley and it will always hold a special place in my heart.
Ben & Meaghan Hildreth
Bennett, Anya, and Harrison Shah
Thank you Kingsley for the amazing education and supportive community. We love our teachers and friends!!
Birgit Wurster
Bixie Selkoe
Brian Larivee
Brian and Ellie Chu
Cara Sipprelle and Jakefield Merrill
Carla Mallqui
Because of the great job they do for our children
Carolyn and Glen Nielsen
Cassidy Rhodes
We are so grateful for all our kids have learned here at KMS, and for their wonderful teachers. Thank you thank you!
Catherine Farrow
Catherine Ryan and Tom Erhard Ryan Erhard
Cesarina Templeton
Charles Reichenbach
Chris Grimley
Claudia & Michael Winston
Claudia Robaina Winston
In honor of Antonio Blavia (Mara Sofia's Great Grandfather)
With love and admiration for all the extraordinary educators at Kingsley. And huge congratulations to the Development and Annual fund teams (staff and volunteers) for bringing us all together through this campaign!
Colton McKenna
Courtney Tomaselli
In honor of all Kingsley teachers and staff, who work so hard and love our kids so much!
We are so grateful to Kingsley teachers, staff, and fellow families!
Cristina Zupcu & Timothy Harvey
Cynthia Brown
Cynthia Lyons
My grandson loves his school and he is thriving!
Daisy Penney
Daniel Sherman
Deb Tyrrell
Debra and Erich Shigley
Diane Hildreth
Our grandson is so happy and thriving at Kingsley.
Dina Selkoe
Dinah Burgess
Donal OConnor
Elise and Ira Goldman
Elizabeth & Trevor Breen
Elizabeth Libby O'Regan
Ellie Leahy
Emma Wallace
I love my teachers and Kingsley!
Emmy Graber
Thank you teachers and staff for making Kingsley an amazing, nurturing school. We are grateful for you!
Emmy Lacroix
I would like to help Kingsley because it is my school and it has supported me for the last six years in my education!
Erin and Nick Azrack
Evan & Torre Goldberg
Evan Keefe
Eve Minsky
Gabbie & Adam Schlichtmann
We love how Kingsley lives its values by supporting all children in the many varied ways they learn.
Grayson Pizzi
Greyson Sattelmair
Hamasat Gheddaf Dam
Hassan Bocchicchio-Chaudhri
Heena Onay
Ignacio Puente
Ingrid Hammond
Jamie Lacroix
To all the wonderful Kingsley faculty, staff, and families—THANK YOU!
Jane Allard
Jeongmin Yeon
Jessica Wilson
Jessica and John Jacobs
Joanna Humphrey Flynn
John and Beth Breslin
Thanks to the Kingsley faculty and staff for you all do!
Julia Karol
Justin Manjourides
Kait Strode
Kanhai Shah
Katherine Gudiel
Congrats on amazing Giving Day!!
Kathryn Rogers
Katie and Will Krause
Kevin Hart
Kristen Standish
The best most supportive living community
Kristen Standish
We love Kingsley!
Kristin OConnor
In honor of the incredible faculty and staff.
Kristin Wallace
Kingsley holds a special place in our hearts as a beloved community that we cherish deeply. We are committed to providing our support to the school, reflecting our enduring affection for this wonderful institution. Our love for Kingsley inspires us to contribute to its growth and success, and we take pride in doing our part to nurture its bright future.
Kumika and Buck Watia
Laura and Martijn Lammers
Lewis and Karen Yee-Wadsworth
The faculty and staff of Kingsley Montessori School were instrumental in giving our daughters a strong start in their educational journey.
Lincoln Hyatt
Thank you for 10 special years, especially to Ms CM, Ms Hofherr, Mr Farley and all of my teachers.
Lindsey Eckerd
Lisa Miao & Richard Carona
Lisa Musto
Lisa Taffe
Lisle and Rob Albro
Liudmila Alekseeva
Louise Root-Robbins
In honor of Phyllis Robbins
Such a wonderful school - so happy my granddaughter attends a school that is so welcoming & supportive.
Lucas Simpson
Lucy & Mark Jordan
Luz Hernandez-Munguia
Love the community. Love the teachers! Love the interaction with faculty, staff, parents, etc… Amazing school… Glad our daughter is at Kingsley.
Lynn and John Trice
Mackenzie Sattelmair
Manish Gala
We absolutely have loved our Kinglsey experience.
Marcia and William Eckerd
We are thrilled with Lena’s growth as a student, as a friend and as a member of the Kingsley community,
Margret Cooke
Maria Echandi
Maria and Thanos Pantazis
Marilyn and Robert Broege
In honor of Wilson and Edie Doore
Thank you for providing an excellent environment and learning experience for our grandchildren.
Marta Vicarelli and Olivier Bernardi
Mary O'Connor
I am grateful for the ten years I had at Kingsley and my gift is in honor of 5-2!
Mary Pressman
Our granddaughter, Abby Proud has had a great experience!
Marylou McCarthy
Matt Lacroix
Matt and Lisa Katz
Maximilian Aboko-Cole
I am so grateful for Kingsley for making a difference in our kids lives
Meeta Gulyani
Meg & Nic Galat
Megan Yao
Melissa Mahoney
Kingsley is a magical place!
Meredith Levine
In honor of The Advancement Team! Love you guys!
Michael & Regina Jammen
Michael M MacDougall
Thank you Kingsley!
Michael Tonelli
Minsky Family
Monique Austin
Namrita Rai and Aalek Mehta
Nedra Gusenburg
In memory of Cheryl Satin Gusenburg
People say we have to save the world, because the children are our future. I say the children are our world TODAY. Teach them to think for themselves, stand up for what is right, and, most importantly, be kind to those who have not yet found their voices. My granddaughter has learned those lessons at home, in life, and at Kingsley.
Nepheli Pantazis
Nicole and Bing Waldert
Thanks to all of the Kingsley teachers and staff who support our children as learners and as individuals. We are grateful for all that you do to make the Kingsley community special!
Nikki Minsky
Norma Barrett
Pamela Humphrey
In honor of John humphrey
Pamella Olson
Patti Brown
Priyank Taneja
Rachel & Matt Henry
Ramani DeAlwis
Raymond Chen
Reed Catlin
In honor of Katherine Catlin
We're grateful for all the time and energy given to help support and educate all of the Kingsley Kiddos!
Reilinger Family
Rekha Iyengar
Richard & Linda Moeller
Richard Lim and Lucy Moon-Lim
Rob and Shelley Savignol/Brown
Rohama Fanueal
Sara & Majid Heidarpour
Sarah & Tommy Lyons
Sarah Crowley
Scarlett Pizzi
Shardule Shah
Sofia Greco
Sofia Yee-Wadsworth
Sofia and Sam Farah
Our time at Kingsley shaped who we are and we are grateful to our amazing teachers and staff!
Som and Rashmi Shah
Stacey Sherpe
Steph Marton
Susan & Dwight Sipprelle
Susan Rottner
Susan and Kyle Weaver
Tedd and Ella Saunders
Teresa Chuang & Craig Emrick
The Curriers
The Donovan-Chien Family
Theoni Pantazis
Timothy and Cristina Harvey
Uma Bindingnavle
Thank you for supporting your students!
Vicki Delmonico
William Kargman
Winky and David Merrill
Wyatt Tomlinson
Xiao Wei
Muhammed bulut
Patrick kinsel
Rose tomaselli
Salvador diaz-bazan
Shaea alameri
Because it's Kingsley and my kids love it
Shaea alameri
I love Kingsley 🤍
Tiffany Cao
Wendy and tony gounalis
In honor of Vivianna Johnson
Go Kingsley, GO!

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